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  • President Obama, Meet Gunner Hawkins

    Meet Gunner Hawkins. Gunner loves Disney cartoons. He loves to be read to, so long as there are pictures. Gunner loves his rock ‘n’ roll bunny. He has a Facebook page. And 6-month-old Gunner is loved very much by two caring parents, Kristan and Jonathan. In March of 2009, Gunner was diagnosed with the deadly genetic disease, cystic fibrosis (CF), just two months after being born.

    Gunner’s story is not unique. 1 in 4,000 American children are born with cystic fibrosis. What makes Gunner unique is that his parents have been able to articulate in a very special way why President Obama’s health care plan would hurt baby Gunner. Their website, HealthCareforGunner.com, lays out in a way only a mother could how President Obama’s health care plan would limit Gunner’s access to cystic fibrosis specialists, drugs and much needed tests.

    Kristan Hawkins says: “Jonathan, Gunner’s father, and I created this website because we want people to understand what we are talking about when we talk about health care reform. We hear politicians and policy makers reference rationing care but there is never a face to rationing. Gunner can be that face. We want people to know.”

    And what is it they should they know? Currently, the Hawkins family is covered by insurance Jonathan receives from his job working as a public school teacher in West Virginia. When Gunner was diagnosed, they were first directed towards a specialty center over three hours from their house. When they asked their provider if they could instead bring Gunner to the Children’s National CF Center in Washington, DC since it was 90 minutes closer and had better data scores, the provider agreed, and covered under “in-network” costs.

    If Gunner needs a specialist, he sees one. If he needs a test, he gets it. If he coughs, wheezes, or seems to be taking a turn, a 24-hour hotline to a specialist is available. They can quickly determine and act if he needs additional breathing treatments or blood tests.

    Gunner has also visited the University of Minnesota CF Center for consultations which requires some additional “out-of-network” costs. A cost Kristan is willing to pay for Gunner to be seen by the best specialists in the country. Gunnar’s medical costs are only going to grow, and the Hawkins are already saving for that future.

    As Kristan says: “While the financial costs of taking care of a CF child are high and dealing with the complexities and bureaucracy of the insurance industry is time consuming, it is worth it. We happily pay these costs to keep Gunner healthy, and we know that there are existing programs out there, public and private, that will help us when costs increase.”

    The President often talks about the dire letters he receives, highlighting the crisis and the need to act quickly. Like on Wednesday, when during his new conference Obama said: “I’m rushed because I get letters every day from families that are being clobbered by health care costs. And they ask me, ‘Can you help?’ So I’ve got a middle-aged couple that will write me and they say, ‘Our daughter just found out she’s got leukemia and, if I don’t do something soon, we just either are going to go bankrupt or we’re not going to be able to provide our daughter with the care that she needs.’ And in a country like ours, that’s not right. So that’s part of my rush.”

    So obviously, Gunner must be the subject of one of these letters asking Obama to pass his health reform, right? Not so fast. The President is either failing to mention, or completely ignoring the pleas of people like Kristan Hawkins who are begging the President to stop trying to build a health care system that will hurt children like Gunner.

    According to Kristan, if President Obama were to get his way on health reform, Gunner’s quality of health care would be severely diminished. His easy access to CF specialists and doctors would be limited due to funding issues and long wait lines. His treatments, which expand the life of cystic fibrosis patients, would be delayed. His access to life-saving drugs would be limited and the government would control what he gets and when. In fact, a government-appointed committee would make decisions that affect Gunner’s life, based primarily on financial incentive.

    In Britain, Canada, and Ireland, where similar systems to the President’s desired outcome exist, the quality of care for a child like Gunner is wholly inadequate and life expectancy is as much as ten years shorter. Specialist centers are underfunded, patients have a hard time getting drugs, and there is ample evidence of treatments being denied because of cost. In fact, there aren’t even enough trained specialist doctors and nurses available, even if the government would fully fund a CF center.

