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  • Elmendorf, Obama Put CBO’s Integrity at Risk

    According to President Obama’s televised remarks, he recently met with Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf to discuss health care reform. Of course, the President may desire to meet with anyone if he believes such a meeting can help advance his agenda. However, it is extremely disturbing for a senior staff person employed by the Legislative branch of our government to be meeting with the head of the Executive branch, most especially at a time when the CBO is among the most key participants in the ongoing health care reform debate.

    The CBO was established to provide the Congress with independent, non-partisan analysis of the state of the economy, the budget outlook, budget options, and the budgetary effects of legislation under consideration by the Congress. It is an institution within the Legislative branch. CBO has worked hard, often under difficult circumstances, to establish its expertise, its independence, and its non-partisan credentials under Democratic and Republican leadership.

    Of course, conversations occur between CBO and OMB staff regarding technical matters and various logistical issues. But historically, the OMB and the White House have been careful not to overstep this relationship to impugn the independence of the CBO. Likewise, CBO staff and Directors have carefully guarded their reputations against undue pressure from their congressional masters or their Executive Branch colleagues. Until now.

    The nation is in the midst of a vital debate over health care reform. Much is at issue; much is at risk. At the center of the storm is how the CBO interprets the many provisions in the competing legislation, and how these interpretations are translated into annual and 10-year projections of budgetary consequences. An unfavorable score can and has sunk past legislative efforts, the most noteworthy being the CBO torpedo into the side of Hillarycare in 1994.

    Under any circumstances, but especially under the current circumstances, a meeting between the President and the CBO Director is inappropriate and a serious violation of the unwritten protocol surrounding CBO proprieties. Director Elmendorf should have known better, and Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag, himself a former CBO Director, should certainly have known better. This meeting raises serious questions about CBO’s objectivity and impartiality going forward. The CBO will now have to be especially careful to demonstrate its independence, to show it is not bowing to the President’s wishes. It must re-establish its reputation. But this time, it has to prevent a debate–one about its own fidelity– from becoming a stumbling block to health care reform.

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    19 Responses to Elmendorf, Obama Put CBO’s Integrity at Risk

    1. Chris, Wisconsin says:

      It is obvious that Obama does not care about protocol. He will do whatever it takes to further his agenda. This is outrageous!

    2. Edison click PITTSBU says:

      Once again this president is trying to control the sitution so he can keep his agenda on track with utter disregard for anything that gets in his way.

    3. Jim says:






    4. Robert Massachusetts says:

      Where is Congress on this!

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    6. Val, Reno says:

      Typical "Rock Star" behavior!! Has he NO boundries? Where can we find a record of what was discussed? I am more and more outraged as the days go by! Someboby needs to rein this socialist in!!!!

    7. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Shall we rename him George III Obama?

      How about sending him 1 teabag, used, with holes in it? Anyway, now we'll have to check CBO figures more carefully than ever. Check their assumptions, too, for plausibility.

    8. Spiritof76 says:

      When do "WE,The People" start impeachment proceedings against the president Obama? Sooner the better.

    9. Linda Maddox, Carlsb says:

      Nothing makes sense in this administration, he does what he wants. He doesn't go by any rules, except his own. I'am reading Catastrophe by Dick Morris. It is even worse then I thought. The pro terrorists are running our country.

    10. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      The time has come for our Legislators to begin speaking like Americans and not Politicians. True Americans believe in Truth and Justice. What emanates from Washington these days are lies and favoritism. Gone are the days of open debate on issues based on facts and reason. They have been washed away with backroom deals that are fraught with “paybacks” and “earmarks”. I believe most Americans still believe that are legitimate expenses by State and Federal governments that are best controlled by them such as National Defense, Transportation Issues, Police Protection and Fire Defense, however, to use my tax dollars to fund a project that is so isolated at to only benefit a few as a payback for votes, goes beyond my ability to accept.

      Since the majority of Legislators in Washington believe they can say or do anything they want, it is time for others to call them out. If what is said is a lie, then it has to be exposed as that: call them liars. I know that 10 year economic projections are opinions based on a set of assumptions that cannot be easily refuted, but there are many elements of various bills that are legally binding and directly counter the spoken word. These must be identified and shown to be what they are: lies.

      If I am wrong in my assumption, and the majority of Americans want to be lied to and sold a bill of goods that someone else must pay for, then the time is rapidly approaching for the Tea Parties to step up their level of protest to Demand “No taxation without representation”. We are not being represented, we are being used.

    11. Phil Galang, Chester says:

      Our leaders headed by this President have not led by sound principles … so how can we expect them to lead us properly? If leaders arrogate authority, how can they be responsibly accountable to us the people? The earmarks of bad "isms" are all over this President evidenced by shallow intentions announced with equally shallow and empty words.

    12. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I think Mr. Obama has shown that he is not above strong arming anyone he needs to in order to get his way.

