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  • Coerced Participation in Abortion: The Next Phase of Federal Health Policy?

    The Alliance Defense Fund announced today that a lawsuit had been filed in federal court on behalf of a Catholic nurse who says her employer, Mount Sinai Hospital, forced her to assist in performing a late-term abortion in spite of her strongly held religious beliefs against abortion.

    The suit alleges the nurse had repeatedly made her faith-based objections to assisting abortions clearly known to hospital administrators from the time she was hired, even signing a written statement stating her objection. It also states the hospital had a clear written policy preventing its employees from being required to participate in abortions. Nevertheless, the lawsuit alleges the hospital insisted that the nurse participate in the procedure just minutes before the scheduled “22-week age of gestation abortion,” and that staff shouted at her and threatened her with disciplinary action if she didn’t comply.

    The basis of the lawsuit is found in the Church Amendments, a thirty-five year old federal “conscience clause” law prohibiting hospitals receiving certain federal funding from discriminating against employees who object to participating in abortions.

    Earlier this year, President Obama moved to overturn the “conscience clause” regulation issued by the Bush Administration. The regulation provides for the enforcement of federal conscience protections, including the Church Amendments, for health care workers.

    New concerns also surround the President’s health care reform legislation making its way through Congress, which would allow mandatory taxpayer funding of abortion. During mark-up of the Kennedy-Dodd health care bill, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee approved provisions to require insurance plans to contract with organizations that perform abortions. In addition, several amendments were rejected that would have preserved states’ laws regulating abortion, prohibited federal funds from being used for abortions, and provided conscience protections for health care providers for not providing abortions.

    Click here for a fact sheet assessing President Obama’s administrations’ impact on families.

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    9 Responses to Coerced Participation in Abortion: The Next Phase of Federal Health Policy?

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      Good day everyone;

      Abortion or not abortion,…to kill or not to kill.I do not about nobody out there but to me is very simple;___

      Individuals who want to destroy LIFE, can do it because they themselves are ALIVE.So someone(s) in their past respected,AND PROTECTED their lives and did not kill them. What about the UNBORN?,…do THAT LIFE DESREVES TO BE RESPECTED? YES ?,..or NOT ?


      Althought the universe is near 14 billion years old,.. It took around 4.7 BILLIONS YEARS ! ( a heck of a long time !, don’t you think? ), right, around 4.7 BILLIONS YEARS ! for this huge multi-dimentional universe where eveything we know or we THINK we know exist, to have LIFE ( carbon-base ) in this particular planet EARTH in the variety of expressions which is. Everyone , I mean, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE with higher intelectual level than a chimpanzee or baboon could easily see how interesting – not to mention WONDERFUL ALL THIS IS ! In truth ( no matter if the person is or not religious one ) to put a word on it,…this is really A MIRACLE ! , A GIFT ! that came into existence right in front our very eyes. The shocking thing is that WE ALL ARE PART OF IT.

      Would be logical to destroy the GIFT that took so long time to be accomplished?,..should we attempt to challenge the universe on this one?….or it is correct or perhaps NOBLE to cherrish and protect the GIFT, ….A GIFT AND MIRACLE WHERE WE ALL ARE PART OF IT?

      Exist the posibility many of the readers will concour with me, that even only to exercise appreciation, and respect for LIFE,…that alone, put us in higher intellectual plateau than a chimpanzee or baboon. An attempt to play invented mundane politics, and /or semantics games with something so profound and so majestic, has no ligitimate grounds, nor logical frame can be apply,….no matter how much we might try, THE SUBJECT IS WAY BEYOND MARKS FOR ANYONE .

      Good day everyone,


      Daniel Cabrera


    3. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      As a christian and CAtholic Nurse, I go by God's law, I refused to participate in any way for Abortions. The bible gives us the ten commandments, Thou shall not kill, is one it doesn't say it's Ok to kill a fetus or to terminate a pregnancy because it's inconvient or may not be perfect. I have friends who hav Down Syndrome kids, these kids have a tough row but they do get along in society, most will be able to live fruitful lives, some will be in group homes some may have more than one abnomilty but they are still "Children of God" and their parents do love them even with the stress that goes with it.

    4. Sandra Oklahoma cit says:

      It's unreal the things that are happening in this Country now. Never could I assist in an abortion. I've been an LPN for 33 years now, and could never participate in something so horrible as killing a baby. I'm afraid my job would be gone. How has all of this happened? How can one man so totally control us? It's frightening.

    5. lome says:

      This is evil in action!

      About time to fight back.

      This is the separation of the sheep from the goats.

      Everyone seems pressed to come out to show their mark.

      In this spiritual warfare,there is no middle ground.

      This is indeed the fight to the finished.Where Christians will

      earn their crowns.

      While those with dead souls,Hell await them.

      Christians,time for prayers and start reading your DRB bibles.

      Let us begin to be strong in the word of God and ignorant in malice,instead of the contrary.

