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  • Iran Makes the Case for European Missile Shield

    On February 2, 2009, Iran successfully launched a satellite into orbit using a rocket with technology similar to that used in a long-range ballistic missile. It also test-fired a 1200-mile solid-fueled ballistic missile in May. Today, July 15th, Germany’s foreign intelligence service, BND, announced that Iran will be able to produce and test a nuclear weapon within six months. BND also stated that it has “no doubt” that Iran’s missile program is aimed solely at the production of nuclear warheads. While many of us may have put the Iranian missile and nuclear threat on the back burner and moved such issues as North Korea and arms control negotiations with Russia to the fore, Iran still poses a serious threat to the United States. If Iran develops a nuclear weapon and has the long-range ballistic missiles to carry such a weapon, the United States and Europe need to be prepared.

    As the Senate continues its discussion of the Defense Authorization for the fiscal year 2010, it must remember to fund missile defense. President Obama has cut many missile defense programs, including the Airborne Laser, Kinetic Energy Interceptor, and interceptors in Alaska. Another program that may be cut is the European missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. Although President Obama has talked about abandoning the missile defense option in Europe, it would provide much-needed security to a region that is currently unprotected. It would also, very importantly, provide another layer of defense for the United States homeland. Iran has the capability to strike at Israel and South-Eastern Europe including NATO members such as Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania. The United States Senate must push to restore funding for the European missile shield to protect not only our allies in Europe but also United States citizens here at home.

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    4 Responses to Iran Makes the Case for European Missile Shield

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      It's quite obvious Obama isn't prepared to be president. He fails to understand his basic role, national defense. One would think an anti-ballistic missile system would receive top billing. Especially in light of today's growing real threats.

    2. Soheil Bashardoust says:

      an ask?

      wheather Iran or Russia cann't have anti-missile defence missiles, Missile Defence is a bound system, and it is for psychic war for Russia, this is just a toy, because if Iranian or Russian decide to attach to Israel, do it.

      Iranian say that targeted Israel cities by more of 20,000 Missile, Missile Defence is unuse for it.

    3. Matt McLaughlin Sa says:

      Look at what the Americans and the 'Coalition of the Losers' did in Iraq. Look at the massacre Israel did to Gaza; 100;1 kill ratio. Iran would be foolish not to pursue nukes simply in order to keep the West honest. And neo-racial bias isnt going to de-humanize Iran by denying them the ability to own their own nukes. Iran isnt subservant to the West and by pushing such a situation the west will battle the strongest push of man there is; the desire to be equal.

      Paint Iran fanatic all you want. Its been around 25 times the time USA has been around. Israel's wolf-calling is just more theatre to keep things boiling in the region. Iran was on its way to being a real partner in the war on (Arab) terrorists. Israel couldnt have that! Israel hopes the Iran scare will draw attention away from its own internal problems, mostly the Euro-Jew losing control of other Jews, thus becoming more-equal with them. Why the Ostjuden desires to be Western is a wonder after Europe's rejection of them 60 years ago.

      Read, 'Iranophobia" by Haggai Ram.

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