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  • Guest Blogger: Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) on Shooting Down Missile Defense

    As we celebrated our nation’s birthday, North Korea launched seven missiles, and is now preparing to launch a long-range ballistic missile, just months after testing a nuclear weapon. At the same time, Iran is developing both nuclear capabilities and long range missiles, recently disguised as a “space” launch. Meanwhile in Washington, Democrats in the White House and in Congress are dramatically cutting funds from our national missile defense system. In what world does it make sense to dramatically cut funding for the only system capable of defending our nation against the threat of rogue nations with nuclear ballistic missiles?

    President Obama, in his FY2010 defense budget, proposed a $1.2 billion cut to missile defense funding and halted development on our long-range interceptors in Alaska and California. When Republicans on the Armed Services Committee, led by Reps. Michael Turner and Trent Franks, tried to restore funding to missile defense, the Democrat majority voted it down along party lines. Here is a quick rundown of the amendments offered in committee during the course of our five hour debate on missile defense recently.

    Rep. Michael Turner offered an amendment to continue deployment of ground-based interceptors in Alaska and California, which would cost $120 million. Turner proposed that we cover $80 million of that bill by using money that the Obama administration has requested to dismantle the North Korean nuclear complex. I think most will agree that the odds of the North Koreans allowing us to dismantle their nuclear program in the near future is extremely slim. I believe that using that money to continue building a system that can actually intercept North Korean or Iranian missiles is much better than putting that money into an account that will not be used. The Democrat majority on the committee defeated this amendment 35-27.

    Rep. Trent Franks offered an amendment to restore the $1.2 billion cut from missile defense by President Obama. The Democrats argued that this cut was reasonable, but in the face of Iranian and North Korean activities, any significant cut to missile defense funding seems foolish. In the last two months, we have seen Iran test its long-range missile capabilities (under the guise of a space launch) and North Korea test a nuclear weapon and launch (unsuccessfully) a long-range Taepo-Dong II missile. The North Koreans now appear to be preparing to launch yet another Taepo-Dong II. In the face of all of these activities, the Democrat majority on the Armed Services Committee voted down the Franks amendment to restore missile defense funding by a vote of 36-26. This amendment was then voted on by the full House of Representatives and again defeated along largely party lines.

    There were a number of other amendments related to missile defense that we discussed, including Republican efforts to fund the European Site and the Airborne Laser, but they were all shot down by the Democrats. For the sake of our nation’s security, we should be focused on shooting down enemy missiles, not on shooting down our own missile defense system. As North Korea and Iran push forward, every member of the House of Representatives has taken a stand on missile defense. Unfortunately, it seems that the position of the Democratic majority is clear: shoot down missile defense.

    The views expressed by guest bloggers on the Foundry do not necessarily reflect the views of the Heritage Foundation.

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    24 Responses to Guest Blogger: Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) on Shooting Down Missile Defense

    1. Roger S., MA. says:

      What about the threatened closing of the F-22A production line due to lack of funding? The projected max-out at 187 fuses results in a max combat readiness of no more than 125 and seems like a joke, especially considering that the F-35 (anyway no substitute for the Raptor) will not be in production for at least another 2 years, by which time it will be to late for the F22 if the F35 proves inadequate? What about BO's threat to veto the entire defense budget on account of the 2 or 3 billion "saved", which amount to less than 0.3pct of the total? Wouldn't it be more logical to spend remaining TARP funds on something useful, for a change? Are all Dems really this much into "the party line" that they can no longer think straight? Does anyone actually believe the Kims and Achmeds will become nice guys just as soon as they see us defenseless? Has there ever been a time in BO's life when he was not penny wise and pound foolish?

    2. Sookimidicki Falacia says:

      This missile defense system he preaches has been proven to do more harm then good. What I mean by this is that it is more likely to shoot down a civilian airliner then a missile any day.

    3. Sean, Charleston SC says:

      Congressman Akin- Is there nothing that we, the people of the United States, can do to prevent such foolishness? Sadly, it appears as though the home of the brave is steadily being overrun by those who wish to oppress, or need I say abolish, the freedoms that bravery won this people. All we can do is Press On and pray that we remain one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

    4. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Agreed. The Demagogue majority along with their puppet president are completely turning the nation's government upside down. Cutting defense, the fed's primary constitutional function next to foreign affairs, and increasing spending on social programs that truly belong with the individual states. When will it all end? I for one am NOT a happy camper. I say it's time to clean house in congress come 2010. Bravo Zulu Congressman Akin.

    5. Frank Crocker, Washi says:

      Our missile defense system is not something that should be receiving cuts. Our long range defense is vital to our defense against rouge nations e.g North Korea

      However, it must be noted that our European missile defense plan must be revised. We cant just plant a defense system right on Russia's doorstep, just as we would throw a fit if they decided to place a defense system in Cuba.

      Frank Crocker

    6. Dave Chelsea, MI says:

      Hey, hey, hey — I don't know about you, but put America first, and that means America's safety. What better way to safeguard our Country from rogue nations firing missiles at us or our allies than through the Missile Defense Initiative…..

      Weeds, CA – what are you drinking? Our defense system shoots down civilian air-craft?

      Like all challenges facing America, we must set aside emotions and ideology and rely upon verifiable data to lead our decision-making.

