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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Economy Is Great...For Washington, D.C.

    Last week, Michigan’s Bureau of Labor Market Information announced that their state’s unemployment rate spiked in June, hitting 15.2%, the highest rate since mid-1983. Five other states, Rhode Island (12.4%), Oregon (12.2%), South Carolina (12.1%), Nevada (12%), and California (11.6%) all have either matched or surpassed their all time unemployment highs. Nationwide, a total of fifteen states are now suffering from 10% unemployment. The Federal Reserve predicts that double digit unemployment will envelope most of the country later this year.

    But despite the weakness of the economy nationwide, one region in the country is doing much better. Compared to the national 9.5% unemployment average, at 6.2%, the unemployment rate in the Washington, D.C. metro region is lower than any other major metropolitan area in the country. And there is no secret about the source of D.C.’s economic strength: the rest of the country’s tax dollars are being siphoned through the rapidly-expanding federal government. Fifteen cents of every dollar the federal government doles out throughout the world is spent in the Washington area. Last year alone, the federal government poured $133 billion into the area, making the federal government the source for about one-third of Washington’s $401 billion economy.

    And, of course, the size of the federal government is exploding under President Barack Obama. According to the Partnership for Public Service, the federal workforce, currently at 1.9 million, is expected to grow to about 2.1 million during the Obama administration. That is comparable to the staffing level during the Johnson administration’s Great Society programs of the 1960s. And that does not even include the boon in industries that feed off of the trillions of dollars pumping through the federal government. Lawyers, lobbyists, and accountants have all been huge winners in the Obama economy.

    The fundamental problem with all of President Obama’s policies: his wasted $787 stimulus bill, his trillion dollar cap and tax energy plan, his trillion dollar health plan, etc., is that none of them work to grow the economy– they only redistribute it. So what does make the economy grow? The Heritage Foundation explains:

    Importantly, economic growth is not the consequence of government policies or of some master economic plan. It results from millions of people individually seeking what is in their own interests by providing what is in the interests of others, and the collective consequence of their actions is to increase the number of jobs in the economy, the wages earned by workers, and the income and wealth of the nation.

    In a free economy, an engineer in California identifies a new technology that increases energy efficiency, brings it to market, and makes millions. In the Obama economy, lobbyists in Washington carve out financial rewards for their corporate clients. In a free economy, a geologist in Houston identifies new energy resources that lower energy costs for everyone and creates thousands of jobs. In the Obama economy, lawyers in Washington find loopholes in thousand page-energy legislation that saves their clients millions. In a free economy, doctors work with patients to choose what medical procedures are best them. In the Obama economy, a single unelected board of bureaucrats decides which procedures will be paid for, and which will not.

    President Obama has promised the American people there will be 138.6 million jobs by the end of 2010. He’s currently 4.2 million jobs short. As long as he keeps trying to control the economy by increasing Washington’s power and wealth, the Obama jobs gap will only grow wider.

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    41 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Economy Is Great...For Washington, D.C.

    1. jake,LHC says:

      Locke and Clinton can pay out of their own pockets all this foney elcrapo money they aren't talking for the the United States of America citizens/voters/taxpayers.

      The obama adminstration is full of fraudulent actions.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Stimulus is WORKING



      BUT THE GLOOM AND DOOM HATE GROUPS – WSJournal – FoxNews – Chamber of Commerce – Heritage Foudation – Rush and the GOP –


    3. okiejim says:

      I am not an isolationist by nature, but when I read stories like we should pay for Chinas carbon emmissions, I see red (no pun intended). I would rather tell china to take their products and put them where the sun doesn't shine. We can manufacture most of those products here at home and put people back to work.

      Where are these Obama people from? We have supported most of the countries on this earth for years. Now Mr. Locke thinks we should pay for their carbon emmissions since we buy the products. It is time this administration grows up and stands up for America instead of tearing it down. Come on 2010 and 2012.

    4. Jim says:








      NADA !!!!!!!!

    5. Jeff, Florida says:

      I think Obama will go down in history, as the worst president ever, who pulled off the biggest heist in the world. He and his top staff are for sure Oppressors. It looks like the only thing that will stop them is a revolution in the streets because the puppets in congress and the senate have only one thing in mind, self preservation.

    6. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      It amazes me that Obama's favorable rating has not yet reached the single digit. Polls show people are losing faith in his programs but still rate him high personally! Duh! A man is judged by what he does, not by what he says. Obama is not a Nationalist; he is a Globalist. He must first wreck the American economy, take it over, and then subjugate every one of us to state control. He will sell out this Country to a World Union.

