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  • The True Cost of the House Health Plan in Pictures


    Commenting on the delayed start to the House’s health bill spending, The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein writes: “The slow start is a way of holding down costs in the 10-year budget window.” Of course, Ezra does not  mean that the House bill actually holds down health care costs in any real way. No, what he means is that by waiting till year 4 of a 10 year year forecast, the Democrats are gaming the Congressional Budget Office’s scoring system to hide the true cost of their bill from the American people.

    At $1.3 trillion dollars over ten years, most Americans will think the House plan will cost about $130 billion a year. They have been mislead. In reality, by 2019 the House health plan will cost $245 billion a year.

    As CBO Director Doug Elmendorf has told Congress just last month, expanding coverage without more fundamental reform of Medicare “puts an additional long-term burden on top of an already unsustainable path.”

    So the House health plan is going to make this picture even worse:

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    47 Responses to The True Cost of the House Health Plan in Pictures

    1. Roger S., MA. says:

      Are the 2019 CBO figures in today's dollars?

      Assuming they are, and assuming no population increase, anybody with a calculator can see how these numbers must be false, because they would imply a total cost of only roughly 800$ per person per year by 2019. Say again ! That's likely to be barely the cost of overhead (facilities maintenance, equipment maintenance, administrative costs, and debt-service on invested capital) accrueing today, let alone what will be in 2019, not to mention the personnell costs of the actual service.

      Only somebody who believes in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny can be convinced by the CBO figures.

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    8. Grace, Florida says:

      This is an outrage. Average American citizens are speaking up, sending letters, making calls, sending faxes, sending e-mails to their members of Congress and they are just ignoring us. We too will ignore them in 2010 and 2012. The majority of Americans state they are happy with the healthcare they now have. Fix the parts that are broken – Medicade and Medicare – leave the rest of us alone. Don't make me pay for healthcare for someone who does not want to purchase it (and can afford it). We will all be taxed not just people making a certain amount of money. The thing I'm most upset about is the speed of how things are going. No debate, no nothing. One cannot have healthcare reform and not address the immigration problem in this country. Why shoud we pay for healthcare for illegals? What is fair about that? How does that level the playing field?

    9. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I as a single mother(widow) and Nurse took a chance and went without health Ins. for a while, I could not afford it and feed and cloth my children as well as put a roof over our heads. Lucily no one became seriiously ill and I could get scrips from the docs I worked for for the minor things. I have medicare now, $90 plus out of my check, plus medigap at a $166 a month, I don't think anyone else should pay for it, I do not want Washington dictating my health needs, Doctors are trained for this, not Insurnce ecexx's nor most of Congress and surely no Obama, who doesn't even know our Constitution.

    10. Mike,New Mexico says:

      As I understand medical care in the USA,nobody is refused medical care under the present system.

      If this is true,somehow it is being paid for.

      Why will it cost trillions extra to fix a system that is breaking even now?

    11. MaryAnn, USA says:

      The president's health plan is not about health. It's about power and control. If it passes, elections in 2010 will not matter and elections in 2012 can simply be forgotten. Americans need to wake up now and stop this. One way or another.

    12. roy-salem,va. says:

      every time another group is added to the [stew]THE STEW IS MORE COSTLY AND LESS LIKED. oboma wants complete control of heath as in all other free enterprise business. solve the insurance problem by eliminating not adding;back to too many cooks spoil the soup. ask for ideas from the user,people

    13. roy-salem,va. says:

      it is time to have a recall on our politions,state and federal.

    14. Robert S.-Quincy,CA says:

      I'd like to discuss some good ideas being presented as alternatives to Government Run Healthcare. Frivolous medical lawsuits drive the costs up for med. professionals. I suggest releasing all liability, which would cut the med costs in half. I suggest setting up small clinics, at a fraction of the cost of a hospital. It could be run by PA and RNs and take care of 90% of the easier cases. Next, med. insurance companies could be encouraged to offer options on policies. If I don't think I will ever need physical therapy or mental healthcare…and if I sign up for just ER, office visits, Rx, lab and surgeries, the cost my be cut in half again. If I choose a $500 deductable, it would also be significant. Drug companies could be encouraged to make lines of discount drugs. All of these ideas could change the amount from $1200 a mon. to $150 a mon. for family insurance.

