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  • Morning Bell: More Job-Killing Regulations Approved by President Obama

    According to the United States Department of Labor, the nation’s unemployment rate has already risen to 9.5%. The Obama administration is predicting that the nation’s unemployment rate will soon rise above 10% and the Federal Reserve predicts unemployment could stay above that 10% mark for sometime. One would think, therefore, that the Obama administration would do everything in their power to stop federal government policies from causing even more job losses. You’d be wrong. Today the Obama administration is not just allowing, but celebrating, a job- and opportunity-killing raise in the federal minimum wage.

    Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis told the USA Today that the federally mandated raise to $7.25 per hour will create “extra disposable income [that] comes to about $120 a month.” Solis expects “workers to spend much of that cash in their local communities.” What nonsense. Where does Solis think this “extra” $120 a month comes from? Does she think it falls from the skies or grows on trees? Here in the real world, when governments force firms to pay some workers more money, it has to come from somewhere. And that “somewhere” usually is lost jobs and lost opportunity for low-skilled workers.

    The Minimum Wage Kills Jobs: Two-thirds of recent minimum wage studies find that it reduces employment, with the overwhelming majority of the most rigorous studies reaching this conclusion. Although individual studies give different estimates, the typical results from research suggest that a 10 percent increase in the minimum wage will reduce employment among heavily affected groups of workers by roughly 2 percent. These estimates show that–under normal economic circumstances–this scheduled increase will cost low-skilled workers 300,000 jobs. But these are not normal economic times. The unemployment rate for adults without a high school diploma has risen 7.8 percentage points to 15.3 percent. However, the unemployment rate for workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher–almost none of whom earn the minimum wage–has only risen by 2.5 percentage points. Less-skilled workers have borne the brunt of job losses in the recession. This minimum wage hike will hit the most vulnerable the hardest.

    The Minimum Wage Kills Opportunities: Low-paying jobs provide unskilled workers with the invaluable work experience they need to move up the career ladder. Fully 40 percent of minimum-wage workers did not have a job in the previous year and two thirds of minimum wage workers earn a raise within a year. The minimum wage increase will saw off the bottom rung of the career ladder for many unskilled workers.

    Later in the same USA Today article mentioned above, business owner Bob McGrath sets the Obama administration straight about the real affect of their minimum wage hike: “In this economy, you can’t raise prices. Margins are getting hammered. Here we’re having (employees) take pay cuts, but we’re hiking minimum wage. Something is wrong.” Something is wrong, indeed.

    Quick Hits:

    • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who have already received $34.2 and $51.7 billion respectively, are on track to become the single most expensive items of the Bush/Obama Bailout.
    • Lobbyists and the businesses that employ them donated $5.8 million last year to foundations affiliated with congressional groups, with $5.7 million going to the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.
    • The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery responded to President Obama’s prescription for less tonsillectomies: “the AAO-HNS is disappointed by the President’s portrayal of the decision making processes by the physicians who perform these surgeries. In many cases, tonsillectomy may be a more effective treatment, and less costly, than prolonged or repeated treatments for an infected throat.”
    • When Dallas MoveOn.org members tried to rally support for Obamacare outside of Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-TX) office, they were outnumbered by Dallas Tea Party members rallying against it.
    • According to Rasmussen Reports, just 18% of adults think it’s the government’s job to tell Americans what kind of light bulb they use.
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    36 Responses to Morning Bell: More Job-Killing Regulations Approved by President Obama

    1. Bill James, Houston says:

      We have a small business in Houston. To offset increase in labor cost due to increase of minimum wage, one of 15 employees will be laid off.

    2. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      I've said it over and over; Obama and the Liberal Socialists' real plan is not to "fix", "repair" or "restore" the economy. Its aim is to destroy the economy for Government to take over.

      Same can be said for "Health Reform". Only a moron can think Government control of our health will be better for us.

      It's all about Government control and Dictatorship!

      We are given speeches by forked-tongued orators!!!

    3. Ken says:

      This is my observation from a NY'er to a tranplant to Georgia in the 1980's. I remember way back when when the economy was running on all cylinders, young people working in areas that were business friendly were more apted to receive higher compensation than states not freindly to business. There are other issues in other areas which can counter this opinion, but I won't go into them since they aren't revelant. That said; this minimum wage issue will hinder the poor greatly by, first, taking food off there plates and, second, sucking the life blood out of someone who lost there job and dignity. Or if you want to distribute the wealth, how about making the people who just received the pay raise to pay for the people who just lost there jobs. (Just putting things in perspective) All said; these are dire times, please support your local co-ops with food and necessities.

