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  • In the Green Room: Hon. Newt Gingrich

    Newt Gingrich spoke at Heritage this morning, where the depth of his knowledge on the issues of America’s defense priorities and leadership position in the world was on full display. He warned against falling into a national malaise, both in our leadership and our mindset:

    We cannot operate in the fantasy that we can be soft in our thinking and strong in our defense.”

    Watch below to  hear what he had to say about President Obama’s defense cuts and health care plans.

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    10 Responses to In the Green Room: Hon. Newt Gingrich

    1. james graham from th says:

      Health care is a state right issue.

      One does not cross state line when buying heal coverage, each state has its own insure board and rules, is own health department that cover who can provided health care and so on when you looks at it every part of it is covered and controlled by the state even the moneys sent down by the feds for health care. By law the feds new health insurance would have to go before each state insurance board and be approved to provide insurance with that state. It would have to meet each state paper work and so on. No matter how you looks at it health insurances is intrastate not interstate issue. Therefore the feds have no authority in this issue. Under this little thing call the Constitution of the United State.

    2. D. Adli, Nv says:

      Regarding the state of of many conservatives at present who are so discouraged they feel its useless to contribute to any political party or politician. The only possibility that would get me excited and totally engaged in the process again would be a ticket od NEWT GINGRICH AND MITCH ROMNEY in that order.

      I would love to see Sarah Palin run for a Senate seat where she can get experience in the Washington scene. She is a star of great magnitude and and she is trustworthy in that she took on her own party . SHE CONNECTS WITH PEOPLE!!!! I pray the Republican's will unite and stick together like the Dems seem to do and stop criticizing each other. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.


    3. HENRY...FLORIDA says:


    4. prter young, ca. says:

      .This is almost like another country taking over our country.It seems so predetermined. They have complete control of administration and congress. People do not matter,only there adjenda. They move fast because they already know what they are doing. How many other countrys were taken over like this? Germany,Russa etc etc. Did history teach us nothing…. America made laws to keep something like this from happening. They are changing those laws or making new ones. I am a tax paying american, born and raised here and proud of it. My father was in WW2. PLEASE TELL US WHAT WE CAN DO!!!! THANK YOU YOUR FOUNDATION IS SO MUCH APPRECIATED.

    5. Tom, MO. says:

      I think I understand more about the pied piper of Hamlin town. How can 50% of te people in this country be totally oblivious to the fact he is driving us right off a cliff. The OMB and CBO say it cant be paid for and is unsustainable and yet we march right down the road to socialism or worse.

    6. Clayton McManaway, S says:

      For Peter: I understand and share your frustration. What I have done facing the same dilemma is to become involved in local politics at the precinct level for the first time in my life. I do not know at this point where this is going to take me (not far at my age), but I am unwilling to do nothing. So, my wife and I are working at the precinct level to "win again in 2010." Why don't you try it? Getting involved is amazingly easy, and quite interesting. We need to at least reclaim control of the House in 2010 and we are going to do all that we can to make that happen. Good luck.

    7. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      When Isreal strikes Iran, Russia will tell us that if we defen Isreal, Russia will retaliate, not agaist the U.S. Homeland, but in all areas where we have troops. This is know to the White House. China has stated the same thing.

      We are so far in debt to these two Nations that we cannot help our greatest allie, Isreal.

      Tis is where Obama has brought us. Money is never printed out of thin air, it is always backed, musch the same as John Adams did with Holland in our own Revolutionary war with England. Now we owe the Russians and the Chinese.

      Obama has placed us over a barrel AND THE VALOLINE IS WAITING.

      He is not anyone Savior, he is the very destruction Abraham Lincoln fought against, Cental Banking, the stopping of Free Trade, the division of man's ideals, the seperation of this Great Nation of Ours.


    8. Marcia Blackburn, ar says:

      Has anyone seen "the Obama Deception HQ full length version" on youtube…..Must see

    9. Marcia Blackburn, ar says:

      Hey folks, why has the media not reported on the Tea Parties?

      If you're not showing up for the Tea Parties and e-mailing all the Congressmen you are not doing your part. They want to be re- elected, they will respond if you complain and tell your friend in different states to e-mail them. If you're not already motivated, watch "the Obama Deception HQ full length version" on youtube. It's long buy well worth it.

    10. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Marcia is right on this! The Liar's are in the News all day,and everyone just sits on their

      Hands WATCHING!

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