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  • Video: Gov. Ritter Refuses to Endorse Waxman-Markey

    In this video, U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) lays out the foundation for why cap and trade would be bad for the state of Colorado. Subsequently, Gov. Bill Ritter (D- CO) refuses to endorse the Waxman-Markey climate change legislation.


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    15 Responses to Video: Gov. Ritter Refuses to Endorse Waxman-Markey

    1. capecodgabby says:

      You are asking for them to do math, Mr. Inhofe? I'm NOT convinced any of them can read ( since most choose NOT to read Bills, Stimulus pkgs, etc) Now you want them to do math?!

    2. Mary Watkins, Wasill says:

      This bill of cap and trade would be suicide to every state that adopted it. What is the matter with the senators and congressmen of the states? Cant they not see for the Obama fog in their eyes? What is really wrong with Ritter? He must be more than blind not to see the resources that the state of Colorado has to keep them afloat and in the productive mode and not the downhill slide that Calif. finds itself in.The individual states caretakers had better wake up and smell the coffee while there is still coffee to smell. All that they will smell is the smell of depression if they listen to Obama and his cronies!!!!!!!!!

    3. Teri Chapman, Thornt says:

      Gov.Ritter is getting a call from me Tomorrow! What a moron! I'm not going to vote for him! He's as disconnected with his constituency as Gov. Henry of OK. Didn't vote for Henry when I was OK in 2006!

    4. Melissa Luzzi, Denve says:

      I think Bill Ritter has national aspirations. Therefore, to be a strong supporter of the current administration would be his first priority. Washington….here Ritter comes!

    5. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      All we can do is vote them out. That's what New Jersey is planning for Corzine and believe me that is Dems and Repubs combined ! We can't wait for 2010 !!!

    6. Jerry, Indiana says:

      People who live or work along the highway 85 corridor in Colorado already are voicing their disapproval with Governor Ritter's liberal environmental policies. Unfortunately, it is falling on deaf ears. The closer your are to Denver, the more you feel the pinch of these policies. So what, if you want to make an honest living; so what, if you have been in business for years and contribute, through your taxes, to the state and country coffers. I saw this first hand in June through the eyes of a business man who is going out of business near Brighton because of this governor's foolish decisions. I think he is more for Waxman-Markey than you realize.

    7. Pat, Vancouver WA says:

      This cap & tax bill is a fast track to third world status! Of course, that's what Obama has planned all along.

    8. Nancy G. of TX says:

      I just love,love seeing Sen Boxer put in place she is just a bully

    9. joan, connecticut says:

      Barbara Boxer, Aka "Maam" was condescending to Mr Alford and thank God he let her know it. He did what no one else would to do, by facing her and telling her off. The man is a hero in my eyes. She was pushing the phony cap and trade bill, and thought by mentioning other black organizations she would intimidate Mr Alford. It was a moment I will always remember,especially since he called her "Maam" several times. Maam Boxer recently interupted a USA General to ask him not to call her Maam, because she had worked hard, to get the title of Senator. The woman is a pompous ass and I hope Californians have enough sense to write the Maam and tell her where to shove her title and the phony "CAP AND TRADE BILL."

    10. Tim AZ says:

      Isn't there anyone willing to submit to liberalisms intrinsic sadism. Me either.

    11. Barbara, Colorado says:

      Hats off to Mr Alford, he's a great American! I can't say the same for gov ritter, he's a liberal lemming.

    12. Rochelle, Colorado says:

      This shows what I see so often: a Republican stating fact after fact and a Democrat talking generalities. I am embarrassed to say Mr. Ritter is my Governor! This video is very revealing! What some do not know, is that the Governor left the capital when we had our Tea Party on the capital steps! We need to vote him out next election as he is a poor representative for Colorado.

    13. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      What's new? Cap and Trade is bad for everyone!


    14. Daver Ft. Worth says:

      Global Warming means the problem is worldwide. What is there about moving jobs overseas that changes the worldwide environmental impact–except that now the goods produced have to be transported back to the US?

      Same argument for not drilling for oil in the US?

      Does liberal logic end in the sand of the seashore? How fitting!

    15. Ross Writes, Brade says:

      Gov Ritter never answered the question! Even when the numbers to demonstrate the folly of this bill and the havoc it would play on the citizens of Colorado, especially the small landholders.

      It may be time for the citizens of Colorado to get a much clearer answer from their governor, if they can…which I doubt, of either 'ya' or 'nah'.

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