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  • When You're In a Hole...Stop Digging: Deficit Cartoon

    Heritage’s J.D. Foster on the deficit: “President Obama talks about responsibility, but the budget deficit this year is approaching $2 trillion and the national debt is set to double in just four years. Imagine what he would deem irresponsible! Yes, he inherited a plunging economy and soaring deficit. But then his stimulus and budget plans made a bad picture much worse. Politically and substantively, he now owns the irresponsible deficit — lock, stock and pork barrel.”

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    18 Responses to When You're In a Hole...Stop Digging: Deficit Cartoon

    1. Neti`Jay; SanDiego, says:

      This cartoon does paint the proverbial "thousand words!"

      It's gratifying to 'hear' public forum 'scuttle-butt' finally attributing the Obama Mess TO Obama!

      Dare I 'hope' that he will QUIT copping-out on the "Bush Excuse?" Perhaps Obama's dip in the polls will 'sit-him-down' for a few of 'God's-Minnitz' & stay-off the airwaves for even 24-straight hours??

      This cartoon is just what the 'doctor' WOULD'VE ordered had Congress not 'killed' their "we-need-humour" bill, yesterday! How IRONIC!

      I love it! Keep up the good work!

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    3. Awpubeditor says:

      Now, that's reality-based. Let us hope that the recent conflict between Obama and some of the dems in Congress means they're starting to feel the sting too and are putting on the brakes.

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    5. Judy Parson,Fayettev says:

      I would love to get this printed on a poster or t-shirt for our 9-12 march on Washinton. We wouldn't have to say a word. The cartoon says it all.

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    8. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      The cartoon illustrates what I refer to as the Number 1 rule of "Holes"…. "When you find yourself in one…quit digging. The other two rules are:

      Number 2: The deeper the hole the harder it is to get out.

      Number 3: It always takes longer to get out of a hole that it did to get in.

    9. C. Adli,NV says:

      I hope they(Democrats)bury themselves.

    10. Kelly, Colorado says:

      Is that Bush or Obama in the front loader? (Does it matter?) Oh how this country needs a political candidate and a party that supports individual rights! :-(

    11. Ken St Louis says:

      Love the cartoon, however you must realize that Obuma is not smart enough to run and Excavator as pictured in the cartoon, that requires work expieriance!

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    13. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Come on America! Wake up! Have you been so ong hypnotized by the Media that you actually belive that our National problems can be fixed with the same level of intellegence that created them? Good God Almightly, how dumbed down have you all become?

      We, the citizens of America, power and control America. Not the people or person in D.C. They all work for us. And when they do not work to our satisfaction we have the rights given to us in our Declaration of Independence, our Bill or Rights and our Consitution and its Amendments, to get rid of them, and replace them with persons or person of our satisfaction, at any time!

      How unsatisfied to you have to get? How uncomefortable? At what point are your taxes too high? Th first of the year they will all ready be over a buck for every two you earn, counting the green and the carbon and the usage, et al. How much is to much?


    14. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      If we could borrow our way out of debt, no one would be in debt. The dems and obama think they can. WHERE IS THE LOGIC?????

    15. BOB JORDAN DEN says:

      it seams that todays big wigs dont realy giv a dam about all but themselves ! spending is out of sight by goverment and all the parties . as a veteran i wonder why i even went in as a volenter it just dosent make sense at all . will we ever lern to control things as we did years ago ? it worked then , why not now ? bob j .

    16. Joe Jordan Wixom, M says:

      Uh! Have I hit pay dirt yet? I did'nt listen. The American people wanted the hole filled. I thought they said dig.Look, I am sure doing a great job. Bigger government, bigger spending, I got the idea. Your President.

    17. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Great rules, Dale: here are some more.

      4. Hole diameter is proportional to shovel size.

      5. Hole depth is proportional to government help.

      6. Digging yourself, you know when to stop.

      7. Government holes tend to be bottomless.

      8. No government ever filled the hole it dug.

      9. Holes the gov. dug can only be refilled by you.

      10.Government "help" is mostly Murphy squared.

      11.When government "help" is not Murphy squared,

      it is Murphy cubed.

      12.Murphy loves government assistance.

      No 13. rule ever needs a 13. rule.

      14.The destructive powers of Governments and

      Murphys combined are immeasurably large.

      15.Avoid both and you'll never have holes to fill.

    18. Scott, Northern Ca says:

      The republicans under Bush for eight years cranked up the deficit, with wasteful spending, tax cuts, and two wars. The republicans did not want to win the 2008 elections (unelectable McCain, Palin ticket) because the economy was headed over a cliff. Now they can blame the new President and the democrats and take away their ability to play Santa with spending and social programs.

      The Two-Santa Claus Theory works! Thanks Jude!

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