    4. Bryan Sergent, Grand says:

      Mr. Obama,

      Why do you hate this country. Trully if you loved this country you would do every thing in your power to stabalize and boost the ecomony, and yet you are doing your best to destroy what is left of our freedom, by creating the most unbelievable economic atmoshperethe WORLD has ever encountered.

      Washington needs a drastic change, republicans and democrates all need to be replaced and then we need term limits for every last one.

      That is my belief! I am a conservative!

    5. Bryan Sergent, Grand says:

      Why do you hate this country. Trully if you loved this country you would do every thing in your power to stabalize and boost the ecomony, and yet you are doing your best to destroy what is left of our freedom, by creating the most unbelievable economic atmoshpere the WORLD has ever encountered.

      Washington needs a drastic change, republicans and democrates all need to be replaced and then we need term limits for every last one.

      That is my belief! I am a conservative!

    6. Proud citizen says:

      It feels more and more like a dictatorship than a democracy, and more government control over every thing you do is in the makings here. People need to wake up before it's too late, or is it already?

    7. Adrian Eddleman, Ten says:

      Another consideration regarding minimum wage increases is that this cost is inevitably passed on in the form of price increases. Amazingly, what aspect of the population is most impacted by these price increases? Obviously the working poor are most greatly impacted. One can argue that many of those working poor just got a pay increase, but the most diligent of that group who had worked hard to step just above the previous minimum wage level are now often at the same wage as their sluggard coworker. However, this diligent hard working, raise earning low income worker will not get a raise in his pocket to offset the new higher price of goods and services.

      A minimum wage increase punishes those the most that are working the hardest to break out of the cycle of poverty.

    8. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Companies that can't afford to pay Minimum Wage – SHOULD FAIL


      Posted on –

    9. Sparticus-Repulic of says:

      The problem with reporting such economic news is that the majority of my co-workers still do not understand what you all are saying or trying to say. Sad but this and many other policy shaping news need to be written in a format where it is easy to understand by the public educated sector…BECAUSE the fundamentals are NOT taught…they do not take home economics, Government Civics, or American History and when they do is is a serious rewritten version that perverts our fundamentals……

      You guys do a great job of getting facts out and many of us do get it but the other millions will gloss over it…..solution…dunno maybe a similar article written in regular street talk……hey there's a title for you……

      "Street Talk"…… I'd even volunteer to break it down and rewrite some of the articles ….food for thought keep up the good work…….

    10. Cyberflyrg says:

      Im worried that there is a more systemic problem in America. Our society is creating a mass of "Stupid People" (AKA Liberals) and unfortunately, they have manged to get themselves put into a position of whielding a lot of power. Why is this so hard to figure out? Are there that many stupid people in the US? I love the saying that the commedian Ron White uses "You cant fix stupid". Well lets vote them out next election.

      This stupidity is only going to hurt the businesses in the US.

    11. Bettye Jo Georgia says:

      Nobody is mentioning the fact that many labor union contracts require that their members receive raises tied to the minimum wage. So not only are the minimum wage earners affected, union shops are also affected.

    12. Ron Derry NH says:

      The administration is securing the failure of independance for every one by forcing a connection to financial oppression with debt and forced payments to agendas. The minimum wage increase will make small businesses less competitive.

      Each free enterprise of small business, medical profession an independent workers are being subjugated to governmen coercion to force a companionship for financial survival over family, religion and independant will to serve the state agenda.

      It almost seems as though our government wants the oppression and victimization that welfare has brought to the inner cities to become the national model. We are seeing finacial strings being placed like a trap around the small businesses and the medical profession. Soon no one will have wiggle room to survive without servitude to the government agenda and freedom will just be a word for rock and roll stars to cry out as a defiant cry from yesterday memories.

      One has to wonder at how many tools of communism need to be in place before we find ourselves permanentally trapped under the load of government oppression similarly to the sad human condition that welfare has entrenched on those willing to accept its curse?

    13. Art House - Belfast, says:

      Sufficient justification exists for impeaching US Senators and US Representatives for the offense of "Maladministration of High Office" which falls under auspices of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" as recognized in English and French Law and more importantly, in the United States.