    Gunner’s situation is not unique. Yes, there are families who have a more difficult time getting the proper care for the ones they love. Yes, there are uninsured Americans who don’t even have the limited luxuries the Hawkins family can afford. Yes, reform is needed. But to pass a bill that transforms the greatest health care system in the world into a mediocre level playing field is not the right track, for Gunner or for anyone. The President surely gets letters from families needing help. But he also gets letters from people begging him not to interrupt their care. A cautious, bipartisan approach to reform that takes all sides of this issue into account is clearly the approach necessary.

    Mr. President, meet Gunner Hawkins. Gunner wants to grow old in a country that cares about the full value of his life, and not the bottom line. Gunner deserves this opportunity, and Gunner deserves to have a voice, even if for now it is simply heard through his rock ‘n’ roll bunny.

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    34 Responses to President Obama, Meet Gunner Hawkins

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The leftist majority's health plan, along with their other socialized one size fits all programs, will not work in a nation as spread-out and independent as America. This doesn't seem to stop Obama who's trying to force the proverbial large square peg down the small round hole of fact. I hate to say it, but he and his Congressional leaders are acting "stupidly". The latter bunch needs to be thrown out in 2010. That should put the brakes on Obama till 2012. Then he's out.

    2. Jillian, Atlanta, GA says:

      I'm also a CF mom and I don't get it. Why will a health care system that allows us to keep our private insurance but ultimately helps keep out-of-pocket expenses in check hurt Gunnar? The costs of CF – currently dictated by private insurance providers – is a huge burden on CF families. I welcome reform.

    3. M. Mitchell, TN says:

      Here are some examples from Black and Right:

      Pg 22 — MANDATES the Govt will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure!!

      Pg 30 Sec 123 — THERE WILL BE A GOVT COMMITTEE that decides what treatments/benefits you get

      Pg 42 — The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your healthcare benefits for you. You have no choice!

      Pg 50 Section 152 — Health care will be provided to ALL non-citizens, illegal or otherwise

      Pg 59 Lines 21-24 — Government will have direct access to your banks accounts for electronic funds transfer

      Pg 65 Sec 164 — A payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions and community organizations (ACORN)

      Pg 95 Lines 8-18 — The Government will use groups i.e., ACORN & Americorps to sign up individuals for government health care plan

      Pg 127 Lines 1-16 — Doctors/AMA – The Government will tell YOU what you can make.

      Pg 145 Line 15-17 — An Employer MUST auto enroll employees into public option plan. NO CHOICE

      Pg 126 Lines 22-25 — Employers MUST pay for health care for part time employees AND their families.

    4. JESSE, TAMPA, FL says:

      (sorry for the caps, I hit it before I began and thought it was the form doing it. I'm not yelling, honest.)


    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Paying for chronic health problems whatever these may be has always challenged people's pocketbooks. Such situations make the Beltway Demagogues' "public option" appear extremely attractive, at least on the surface. This is the point of Rory's article. Leftist Democrats traditionally throw taxpayer green all over weakened structural components then call it new. It's still the same old problem only now it's masked and easily ignored. If you think things look bad now, wait till the government's health plan comes crashing down. Obama's enticing words hide all the structural facts. His pitched product will end up costing you, me and everyone else ever increasing amounts of our take home earnings while offering far fewer care options, especially for anyone with chronic health problems. So what's the answer? I'm not an expert on the matter. But I do strongly believe the closer healthcare is to the people served, the more affordable and efficient the delivery of care. The federal government needs to focus on their primary role of national defense. Leave healthcare to the states who can better promote free markets and regional officials to provide for the health needs of their individual communities.

    6. kevin, nc says:

      A lot of incorrect facts in this story. Like the life expectancy in canada. The median age for a cfer is 37 in Canada. It irrates me when people write articles and makes up facts to suit there agendas.