      We could still keep a MediCare program for the elderly and indigent. What do you folks think?

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    17. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The true cost of the Health plan is, that if fully placed in effect, there would be no Health Plan.


    18. Richard says:

      Roger S. of MA points out that the CBO estimate of $800 in 2019 barely covers overhead. The CBO estimate is more like $1200. The $800 referenced is from the White House. Even so, Roger’s comment is still appropriate, the cost is way too low.

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    20. Cindy Zanesville,OH says:

      Right on Grace, we all need to wake up!! Let's fire all the congress and elect real people in office that acually have a heart, and care about this country and the American's that live here and pay their wages.

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    23. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      The Plan to Exterminate who they choose!

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    25. Steve, Tulsa says:

      To Grace and others….2010 may be too late!!!! That is why they are trying to ramrod this Health Care socialism through before August. They know if they ram it through, there will be no going back for this country. If what they are pushing through Congree doesn't destroy this country, it will damage us tremendously…and we may never recover.

      And for you idiots out there who voted for these liberal Democrats, congratulations! You got what you wanted and you are going to get much, much more from the. Congratulations on your extreme stupidity! I never dreamed I would see this day, when Americans had become so stupid!

    26. mulberrybank, Detroi says:

      You can pile all the words and data you want, but ALL citizens need Health Care! Not medical insureance with the top guys earning million-dollar+ pay-packages by limiting coverage. It is immoral to make $ off of human illness. Take-out the senior pay, advertising, and lobby-ing, and we get Medicare for ALL with larger pay for MDs.

      As to the costs? Who cares?! We have numerous "wars" we are supporting. Trim one!

      If one wishes to make big-bucks go invent a better mouse-trap, but stay away from the American citizen's Health Care.

    27. bob nevada says:

      the taxpayers and voters of this country have to stop this ranaway train as soon as possible.write your congressmen and senators now. maybe some of you have representives that will listen. healthcare reform will kill us all.

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    29. Linda Mae, CT says:

      The biggest insult? Congress has its own insurance policy and I doubt that they will ever let it go. All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others. Great line from Animal Farm. Never thought I'd see it come true.

    30. Roger S., MA. says:

      mulberrybank, Detroit: Sure, everybody needs medical care.

      The question is whether you have the right to force me to pay for yours. The answer is, no!

      The question is also whether you have the right to force your Dr. to work for free, or for any price that YOU alone deem acceptable, possibly with the help of your Congressman. Again, the answer is, no way!

      The question is furthermore, whether you, who seem incapable of forming a coherently worded and correctly spelled English sentence, should have the right to judge my Dr.'s or my morality, who both work hard for a living, are quite capable of forming our own moral standards without consulting you, and otherwise trade our services as we deem proper and profitable in a free market. The answer is still, no!

      The last question concerns whether you, who are not paying for our services, should have the right to demand their conformity to your arbitrary standards. The answer is a resounding, never!

      Your Dr. has the right to make whatever he can. He worked long and hard for it. I have the right to make whatever I can from the equipment that will help heal you. I worked long and hard for it. Your Dr. and I did, in fact, invent what you call "the better mousetrap", which will keep you from being trapped before your time by the multiple mice of injury and disease. And when we contribute a significant percentage of our incomes in taxes that will help protect our country from attack by its enemies, we are protecting also you, who contribute presumably nothing.

      Where will it leave you when we become fed up, someday, with your incessant demands and constant, dissatisfied, bickering? Can you answer this question without blushing? Will you?

    31. Cliff says:

      To be frank Obama is not worried about people's health but only control and power.This bill is a perfect reflection of the Obama Darwinian Ideology of "survival of the fittest" in his Utopian dream society.This bill ensures governmental power in that:#1 once enacted Insurance companies are not allowed to enroll new customers.#2 If you leave a previous place of employment for another employer that has a different company offered Ins. you MUST take the Gov. option.It's nothing more than weeding out ANY competition to the government program by eventually transferring the total population to a Government system. Once accomplished Darwinian Ideology weeds out those who are weak and unfit for the Utopian society.This is the eventual outcome of any and our soon coming "nanny" state when Gov. takes over because they know what's best for the "State" and you. I know this is scary Hitler type stuff, but it's so crystal clear. Look at any Commie-Marxist Socialist societies are a model to how America under this administration will eventually function. God Bless You and America.

