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  • What's Obama Leaving Out of His Prescription for America?

    Ever heard of the phrase “no such thing as a free lunch”? If you’ve taken Economics 101, you likely have. But evidently, this falls on deaf ears in the Obama administration. Six months after taking office, the President vows that his “reform” will insure the uninsured and rein in health spending. What he covers up in his flowery rhetoric, however, is how he intends to control these costs and eliminate waste.

    Writing today in the Washington Post, columnist Robert J. Samuelson says, “his ‘reform’ isn’t likely to compel needed changes, partly because it’s not clear what will work.” Samuelson continues:

    Judged objectively, “reform” may do exactly the opposite of what Obama says. But because the president is so well-spoken, he has the ability to make misleading statements sound reasonable or sophisticated. Still, they’re misleading.

    In a recent dialogue at a congressional hearing, Douglas Elmendorf, head of the independent, non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said, “in the legislation that has been reported, we do not see the sort of fundamental changes that would be necessary to reduce the trajectory of federal health spending by a significant amount. And on the contrary, the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health care costs. … The (cost) curve is being raised.”

    The administration is not going to get something for nothing, argues Samuelson. “It could emphasize expanded insurance coverage (‘access’) or cost control, but not both,” he concludes.

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    6 Responses to What's Obama Leaving Out of His Prescription for America?

    1. Voice of Reason says:

      Love how the GOP masters of deception use the CBO’s analyses as the final word when the GOP dismissed CBO analysis back in the 1990’s. CBO admits that it cannot use the projected revenues in their study as well as the current two thirds that can used to pay for health care.

      This is too important to fall prey to fear mongering and conspiracy theories that are particularly noted on many Fox cable news programs as well as on shock jock conservative radio shows. All should realize that the giant Health Care Industry in American has increased spending with more paid lobbyist on both sides – GOP and Dems alike to stop health care reform in America. . Wonder why, The US Health Care 800 billion dollar a year industry is shelling out 1.5 million dollars a day with anti reform commercials. The record earnings of these US Health Insurance companies with one company posting a whopping 155% increased profit over last year at this time is astounding, but still, seeking more profits by raising premiums.

      Note three video clips from the PPS’s Bill Moyers Journal in depth news regarding US Health Care industry. Second clip is an interview with Health Care Insurance executive, Wendell Potter with the truth behind insurance in America.

    2. G. Crews, California says:

      The President said he wants to fix our health care system in the same sentence when he says it cost too much. Wouldn't that suggest he is looking to lower the cost? Adding a trillion in spending is NOT a fix. We used to call that talking out of both sides of the mouth…

      Wake up, Mr. President. You don't "fix" things by borrowing another trillion dollars! Is this Obamamath?

    3. jim sardis,ms says:

      thank goodness,2010 is re-election year for congressmen and senators.this is the only thing that allowed time for the facts of these socialistic power grab bills to be exposed to the public rather than being slammed through like the TARP and stimulus bill.if,the public only understood how they are going to be affected by big government controlling free enterprise,the banking system,funding union pension and benefit plans and corrupt community organizations like ACORN while rationing health care they would come together and vote out the incumbents.there is such a small percentage of voters that have any idea what is happening.

    4. Terry Bird says:

      The healthcare reform proposal violates the fundamental principal of our country: the right of each person to direct his or her own life. That right applies to doctors, patients, pharmaceutical executives, insurance company executives and politicians.

      But there is no right to direct another person's life or interfere with his or her freedom of choice and association. In a free country, we all live by right, not by permission! And there is no right to health care — no more than there is a right to food. We have the right to earn these things for ourselves — but not the right to make slaves of some people to provide for other people. The role of the government is to protect citizens from the iniation of force against them — not to be the iniator of force against them. When a private provider commits injury or fraud, we have recourse to the government for justice. But when the government itself takes over the role of health care provider,car manufacturer and banker, what's to protect citizens from injury or fraud perpetrated by the government?

    5. teri, columbus ohio says:

      I have not heard one word spoken about how Obamacare will address the many people who flock to the US for the healthcare when they can't get the best in their home country.

      1)Will they be allowed to pay to get the best when we can not?

      2)Will they go to the back of the line after us who are already waiting for care?

      3)Will it be 'free" for them when we are paying for it with numerous taxes and fees?

      4)Will they be like the special few in our Congress and Government who are exempt? Won't that make a duplicate healthcare system? or worse, a black market care system?

      5) How will the illegal aliens who will receive the care be taxed or fined for it then put into a random insurance like we are?

      6)I have been in myself or had family member in the Military, SSI and Medicare: the final question is: If these programs are unsustainable and a gargantuan financial black hole now – how can they possibly suggest with a straight face this NEW program is the mother of all fixes; especially in a really bad economy? Wouldn't the best answer be to establish intermediary programs to address the number who fall through the cracks? I have heard recently that it would be less expensive if the gov't bought private insurance for the number they say are uninsured… why dismantle everything for so few?

      7) My idea: encourage the "little clinics" popping up over the country; have sliding scale fees and $4 drug lists by places like Kroger and Walmart. Give these clinics, companies and Doctors tax breaks for their contributions be it in services or products. Sliding scale clinics and services, then everyone can get their needs met according to what they can afford without making other people pay for it involuntarily. Heavens, being creative and innovative, you could even have "volunteer" programs that this administration loves so much perhaps 'earning" you a physical once a year, or a check up credit…you get the idea. I just think destroying a good thing before you look at all of the options is crazy.

    6. albert campbellsvile says:

      Voice remember I think it was 1995 dems said reps were cutting school lunch program,when they were only increasing it less than dems wanted to if a dem says hello he is lying.

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