    7. livelikedoug, philly says:

      to jillian -God Bless you and you now have another American praying for your family, but I also believe in "tough-Love" so here it is: you "..welcome reform.." and "..expenses will be kept in check…" —This sounds nice, but the politicians who make it sound nice ARE LYING to you, and all of us ! LYING continuously . Obama, LYING. Pelosi/Reid/Kennedy , LYING. The entire left-liberal-radical-cabal who have been growing the Federal government and stealing your money and your freedom to finance countless UNCONSTITUTIONAL Federal power grabs HAVE BEEN LYING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FOR DECADES. It is painful to face and we dont want to believe it , but the evidence is stark. All of the "grow government" programs sound good and are promulgated by people that seem like they have good intentions…..but the pernicious Federal invasion into your life and pocketbook grows on for decades after the "good sounding promises" have been proven to have been FALSE. Examples–Social Security and Federal Welfare . take a good long study retreat and see how the Federal politicians originally "sold" those programs (Hint- they lied about them top to bottom ! ) , versus the bloated corrupt systems we know them to be today. Older folks get very upset when "reform" of Social Security is discussed, WHY, because they have been lied to for so long, and "over-promised" so many things, that they really believe there is some great "fund" sitting out there from all their Soc Sec paycheck "investments" over the years. So they didnt save enough on their own because their Governmenmt was LYING to them making them believe "all is well" . It sickens me to know this, but at least they had the decency to lie only to adults of working age. The Gov't Health care lie will be started at school-age kids !! How disgraceful will this "government run system" be 50 to 60 years later ?? i believe it was one of our Constituional Founders who said "that Government which governs least, governs best." THE FOUNDERS WOULD BE RIGHTLY AGHAST AT ANY THOUGHT OF FEDERAL HEALTH ANYTHING, MUCH LESS THE ENTIRE TAKE-OVER OF THE INDUSTRY. Please learn from the Founders wisdom. I hope my Prayers assist your Family.

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    9. albert,campbellsvill says:

      If coverage for all citizens legal or otherwise is true (it already is)can we afford health care for 6 billion people,we already provide it for god knows how many that dont belong here,not to mention welfare,education,food stamps,criminal justice and prison,free rids to work in 3 cali countys and they do take jobs we want and need I work at a place this is true.The unemployed,welfare recipients and convicts can pick produce to earn their keep if they want gov money.

    10. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Jillian, Atlanta: Look 1 "click" up on this blog under "Where's Obama's 2500$ Savings…" There's a comment by a Richard Hawkins that's much more than imaginary, describing in some parts how things are in government mandated medical programs in Japan. Though lengthy, read it through all the way. It's worth it.

      And now for my point: All of these programs create market distortions, meaning they actually in the short run can turn out to be better for some folks than what they previously had. Often they do turn out that way, so if you just read individual reports (anecdotal evidence) they don't seem too bad. So, Lillian, you COULD be lucky, or not. But, if you are, somebody else will "pay" with less luck, because that's how it's set up to control costs. Later, once the government system has "killed" the others, after a few years, there'll be no other systems left for it to hide behind, and then and only then will it's true cost become directly measurable by you, because if then it doesn't work for you, there'll be no alternative help.

      That's been the experience with all government run "do-gooder" programs world-wide. They all end up being good at somethings and for some people or groups, and not so good with others. If you're unlucky to be in the less-favored class, though, in such programs your alternatives will be dismal to non-existant. In their counterparts, driven by free market options, the high degree of competition and innovation is what assures that there's almost always some useful alternate "route to salvation". Even when expensive in the worst case, at least it's there!

    11. Deborah, Pennsylvani says:

      Kevin – read the article. It states plainly that "IRELAND HAS the highest incidence of cystic fibrosis in the world and yet, in spite of such exposure to this lethal condition, patients here may die 10 years earlier than their counterparts in Britain and the US." If it irritates you when people don't have the facts – you should be quite upset with yourself. Obama's plan will be devastating for the very young, the elderly, and the very sick – and if you read the article – you'll see how "successful" this kind of plan is for another country that is using government controlled healthcare. Suggestion to you and others like you would be to care for each individual the best way for each's need and then the "collective" can't help but be better off!

    12. Harry, Illinois says:

      Under the Obama States of America, One size fits all.

    13. Liam O'Hare says:

      I cant believe this child is being used in a political way, poor kid. I live in the UK, my kid has CF and is looked after amazingly well by the national health service, if we wanted to "go private" we would speak to the very same specialists she has access to, we are a phone call away from help and when thing go bad the treatment is second to none and all paid for by my and my wifes taxes.