      Maladministration easily describes actions, or inactions, of [high] government officials, who are currently endangering the wellbeing of an entire nation by causing an injustice to be perpetrated upon its citizenry. The lack of substantive legislative debate and honest discourse, with which to share ideas, in the formulation of policy, which the implementation of, will have a detrimental effect on people, rises to the level of a high crime punishable by impeachment and remedied by expulsion from office. Maladministration includes: broken promises, inadequate consultation, inadequate liaison, misleading or inadequate statements, failure to investigate, failure to provide information, incorrect action or failure to take any action.

      For Congress to preclude a full debate, and or for Congress to simply rubber stamp legislation without evidence of thoughtful review and consideration to the wellbeing of the US citizenry, would be a crime. For the original stimulus bill of $787 billion not to have been read by members of Congress is an act so derelict of duty that it should rise automatically to the level of impeachment. For Congress members not to bring an action against those who have demonstrated their dereliction of duty, puts them in the same light of failure to act in the interest of society. For the proposed health care reform bill to reach the floor without debate, and without being read in totality, this Congress once again flagrantly put taxpayers at risk without adequate and or meaningful representation by their elected officials.

      While legislators claim they have speed-readers working for them, and that legislation is too cumbersome and voluminous for them to digest is short order; they allow lobbyists to usurp their responsibilities to the American public, and in the same argument admit they don't have time to do their own work on behalf of their constituents. Testimony presented before the Committee on the Budget has raised very serious doubts as to whether the country can afford the level of spending this administration is foisting upon us.

      We have been sufficiently warned that the level of spending is unsustainable. The rampant rise in spending may cause budget deficits of untold proportions that will diminish national savings, create a desperate need for foreign loans and reduced domestic investment. The likes of which will lead to a depressed economic future that will accumulate expansive debt and imprison our future, and the future of our children and grandchildren to substantial harm, in not just economic proportions but also in terms of national security and the ability to maintain our way of life.

      Indeed the staggering misdeeds of the current legislative body in Congress, are mounting to proportions almost unimaginable to the casual observer. Congress is putting this country in imminent peril. Those who act so recklessly to jeopardize our futures, and the futures of generations to follow, by their blatant conspiratorial actions leading to a dereliction of their duties, prescribed under their sworn oaths of service to the country and to the Constitution of the United states, need to be impeached.

      The above is in direct reference to what can be considered a narrow focus on the inadequacy of debate on health care. However, by intentionally confining comments to discourse or the lack thereof; the omission of other topics does not render the seriousness of the charge of maladministration to the mundane. In a broader sense, "Maladministration of High Office" applies to the unwillingness to open a dialogue and or an investigation into such topics as possible voter registration fraud by ACORN, the unwillingness to demand proof of citizenship by the alleged usurper in chief, the reticent stonewalling of investigation surrounding who lied to whom, regarding the CIA versus the salacious allegations by the old lady from California, and the list goes on.

      If no member of Congress will step up to the task, we as a citizenry must remove them all from office in the next election. It is incumbent upon a concerned citizenry to remove each and every complicit member of Congress from office at the end of their current term. We can consistently send them home until we get a sitting Congress that recognizes they have a job to do – and it is to do the business of the people – not to keep themselves in office at the detriment of the public. If there were ever a more compelling reason to enact term-limits, I for sure don't recall it.

      Arthur House

      56 Stephenson Lane

      Belfast, ME 04915


    14. Rob Taylor says:

      As a business owner…I would like to know and many other people would like to know how many

      businesses are leaving this country annually as a percentage. The other question is how many people are depositing their funds in overseas accounts

      not to avoid taxes but rather to protect their

      money from Washington's future policies and reaches…My feeling is that we collect money for the govt. therefore we are a property of the state….The dream of free enterprise has diminished substantially in this country over the last 10 years and will continue

      under our nation's leadership and attitude.


      Rob Taylor

    15. G. Howard, Vernon, T says:

      The only beneficiaries of increased minimum wage are the taxing entities. Federal & state govenments get more income tax, the resulting higher prices mean more sales tax for states, counties & cities.

      Twice in my early working life I saw minimum wages go up. I was thrilled. Then I saw the price of everything go up, and I was usually worse off then before the increase.

      It is true, minimum wage increases destroy jobs and only benefit taxing entities.

    16. Carl Bowman, Lenoir says:

      Recently I emailed my congressman and sentors from my state (Tennessee) with the following message. If all of us would do something similar maybe we could get them to respond. If not lets vote them out!!!!


