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  • Stealth Agenda in Health-Care Bill: Early Childhood Home Visitation

    The massive 1,018-page health care bill introduced by House Democrats is full of bad policy ideas, and they’re not all even about health care. One troublesome provision calls for a home visitation program that would bring state workers into the homes of young families to improve “the well-being, health, and development of children.”

    Lawmakers have essentially inserted the “Education Begins at Home Act” – which was introduced in 2008 and again this year by Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) and Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) – into the health care bill under the home visitation section. Despite the fact that as a stand-alone bill the Education Begins at Home Act failed to gain traction last year, lawmakers intent on increasing the federal role in education into the preschool years have inserted the language into the mammoth health care bill.

    Section 440 of the House bill – Home Visitation Programs for Families with Young Children and Families Expecting Children – would provide grants to states to establish home visitation programs to educate parents on child behavior and parenting skills. The “well-trained and competent staff” will:

    …provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor domains…modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices; [and] skills to interact with their child…

    Aside from the obviously questionable role of the federal government in such practices, the vaguely-worded program specifics are troublesome. The home visitation provision dictates that the state will “prioritize serving communities that are in high need of such services, especially communities with a high proportion of low-income families or a high incidence of child maltreatment.” While the home visitation program is described as “voluntary,” it’s not clear whether it would remain voluntary throughout or just up to the time a parent trainer enters the home.

    The federal government doesn’t hold the key to parenting success, and creating a new home visitation program would further increase the federal role in preschool education. Just one more reason for parents to be concerned about what’s actually in the health care bill.

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    27 Responses to Stealth Agenda in Health-Care Bill: Early Childhood Home Visitation

    1. Jim , Ohio says:








    2. Bev, Georgia says:

      First of all, this is too much government intervention. Will the visitors be invited into the congressmen/women's homes to assess their parenting skills? What are the criteria for good parenting? Will they just pass out literature and leave? If so, is that not a waste of tax money to pay them? We already have parents and children in this nation afraid of Dept. of Family and Children's Services–being reported, investigated, visited, etc. Finally, and hear your tax-paying, voting citizens loudly, Congress: THIS IS TOO MUCH STINKING GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER STUFF THAT IS NONE OF YOUR STINKING BUSINESS!!

    3. Mick Hughes says:

      I don't need marxist politicians telling me how to run my life or raise my kids; except to use them as an examples of what not to do and what not to be!

    4. Edna Earle, MS says:

      This is more than outrageous! But where is the outrage? Wish this could be covered in all newspapers and tV…but then I know that won't happen.

    5. Ragnar says:

      Four words – "Get off my property" followed by the chambering of a round.

      What's the matter U.S. government? Worried that the indoctrination process doesn't start early enough? See, if you get them at home you could get the parents to help you out. It must bother them that when the kids leave school for the day the indoctrination ends until the following morning.

    6. Jerry Smith, Oklahom says:

      What in the world is wrong with the american people letting congress run their lifes. They cannot run their own lifes. People Please pull your head out, open your eyes up and see what going on, their trying to detroy our country within, call your congressman tell them, there will be changes 2010, they will lose their jobs if they keep spending our money, they won't to control our lifes, so wakeup people, and call your congressman now, before it's to late.

    7. Hope, Alaska says:

      Wow! Apparently our government / elected officials have forgotten how we became the United States of America and why those men fought and died to give us freedom. Freedom which is being stripped away one law at a time. I definately agree with Bev in GA. THIS IS TOO MUCH STINKING GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER STUFF THAT IS NONE OF YOUR STINKING BUSINESS!!

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    13. Robert Puvski, Tx says:

      There’s a guy on youtube who created really nice explanations of what’s coming with this bill, I think it’s a must see for everyone:

    14. To Jerry says:

      You can thank the people who fell for "yes we can" and "change is coming", not to mention voting for color alone.

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    19. Christian, Oklahoma says:

      Hmmm…seems like this is a needed program. As far as I know, there are no manuals for parenting, nor is it a naturally ingrained skill. Perhaps if some parents learn these skills early on, we won't have to send state workers into homes to intervene when children are abused or neglected. Kudos to the government for looking out for the children…they're our future, you know…

    20. Jen, Oklahoma says:

      If studies show that these programs reduce welfare and food stamp dependence, I don't see what the problem is. In fact, I think it is a great idea even reading your article.

    21. Tracy says:

      Christian and Jen in Oklahoma – you two should get together, get married, have a few kids. Then you can come back here and tells us all how you feel about government workers knocking on your door for the mandatory home inspection, where they'll peruse your home with a critical eye, observing your house-keeping, cleanliness, the childrens' behaviour – which it will be 50:50 odds they do something embarrassing. God help you if one of them gave the other a fat lip or black eye; the inspector will pencil you in for routine visits six months out. This stuff is not just for poor minorities you know (that would be discriminatory) – bad parenting can be found anywhere – even among the educated left.

      Honestly, I'm sure you both are/will be good parents; but how much of that big federal government camel's nose do you want under YOUR tent wall?

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    23. Home Healthcare Mark says:

      Hey is it? Then why is it not made an issue and let people know about it? For more information visit

    24. Bellicus_Pium, Repub says:

      This provision would not stand any well-presented Constitutional challenge.

      These Marxist/Fascists are moving as fast as they can with as much "Big Bama" as they can get away with.

      It's looking as though George Orwell was a prophet.

      There's "Big Bama" in China talking about how they should allow the youth to sit in front of the "telescreen."

      And what will happen if you don't let them come into your cottage for parenting skills training?

      Why O'Brien will strap you down and give you shots and electroshock thereapy until you comply.

      "But, there's nothing you and I can do;

      you and I are only two;

      what's right and wrong is hard to say;

      forget about it for today.

      We'll stick our heads into the sand,

      just pretend that all is grand

      and hope that everything turns out OK."

      Ostrich by Steppenwolf 1968

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    26. tampa mags says:

      If health care reform were left to it's own devices there would not be any changes made aside from cost. The cost already outweighs the results and quality of care.

      So much of the problem we face is in spending. The medical industry is layered with overspending. I found an article in which 23 different medical professionals from various areas and practices were interviewed, and at least half of them, individually, commented on the gross over spending of the medical, and pharmaceutical industries.
      Many people are afraid of regulation, but the medical industry could certainly benefit from a good dose of regulating. And I couldn't agree more with finding a way to assimilate information and communication technologies.

    27. Kari, CA says:

      This section on Grants to States for Quality Home Visitation Programs for Families with Young Children and Families Expecting Children is for programs that help low income families that need help or are in situations where the children in the home are malnourished or for new parents that are requesting/needing help (because they are scared, poor and are worried about having to take care of a helpless life). This is giving grant money so educated people can go and help/teach these people that don’t know what they are doing and their kids livelihood is at stake. It's for people that really need help. It’s a good thing!

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