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  • Clinton Continues Obama "Apology Tour"

    President Barack Obama has made apologizing for U.S. “mistakes” the centerpiece of his foreign policy. His whirlwind Apology Tour earlier this year included stops on three continents with a plethora of apologies along the way.

    In a continuation on this theme, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is now in India, hoping a fresh round of apologies will win a major reduction in their carbon emissions. By eagerly pointing out the “mistakes” of the U.S., Clinton hopes to coax India into compliance.

    We acknowledge now with President Obama that we have made mistakes in the United States, and we along with other developed countries have contributed most significantly to the problem that we face with climate change. We are hoping a great country like India will not make the same mistakes.

    This policy of apologizing internationally in order to bring about policy shifts from other countries is ridiculous. Similar attempts have failed to persuade Iran to “unclench its fist,” have been unsuccessful in thawing relations with Russia, and have not made collaborating with Europe to fix the global economy any easier. Clinton’s recent apology was especially inexcusable, considering the high unlikelihood that India would even consider capping its carbon emissions. In the end, these mea culpas do nothing to advance American interests and, instead, weaken our influence and standing abroad.

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    20 Responses to Clinton Continues Obama "Apology Tour"

    1. Tekhelet16, England says:

      Whe will the Arabs apologise for enslaving and forcibly converting to islam, half of Africa and a large swathe of Asia? What about Mauretania where a large number of the population of this muslim country, are enslaved, and Darfur? The Arab silence is deafening!

    2. FireInsideTheMan, Mi says:

      Obama can keep up his "apology" tour around the world, shedding light on all the problems inherent in this country. He refuses to give credit where it is due, and the American public senses the hypocrisy and lack of experience from this Administration – Clinton 2.0 Redux.

      Obama was swept into office with promises of hope and change, and now reality is setting in with the American public that he is in way over his head and cannot handle the job at all. Time for him to step aside and let a real man take over.

    3. George in Mass says:

      When will these bozo's give it a break. Who voted for these bean brains anyway?

    4. Grace, Florida says:

      The only apology we should be making as a nation is for the mistake we made in the last election.

      America is a great country even if our elected officials don't agree. Hilary Clinton should be ashamed of herself for continuing this lie.

      I didn't vote for O but would like an apology from all you people who did. If you don't realize by now, that he doesn't have the experience to run this country – then I don't know what it's going to take for you to see it.

    5. Vince Smith says:

      Dear Heritage Foundation,

      Thank you for shinning a light on this issue. I think it important to dig even deeper into the twisted philosophy of this WH regarding foreign policy. Both Obama & Clinton said during the campaign repeatedly that the problem was we needed "Diplomacy", thus implying that under President Bush, there was none. Diplomacy does not come in apologies to dictators and thugs. The scary and sick part is that when they realize their lack of coherent policy does not work they simply twist the facts and say things like Obama said when the election protest first started in Iran. If you recall he said something along the lines of, it is clear that my speech in Cairo has had an effect on the people of Iran. What a joke!!! Those people never heard his speech. And more amazing when it was clear the protests were bigger than who won the election, our President did not come down on the side of Freedom and Democracy. He wanted to wait and see, "how it plays out." Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? When is the last time you heard this President use those two words in a sentence together? Certainly not with AIG, Chysler or GM.

      In short, I believe as a 23 year veteran of the Air Force, people will lose their lives needlessly over this cavalier attitude taken by this community organizer and his angry scorned wife of a former President


    6. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      Apologize. Hmm. Apologize to all the countries we have protected from aggression for 70-plus years.

      Yea, maybe we should be sorry for NATO, which, with America shouldering the vast majority of the cost, has allowed France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc., etc., etc., to default on the duty to protect their citizens from foreign aggression. Perhaps we should be sorry for sacrificing 500,000 Americans in WWII alone to restore freedom to these many lands. Given the treacherous refusal of so many "allies" to engage in the battle against present day tyrants, our decades of guarding peace and freedom may be a rationale for regret.