      The statement about lifespan in Britain and Ireland for CF children being 10 years shorter is not justified by any shred of evidence and is basically a lie to support someone's political agenda. I dare you to show me evidence to the country.

    14. Sue, Sterling Height says:

      I am a 59 yr old with Cystic Fibrosis. The story about Gunner brought a smile to my face because Gunner is so lucky to have such loving parents who will no doubt sacrifice their lives so that Gunner may have as healthy of a future that they can possibly give him. I, too, was blessed with loving parents who stopped at nothing to keep me going. When I was growing up, the meds and treatments that are available today did not exist. I would not be alive today if it wasn't for the tireless actions of my parents to try alternative supplements and to keep me active and strong. Long before the use of nebulizers, my parents had me go into a steam filled bathroom where I would beat on my chest to expell the thick mucous that wanted to rob me of my very existance. All of my stomach problems, my parents and I made charts to determine what I could and could not digest….long before the doctors even realized that many people with CF not only had lung problems, but also had digestive problems. Through trial and error, we uncovered the secrrets to what supplements were beneficial for me and what were not.

      To have the government determine what Doctors we can see and when we can see them and what treatments are necessary and what are not takes us back in time when our ancestors only sought out a Doctor when the end was near. Thankfully, we as Americans realize the value of maintaining our health by seeking prompt, efficient and highly skilled specialists before we are put in a life threatening, irreversible condition. To achieve quality of life for all Americans we must protect our availability to make our own medical choices so that our quality of life is not dictated by a government that thinks they always know what's best for everyone else as long as it doesn't effect them.

      Thankyou, Gunner's mom and dad, for making us aware of the medical reforms President Obama is seeking.

    15. Spiritof76 says:

      If government-run health care is so great, why is Medicare going bankrupt in spite of severly restricting treatment protocols?

      People that look to government to solve their problems will be shown the door to a funeral home. Do people think that medical care grow on trees?

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    17. Jodi, CO. says:

      I agree with livelikedoug! I, too, am praying for you and would encourage all who read this article to pray for Gunner and our entire nation! Until we go all the way back to where our Founding Fathers began, correctly interpret what they were saying and what their intent was for this great country, we will forever lose America as it was intended to be! The truth is, the only people who support Obama and the radical left are those whose agenda is also as radically left, which is proof of a deep rooted hatred of our great nation and the Judeo/Christian values it was founded on, and by people who desire to live a life of wealth without having to work for it! People who are lazy should never profit, and Obama and his radicals should be ashamed of themselves by promoting a lazy lifestyle! But, of course, if you want to ruin a free society and become a dictator, then you have to use the poor to your advantage; which is what he's doing- using you! Using you to take away our freedoms by promising you all that glitters. The tragedy in all of this is that the lifestyle of the poor will not change, so they will not be as affected; it's the life of the successful, the hard working, the dedicated that will be trampled to the ground. And as dictator, he will make sure you stay there!

      For those of you who are unwilling to get a job, who feel that every body "owes" you, get off your lazy bottom and stop supporting the "hand-out" lifestyle! For those of you who hate this country and the Godly principles it was founded on, leave! No one is forcing you to stay in a place you hate so much; there's plenty of land in Iran and Saudi Arabia, or Russia even. You won't have to deal with the constant reminder that what made America so great is that we are "One Nation UNDER GOD!" And you can have the dictator lifestyle you are so desiring!

    18. Kristen, Idaho says:


      I work for a gov't program that is "supposed" to provide free therapy services for developmentally delayed children 0-3. Due to the perpetual "funding" problems the gov't has- we now only provide services for 0-2.5 year olds. The rational for this is it takes months to get into the system, so why bother treating any kid 2.5 or older. I kid you not. The biggest frustration with this program is that the federal gov't has decided that all therapies provided to children should be in their "natural environment". By telling the parents and the therapists what is best for ALL children, we now have a huge wait list for services and a program that runs inefficiently, slow, and covered in red tape. Not to mention, these parents don't have the CHOICE to take their kiddo to a clinic for services, because- THE GOV'T KNOWS BETTER than moms, dads, and the therapists. And, of course, making the program run efficiently with consideration of costs, resources, and choices- doesn't cross the minds of those who run gov't programs- because money grows on trees to these people and the lives of humans mean nothing compared to the rules and regulations!! Not to mention- states can not control these programs- DC DOES. It is ridiculous. I wish gov't could work- but it doesn't.

