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  • Individual Mandate Faces Broad Opposition

    Under the headline “Like Car Insurance, Health Coverage May Be Mandated: A Proposed Requirement That All Americans Have Policies Has Broad Support Among Reformers” Ceci Connolly reports today:

    Labor unions, economists, the medical industry, big business, some prominent Republicans and Obama all support the [individual mandate], which has its roots in the conservative philosophy of self-reliance.

    Stuart Butler, a vice president at the conservative Heritage Foundation, agrees that bringing everyone — especially young, healthy patients — into the risk pool would be advantageous. But he advocates beginning with a voluntary “opt out” approach similar to automatic enrollment programs for retirement accounts. If policies are reasonably priced, he expects that few will turn down the coverage.

    Just to be 100% clear, neither Butler nor The Heritage Foundation support individual mandates, especially mandates of the variety currently being discussed on Capitol Hill. Heritage fellow Bob Moffit wrote in the Spring 2008 Harvard Health Policy Review:

    On practical, political, and philosophical grounds, policymakers should avoid the imposition of an individual mandate for health insurance.

    On practical grounds, an enforcement mechanism to secure universal coverage—in the literal sense of 100% coverage—is unlikely to achieve that goal. … Politically, the pursuit of an individual mandate would require an insistence on a level of public coercion by unspecified means that does not yet enjoy anything close to a public consensus. … On philosophical grounds, policymakers should retain a bias for personal liberty.

    And Heritage fellow Dennis Smith wrote for the Federalist Society:

    This individual mandate, if passed, would be an unprecedented federal directive that might call into question the constitutionality of such an action under Congress’s taxation or interstate commerce “regulatory” authority, as well the ramifications of such a mandate under the First Amendment’s “free exercise” protections and Fifth Amendment protections against governmental “takings.”

    Even President Barack Obama used to be against individual mandates. During his February 21, 2008 debate with then-Senator Clinton Obama said:

    Now, Massachusetts has a mandate right now. They have exempted 20 percent of the uninsured because they have concluded that that 20 percent can’t afford it.

    In some cases, there are people who are paying fines and still can’t afford it, so now they’re worse off than they were. They don’t have health insurance and they’re paying a fine.

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    12 Responses to Individual Mandate Faces Broad Opposition

    1. Andrew, Michigan says:

      If they mandate health insurance like states mandate auto insurance there foot is in the door. What stops them from mandating unproven vaccinations (that turn out to have lethal effects), various unproven but FDA cleared drugs to combat a diagnosed disease process, how about late term abortions in a complicated case etc… I am trying to keep my "free will" in line with "God's will" and have enough challenges with this! The concept of legislating my "free will" to adhere to the Governments will in relation to their idea of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" seems like a dictatorship to me.

    2. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Andrew: It IS dictatorship.

      Conn's blog shows it well. Obama has a habit, presumably well practiced and unchanged to this very second, of saying whatever he thinks people want to hear, whether he believes it or not, whether it's true or not, whether or not it has ever worked or will ever work. He is precisely whatever his momentary media "face" needs him to be. Five minutes after it's over he'll be busy in the "makeup room" for the next appearance.

      None of what he did or said will have any lasting trace. People ought to start accepting this as the guy's "face value" and only value and act accordingly. (same goes for a lot of our Congresspeople, I might add.)

    3. Nancy Tn says:

      Perhaps we should start exercising our rights under the Declaration of Independence, pertaining to Life. Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness… "that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men. deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed—That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." We are living under a dicatatorship if we allow this form of government to continue. I am tired of watching our freedoms go down the drain one by one, like a high speed roller coaster. I think term limits are needed and it's time for a whole new administration that will listen to the people that put them in office.

    4. James Carter, San An says:

      I tend to agree with Nancy Tn, that it is time to do something about this plague that got voted in to the Presidency. Just not sure what the course of action should be. One thing for sure, Obama can not be trusted, along with too many others up there too numerous to name (Pelose, Reid, Schumer, Frank, et al).

      Continue the attack by writing or calling your Senator or Congressman — sooner or later they may see the light.

    5. Peter Asher, Oegon C says:

      The biggest outrage of compulsory purchase is that people who take care of their health would have to pay for the care of those who commit all the sundry acts of health abuse.

