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  • MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Save School Choice in D.C.

    Support for school choice in Washington, D.C. continues to grow. The latest national voice to call for saving the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Check out this Hardball interview with RNC Chairman Michael Steele:


    Mr. Matthews says: “These opportunity scholarships should be maintained.” Later in the interview, Mr. Matthews makes an interesting point about how the opportunity to attend a private school made a big difference in the life of Judge Sotomayor: “Cardinal Spellman high school is one of the reasons why this woman, Sotomayor got into Princeton,” Matthews explained. “She went to a good Catholic school.” The same could be said about President Obama himself—since his historic rise began in a first-class private school in Hawaii.

    All children deserve a chance to receive a safe and effective education.

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    12 Responses to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Save School Choice in D.C.

    1. mike quinn says:

      I think Chris Matthews babbles on like a 16 year old school girl because he like's to hear himself talk, so it's hard for me to take anything he has to say very serious. I think anyone has the right to go to a private school if they wish, but not out of the pocket of the American taxpayer. The government gives the people a chance at having a great education,but it's up to each individual to take advantage of the system to make themselves, and the system even greater.

    2. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      Mr. Quinn, you evidently have blinders on if you think that government run school systems are" a great education". The only "quality assurance" we have on public schools are the very people who run them! How does that spell for anything but adminstrators looking out for each other. Dept of Ed-u-ma-cation! Half the people graduating from high schools can't read at a 5th grade level. They pass them through because they (seats filled in class) are Federal dollars. My wife quit teaching because of the dumbing down of our "public" education system. Get real, or you must be an NEA member.

    3. Molly Dow, Oregon says:

      Good educations are key to a prosperous life in America.

      The Democrats block school vouchers and would doom children

      to a life of poverty by denying them access to GOOD schools. Why does Obama elect to send his own children to a high class private school?? Does anyone see the blinding hypocracy here??

      The ruling class MUST have poorly educated masses to maintain control.

    4. Jan in Michigan says:

      Mike Quinn, I agree and disagree with you. First Chrissy Matthews

      is a joke but this one time I have to agree with him.

      DC public schools are the worst in the nation with a high cost

      per student to educate. The schools of choice offer the children

      a better education and at a lower cost. The parents are also

      involved as they have to choose which school their child attends.

      No child will be a success without a parent that is involved and

      a good education.

    5. paula Boston MA says:

      Its exactly our "dumbed Down" (in the last 40+ years) education system that gave us Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank etc.

      What happened to "vouchers"?

      Republicans should run on a "Voucher" platform among other things.

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Having graduated from public schools myself, as did many of my friends and relatives, this being several decades ago, the only thing I find wrong with them now is a combination of the ACLU and Government regulations, that keep out the Ten Commandments, yet allow kids to run wild with no rules. Liberal education that teaches no Conservatism. Principles throughout the whole system that youth grow up with validating that no matter what you do wrong in life, it is someone else's fault! A school system that validates , there is no respect earned or given, that it is valid to kill unborn babies, yet wrong to torture or kill Terrorist. That the "New Swine Flu" is important because 600 people worldwide have died form it, while never explaining that 300,000 die worldwide each year from just the flu.

      No, it is no so much the Public Schools, as it is the removing of the right of a teacher or a principal to say to a child, "What you did was wrong!", to embarrass a child, to punish a child as well as reward a child for achievement. "If there are no winners and no losers in a game, why do they keep points?" I had a eight year old grand daughter ask me that!

      Gold stars by your name meant something. Being sent to the Principals office meant something. Being truant meant something. Teachers were Educators and could actually take pride in their work, instead of a pay check and tenure. When a child would come to school all marked up, the gym teachers and principals, would pay a visit to the kids parents, and it never happened again. Kids didn't get lost in systems. Bad kids went to bad places, if they did not change , they grew up and went to jail, their choice, and they were made aware of it early on, and most did change and most all teachers did extra to help them.

      Do we need credits for Private Schools? Yes, we probably do. Our Public Schools experiments with Government involvement and the ACLU have pretty much messed up the current stock of Teachers and Administrators. In time, the Private schools, which are like the Public ones of old, may become the Public ones of New. Until that time, My vote is for the parents choice of where their money goes for their kids education.


    7. JOHN says:

      The great teachers union, the black president is paid off by all unions in america. Unions have always been mob linked, and they are linked with the white house. As is the chicago mob that this black president is associated with. Obambana h. will see that his girls get the best education in america. However, for the rest of the american children the union schools will do just fine.

      After all they keep him in office, so does the black union, the naacp, acorn .

    8. Chad Daly says:

      Read Thomas Sowell's book "Vision of the Annointed" the section on education truly shows how everytime there is a negative statistic about US public schools the liberal response is we need more money. The spending on public schools has increased exponentially and yet the test scores continue to decline. Choice breads competition and that weeds out dead weight but the unions know that will erode their power base. So we continue to throw good money after bad. Yes we need God back. Not just because I am a Christian but because what is wrong with Loving your neighbor as yourself? Spare the rod spoil the child

    9. StewartIII says:

      Pro-voucher D.C. Democrats Lodge Protest Same Day Obama Addresses American Students

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