      He is working feverishly to effect this, so he can then take his place in that World Order.

      To me Obama is an abomination! He should not be allowed any support for his Socialist programs to be installed. God knows we have too much infiltration already!

    7. Garland Monceaux says:

      Just a couple of thoughts by a simple old country boy out here cling to my gun and bible.

      I would like to encourage everyone to recognize and thank the media and democrats for their recession and our misery! The media and democrats are especially responsible for negative public opinion targeting the economy, the war on terror, jobs, and energy. The media and democrat created momentum of public discontent emanates from 8 years of relentless unfounded opinionated Bush bashing. The media and democrats negative campaign has finally culminated in a recession I hope they will have to wear for a hat. I suppose our bonus for the media and democrat’s subversive conduct is the trashing of the U.S. constitution by an illegitimate President leading the country into socialism. The media and the democrats obviously failed to realize a body in motion tends to stay in motion and now the nations discontent, suffering, and uncertainties are what they have made them. If you agree please pass the truth on.

      Thanks but moving forward no thanks you can go ahead and keep the cap and trade change.

      I would like to know how anyone could believe an abstract hypothetical new market and source of government revenue created by government assessing a monetary charge on the continued emission of carbons into the atmosphere will do anything except result in a tax on industries intended to be passed on to consumers. Buying and selling hypothetical carbon credits (i.e. The Cap and Trade bill) is not a means to reduce the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. The proposed Cap and Trade bill is in fact a costly tax on consumers’ deliberately cloaked in environmental junk science gingerly raped in confusing lies by selfish misleading politicians and delivered to a trusting populous by a complicit bias disingenuous liberal media. If you agree please pass the truth on.


    8. Patricia,Hobbs,N.M. says:

      Of course it's good for Washington DC. Look at the way they are growing government. As government grows they will need more housing and stores and people to wait on them hand and foot. Our polititians make me sick! The whole bunch of them has got to be thrown out and soon. They aren't representing the people, they are robbing them. Now Commerce Secretary, Gary Locke wants the United States taxpayers to pay, make that required to pay for Chinas carbon emissions, He told them that in a speech he gave in Shanghai. How many more of your tax dollars do you want to be sent to foreign countries? China and India refuse to be part of cap and trade because that would mean our companies would come home, so now our government wants to pay for them to keep them there? What kind of craziness is this?Please everyone of you must stand up now and give the government a resounding NOOOOOO!

    9. Jason, Colorado says:

      I signed up for the Morning Bell with the hope that I may better understand how the Heritage leadership would apply their ideals to current issues. Unfortunately, this venue seems to be place to vent about the opposing view without substantive suggestions on the ideal approach to the same issue. Is there another place I should be looking?

    10. H L PUCKETT says:


    11. Dan Moore --Waco, Tx says:

      When the America people awaken to what, and who, they have elected, they will surely make Obama a one term president. However, it is my opinion, America can not survive 3-1/2 more years of what has happened the first 6 months of 2,009, right?

    12. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The fed has become a monstrous inefficient engine that works mostly, especially since 1913, to maintain its own operation. Truth is, all entitlement and welfare programs should be handed over to the individual states. Such arrangements can be made portable. The federal government should be limited to national defense. Please vote for fiscally responsible congressional candidates who'll promise stop these addicted liberal gamblers from bankrupting the nation as they place ever higher bets on "HOPE".

    13. Rollin, San Antonio says:

      Why won't congress and the mainstream media ask the question…What is the incentive for people to persue becoming a doctor? Why doesn't congress and the mainstream media recoginize and highlight the number of doctors leaving the profession and why? Why can't congress and the mainstream media tell us how we are going to provide and pay for healthcare for 45 million more people with fewer doctors? Why can't our congress men and women be honest with us and theirselves? Why is the incentive so great for people to come into this country illegally?

    14. GW Starch III, Tulsa says:

      Re your quoted unemployment rates: here in good old T-town (thats Tulsa) we're right at 6.5. Not bad for we Okies,eh what?

    15. Bob Chandle, Summit says:

      I feel that President Obama's plan is to turn America into a "socialist aristocracy." His plan for equal distribution is not merely focused on America, but is also meant to be administered on a global scale.

      We are headed into a time, when we will finally be forced into recognizing the importance and value of our freedom.

      America, as we know it, is going through some growing pains. We should all be in prayer that such painful experieces, produce valuable and acceptable wisdom rather than more wasteful folly.