    6. Jessi, CO says:

      You may wish to SIGN the following PETITIONS:

      - Remove Abortion Coverage Mandates: https://www.aclj.org/Petition/Default.aspx?&a
      (54,000 people signed thus far)

      - "Free Our Health Care Now": http://www.freeourhealthcarenow.com/
      (over 768,000 people signed thus far – petition put forth by NCPA at ncpa.org)

      And voice your disapproval by CONTACTING CONGRESS: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/07/22/share-

    7. lome says:

      Posted: May 07, 2005

      1:00 am Eastern

      By Dr. Kelly Hollowell

      With these astounding assaults on human life and abuses of our children, I think it is past time for citizens to start defending them. It should begin with the unborn. To do this we all need to clearly make our case against abortion. Here are my top 10 arguments.

      1. There is no hidden clause in the Constitution that gives a woman the right to kill her unborn child. That means abortion laws are a result of judicial activism, not the will of the people. To the contrary, most Americans do not support current abortion law.

      2. A mother's life will never be demanded to save the life of her baby. Prior to Roe, no state outlawed abortion necessary to save the life of the mother. The critical element is intent. For example, if in saving the life of the mother the child's life is lost, the intent to kill the child is removed. That means murder by abortion, which is the deliberate and intentional taking of the unborn life, has not occurred.

      3. According to anti-slavery laws in America, a person cannot be treated as property. What's more, it is a seriously flawed notion that someone can be human but not a person. This notion was used most infamously by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1857 to justify slavery. As to the unborn, science and medicine confirm they are human. They therefore should not be treated as property.

      4. Abortion is painful and has harmful effects on a woman's physical and mental health. Admittedly pregnancy can also be difficult and delivery painful – OK, very painful. The difference with birth is that the outcome is literally beautiful.

      5. Cloning technology proves there is nothing random or accidental about the growth and development of a new life once it has begun. A clone cannot become anything but a genetic duplicate or carbon copy of the donor. It cannot have different eye color. It cannot have different hair color. In other words, as the cells multiply and divide, even from a single cell, the embryo follows a specific path of development. Development is controlled by the information encoded in the DNA. That means each human life is on a uniquely targeted and specific path from conception.

      6. Human life is on a continuum from conception. From conception every human life is biologically alive, genetically human, genetically and sexually distinct and a complete (although very young) life that is able to direct its own growth and development.

      These characteristics distinguish human life and the embryo from any other clump of cells or tissue produced in or by the body. More importantly, these characteristics make conception the only non-arbitrary point to begin protecting human life.

      For example, some argue protection should begin when the heart begins beating at 4 weeks or when brain waves can be detected at 6. Others argue protection should begin when the face becomes distinguishable at 8 weeks or when the child can sense pain at 4 months. Some think it is the point of viability at 24 weeks. Still others find it acceptable to take a child's life moments before it is born.

      Of course, each of these points beyond conception is as arbitrary as the next. Choosing them reduces a life and death decision to nothing more than a question of personal preference and comfort.

      7. Human life has inherent value. Much like a $100 bill – whether marred, torn, crumbled or crisp – its value never changes. Size doesn't matter; neither does location. Whether a child is created naturally or through in vitro fertilization, resides in the womb or in the lab does not affect, determine, diminish or change the value of human life.

      8. Being dependent on others for food, clothing or protection doesn't diminish the value of human life either. Whether in the womb or out, we all have specific nutritive and environmental requirements at different times in our lives. Left naked and without food in the arctic, most of us would die.

      9. Word games are played to devalue human life. Deliberately deceitful, technical and legal labels have been created to describe the unborn child. From conception through 8 weeks, the unborn child is technically called an embryo. From nine weeks until birth (at 40 weeks) the unborn child is technically called a fetus. These terms are intended to devalue the unborn and appease the consciences of those willing to sacrifice them.

      10. Abortion continues because there is obscene money made selling sex and eliminating the consequences. The abortion industry makes billions offering abortion as a means of birth control.

      So as these arguments make clear, science and logic are in conflict with the law regarding the unborn. Science and logic require we recognize human life from conception. By contrast, the law assures its destruction. In response, we need to value and protect human life and reform our courts, our culture and our nation. We need to begin by protecting the most vulnerable in our society – our children. They include the unborn.


      Dismembering a partly born child and crushing its skull

      Federal appeals court upholds Virginia’s ban on partial-birth abortions

      Richmond, Va., Jun 26, 2009 (CNA) — The Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a 6-5 decision on Wednesday, June 24, upheld Virginia’s partial-birth abortion ban. In his concurring opinion, one judge wrote that the law protects the “weakest” and “most helpless,” and condemned the use of the constitution to justify “dismembering” a partly born child and “crushing” its skull.

      All six judges who upheld the law were appointed by Republican presidents, while the five dissenters were Democratic appointees.

      You asked why the Vatican declared the democrat as the party of death?

      Do you think that some conscientious democrat will support abortion if they were not lied to?

      Abortion laws are a result of judicial activism, not the will of the people.

    8. lome says:

      "The HEAVENS are filled with the cries of HIS PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES as they are destroyed in the very place that is suppose to give them LIFE"…our Lady

      What kind of Government that gives monies for the killing of the unborn?

      What kind of Government that gives monies for the killing of the aged?

      Body repair kit from human fetuses?

      They turned their place of safety into torture chamber?

      Listen I believed,lot of conscientious democrats were lied to up to this very minute.This is almost beyond human understanding,insanities.

      Sometimes in our life,due to our unchecked permissiveness,we gave the God of this world a Foothold into our lives,double that with lack of prayers,most got blinded by him who is a murderer in the beginning and the father of lies.

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