      THIS is exactly what gov't run health care will become! We have to stop this from happening.

    19. Ellen K says:

      My heart goes out to Kristen as it does to all parents of kids with disabilities. What will be the worst impact is the attempt to qualify the delivery of all medical services based on outcome. By that right, it could very well be a situation where a child with asthma and no other problems would get care while a child like Gunner would see his access to services diminish as the actuarial life expectancy charts would make those services less cost effective. No wonder these parents are alarmed. And for anyone that thinks this is not true, look at the outcome for our babies in NICU compared to European hospitals. The difference is that while over there a newborn that dies is labeled stillborn, over here we keep trying and often succeed. Anyone who thinks that government intervention in medical care is a good thing should immediately turn all of their care over to the VA.

    20. Russell, Georgia says:

      To exploit a child in this manner is disturbing. I see the face of a beautiful child and think that a political agenda is being forwarded on with this nonsense.

      Government involvement in health care, as outlined in the plan would be to offer affordable health insurance not mandate health care.

      The lies being told to stop people from supporting the President are not only annoying they are dangerous.

      The socialized programs in Europe and Canada are single-payer systems. The President and Congress have taken single-payer off the table and only want to provide a public alternative to the profit driven health insurance programs.

    21. Wuff, Littleton CO says:

      The system proposed by Obama barely touches those in Europe and esp. Canada where there is no private options. The Dem's plan as far as I can tell, is designed to drive down the overall cost by eliminating redundant records processing and de-incentivizing doctors from becoming sales representatives / drug pushers for the pharmaceutical industries.

      People! the AMA (a historically conservative group) has approved the plan. You as citizens will still be allowed to purchase private healthcare insurance coverage – as long as that coverage meets or exceeds the public plans minimum standards. No more insurance riders written against pre-existing conditions.

      For those talking about public healthcare burrying the United States, ask yourselves why those country's currencies have done so well against the US dollar over the last 7 years.

      In 2002 $1.59C Canadian dollars = $1 US dollar …

      in 2009 it takes just $1.13C to purchase $1 US. (a 29%

      drop in Dollar value)

      In 2002 1.07 € Euros = $1 US dollar … in 2009 it

      takes just $.71 € Euros to purchase $1 US. (a 34% drop

      in US dollar value)

      Their healthcare systems certainly haven't burried them against the dollar.

      Those spouting off about a "Post Office" management of healthcare … remember that the Post office has competition from UPS, Fedex, DHL and TNT. Gunner's parents will still have a choice if they are concerned with the level of coverage.

      As far as the uninsured, illegal immigrants and lazy people (as some have called them here), we already pay for their health care through our premiums whenever they stagger into our local emergency rooms in critical condition. This will give them an option to actually join a plan and pay *something* into the system, or they can chose to continue to visit the emergency rooms as criminals (in my opinion, not being covered when you do have a viable choice is criminal).

      Where we may lose jobs in the insurance sector, we will gain new hi-tech jobs in the private sector through the creation of a unified electronic record keeping system as well as, yes, new jobs in government.

    22. Tom, Texas says:

      Obama health plan is a big LIE! It is also a license to euthanize the elderly! Read the plan and comprehend WHAT you are reading! I can't believe ANYONE with ANY sense of rationale and common logic would even consider such a "plan!" Do a little research and find out….before it's too late!! Write your Congressman, your Senators, and make your VOICES HEARD!!!

    23. Gene, Vermont says:

      Wholly Crap.

      Why don't people see that gummint run ANYTHING will fail.

      Look at the Postal Service. Good idea at the time. Then Fedex and UPS et al came along, and because of the competition and CHOICES, things got better. Rates went down. Service improved. Choice is good.