    16. Michael Cain, Walker says:

      Just stated reading an old book published in 1952. It was written by Paul Harvy, (That voice on the radio). It's title is "Remember These Things" We need to get this reprinted. It applies today just as much as it did in 1952. Quote from page #6 first two lines, ("Yes, it's 1776 again. And it's time for another Boston Tea Party"). Another Quote

      ("MAN+FEAR-GOD=MAN OVER MAN")a vital equation.

      We have a duty bound honor to fight what some people are trying to do to our country if you don't get involved you are part of the problem.

    17. B.J.--Ky says:

      Well I certainly can see how the country got in this shape when people talk like Puckett, lets just point a finger & blame. What about the guy he just appointed for the green program, been arrested twice & known to be associated with communnist. So wake up Puckett!!!I would almost bet you voted for Obama. To the Ameican people who voted for this man, well I hope you like the change.People thought he would save their jobs & houses, did he? Haven't seen that happen yet. I have seen more jobs & houses lost after he was elected. Now not only millions of people bankrupt but going to see if he can bankrupt the U.S.A. Once this happens we will be sitting ducks. I do not only blame the President but who vote for all these bills. I think if we can hold on then we need to research our candidates and clean house. Write anyone you can and let your voice be heard on your thoughts of any upcoming bills. We need to yell & yell loud!!!!

    18. David Sayers, NC says:

      Of course DC is doing just fine, Chairman Obama has expanded and bloated the government and he just keeps on doing it on our dime. This fraud is all about himself and he's using his slick BS and kommie tactics to make all dependent on him. If Obama really wanted to bring the country back he would cut corporate taxes, give all tax paying Americans at least a year off from the burden of paying any income tax, would stop putting the screws to small business and generally stay out of our lives. But no, these marxist are so power hungry,corrupt and greedy they will do anything to stay on top. Some of the crap they are pulling borders on and well may be treasonous. Impeach Obama first then get rid of the rest of them. And Komrade Ken, you still refuse to get it. Turn off state run TV and open your eyes and ears and try to think for yourself.

    19. Nelia, AZ says:

      Success, as defined by the left, is how many people are on assistance, or being subsidized…not how many are allowed or encouraged to become independent and self-supporting. A government that is given permission to provide everything we need can also take it away. For the supposed 50% who want socialism, ignorance is more dangerous than is terrorism.

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    21. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Ken of Las Vegas,

      Time to set the alarm clock and wake up to reality!

    22. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      There is only one way to stop the madness. We can't wait until the general election we must act in the primaries.

      Whether your a Democrat, Republican or an Independent, you must vote against any Incumbant who voted for the 800 billion bail out, Cap and Trade or Socialised Health Care and vote to nominate only those who oppose these Socalistic programs.

      You must also realize that Roe V Wade, Gay Marrage etc are only Red Herrings to divert and divide the opposition to the Socialist agenda of the entrenched political class in Washington.

    23. Jim says:




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    25. Tom Young, Scappoose says:

      If euthenasia is in the healthcare bill, it could be said that is the ancewer to the funding prblem.

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    27. Eugene, New York says:

      If President was a conservative Republican he would understand better the constructive approach that makes America Great & successful."Freedom" African American would see the light and discover at last the dream Dr martin Luther died for. He and Nancy Pelosi, her architect) want to put us back for sure to the modern slavery. Historically, all black want to be free, and be the architec of their own destiny. I don't think Pelosi, Tom Dashle and trailers want the minority to be successful. They want to keep us under the poverty line and use us for political purposes. Like Canada, they want to create more dependent and parasite individual relying on government help and Obama will have the power needed to come with the civilian armed forces he dreamt of. Like Aristide did in 1994 to the armed forces in Haiti and created the "chimères". it is very clear socialists, liberals don't like the military forces. Can America wake up and say no to the destroying attitude of this administration? Can we follow the Hondurians methodology to save America?

    28. Judith of The Great says:

      To Jason in Colorado:

      You voice disappointment with Heritage Foundation for not offering substantive suggestions on the ideal approach to an issue. This particular venue, The Morning Bell, does attract some trolls which are generally ignored, but it also provides a place to "vent" for the knowledgeable citizen who has nowhere else to turn. To get the real inside of HF, become a member and you'll receive the newsletters; go to My Heritage.org.; read and study all research put out by the Foundation, find out who it's expert members are and study their philosphies. Attend HF regional seminars if possible. You will become acutely aware of their many logical and well-researched suggestions for ways to correct our country's problems. Yes, it requires some effort, but don't you want to know the truth? Perhaps you will not agree with everything, but you will receive a valuable education and it will help you think for yourself.

      Get going! You do not have time to waste.