    7. Dave, Florida says:

      I wonder how Democrats can look their won children in the face and say they made the world safer for them and their children. How can they possibly think the Cap & Tax is good for the US when it practically ruined European businesses. I think it is time for everyone to read their history books to see how previous world wars were started, because hungry people will go to great lengths when they are determined. In case no one has been looking lately, business is really bad here in Florida and many other states also. Texas is doing well because they operate on a capitalist business plan. the rest of the nation needs to start following their lead. We need lower taxes, no Cap & Tax, no national heath care, and no amnesty. The illegal problem needs to be dealt with now, we need to secure our borders, and keep our military strong. We need to re-think our purpose of being in Afghanistan because it is turning into another Democratic ran Vietnam (remember that disaster ran by the Democrats).

    8. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I agree, we need to stand up and be counted, 2010 needs to be the year we, the conservatives of USA, take baCK THE gOV'T. AND RETURN it to the people and what our forefathers fought for.

    9. Compassionate Conser says:

      Hey, Sookimidicki, it's proven to do no such thing. The biggest knock I've heard against ABMs is that they don't always hit their target, but when they miss, they don't hit anything else, either. Anyway, the miss factor is something that technology upgrades can fix, but not if we de-fund the program. This policy move is the height of folly in this time of multiple continuing international crises, but is anyone really surprised?

      The Compassionate Conservative


    10. Greg Albuquerque, NM says:

      As a member of an anti-ballistic missile team that has found their program cancelled, it amazes me that such mental giants as the individual from "Weed", CA (I would even mention the fake name) are permitted the vote. Across all of the missile defense systems (I have worked on 3) the hit/kill record does nothing but continue to improve (Reference the shoot-down of the disabled satellite).

      For our dear drugged friend, these systems will do what they are advertised to do – shoot down single or limited missile attacks from rogue nations.

      As for Putin's tearful lament, the nuclear arsenals of any of the established nuclear powers will easily overwhelm any systems to be deployed in the foreseeable future

    11. Maretta says:

      To Greg, Albuquerque,

      I know the general public doesn't know everything, and thats the way it should be regarding our defense systems. I hope what you are saying is, we are better prepared than you think, or the enemy thinks.

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The most immediate threat to our liberty at this time is ourselves in the form of our elected officials.


    13. Darold, Roseville, says:

      It does not take a rocket scientist to see what Obama and the "girlymen" democrats are doing to our country. If their actions (or lack of) continue, we will no longer see our country as we once knew it. Shame on Obama and his loyal yes men! Power seems to be more important for them then the national interests of our great country. How Obama could get re elected would be classified as then 9th wonder of the world!

    14. Mike, Massachusetts says:


      I was just reminded after I was watching a special on FOX TV that we still have in excess of 14,000 Nuclear Missles. I don't know how many missles without Nuclear heads we have"in stock" but I am sure there are also thousands. Why do we need more? I agree, as a last resort, when diplomatic negotiations break down and Korea or Iran send one toward us I am confident we already have the knowhow to take it out.

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    16. Mark, Pittsburgh says:

      I agree with Dave from Florida. How can these congressmen and senators look their children in the eye and sleep at night. Is their greed and power so consuming?! I'm just a regular blue collar guy and I have more sense than them! Are the good Americans that have the best interest of the country at heart outnumbered by the entitlement group? My senator is Bob Casey and all I recieve from him after voicing my opinion is mumbo jumbo about cap n tax being split into 2 parts. One for energy and the other for climate B.S. Where is our leader that holds this country first!!!? Thought McCain was the man but think his campaign manager dropped the ball. How could a man of honesty, integrity and sacrifice lose to a lying, cheating, unintelligent one!? God bless this country despite somes best efforts to ruin it.

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    18. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      Darold, BO will get re-elected because ACORN will re-count the census in 2010 and we'll become a nation populated by illegals( ooh-let's grant them amnesty) and minorities. They've been investigate in what-18 States? They are still contracted to take the next census?

    19. Kelly Tucson, AZ. says:

      I served in the marine corp and this dismantling of america has and will continue until the true blood of this once great nation rises up and takes back what has been stolen by the Un-American putrid leftist and sympathizers that have weakened a strong and vibrant people to the point of being pathetic cows with nose rings in there weak faces and being lead to slaughter so all of you token wannabe so called americans need to wake up you only have a few more months before your great america disappears forever into the dark night

    20. Kelly Tucson, AZ. says:

      what? that was to strong!!!!!!

    21. Kelly Tucson, AZ. says:

      If this web site does not even allow what i have just written then this country really is lead by a bunch of anti american hating communist

    22. Kelly Tucson, AZ. says:

      commenting is my right!!! you better remember what country you! live in. my opinion is not a privilege its a right. you might not like it but you can not tell me its a stinking privilege, a privilege is something given by a group of arrogant Un-american socialists who want to control everyone from the cradle to the grave and if this web site has lost that perspective then maybe you should change your web sites name. I can think of several if you would like!!!!!!!!!

    23. Linda Maddox, Carlsb says:

      When congress cut the missel defense by 1.2 billion, we American watching this, didn't understand they were cutting the whole budget. This admin. doesn't want to keep us safe! I think they are waiting for a catastrophe, to implement the govt. of the czars! They now protect terrorist as if they were Americans. Where are all the prisoners in Gitmo?

    24. TURTLE, TUCSON AZ. says:


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