      Mr. Obama has clearly and repeatedly demonstrated his colossal ineptitude and malfeasance in office. Violating his own campaign pledges to post proposed legislation on the internet for five days prior to signing such legislation into law and to exercise line item veto authority on any bill coming before him containing earmarks, he signs the Stimulous bill into law within 24 hours after receiving it. This was something, according to him, that had to be signed immediately to ward off impending disaster. This was the bill that was going to re-employee hundreds of thousands, if not millions of workers with all of the "shovel-ready" projects he talked about constantly. Well, here it is, six months and $800 billion later, unemployment is higher now than it was then, all those "shovel-ready" jobs remain unfilled, people are still having their mortgages foreclosed, banks still aren't lending, and my 401k plan is still half of what it was a year ago.

      Worst of all, neither Mr. Obama, who signed the Stimulous legislation into law, nor the Congressmen who contributed to the wish list of pork projects, bothered to read it. How unconscienable is that? Mr. Obama is a lawyer, a Harvard lawyer at that, one who made law review. This has to be an act of criminal negligence. This wasn't some paltry piece of legislation, signing into law a bill that will cost taxpayers $800 billion to payoff has to be the most expensive piece of legislation ever enacted. And he didn't even bother to read it. This is inexcusable and he should be impeached for this alone.

      Mr. Obama, I've got news for you, you were not elected to be Robin Hood. Robin Hood was a fictional character, do you realize this? Although portrayed in the children's story as the good guy, Robin Hood was in reality a thief. And although portrayed as the bad guy, the Sherif of Nottingham was a law enforcement officer. Sorry to burst your bubble, but only in children's fairy tales (and in your mind) is it ok to steal from the rich in order to give to the poor. This is a tenant of English law, which became the basis of American law, or were you absent the day they taught this in law school?

      The point here is that Mr. Obama is not an economist, or an auto maker, or a banker or a health care provider. He is not even a decent lawyer. (Any lawyer who signs a contract for clients he allegedly represents, without having read it should be disbarred). He has no experience in these areas and finds it near impossible to live up to his promises. And this is the guy to whom we are supposed to turnover national health care?

      Mr. Obama's apologists of course will defend him with the tired cliche "at least he is trying to do something". Of this there can be no doubt. But all of us should have very strong doubts of what it is he is trying to do.

    13. Ponte Vedra Beach Fl says:

      I agree with "Spiritof'76" I want to hear "IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT!" and let's not forget his administration that are all nothing but a bunch of two faced/double minded liars. At what point do "We the people" make the congress accountable for their crooked laws, which do nothing for the American people, except place more hardships on us that already are slowly breaking the backs of so many. You want reform, get rid of the people who are NOT paying into this system. Who are illegal! Stop the unnecessary law suits! Place a cap on them! Stop the insurance thefts going on, by placing stricker regulations on the insurance companies! If you really want reform, then make our congress who make these laws live by the laws they make! NO MORE DIFFERENT RULES! NO MORE LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY! I BELIEVE THEY WOULD CHANGE THEIR TUNE QUICKLY!

    14. Richard, rural Texas says:

      This president is the answer to Carter's prayers, so Carter will no longer be known as the worst president in the country's history. This guy couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it, all he has done so far is lie to the citizens in this country. I am appalled how so many people voted for this guy, but have to feel that while ACORN is currently being investigated for voter registration fraud in several states, ws there also vote fraud by these friends of the Democrats.

    15. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      This is Chicago politics on the national level. There are no rules except those imposed by the President. This man does not intend to be President of all of us, he intends to make this a socialist country. For those who think that's a good idea, they're fine, for those of us who don't (worse yet who believe in traditional values) we'll be thrown under the bus, swallowed up by whatever program(s) are implemented. Just like the intolerance practised in the universities, he does the same from the oval office, no tradition, protocol etc will stand in the way of his train. We can only hope there are still some "americans" (like the so-called blue dogs)in the dem party that will stop this.

    16. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Everyone needs someone, Count Dracula had Wrenfield, and Obama, or did I repeat myself?

    17. Bill Lee says:

      Richard from Rural Texas you just said a mouthful!! HA HA!!!

      Yes Obama's lack of experience is really showing. He does not want to take any responsibility for anything. He just wants to "gripe" not wade into the Health Care Bill and make it work better!

      Obama is too important to get bogged down in details. He likes to speak in generalties without given any specific details.

      HA HA !!! what a fool!!!

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    19. Ross Writes, Braden says:

      Obviously, the Congress of the United States does not understand that their very existence is in jeopardy as this President encroaches "inch by inch, here a little, there a little" and their constitutional independence is no more.

      Socialism has a way of doing that, especially when it is modeled after the methods of the Nationalist Socialist leader. History has a way of repeating itself when nobody is paying attention. Obviously too many of our citizens are not and our Congress is complicite in all of this sophistry. God knows we can't depend on the American press to guard our freedoms, they keep siding with the "fox in the henhouse".

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