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  • Wave Abstinence Education Good-bye

    The FY10 Labor-HHS Appropriations bill heads to the House floor today. The Appropriations Committee approved this annual spending bill for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education last week. While the appropriation includes funds for programs to “help at-risk women and teens bear healthy children,” it eliminates funding for abstinence education and conspicuously disavows the very means to ensure that teens will not become pregnant in the first place.

    Removal of abstinence-only education funding was not entirely unexpected after Congress let the only other source of abstinence funding expire in June. But the increasing unwed birthrate and a current federal spending ratio of 12:1 favoring “safe sex” and contraception education programs over abstinence education would seem to call for programs that have proven effective, rather than more of the same.

    While the Labor-HHS bill allocates $114 million for a new teen pregnancy prevention initiative, it does not require any abstinence promotion. The bill strips funding for the entire Community Based Abstinence Education program while injecting more money into already well-funded comprehensive sex education programs.

    Notably, a 2006 Zogby poll revealed that parents prefer abstinence education 2 to 1. Valerie Huber, president of the National Abstinence Education Association, lamented that “[t]he signs that we’re seeing to this point are showing that maybe politics are playing a more important role than the health of kids in some decisions that are being made in Congress.”

    Instead of providing a wise, convincing, and effective approach to healthy relationships, comprehensive sex-ed programs assume that “kids will do it anyway,” so it might as well happen “safely.” But accepting that culture will sexualize youth gives up hope for a strong civil society where teenagers graduate from high school with their emotional and physical health intact and the best chances of a promising future.

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    5 Responses to Wave Abstinence Education Good-bye

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Having done sexual awareness presentations, I've always promoted abstinence from a health perspective without going into morality. Ignoring the body and mind benefits of abstinence demonstrates gross negligence, very poor leadership and a true lack of knowledge about health. But then, what more does one expect from self-involved warm fuzzy leftists with a political agenda.

    2. Grant Orlando FL says:

      While abstinence needs to be the large emphasis in a balanced comprehensive sex education, abstinence-ONLY education is indeed a joke. It is akin to a gun safety class in which the pupils are only told that the path to gun safety is NOT to buy a gun. Abstinence needs to be the cornerstone of sex education, but not the only facet. Thus it would be interesting to see if this legislation strips funding for ANY type of abstinence education or only abstinence-only education.

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    4. Julie in Washington says:

      I am so impressed with the ads on TV where the kids are telling parents talk to us about sex, yeah it may not be easy but we'll listen. Tell us what you think is best we want to know what you think.

      It's a sad day when you aren't going to at least teach kids, some that come from homes that don't know what abstinence is, about the choice to say "no" and it's OK in fact it's a good thing. They need to know that not only is it better for their bodies, but that sex just complicates a relationship, something they are just starting to think about.

      I really hope they don't cut funding for this important program.

    5. Dave, Japan says:

      Teaching children about sex is the PARENT'S RESPONSIBILITY not the school's. We as parents need to stop leaving this most important task up to somebody else and buck up to the challenge.

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