      I have voted conservative for many years and have voted for each of you every time you ran. However, I am now reaching the end of my patience and am wanting my government to listen to the citizen's request instead of dictating what I am to expect. Specifically I am requesting:

      1. Each representative and senator is to be awarded the same retirement and health care that I recieve and not exempt themselves in order to place them above their subjects.

      2. Allow no illegal immegrant any government support, subsidies, or benefits.

      3. Balance the budget

      4. Pass no bills until all have had a chance to read and study them.

      5. Provide no subsidies to large corporation just because they are too big to fail. After all the food chain starts at the bottom and not at the top.

      6. Bring competion back into the market place between corporations including invoking anti-trust legislation. That is what made this country great in the beginning.

      7. Limit union dominence to each company only and elimate each national union organizations. They are becoming home for socialism, graft and corruption and are now controlling government to their advantage.

      8. Allow oil and gas drilling resumption within the nation boundaries while we develop plans for alternate energy. This drilling must not be controlled by any one organization and must be established to induce competion between companies. This would limt cash flow from the country, increase fees to the country and states, and keep energy prices low until we have developed alternate energies.

      9. Fix or replace Social Security and Medicare before we invoke another medical program which would make a bad problem worse possibly bankrupting the country.

      Also, I hope you have the courage to listen to the attached web site. Many of my neighbors and friends feel the same way that I do and are becoming very frustrated the way our government is not working for us!!!!!.


      Carl Bowman

      130 Lancaster Drive

      Lenoir City, TN 37771

      Bob Basso video on you tube has been so popular that Obama called him

      personally. He said that he was very disturbed with the video and invited

      him to the White House. Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle

      the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit.

      That's interesting.

      Watch it now. This may be the best six minutes invested in your future. You

      may have to turn your Sound Control up some.

      Bob Basso author of "Common Sense" plays the role of Thomas Paine to ignite the fire of change in America. Patriotism and Pride for America lead Thomas Paine to help take back America!


    17. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Spend money is the only thing the dems and "the chosen one" know. It dose not matter where it comes from, just spend all you can borrow. This administartion is going to destry this country and all that made it great. This minimum wage increase and the health care plan are just two of the ways to get power and force all of us to come in line iwth his way. I just read that the dems are trying to force a vote on the floor for health care. They do not care about the cost to all of us, nor the taxes that will have to be paid by every working person. We need to vote all of them out of office in 2010, especially pelosi, reid and the cronies, or puppets on the string for obama.

    18. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Every program and every action by Obama and his administration are job killing. If the government was honest in reporting unemployment it would be 20% and getting higher daily. What is in the wings that would encourage the private sector to go ahead, full speed and continue or start new businesses? Lower taxes, no. Less interference by government, no. Less government, no. Balanced budgets by government, no. Elimination of some rules and laws that would make it possible for the private sector to make long term commitments and investments, no. Unless, and until government wakes up and begins to back off, matters will just become worse.

    19. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      “If we chase this attitude …

      that you have to

      say ‘no’ to every Democratic proposal,

      you can’t help the president ever,

      you can’t ever reach across the aisle,

      then I don’t want to be part of the movement because it’s a dead-end movement,” Graham said.

      “I have no desire to be up here in an irrelevant status.

      I’m smart enough to know that this country doesn’t have a problem with conservatives.

      It has a problem

      with blind ideology.

      And those who are ideological-driven to a fault are

      never going to be able to take this party back into relevancy.”

      Comment at -

    20. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The man's a mental giant, what else can be said? He is almost smart enough to become a manager of one of those McDonald's burger places. Providing he learns to listen to instruction!


    21. Derek, Las Vegas Nev says:

      I firmly beleive that this president was planted and "cultivated" into our political system many years ago,by fascists and marxists for the sole purpose of destroying the capitalist economy, and our culture.Just look at this frantic push to destroy our healthcare system.

      Obama Healthcare = "Elderly Cleansing"

      This maniac MUST be stopped.

      The fascists MUST be crushed!!

    22. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Proud citizen: It's never too late, but remember, the time-cost of "oversleeping" is a power-function. Simply put: oversleep 1 minute, you're a minute late; 2 minutes, you're 4 minutes late; 4 minutes, you're 16 minutes late, and so on! Draw your own conclusions!

      Bryan Sergent: BO probably doesn't hate this country. He just doesn't love it, and that's bad, maybe even worse, because it shows that he's miles away from the first glimpse of understanding of how it really works, let alone what's really wrong.

