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  • Taxpayer Funding for Abortion: Another Sleeper Issue in Health Care Reform?

    Much of the controversy in President Obama and congressional Democrats’ health care overhaul thus far has focused on the public option and concerns with the budget-busting price tag. But as negotiations in Congress on hundreds of pages of complex legislative text continue to move at break-neck pace, all leading up to floor consideration scheduled in the next few weeks, the issue of taxpayer funding for abortion is threatening to take center stage.

    Just before Congress broke for the 4th of July recess, nineteen Democrat members of the House sent a sternly worded letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, warning that “we cannot support any health care reform proposal unless it explicitly excludes abortion from the scope of any government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan.”

    The letter expressed fears that, while the massive health care bill might not explicitly mention health insurance coverage for abortion, a new “Health Benefits Advisory Committee” or other bureaucracy set up by health care reform legislation would have the ability to mandate abortion coverage as part of a taxpayer-subsidized health insurance exchange or public plan option. The Democratic legislators also noted the conspicuous absence of any reference to abortion in the “landmark” health care legislation speeding its way through Congress, saying “with legislation as important as this, abortion must be addressed clearly in the bill text.”

    During mark-up of the Kennedy-Dodd health care bill, the Committee approved provisions to require insurance plans to contract with organizations that perform abortions. In addition, several amendments were rejected that would have preserved states’ laws regulating abortion, prohibited federal funds from being used for abortions, and provided conscious protections for health care providers for not providing abortions.

    Judging from the facts that 1) pro-choice groups on the left such as NARAL have long been pushing the Obama Administration to include coverage of abortion as part of nationalized health care; 2) the abortion issue contributed to the downfall of the Clinton health care plan in the early 1993; and 3) national polling data shows that, for the first time since polling began, a majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life, it’s no wonder that Democrat leadership in the House and Senate have wished to remain silent on the abortion funding issue for as long as possible. But with mutiny afoot among pro-life and moderate Democrats on this issue and several others, and increasing awareness of the abortion-health care reform connection in the public and among pro-life groups, the abortion issue could again play a pivotal role in the direction of health care reform.

    Click here for a Heritage Fact Sheet assessing the Obama Administration’s policies’ impact on families.

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    18 Responses to Taxpayer Funding for Abortion: Another Sleeper Issue in Health Care Reform?

    1. Barb -mn says:

      How dare the government make murder convenient and at the expense of others. Get rid of all programs of special interest as they are not a necessity to survival and as this country has been put in a deliberate financial MESS! The government of this country should be to influence independence. Not condescend human life to government dependence.

      Let those who's personal choices lead to consequences, deal with their own consequences. KEEP THE TAX PAYERS OUT OF IT!

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    4. Patricia,Hobbs,N.M. says:

      I hope the taxpayers dont let this go through. Write your congressmen and go to teaparties to find out what other things you can do to stop these atrocities. It forces tax payers to provide abortions to anyone who wants one and it doesn't matter what stage of pregancy the mothers in.This is all part of Obamas healthcare plan. The mothers age isn't going to matter either, If your 10 yr old goes up and wants an abortion They can actually give it to her without your permission. Are those rights you can live with? What if she dies during the procedure? Who's at fault? Beleive it or not you are because you didn't take good enough care of your kid. That's what they will tell you. Not only does Obama care want you to pay for our abortions he also wants our tax money to pay for abortions overseas. I hope you don't mind working hard just to give your money away to other people. I know I mind. How about boob-jobs, under Obamacare are we going to have to pay for someone elses boob-job, or what about sex- change operations,them too? I hope we don't let government get these bills passed as I think it will help destroy the country.In fact I think that the healthcare bill will be the death nell in our economy.

    5. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      The democratic leadership and its fellow abortion enthusiasts in Congress, the media, and in abortion advocacy groups, have long supported the so-called Freedom of Choice Act that would mandate taxpayer funded abortions, specifically support and subsidize abortionists, and stifle state efforts to regulate practice.

      Even worse, FOCA would force doctors to perform abortions at the risk of being excluded from participating in any national healthcare plan and would crush their right to speak out against abortion.

      Thus FOCA is an attack not only on children, who can be literally torn to pieces at the whim of their own mothers (think carefully about what that means;feel the shiver running down your spine), but on the First Amendment rights of free exercise, free speech, etc.

      Given that most Americans are pro-life Obama, Pelosi, etc., know FOCA is doomed. The strategy now is to sneak in all of that onerous legislation's provisions through healthcare and related areas (e.g. the budget). This is indicative of the dishonesty and moral degradation to which the abortionists will shrink to achieve their genocidal desires. Such legerdemain alone should demonstrate the intrinsic evil of abortion. One need only ask why, if abortion is either morally sound or at least morally neautral, such deceit is required to enact laws furthering the government's power to protect the practice?

