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  • Video: Rep. Conyers (D-MI) Admits Health Care Bill is Indecipherable

    Although we’d like to see all lawmakers read all the bills they sign, we understand Rep. Conyers’s (D-MI) exasperation when he says the 1,018-page House health care bill is indecipherable without a a pair of lawyers to translate it. So maybe each lawmaker should get a whole team of lawyers to help read it?

    For taxpayers’ sake, let’s hope these lawyers don’t charge by the page: at $1.3 trillion, the bill clocks in at $1.264 billion per page

    Better yet, lawmakers should write a bill that makes health care portable and affordable… and decipherable.


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    23 Responses to Video: Rep. Conyers (D-MI) Admits Health Care Bill is Indecipherable

    1. RooforLife USA says:

      We need solutions to the problems ie cost of Healthcare, Government Run Healthcare is NOT the Solution.

      Here are some ideas to lower cost Healthcare:

      First how to lower Health Insurance Premiums & cost, 1 way is cap on what is paid 4 medicines. Example My husband takes meds that cost 162.00 for 30 pills aprox $5.40 a pill. Our cost is $30.00. So our insurance paid 132.00, just found out about a generic alternative which is $20.00 for 30 pills. IF u can, make sure that you use a generic version of any prescribed medicine because the brand names can help increase ur health Insurance premiums in the end. Next cap on what people can sue doctors because their insurance coverage is outrageously high & that is passed on2 the patients. Its cost the doctors annually 30 billion dollars a year. We need Tort Reform a lot of the people suing doctors is 4 ridiculous stuff. A doctor being sued because he told his patient the truth ie telling an obese person if they dont lose weight they will die is NOT a good reason to sue!

      STOP giving free healthcare 2 illegal immigrants. Taxpayers Burden Illiegal immigration http://tinyurl.com/pygdh8 States saves billions when they stop giving everything to illegal immigrants 4 free!

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      "Too much is the same?" and "We're not making enough changes?" It's like saying, "I don't know how to fly this plane but we still have a problem of folks trying to throw an experienced pilot behind the wheel." Say again? Anything coming out of the halls of Beltway demagoguery never make a darned bit of sense. This whole healthcare debacle doesn't even belong at the federal level to begin with. It's entirely an individual states' matter. "Houston, we've got a problem" are not very comforting words. But I fear far greater and unimaginable problems are being created by those currently holding the reigns of power in the District of Colombia.

    3. Mary Cole Massey, says:

      My question to Congress: If you cannot read a bill why would you sign it? Anyone over 21 knows you do not sign anything without reading it. Why are these people considered educated? Osmosis does not work in Congress.

    4. Taylorsgate, Mannfor says:

      How our Congressmen and Senators could vote for a bill without reading it or even knowing what it is really about is like signing a blank check for a house that hasn't even been built yet. As for total cost, that's a torpedo that will sink a nation (ours). We really need to hold our representatives accountable.

      Fortunately, I am from Oklahoma where our Congressmen and Senators are not affected by the smoke coming from the Chicago wrecking crew.

    5. mb, Virginia says:

      Will the crooks on the hill and in our government (It's not our government anymore it's "the government) be covered by bamacare? sure….If they are maybe they'd read the bill.

    6. MJ Eller, Ann Arbor, says:

      This is why they were elected, and why they get paid the big bucks (not to mention excellent benefits). It is their job to READ and understand any legislation that they will be voting on (on behalf of their constituants.

      I am so tired of the belly-aching of our elected officials. Maybe Mr. Conyers has stayed to long. Maybe he is being influenced by his disgraced wife. If he can't do the job, or won't, it is time to move on.

      This is OUR future health care, not his. KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY HEALTH CARE, unless everyone can have the the same plan as Congress.

    7. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      John Conyers is about as intelligent as his wife. Enough said.


      She got out-debated by 8th graders, and I think John Conyers would be out-debated by my 6 year old. Yet, the morons in this state keep voting him back in every election.

    8. Jerry from Chicago says:

      You are doggone right! If Congressmen and Senators were to be included in the national health care plan they would be sure to read the bill.

      How dare John Conyers or Steny Hoyer (or any other Congressmen for that matter)complain about having to read a proposed piece of legislation before voting on it? That, gentlemen, is what you are paid to do. The American public doesn't care if it takes two days, two weeks or two months to read a bill, or if it takes five lawyers to help you figure it out. Wake up! That is the job! You owe this much to the people who sent you there and who pay you.

      Did you really believe that when you were elected to Congress that you were just supposed to make flowery speeches and pose for the cameras and be a bigshot?

      That, unfortunately, is an illness affecting far too many of our elected representatives – bigshotitis.

    9. John Rosky Andover, says:

      These people are paid to do a job for the American people and not the lobbiests. I hope that this country canstop this health care bill and remove the idiots in Congress in 2010.

    10. Bill Towns, Richmond says:

      The reason health care is so costly is that we have a third party payer and the majority of the cost is just passed on either to a Insurance company and individuals just pay a small co-pay or is paid entirely by a govt plan and so people really dont care how much something costs because they are insulated from it. The solution lies in Health Care Savings accounts which have a high deductible thus a lower cost and cover just catastrophic events which is what insurance should be used for in the first place and not to cover basic check ups or minor procedures. This would give individuals more control of their health care spending and enable them to use their amount saved for less costly expenditures. Of course the majority of our leaders don't want us to have more control over our health care spending and are trying to seize what little control we do have left!

    11. Tricia, Arizona says:

      That's the problem when politicians decide on a career in politics. They do whatever it takes to promote their careers. Even those with lofty ideals in the beginning, begin to obsess about staying in office and they forget why they are in office. They stop working for " the people" and start lying and playing along with the thugs who are doing us all a disservice.

      The democrats in the house and the senate are working for the White House, not the people who elected them. It's a sorry day.

      It's truly shocking! Voting on legislation that they haven't read! A bunch of sheep.

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Congratulations, the man mastered the obvious!Hozro

    13. Suzanne, Mississippi says:

      John Conyers' IQ must be extremely low to make a public statement like that. I hope all the people in Michigan hear his comments and what they are in for if Obamacare passes. He should be run out of the Country!

    14. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      If your not part of what is Proposed in a Bill,than you are not hurt by its Content!

      We the People Don't matter to Conyers,he

      just said that!

    15. Erin Anderson, TX says:

      Jerry & MJ, you can tell it to Conyers directly (I did) – he's one of the few with old-fashioned email: john.conyers@mail.house.gov

      We cannot keep re-electing these knuckleheads!

    16. Jim says:


    17. Jim says:





    18. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Erin Anderson, TX – Thanks for conyers e-mail address. He will get my comments direct.

    19. Paul Stone, Sumter, says:

      I understand that John Conyers is the House Judiciary Committee. As a result, He must be a lawyer, can interpret the bill, and doesn't need the other two lawyers to do it for him. Since this bill and others are too big for him to read, he and other congressmen can reduce the size of them by refusing to vote for what they can't read and study to vote responsibly.

    20. jr., Michigan says:

      i'm surprised conyers can actually read! he is a lib, after all!

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    22. Delilah, New Jersey says:

      This is the worst and corrupt administration, I've seen in my 47 years..! All those democrats are disgusting… THEY SHOULD ALL BE FIRED! playing with the american peoples life.. How the hell you are going to sign a document and you don't know what it says!..

    23. Robert White, Michig says:

      The difference time makes: Today the nice word is" liberal "; 50 years ago it was " communist ". The problem with socialism is eventually the governnment runs out of everyone elses money.

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