      He's surrounded by his ideologues from liberal left academia who reinforce the prejudices he picked up in 3 years of community organizing in Chicago, preceded by 3 years "polisci" at Columbia, and followed by 3 years ultra-liberal Harvard Law. Add 15 years of soaking up Rev.Wright's sermons to the fact that he's actually not a leader, but more a follower who never really figures things out for himself to get past the easy slogans and platitudes of his class, and Voilá, it's all right there.

      Actually listening to him is intensely boring because you've heard it all before, and sometimes annoying because he keeps jumping back and forth between tracks like a multiply scratched record with "random skip". Drives me nuts!

      Putting all of this together means he has an idea of how this imaginary "country-of-wrongs" should work to become an equally imaginary "country-of-rights", and he and his academic "apparatchic" buddies are going to make that happen, by golly, come hell or high water!

      Watching him on TV I've sometimes been overcome by an image from the history books: The 15th century Dominican monk Savonarola who set out to reform the corrupt and godless city of Florenz at the time enjoying great gaudy prosperity under the Medici.

      The short version is: Although the common people at first flocked to him because the Medici, especially Lorenzo, were really a rather nasty bunch, and made him defacto the city's ruler, his reforms made everyone so unhappy after a while, and cut the profit from trade so far, that people came to hate and fear him. His attacks on the church for being as bad as the Medici clan (which it was under Pope Alexander VI., the infamous "Borgia") eventually got him really in trouble. Then people began to see that he was no better than they, only crazier. He ended up losing all support about the time the Church made an example of him by convicting him of heresy and having him burned at the stake.

      BO and Savonarola are, of course, in no way directly comparable, but I just can't get this picture of an overprimed zealot out of my head, everytime I see him. It just keeps coming back!

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    24. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Adrian Eddlemann: you got that exactly right!Bravo!

      Cyberflyrg: your point is also right.

      Little as we appreciate the government getting into anything the citizens could do quite nicely without it, like education, so long as they're in on it making rules, they should at least make some good ones, like requiring the high school simple version of ECON 101, Adam Smith and the Austrian School, as a HS graduation requirement. Anybody with less than a straight "B" in that can forget about their diploma. Would help!

    25. Ron Derry NH says:

      My observations is that the government is bent on socialism because it is out of money and needs to rape the economics from some viable sector before it has no value to function in its present corrupt state.

      Its political decision to create economic imbalance has put itself in peril and Washington has become panic stricken to rob financial sectors as fast as possible so it can fund its vapid economic agenda, that put us here in the first place.

      They are hoping every one keeps working as hard as possible while they shift all profit and corruption to one source so they can save themselves the embarrassment of failing the entire world with its ridiculous social experiment of falsifying value with ever increasing debt and credit expansion.

      My guess is they have lost control of the situation and are doing every possible theft of the money flow that they can do to preserve the folly from getting out since revenue from taxation will falter in the coming years as productivity matches lackluster cash flows.

      That would explain why the republicans are not screaming too loudly at the course of action toward socialism. They too know Washington is in no way capable of keeping its promises to defend both freedom of its people or the freedom from disaster that they themselves have put in play.

      They are in fact making the hard choice; to quit on us and save themselves from the FED inspired credit fiasco combined with the reinvigorated community redevelopment act and the wiping away of the Glass/Steagall act in 92 that gutted the currency value with over extended loans and hyped values.

      I think it best we just sit back and watch the disaster unfold and witness one of the worst Congressional bodies ever to run this country. Left or right they have both allowed the value of Americans to be traded for ideology and have lost their senses; we on the other hand have lost our country.

    26. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      KEN JARVIS of Las Vegas:

      You must be putting us on and yanking our chain because nobody in his right mind would write the things you write!

      At best, you are the ideologue driven to a fault!

    27. Tricia, Arizona says:

      This is why Rush Limbaugh wanted Barack Obama to fail… His success means that America and Americans lose.Mr. Obama has come a long way towards his goal, but he hasn't beaten us yet. If you want to beat him and his anti-liberty administration and a congress that just goes along for the ride [to power]…get involved. Vote. In 2010 and in 2012. I absolutely agree with you, Arthur.

    28. J. White, south Jers says:

      So, what DID you expect from a bunch of over-indulged spoiled brats who never had to work a day in their all but useless non-contributory lives? Obama is an absolute fool. He seems to "think" as do his Kool-aid drinkers like children do with their parents that somehow they always have money to give them to indulge their little childish fancies.

      THis group in DC and ANYONE else in this nation who "thinks" that those of us "OWE" them a single damned cent need to expose their heads to the realities of daylight.

