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  • Heritage-Politico Live Web Chat With Ed Haislmaier

    Posted in Obamacare [slideshow_deploy]

    5 Responses to Heritage-Politico Live Web Chat With Ed Haislmaier

    1. Aaron Renga says:

      I think the majority of the people in the United States think that Government will take care of everything for them, Still! I have come to the conclusion that the only way that people will wake up and start taking responsibility for keeping THEIR Government accountable,is being forced against the wall with overwhelming taxation. I don't think people understand how much this country has changed in the last couple of years, even more so, the last few months. I get frustrated in the hearing the lies and the false intent to pursuade the American people that Government knows best for us as a nation. Stop the spending. Where are the jobs? Stop the era of entitlements.

      I am desperately looking for some real leadership.

    2. Daniel, New Jersey says:

      The momentum on health care reform has definitely changed for the better, ever since the 1,018 House bill came under public scrutiny. I believe there is a wonderful opportunity right now for properly licensed, practicing doctors and other medical practitioners, not inexperienced academic ideologues, to take the lead in drafting common-sense alternative legislation THROUGH A SINGLE SITE ON THE INTERNET, and presenting it to the President and Congress within a short time frame (maybe 90 to 120 days), that would curve costs and expand coverage without the government restricting or interfeering with doctors' practice of medicine. Perhaps all Republican, Democrat and Independent alternatives could be posted to this site as a start, and weekly webinar-type working sessions could be set up among practicioners, to pool together the winning ideas into a single, executive draft document that would first be submitted to WE THE PEOPLE for comment (say, a 30-day comment period) and then to Congress' C.B.O. to score and the House and Senate to deliberate and vote on.

      WE THE PEOPLE (and Doctors in particular) should NOT be left out of this process!!!

    3. Ron Homan Dumfries, says:

      Why congress doesn't have organizations like Kaiser, The Mayo Clinic, The Shriners, and other like non-profit organizations to put together a plan that would make sense is beyond me.

    4. D.C. Andrews,SC. says:

      Daniel from NJ. has a great idea for implementing a plan from Drs.,Nurses & others in the medical field that will not be controlled by goverment zcars who are not qualified to make decisions concerning a patient's needs.

    5. Stan Marcin Sout says:

      Where can we find an elected representative that is American? There are none in D.C. just a bunch of bobble heads with heads that bobble to every special interest request…

      It's time for the people to take back this country on all issues…term limits…close the borders…take back our jobs and markets that are American…

      America must move forward with or without the other countries and be a leader for freedom and progress…growing gardens at the White House isn't leadership…it's a token.


      south carolina

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