      Government run is bad.

      I don't mind paying for my family's health care through my insurance plan. It is part of my American Dream, to be able to take care of my family.

    24. Harry, Illinois says:

      The government has already admitted that there is an abundant waste in Medicare and Medicad. What make them or anyone else with common sense believe that they can handle another doom to fail program guised under the name of National Health Care when even the people writing the bill will not join the program.

      Question: Why are we debating a National Program when those that need it are not the majority? We are not talking about the whole country here. Just 47 million people. The majority of working people that currently have insurance from what I understand are perfectly happy. Why are we letting the politicians hood wink us into a National Plan?

      A private program needs to be developed so that those who do not or cannot obtain health insurance can get it without any government intrusion. If the government wants to be of any help, they can make these 47 million people eligible for some sort of tax credit or rebate to help offset their costs.

      Please folks, the government is not your answer. They will only result in compounding the problem by costing us more money.

      If your tired of looking at the federal and state deductions on your paychecks than let your representatives know that you are sick and tired of their involvement in your lives.

      Let's start becoming responsible for our own actions. Letting the government solve our problems only causes more problems and money out of your pocket.

    25. Joe, New Prague, Min says:

      This family is deserving of not only our current health care system, but the prayers of everyone. For the sake of the Hawkins family and all other families requiring of special care, we need to avoid going down the road of socializing and rationing, especially when children are involved.

    26. Linda, New Mexico says:

      I'm on the other end of the spectrum from little Gunner. I am 62, in a wheelchair, with heart & problems, and much else. I have Medicare and limited Medicaid. My health care options are ALREADY decided by an outfit called Amerigroup, which I was forced into as a result of being disabled and receiving Medicaid.

      I am thoroughly frightened by Obama's health-care plan because it looks like things will get much, much worse for me and the many others like me if he has his way. I have done what I can as far as contacting my Congressman and Senator but, really, feel pretty helpless. At this time in my life, after working for many, many years, I had looked forward to a measure of peace. That has been taken from me.

    27. Mark, Cincinnati, Oh says:

      As a small business owner with approximately 100 employees and 5 offices; a shared “core business value” of many successful enterprises is to provide our employees and their families with the finest health benefits possible. This attracts and retains good employees; fosters loyalty and is the “right thing to do.”

      As with good environmental practices and good energy practices; employee benefits and overall employee well-being is good business practice in today’s business environment – this has proven to be the foundation of a successful business formula.

      Furthermore, a free enterprise marketplace which allows open competition and individual, consumer choice will foster cost-effective development and solutions. This especially applies to Health Benefits and the most advanced and plentiful Health infrastructure in the world today.

      I believe that a wide-spread, massive Tax Incentive to businesses would allow this concept to flourish and explode. Utilizing a Health Savings Account vehicle, placing the cost management into the hands of the individual, benefits and coverage would flourish, R&D explodes, and competition expands.

      In return, business would gladly finance the balance of Uninsured today.

      Decisions and choices will even improve; allowing patients and Doctors to decide what is best.

    28. COMALite J, USA says:

      One solution I read on another Forum is interesting. Part of the problem is that there simply isn’t enough health care (medical professionals) to go around.

      So, why not simply have government funded EDUCATION for anyone who wants to, and has the ability to, become a doctor? This would encourage more doctors.

      But, to pay it off, they have to spend part of their time working in government funded health care centers available to anyone.

      This next one is my own idea:

      I'm willing to back ANY reasonable and sensible health care plan that our President and Congress come up with, under ONE CONDITION:

      THEY have to use it, TOO!!

      NO special health care plans for Congress, the President, nor V.P., nor for their families, and they also would be forbidden to “opt out” of whatever plan they decide on for the rest of us. They could not resort to private health care, either. And, this lasts for life: they have to CONTINUE using the plan they inflict on the rest of us, even AFTER they leave office.

      Betcha we get a system that WORKS, then!

