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  • Americans Are Not Buying Obamacare

    We noted last week that that poll after poll shows Americans just aren’t buying his all gain, no pain, health care claims. The New York Times’s Kevin Sack puts some voices to those poll numbers:

    The Browns are Jamaican immigrants who met in college in Florida. Mr. Brown gained citizenship in 1999; his wife expects to do so next year. The family is insured through his job at a family-owned trophy shop, where he earns about $38,000 a year. … “The bottom line is there are so many unknowns,” said Ms. Brown, 35, who works part time at her church and cares for her young children. “What we do know is there is going to be more government control, and with more control you’re going to have fewer choices. It’s an innate part of being American to have those choices.”

    Ms. Ventura, 44, who also attends community college, has moved her ailing mother into the living room of the house she shares with her disabled husband. She said she recently discovered a lump on her left foot but cannot afford to see a doctor about it. Yet she is cynical about Mr. Obama’s prescription. … “You see,” she said, gesturing at Mr. Obama on the television, “he’s saying he wants to continue private insurance, but then he says they’re part of the problem. Well, which is it? It’s just ridiculous.”

    Dean Raschke, a McCain voter who owns two Chicago-area businesses, one providing roadside assistance and the other making debit cards, said he worried that Washington would end up taxing the health benefits he provides to his 50 employees. He said he also feared that Congress would raise his income taxes to pay for the plan, although his earnings are well below the $1-million-a-year threshold now being considered. … “I have very conflicted emotions because I do want to help people who aren’t as fortunate as we are,” said Mr. Raschke, 38, watching the news conference with his wife, Jill. “But I have a big issue about what this health care plan would do to small businesses like mine that already have a health care plan. I’m afraid that people could be unintentionally harmed.”

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    23 Responses to Americans Are Not Buying Obamacare

    1. Sr, Washington, DC says:

      The first step to make sure Obama does not get reelected in 2012 is to lock up key swing states like Virginia. By electing Republicans to the state house of delegates and other statewide positions we can turn Virginia red again. Check out ProjectVirginia at

      <a href="
      http://www.projectvirginia.com” target=”_blank”>www.projectvirginia.com
      Going local to turn Virginia red

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    3. Grace, Florida says:

      No I do believe that. Most Americans feel the economy and jobs is allot more important than Obamacare. Now what is it going to take for us to be heard? Overwhelmingly we do not support it, we've contacted Representatives and Senators and still hear this trash might be passed. We cannot allow this administration to pass the legislation they are talking about. Hopefully those voting on the bill will remember how we feel and VOTE NO.

    4. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      When you contact your representative in Congress, you might as well shout of of your window if they happen to be a Democrat. They do not and will not

      vote as we wish. They are committed to Obama and his socialist plans for Aamerica. My rep Mary Landrieu votes as a loyal member of the Democratic party regardless of the objection from

      the people of Louisiana. She was elected because of Acorn and remains in office because of Acorn.

      Until we stop Acorn and the news media, we are going to continue to fall deeper and deeper into

      a totally socialist society.

    5. Craig, Florida says:

      Our country was founded on the premise that we are a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY. We the Electors elect a Representative to share our views in the Congress with the other elected representatives. Not their own personal views but the views of the Electors who elected them to office. The Representatives are to stay but a short time and return to their homes and jobs being replaced by new Representatives of the People. NOT THE CAREER POLITICANS THAT WE HAVE TODAY.


    6. Craig, Florida says:


    7. Don, Michigan says:

      I am 65 years old. I paid into medicare all of my life. I want to get the health care I deserve. I also have a private insurance which will be eventually be gone under obamacare. I had prostate surgery 2 years ago. If obama's plan was in effect back then, I would be dead today. #44's plan is garbage, but of course this what he wants to do with the country, TRASH IT.

    8. Barb, Wisconsin says:

      Obamacare will be the destruction of our country and freedoms. The more abhorrent part of it is the very seniors that worked and paid taxes their entire life will be denied care. Obama no longer sees them "as a productive part of society".

      Somewhere in Obamacare there is mention of health care being denied to dementia patients. What does Obama propose to do with the millions of seniors with dementia and alzheimer's? Put them all out on an iceberg and make them fish food? Or give then a poison pill? What is going on in our country in the past 6 months is absolutely FRIGHTENING and folks need to wake up and fight! Yes, ALL of the politicians need to be ousted and replaced with strict term limits. I for one can tell you my 2 liberal Democratic senators do not one bit care what I think and in so many words respond back to me accordingly. Unbelievable!