      Being on Medicare I do not have “A dog in the fight,” but in these ten years I have used well under $10,000 of services including a hernia operation. I attribute that to diet, active life style (today, I’m lead framing a roof) and the non-use of soft drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods and preservative laden products. Also, supplements and herbal medicine have handled conditions that the medicos have not and my one venture with a prescription steroid caused an arterial fib. event with the doctor denying such a side effect, which I subsequently found in five minutes on Google.

      What I and my wife spend on supplements (she makes our herbal tinctures at home) is a fraction of most peoples health premiums.

      Health care can and should be funded by taxing the products and activities of health abuse. It’s that simple! Care costs are funded and the need for care reduced.

      The people who want to take our freedom of choice on this are afraid to inhibit a bit of freedom of the soft drink companies with a tax.

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The Government can "mandate" all day long, as many thing as it wishes! However, only the law abiding will follow those mandates. Only the people who can afford to follow the mandates will follow!

      Illegal aliens will not follow any Mandate, history, past and present has proven this. This same history has proven that the bulk of all Government Social Services goes to Illegal Aliens and Third to Fifth generation Welfare recipients.

      Our Nations monetary problems stem from these two groups. The solution lies in immediate deporting the Illegals, including from all prisons, and posting their pictures, "Reward $5,000 Wanted Dead or Alive". This may create a few jobs in the U.S., but it sure as Hell would make any Illegal think twice about coming back!

      Secondly, do as Bill Cosby said, "If you want your Welfare check, show me your weekly report card from school, with passing grades! Show me your time sheet from work, full days and no missed work, and no complaints of slacking from your Boss." In other words, "Get off your butt and get a job! If there are no jobs where you are, go to where the jobs are! If you are the father and mother of a child, it is your job to take care of them, not mine, or anyone else!" If you do not want to take responsibility for your children, the State will, and you will go to jail and learn responsibility. No television, no wights, no pool tables, no games, just two things, education to go out and earn a living and chores.

      Learn a job, or scrub toilets, or scrub floors, or paint walls, dig dirt, and you do enough nasty chores, you learned something anyway and can earn a living!

      Taxpayers own you nothing! Which means the Government owes you nothing, unless you are a Veteran, or you have worked long enough to receive Social Security. Stop being sniveling little cowardly children and be the proud grown up Americans that the people who fought and died for this America would want us to be!


    7. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Once again, Mr. Obama is trying to ram his idea down the throats of the American public, just like he did with the Stimulus package.

      He didn't bother to read the Stimulus bill before signing it within 24 hours of receiving it. His attitude is "Damn the details, full speed ahead." He's doing the same thing with health care. He won't read it either, he wants to be known as the President who brought the U.S. national healthcare. He doesn't know, or care, what it will cost us, nOr is he (or his Congressional supporters) willing to enroll in such a public health plan.

      Mr. Obama wouldn't for one moment consider getting his pension plan from Social Security, or his health insurance from a national healthcare plan or his retiree insurance from Medicare. No way, not him, he's special, don't you know that?

      He believes that he is entitled to be treated like royalty. We pay for all his grandiose schemes and excesses and he treats us like stupid clods.

      Believe nothing that this man says. He signs trillion dollar pieces of legislation without reading them. He has no idea of the consequences of his actions and even less concern for them.

    8. Ross Writes, Braden says:

      As a rule, in politics, I am against mandates inflicted upon me or mine. First, it infringes on my liberty and agency as a individual citizen. Second, it normally takes my hard-earned money for something I'm against on general philosphical or moral grounds. Third, it creates new "issues" unnecessarily.

      I believe in the American mores of the rugged individuals(those who did or will take the risk for their futures) that made this country great. As an American, I believe what is mine is mine! I will determine who I will give my hard-earned money to and for what reason. It is nobody's business as to my business, as long as it is legal, moral, and provides a service or product needed or is wanted by the consumers.

      As American citizens, we are the American Sovereignty, the politicians at all level are the "hired hands", not our rulers. The sooner everybody learn that, the better off this nation will be…we are the sovereignty, the United States Constitution is our contract with the governing(the hired hands) and the governed(us). So far, the "hired hands" are in breach of contract, they think they are the rulers…go figure!

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    10. domino says:

      Individual mandate is only going to hurt working people more if they can't afford it IRS is never going to let up on them as most of us know that is the plan more money in thier pot to take care of thier illegals. I can solve the whole problem get the free loading illegal immigrants out of the health system. Just another way of making the working poor pay more tax.

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