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  • Cash and Carry: Honduras’s Former President Zelaya’s Bank Job

    The crisis in Honduras moves into its third week. Talks scheduled today for Costa Rica between the government of Roberto Micheletti and representatives of deposed president Manuel Zelaya appear to have broken down.

    The sticking point remains the demand for the return of Zelaya to presidential office. While mediating President Oscar Arias, the U.S., Venezuela’s populist authoritarian president Hugo Chavez, and even Raul Castro demand it, the Micheletti government remains adamant in defense of the constitutionality of its actions, while the Supreme Court balks at amnesty for Zelaya’s crimes.

    New evidence reported in the Washington Times states Zelaya’s closest aide made multi-million dollar cash withdrawals from the central bank shortly before June 28. The money was reportedly to be used to support the  unauthorized referendum vote that was the cause of Zelaya’s removal from office.

    Zelaya vows to return to Honduras in the next few days, increasing the chances of bloodshed and political instability. Zelaya’s return will breed the politics of polarization, Marxian class struggle, and the radical brew of leftist/revolutionary doctrine and practice that accompanies the advance of Hugo Chavez and his militants in Latin America.

    For a recent glimpse of what rule by Chavez means, one can read New York Times reporter Simon Romero’s hard-hitting look at Chavez’s home state of Barinas in Venezuela, now a personal fiefdom of the Chavez family, or at the latest Government Accountability Office Report on drug trafficking in Venezuela.

    It remains a sad irony that the Obama Administration’s toughest diplomatic efforts to implement sanctions and exert direct pressure in the name of “democracy” in its first six months in office are being directed not against Iran, North Korea, Burma, Cuba, or Zimbabwe, but toward Honduras, a poor, friendly, vulnerable nation in Central America.

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    9 Responses to Cash and Carry: Honduras’s Former President Zelaya’s Bank Job

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    6. US Citizen-Honduran says:

      Ambassador Hugo Llorens is also pressuring the Honduran Government to re-instate Zelaya, he even harbored Zelaya's wife and had his staff drive her around to the pro-Zelaya rallies. The Police has found tons of cashed checks to Venezuelan thugs that were paid by Zelaya to create unrest before June 28th. There are rummors that Ambassador Lloren's name is among those who cashed checks… no wonder he looked looks so angry by the removal of Zelaya…

    7. Karateka, Virginia says:

      Just say no to tyrants like Zaleya!

    8. brainfood, earth says:

      Castro’s scheme, implemented by Chavez, Morales, Correa, Zelaya, etc. works along these lines:

      1.   Select a wannabe dictator — a “charismatic” and depraved megalomaniac who is ready to sell out his country (like Chavez, Morales, Correa, Zelaya). Help him run for president of the country.

      2.   Invest millions in a “professional” campaign demonizing the opposition and promising CHANGE to help the poor, end corruption, improve schools… whatever people want to hear.

      3.   Commit as much fraud as possible to make sure the wannabe dictator wins.

      4.   Have “protectors of human rights” like Insulza (OAS) — who have really been trampling on human rights by promoting communism for years — declare that the elections were “legal and transparent.” Carter has also been used to do this dirty job.

      5.   Make sure that, once in power, the wannabe dictator takes over the Legislative and Judicial branches of power, destroys the country’s institutions, intimidates and controls the media, and demonizes, intimidates and even kills anyone trying to defend the country.

      6.   Have a referendum to approve a new constitution. Representatives of the people are supposed to write that constitution. In reality, people don’t even know what’s in the new constitution, which is written by Castro/Chavez's agents before the wannabe dictator even “runs” for office.

      7.   Have Insulza (OAS) and others who pretend to “protect human rights” declare that the referendum is perfectly “legal and transparent.” .

      The goal of the new constitution is to help the wannabe dictator become a full-blown dictator for life (like Castro in Cuba), prevent people from defending themselves, and create a network of tyrants that protect each other.

    9. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Enslavement for the people, the bank job for the "benefactors". That's how it's always been.

      All in the name of "freedom" and "democracy".

      (Wasn't that also the case of the late Palestinian "leader" Arafat? Hundreds of millions of dollars and euros squirreled away in "secret" Swiss bank accounts? Much of it having once been aid to Palestine by the taxpayers of the European Union? Honored with the Nobel Peace Prize? Oh for the times and the customs!)

      Unfortunately for Honduras, it is a great and brave little country where the "rule of law" still means something. Surrounded by thugs who speak of Marx for the people but practice Capital Consumption for themselves. In the name of democratic equality! And how are we helping ?!!

      Were it what its rotten neighbors allege, the solution would be so simple: wait for Zelaya to cross the border and … Given his nefarious activities, he deserves no better.

      As it is, they feel they have to arrest him and give him a fair trial, which he and his supporting ilk will use to their advantage to stage trouble, and later on call it a Kangaroo-court anyway! Personally, I know what I'd do…. Worked brilliantly in Romania in 1989.

      Case closed !

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