    29. Jessi, CO says:

      You may wish to SIGN the following PETITIONS:

      - "Free Our Health Care Now": http://www.freeourhealthcarenow.com/
      (over 768,000 people signed thus far – petition put forth by NCPA at ncpa.org)

      And voice your disapproval by CONTACTING CONGRESS: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/07/22/share-

    30. Mimi in Tenessee says:

      Anyone that wants healthcare can get it in this country and get it without very much wait time. When you have to wait 6 months in the USA for an x-ray that you need now, we won't have another country to go to for help, because the others are already that bad or worse

      Those (Democrat, Republican or otherwise) that would have the federal government be the guarantor of a comfortable level of anything for individuals (income, housing, healthcare, etc.) drastically miss the point of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as envisioned by our nation's founders and for which so many of our precious citizens have fought and died.

      To the extent that the federal government does that (and the extent is now massive and growing rapidly), great harm is done: 1) to those "helpless" ones being "provided for" by sucking them ever deeper into dependency and destruction of initiative, as well as 2) to those whose resources are stolen through unjust taxation to fund the counterproductive government "welfare" programs that effectively enslave such a large number of our citizens.

      Our nation's founders recognized the necessity of building upon Judeo-Christian principles of individual responsibility and accountability and sanctity of life. They recognized basic rights as being God-given, not granted by the government or any other group. With the progressive secularization of our nation and the trend in our educational institutions in recent decades of teaching that absolute right and wrong do not exist, many of our citizens have been trained to look to the government as their source of life and comfort, with others responsible to hand over their resources so the government can provide that. Why should I work hard to support someone that doesn't want to work? I know our healthcare here is not perfect, but I don't see anyone leaving to get better care someplace else. Hawaii, Tennessee, and Massachusetts have already tried the government run healthcare and none worked. One ran for 7 months and then stopped, it was such a failure. The other two are way over budget and struggling! Why won't people learn from mistakes made in this country and many foriegn countries??

      I have confidence that our people could better themselves and help many others, if the government would just get out of the way and do the job they are supoposed to do!!! Protect us!!

      The government was not established to run our lives (by telling us what kind of cars to drive and what kind of lightbulbs to use!!! we are not idiots!!!) They are here to protect us so we can run our own lives! America is a great place to live!

    31. Tim says:

      I'm crossing my fingers that the American people have enough sense to stand up against this Obama-Care legislation. This piece-of-crap bill would definitely lead to rationing especially when the US government borrows against the funding just like they did with Social Security back in the 60's and continue to do to this day.

    32. Wuff, Littleton CO says:

      Everyone is talking about the plan "rationing" healthcare benefits … but no one talks about the current rationing of healthcare through our insurance companies. For example, doctors can prescribe a 90mg dose of a drug, but even great employer sponsored insurance plan will only pay for a 30mg dose. Many times you're stuck with the out-of-pocket balance. Your medical conditions aren't between you and your doctor … they are between you, your doctor and YOUR INSURANCE PROVIDER who is solely interested in making a profit by paying out as little as possible.

      Why does everyone not understand that the central reason why Berkshire Hathaway BRK-A, (AKA Warren Buffet) stock peaked at over *$150,000* PER SHARE last year … because his company invests heavily in insurance companies. Insurance is a highly lucrative business.

      If you think your current insurance company's plan offers you Farrah Fawcett style healthcare where you are whisked away to Germany for experimental cancer treatments, you're dillusional – they will only pay so much to keep you alive as will any public plan – that's unfortunately the way it is.

      If you're in a good private plan, the NEW public plan will make it cheaper by:

      a. creating competition

      b. creating a centralized record keeping system

      c. no pre-existing condition restrictions

      d. eliminating pharmacutical company incentives to doctors to push on drug over another.

      You can certainly stay in your private plan as long as it's equal or better than the new private coverage.

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    34. J.R, Michigan says:

      I find it amusing how people keep breezing over the fact that we'll be able to keep the current policies we have. It's been said a hundred times already and by Obama himself. Everyone wants to paint it as a doomsday scenario yet the only people facing doomsday are the people that run health insurance and ALREADY ration our care.

      I'm with Jillian. My child has CF and I'm looking forward to reform too!

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