    29. Tracy, South Carolin says:

      For the first time in teaching in the public schools for 27 years, the public school system where I work near Charleston, SC didn't live up to their contract of what they would pay me each pay period. Instead they said that they didn't have the money so they kept money out of my check and called it a furlough. The next thing I hear last week is that the "Hate Crimes Bill" is being attatched onto an appropriations bill. What is going on with our elected officials?!! We won't pay our teachers but we will add money to an appropriations bill to protect people from being attacked who are already protected by the same laws that protect me!!!!? It's time to start over in Washington and in all State and Logal Governments. Fire or impeach all of them and lets take applications from newbies. Commons sense is better than being ruled by a bunch of lawyers.

      God bless America

      PS What is happening with that appropriations bill?

    30. Matthew C Campbell , says:

      Obama continues to spew lies nonstop. He is Desperate to have his will done before even the stupidest of supporters catch on to his evil plan of total communist rule and it becomes a living nightmare that we never wake up from. Even more freightening are those that understand his genuine goal and agree . Fortunately there are far fewer of them.

    31. Anne in San Diego Co says:

      Can you prove this: "Five other states, Rhode Island (12.4%), Oregon (12.2%), South Carolina (12.1%), Nevada (12%), and California (11.6%) all have either matched or surpassed their all time unemployment highs." Do we have the records for each state in regard to its unemployment rates back to and including 1932?

    32. Roy Reed, Las Vegas says:

      We hate Obama! Sorry, can't help it.. He and those stupid Democrats and some Republicans are afraid of not being voted back in!!! Obama is ruining our country! Something must be done!! Once they pass that healthcare bill and cap and tax bill.. It makes us sick !! The energy bill is just as bad. Gore is making millions!! It's all got stop!! NOW!!

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    35. Jimmy Bonacci Scotts says:

      O'Bama wants the Health Care plan passed so that he will bankrupt America and the only country that will loan the U.S. money will be a terrorist country that will take over America. He is the lawyer that set up the 'web' of many corporations for Acorn. He and his cohorts have orchestrated a very elaborate scheme to take down America,and the government health care plan is extremely instrumental to do that!THEY HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL TILL NOW!

    36. Wholley Roller, NJ says:

      Parable of the Garden

      Why Obama’s Economic Plan is an Obamanation (Abomination) to the economy.

      Imagine a community of gardeners who sustain themselves by growing fruits and vegetables. One gardener among them has a green thumb and an inordinate love of gardening. Let’s call this person Gardener Green. Green works harder than everyone else and has expanded his garden to gargantuan proportions. Green’s gift for gardening and all the long hours in the garden has returned great results.

      Green’s garden always out produces every garden in the community and Green always has more than enough fruits and vegetables to live on. Other members in the community who aren’t as gifted at gardening have much less than Green, but every year there is a community fruit and vegetable swap where members of the community bring the excess of their gardens to the center of town and everyone in the community can either swap their produce or just take some of the extra home for themselves. Green, by far, brings the most to the swap, but Green does not mind because there is always plenty left for Green and then some. By in large everyone is able to survive, however there are those who have more and those who have less.

      To the benefit of the community, Green also teaches gardening techniques with the other gardeners and shares new and better seeds that Green has discovered. Every gardener in the community is becoming a better gardener because of Green.

      Then some members of the community begin to become jealous of Green and the gargantuan garden. They say, “This is not fair! We are not equal! Green has too much!” So the community restricts the size of Green’s garden. Now Green can only plant as much as the community will allow and, of course, Green’s garden is now about the same size as everyone else’s.

      When it comes time for the community swap to take place, Green only brings a small amount of fruits and vegetables. The others are incensed. “Why are you bringing so little?” they scream. Green replies, “You have restricted my freedom. This was all you would let me grow.”

      That year was the worst year in the community. Food shortages were rampant and the quality of the community suffered greatly.

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    38. sandy crawford says:

      I am really sick of Obama running this country down, and I would like to send a message about just one thing he never bothers to mention.. Here just in the City of Memphis TN. Our private hospital (St.Joseph) located on Park Av..Has given $25,528,526 in CHARITY and $26,426,267 in DISCOUNTED CARE.

      No one ever is denied care. They pay $6,209,026 in taxes.

      In addition, charities they contribute to –

      American Heart Association,Case Maria, Children's Museum of Memphis, Church Health Center, Memphis branch of the NAACP,St Peter Villa Nursing Home,, Tenessee Medical Foundation, Ridgeway High School and more.Need information? http://www.saintfrancishosp.com

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