      May the Lord God of Hosts preserve this nation in full knowledge that most of us are not immoral, do not support the murderous practice of abortion, do not advoctae same-sex activities in any form,and when He punishes the guilty, may we not be carried away in that terrible time.

      The bulk of the nation has NOT forgotten Him and are still very grateful for this nation- unlike the Empty Suit who seems bent upon destroying this nation as he dances to his puppet master's tune [Soros].

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    30. frankz, brewster, ny says:

      Obama is not the only problem; he's the last in a list of the last four presidents who have never had a real job, just public service. The American people must replace all existing senators/congresspeople with new faces to exact change. If we want to change the constitution, make an amendment that 50% of all elected officals cannot be attorneys. It's my hope that after Obama,Pelosi and Reid we are still afloat to make changes possible. Vote the dems out now.

    31. Linda Todd, Las Vega says:

      I am a medicare/medicaid recipient. If I had my druthers, I would not be. I am already feeling the pinch of Obama-care, though it hasn't even been put into effect!

      Recently, my doctor ordered a medication for me that my insurance would not cover as written. Instead of 3 doses a day, I was permitted 2. When I asked what I was supposed to do for the 4 hours 3 times a day that I didn't have the medication I was told that I had to deal with it. Anyone who has lived with chronic pain will tell you that they reduced my quality of life a lot by making this decision. I was tld that this was mandated by the fda, as the drug is used by cancer patients and I do not have cancer.

    32. Dave, Laguna Niguel, says:

      Has anyone looked at the "Obama cheer leaders association", in the past known as ABC, NBC and CBS "NEWS"?! Their collective tongues are shoved up Obama's behind so far daylight is only a memory! These nutjobs act like the ride-along CNN journalist who filmed the shooting of an American soldier by one of the liberal's beloved terrorists! The used to be watchdogs are now spies for the enemy and promote the enemy. Oh, "the enemy" is anyone who is working towards the destruction of the United States of America and this does include anyone and everyone in the political arena. Bob Basso is 100% correct! The first place we should visit on the way to Washington is the studios which broadcast socialist ideology on a daily basis and drag these communists into the streets! And Michael Savage is absolutely correct in his book "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder"! Anyone who calls the Cambridge police officer a rogue cop is a RACIST at heart regardless of color, and YOU have a mental disorder because you ignore the FACTS and just run off at the mouth with your FEELINGS which have no basis in the TRUTH OF THE MOMENT! Get ready to march people, WE ARE THE LAST ONES LEFT(I mean "remaining!).

    33. Dave, Laguna Niguel, says:

      All governments are the same whether they are State or federal, run by a bunch of morons, not good at anything , some never even had a regular job(Obama?) and do not know what it means to work AND pay taxes. All they see are piles of tax dollars and their only thought is how to use it to "THEIR OWN BENEFIT"! Fist thing you know…its all gone and its OUR fault!? Get rid of every single politician who is in office now! If they are not the problem they let the problem take charge. Get rid of them ALL!

    34. Julia S. - Richmond says:

      Our American public education system is mostly free. Every person in the country is given the opportunity to go to school. It is not only an opportunity but an responsibility to your community and nation to education yourself, so that you may contribute to society. The article states that the minumum wage has spiked unemployment for those that haven't graduated high school…the solution? Go back to school!

      "This minimum wage hike will hit the most vulnerable the hardest." The "vunerable" how so? Americans don't like when the two percent of the very wealthy gets tax breaks, then why is okay that the lowest two percent bracket get anything special, while the other 96% foot the bill?

    35. Skye M says:

      It is scary to read some of these posts and realize how little time people put into actually finding out the facts about what they are talking about. When people talk about our President destroying the country, I am confused as to what they are talking about. Since when is helping the common man un American? Health Care Reform is not about government take over, but is about helping people. The myths and scare tactics being employed to make people fearful of death panels, or losing thier private health insurance, or being denied benefits are outrageous and just not true. Please take some time to research and read about what is being proposed. The one gentleman above that stated he was only allowed to have 2 doses of a medication instead of 3 is exactly what this health insurance reform is about. Helping people. I beg you as intelligent and hard working Americans that live in the greatest country on earth, please do some homework and research what is trying to be proposed and accomplished.

    36. Scott, FT Wayne says:

      I'll bet they're kicking themselves for not ramming this healthcare thing first instead of looting the treasury first.

      Call your reps and tell them if they vote for this in any form, not to bother comming home

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