    9. Tom, Warrensburg, MO says:

      Obamacare? Sounds like it will be NOCARE ! Indeed that is just what socialized, government contolled healthcare is all about. What kind of healthcare plan covers the healthy and then declares the old wont need care, because they are about to die anyway? Obamacare? why not? we already have Obamacars and Obamabanks. I need to call a doctor right now, Im getting this sinking feeling in my stomach…

    10. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      That is because most Americans are not on the Social Systems Dole!


    11. Doris, Garden City, says:

      I was getting emails from AARP asking me to join them in getting Obamacare passed.

      I called AARP asking them what the Hell they thought they were doing. Told them we would probably be cancelling our membership.

      We got our car insurance through joining AARP many years ago. I called our car insurance company just the other day to ask if we would lose our car insurance if we cancelled our membership to AARP. The answer was that we could keep insurance regardless. Originally, our understanding was that to have it…and things like motel discounts, etc…..that you had to join AARP. We don't need to join…nowadays…even KFC and other restaurants and lots of motels give you a senior discount anyhow automatically.

    12. Vallejo, Ca. says:

      Free Enterprise ! What has happen to the Right to choose.. This Administration is Destroying the Total Concept of Freedom of Choice ! Wake up America before it's to late to Stop these Idiots.

    13. Suzanne, Mississippi says:

      We need to get legislation passed that forces Congress to be on the same systems that the rest of the country is! It is only fair. For sure they would read the bills if they were affected!

    14. Jack, Wisconsin says:

      I have always believed that the measure of a society, or country, is how they care for the elderly. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Obama really doesn't care about them. Of course, he has already said we are not a Christian nation (so it matters not to him that we care about elderly) and during his campaign he hardly ever talked about the retired and elderly, always about the "wage earners". We have got to make some mid-course corrections and get rid of his kind of thinking, even if it means removing him (and Pelosi)from office.

    15. martha crosby says:

      I read in The Wall Street and another state that H.R.3200 say,that eldery care will be limited. But

      at the same time we will have pressure to end our lives by sucide and doom baby boomers to painfullater years.It also say,s we will be manatory to get counseling to kill us.Also it seems as if you guy's have joined them. Will you be exemt . The way it looks from my end is you guy's joined them? I think I have carried ARRP long enough. Thank You for your time. Martha Crosby

    16. Barb, Ca. says:

      People need to march on Washington, If over 100,000 people march on Washington, may be they would get it.

    17. Barb, Ca. says:

      congress dose not care about the people.

    18. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      If all Americans ate from the same Bowl,it would

      be the best!

    19. Dick Keller says:

      In the next election let's expel the incumbents and start over.

    20. Normca says:

      To Senior of America: Take an aspirin and go away. You need surgery at 70 years of age – heck no; you are too old. 80% happy or at least satisfied with your health insurance; tough, Bond holders; tough, Car dealers; tough luck, CEO's of companies that have the "wrong leaders"; tough. Republicans just say "No" He met with them and then totally ignored them. Stimulus bill – most of it is being held till the 2010, mid term, the year he hopes to retain the majority. [His speech yesterday - no ear marks.] Now the liar is unhinged and out of touch. I want to see BO have to deal with a Republican majority in the US Senate at least [if not the House as well]. I want Obama to continue to fail. Success for him is to ruin this, the greatest country on the face of the earth. I want to keep my health insurance, my SUV, heat my house the way I want to.

    21. Cyndi, Northern CA. says:

      I agree with all of ya all. We need all these people out of office-starting with BO. This bill DOES want the elderly not to get care or snuffed out altogether. Isn't AARP for the elderly? Doesn't this go AGAINST the people they're specificly for? I have respiratory problems & extreme difficulties to the heat/cold, my air & heat are a necessity in my home. I cant have them shutting it off b/c it's too high or low in their book. I think it will be near impossible to vote these people out b/c they are bought & paid for and will do what it takes to get re-elected. As they say, money is the root of all evil & they will do what is necessary to keep it! I pray God takes me before we are made to be obama soldiers-To do as I'm told & no freedom to think as I want. That doesn't sound like living life to me.

    22. Joe Ruffino, New Yor says:

      It is sad to realize just how many individuals can believe that Obama has the good interest of the USA and its' people in his heart. The man is just a radical Socialist in his head and it reflects in his heart.

    23. Truth Hurts, The Rea says:

      Let me see now Mr. O who is the most radical anti american person to ever hold the office is going to do right for us?Or is this just a case of a total nut job trying to get even for his mommy's insurance problems?Let's not forget his daddy was a failed encomic minster from thrid world Kenya?Gee I wait to see what this country will look like if we let theses fools follow this path to communism!Hello ??Check out what your vote for be for you vote all you had to do is read his fariy tale dreams from my farther to know he's a communist!Frankly I don't want this loon or his cronnies any where near me or mine…

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