    6. joan, connecticut says:

      This is what is to be expected of Nancy Pelosi, She professes to be a member of the Catholic religion, and yet goes against it's doctrine. I believe she and Kathleen Sibelius are what is know to be "cafeteria Catholics" because they pick and choose the church law they follow. It doesn't work that way, even though the fancy nan from San Fran, thinks it should, as does abortion advocate, Sibelius who staunchly defended the abortion doctor Teeler. Great Catholic women these two are not, but they are not alone, add to the list Ct. senator Dodd , who remarked he is glad it's available for everyone ,also lets not forget mass. sen. John Kerry, who also says he's a Catholic and former alter boy but, who has forgotten his religious teachings. These phonies profess to follow rules yet ignore them , when it suits their purpose. They have all chosen the right profession, for they sure know how to ignore the wishes of their employers– THE AMERICAN CITIZENS that pay their salaries. I am hopeful, that all these duplicitous pols get voted out on their rears in the next election. They say the only way to get rich ,in America is to marry well– or become a politician! How true!

    7. Ross Writes, Brade says:

      When my kids were teenagers and would come to me with batted breath for a quick answer, I would answer, "That's easy, NO! Now what is the question?" Our elected officials are like teenagers with high harmones, their brains slide to their genitals, commonsense and accountabilities for their actions are "thrown to the winds"; immediate gratification is first priority. I've never understood why destroying a baby before it draws its first breath out of the womb is called abortion, which is legal and moral in some peoples eyes. And a child destroyed that has drawn the breath of life is murder, which is illegal and immoral. In my simple logic, they are the same, immoral and an act of murder on the most innocent of society. Even more puzzling and appalling is why my tax dollars being used in something that against my moral principles, making a party to murder of these children of God?

    8. Michele Strobel, Sel says:

      When are we (tax payers)going to stop having to paying for the sin of others? I am sick of giving people a way to hide from the consequences of their own mistakes!

      For all those that would like to say, but what type of a life would the baby have?

      I was pregnant at nineteen years old, was not married and considered an abortion, but thank God I could not go through with it. I owned up to my mistake (sex before marraige), made the correct decison to keep my baby. The father and I did get married, had our baby, (paid our bill off, w/out tax payer money)and have had two biological children and have adopted another since then!

      Lets quit playing God and pretending we know what is best for others!

      The best thing that ever happened to me was facing the consequences of my own behaviour!

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    10. Eddie, USMC VE says:

      I wish all of the American People who commented before me lived in my neighborhood, since my neighborhood is where Planned Parenthood chose to set up shop. I wish all the American People who commented before me went to the Churches in my neighborhood, since the numbers in my neighborhood are so high. The President reinstated the Mexico City Policy in his first few days in office, but the Mexico City Policy has been in effect in my neighborhood for so long that I can't remember anymore when it started. There was a moment of outrage in my neighborhood about donations to the organization, and then they all voted in lock step in my neighborhood. I guess the people in my neighborhood don't pay taxes or think that only the rich pay taxes and they do not have to care.

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    13. Daniel, New Jersey says:

      I fully agree with the sentiments expressed on this horrific, God-defying, immoral and taxpayer-unfair little "dirty secret" that's being slipped into the lying, deceitful, evil machinery behind so-called "health care reform" sponsored by Kennedy-Dodd and others in the Hard Left.

      For this and multiple other reasons, this legislation must be STOPPED! If you haven't done so already, please sign the Petition at http://www.freeourhealthcarenow.com to send a strong message we're FOR health care reform, AGAINST government take-over and further socialization of medicine!

      In last night's town hall meeting, the President himself said that the biggest driving force behind the federal deficit was skyrocketing healthcare costs for the government's Medicare and Medicaid programs. If that's true (and I believe it is), let's fix Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse FIRST, and use the money saved to subsidize healthcare for poor US CITIZENS AND LEGAL RESIDENTS under the current system! Multiple opinion polls are consistently showing that WE THE PEOPLE don't want or need a brand new ENORMOUS bureaucratic machine to get in-between doctors and their patients!

    14. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Will Abortion be covered by Tax Money?

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    17. C Mccollum Alabama, says:

      I WILL SAY IT AGAIN!!!! NO WAY! NO WAY! SHOULD WE BE MADE TO PAY FOR ABORTIONS!!!! If some one wants it it is their Problem!!! We the people must Stand up AGAINST such UNCONSTITUTIONAL LUNACY!!!!!!!

      We are the ones who created this world and if we do not agree it should be heeded!!!! By the People for the People!!!!

      God gave us dominion we may also end up being held accountable for mass Murder!!!!!

    18. SmoothKatie says:

      If you don't pay for it now, you will pay 10 fold later. Being said, those unborn would go onto to need welfare, food stamps, and possibly foster care, and many onto incarceration. All at tax payers expense!

      This is a preventative measure on our part, since abortion is legal, and affordable to our pocketbook in comparison to the alternative.

      I'm not a Christian, I just believe in the way Jesus intended his teaching to be. Unlike it became…So sorry to the Father, we know not what we do..

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