    32. NB says:

      Name one thing the Government does efficiently or quickly.

      Medical care may soon be "free", but make no mistake – Americans will no longer be Free.

      Every pound the government gains results in a loss of freedom. The bills in Congress today will add pounds to the government faster than a baby whale gains weight – faster than we've seen in history.

      Every "gift" from the government for the last few decades has actually been traded for a link to the chain that will ultimately enslave us. I guess many take comfort in a belief that slaves are well fed and cared for. I recommend they look again at history.

      Oh well. Maybe someday another Spartacus will arise – and hopefully be more successful than he was.

    33. Gloria, Utah says:

      Roger S. MA……. SCORE! You could not have been voiced that more clearly.

      The hideousness of this bill is so glaringly transparent that it amazes me that people don't see what a trap it is. They are taking away our freedoms, People….. ONE AT A TIME! They are killing even MORE jobs and competition in the private sector. I swear to God if this goes thru, I'm jumping the next floatation device to Cuba. At least I'd EXPECT to be lied to by my so called leader. America will be Obama's play ground and we will all be his peasants. DO NOT WATCH HIM WEDNESDAY NIGHT! His ratings on TV need to drop even more than they have already. I can't even stand to look at the man anymore. He opens his mouth, he lies. Write and call your Congressmen and Senators…. I've been working on it for days. It might not make a difference but at least I can say I TRIED!

    34. Leann M. Michigan says:

      To Roger S.:

      I couldn't agree with you more. I was laid off from my job in '07 and with hard work and persistence, I found another one within 2 months; however, there are no benefits. I am taking a big chance with no insurance right now, and am sure I could qualify for Medicaid. I will take my chances, however, and would just as soon pay my bill, however long it takes, than have the government dictating my health care. My doctor studied for 8 years plus for his medical degree and provides a valuable service….he deals with people's lives and is excellent at what he does. There is no way I would ever expect him to work for free, just like my employer does not expect me to work for free. Health insurance is NOT an entitlement or a right, it is a benefit.

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    41. Edward J Maio says:

      What I believe most Americans would like to know is the size of Federal government, broken down by Agencies, what is the average salary, health care benefits and retirement packages. If the American people really understood what they get, they would be appalled. Think, what would be saved in the Federal government, IRS was not needed, because of flat tax. Speaking of the IRS, can you imagine the number of people it would take if Healtcare was under the Federal government??? Look at Medicare, Medicade, Social Security, Cash for Clunkers, Amtrak, which are bankrupted and costing at least ten times the original projected cost, do we really want the Federal Govnt to run healthcare?

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    44. Dave B, Denver CO says:

      One of the most confusing parts of all the arguments is the numbers being quoted: it is very difficult to come up with accurate costs, not to mention the benefits actually derived from the costs. Be that as i may, Four points: 1) Roughly calculating: A trillion dollars divided by 100 million (taxpayers) over ten years is about $1,000 per taxpayer per year. I pay more than that in one monthly insurance premium. If that bought basic healthcare for all Americans, it would be well worth the cost. Simply kicking tens of millions of the uninsured to the curb is unconscionable. 2) Many millions of elderly have benefited from "socialized" social security and medicare. Not perfect systems, but far better than any other proposed, and the vast majority of those beneficiaries rely on them, are grateful for them, and deserve those benefits. 3) Most opponents of health-care reform likely have never suffered a life-threatening health crisis. Over 30 years I have spent over $250,000 in health insurance premiums (I have the dreaded "pre-existing condition" and work for a small company). When I had to go to emergency with a bleeding vein in my brain, 2 days later I found myself back on the street with a dozen staples in my head after brain surgery, a long list of doctors, labs, and insurance claim numbers to call, and a couple of prescriptions (all compliments of my insurer). I don't call that health care, it feels more like predatory health management. 4) One final point: I suggest we refrain from demagoguery, extreme hyperbole, and shrill accusations, and start speaking with a modicum of compassion in informed debate. Eventually, everyone will find themselves in the hospital; we are all in the same boat.

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