      If so Ms. Clinton should apologize to us, the people of the United States, for the shameful policy of apologizing to our enemies and our double-crossing "allies."

      Oh, and especially in light of his efforts to eviscerate the nation's defense capacity, Mr. Obama has breached his first and absolute duty–to protect this Nation.

      The left is aptly named is it not? At this point its leaders are "leaving" us at the mercy of such kindly folks as Russia, Iran, China, North Korea. But I'm sure it will be okay. The tyrants will certainly become friendly and pacific now that we've apologized for all that we have done to keep the world safe.

      See ya in the Gulag!

    7. Ed Fresquez says:

      This is a sad situation, Clinton in other countries apologizing for America. obama has been training his staff to accuse America for the wrongs of the world. I am an American and I wouldn't apologize for anything America does that impacts the world, everything we do is an attempt to help some other nation with their ills. I do not believe we as a Nation have ever done anything that would intentionally hurt another country. obama you guys a bums and should leave America out of your cowardly statements.

    8. Tim AZ says:

      I guess we need to see this tactic from the world leaders view. America's organizer prostrates himself in the name of America in front of the world's leaders in hopes of attaining a diplomatic aggreement. The leaders are filled with laughter because they can see the organizer hath no acorns. When he sends Hillary to do the job it's just the opposite. Faces filled with horror as they see the acorns. On the other hand this approach has always worked in HollyWood.

    9. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Perhaps the scientists of India and China are simply smarter than Gore et al and realize the scam involved. I am glad countries are defying the "global warming" Obama agenda.

    10. John Roane Sarasota says:

      Not to worry Mrs. Clinton, India will make no similar mistakes as the US. She will take care of her citizens first.

    11. Dave, Florida says:

      The time for apologies is over and it is time we started speaking the truth again. George Bush pointed out the truth with the "Axis of Evil" countries, trouble is too many people don't want to hear the truth. History has shown there are really "bad" people in the world at times and there are people who have no clue. We are now being led by those who have no clue and will become victims of the "bad" people. History will repeat it's self time and again when we don't refuse to recognize the obvious. Wake up people, Obama is not taking us in the right direction on any of his policies.

    12. John in Dothan, AL says:

      I agree with Mrs. Clinton when she says, "We acknowledge now with President Obama that we have made mistakes in the United States." Yes, the biggest one is in electing Obama as President!

    13. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We all need to stop with this 'Hillobamary' stuff and just ask the World at large, "Which part are you from, the part we saved, or the part we kicked butt?"


    14. Sundowner04, TN says:

      These people are enemies of the United States of America!

      They have reneged on their oath to support and defend the Constitution and must be removed from office by any means necessary to ensure the survival of this great nation!

    15. Ross Writes, Brade says:

      Socialism is like a rot on the fabric of the American experience and our unique society. This rot has been setting in the dark stinking up the morals and mores of this nation for to long a time. In an earlier times in American history, this would have been called high treason.

      Our constitution is daily under attack and this government continues to portray(and working hard to make it so) the USA a "has been country" through actions and words, especially to the glee of our cultural and moral enemies. I would call it TREASON! For HIGH TREASON it is!

    16. dixie heart, USA says:

      Perhaps the trillions of $ going to waste would be better spent on sending this admin and its supporters to live in N. Korea for 10 years.

    17. riley, sc says:

      I agree, they are treasonous, double-speaking TRAITORS. How much are we willing to take?

      I'm fed up. Let's get them out of office NOW!

      We don't need 100% support, which is the fortunate part of living in this wonderful country of ours. All we need is 51% of the vote. I spread the word every day, I change minds every single day. Let's take back our country and quit sniffling like little children on this global apology tour. We are MEN, damnit, we are HUMAN BEINGS and I for one will NOT stand for this TYRANNY any longer!

      These truly are times that try men's souls. . .

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