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  • ObamaCare: The Day After

    So what would happen to you if President Barack Obama succeeds in passing a health care bill that includes a public option? Law professor Hugh Hewitt explains how others’ decisions will impact you quicker than you might think:

    Some of my law firm’s clients and some executives in my broadcast audience are quietly preparing for the necessary analysis that will follow the passage of Obamacare by asking their personnel departments the obvious question: Will it make economic sense to discontinue health care coverage for my employees and instead push them into the government plan?

    These employers –manufacturers, builders, entrepeneuers of all sorts– cannot yet get an answer to this question because they don’t have any specifics about costs from which they can make an informed decision.

    But they all know they will have to “do the math” if the “government option/public plan” makes it into law. They cannot not do so for they owe shareholders and investors an objective assessment of what will improve their bottom lines.

    If the “government option/public plan” costs $300 per employee per month and private sector insurance costs $350 per employee per month, the choice to push their workforce into the waiting arms of President Obama’s new bureaucracy will make itself.

    Hewitt is dead-on. Selling his health plan to the American Medical Association, President Obama promised the American people: “No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.”

    This is just not true. The day after ObamaCare becomes law, if it includes a public “option,” your employer will make this decision for you. The number of Americans that will be forced into the public plan depends on how Congress structures it. Heritage analyst Greg D’Angelo explains:

    If the public plan were opened to only small employers, enrollment in the public plan would reach 42.9 million, and 32 million Americans would lose their private coverage. However, if the public plan is opened to all employers, enrollment in the public plan increases dramatically to 131.2 million, and 119.1 million Americans would lose their private coverage. In this particular case, of the 171.6 million people who currently have private coverage, about 70 percent of them would lose the coverage that they have today.

    More specifically, of the estimated 157.4 million Americans who have private employer coverage, up to 107.6 million people could lose their private employer coverage, even if they like it and would prefer to keep it.

    The left likes to call their plan the “public option.” But remember, it is not your option.

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    17 Responses to ObamaCare: The Day After

    1. Barb -mn says:

      FORGET THE PUBLIC PLAN! Insurance is not a necessity and government has no right to impose this interference AT A COST, when it is NOT THEIR DUTY! Especially when the MAJORITY are paying their OWN. EVERYONE ELSE CAN DO WITHOUT TO PAY THEIR OWN ALSO!


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    4. Barb -mn says:

      Obama is desperate and determined.

      Please don't let this happen. It is wrong!

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    8. mb, Virginia says:

      Caught in another lie! Does he think we are all stupid and can not see through his lies? Wonder if Congress will be covered by their own mess……..If you vote for it you get it……….sick people on the hill led by marxist president. How fast can he destroy our freedom. Watch out for what's next…another lie on the way. You can't count them all.

    9. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      The new insurance plan is marketed as coverage for those without insurance. Hawaii did a similar thing for uninsured children a year ago. Guess what taxpayers who were paying to carry their children on their policies did when a public option they were paying for became available? They did what any rational person might do when he finds himself paying twice for the same thing – they dropped kids from their personal plans onto the public system. The state had to reverse coarse within six months of the plan's initiation because it was bankrupting the state. The naive promoters of the plan claimed they did not think people would drop their private plans for the public option and the state was not ready for the influx. The difference here is that the Democrats and Obama are COUNTING on that happening with their new plan while claiming otherwise. When fed the line that we should trust that we will maintain the high standard of health coverage that most people now have, I would respond "Don't eat that Grandma, it might not be what you think it is!".

    10. Recruiter, CT says:

      Obama is a maniacal President that seeks to be the Nation's first Dictator. This insurance plan will eliminate any private option since Private Insurance companies cannot ever compete with a Government subsidized program. Additionally, this will push our country even further into becoming a Bankrupt nation. We simply cannot afford Obama and his band of crooks. I am stunned by the damage the Annointed One has done in 6 months time. A revolution may be on the Horizon.

    11. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Anyone ever see the movie Soylent Green, with Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson? People cookies! Maybe that's where we are headed. Really not to far of a stretch with the way America has been manipulated these past six months. No matter what Mr. Obama say, the truth is ,"The is no such thing as a free lunch!" Never has been and never wil be. Someone always has to pay. And when there are no more so called 'Rich' to pay, then all the poor will lose. What is so hard about seeing that? Talk about the dumbing up of American!


    12. John - Utica, MI says:

      ObamaCare is the proverbial Trojan Horse and a true socialist act. Everyone should press their congressmen to speak out against this. You wont see it happen because Federal employees won't be part of this they will be exempt and keep their present plan and Unions will be exempt from this plan. These political pay backs will be the death of our country. Our present health care system needs some revamping but not to be hijacked by the Obama administration.

    13. Jeanne Stotler, woodbridge, Va says:

      Medicare is not FREE, I pay $95 amonth from my SS check ( I worked for those benefits) I also pay $166 a month for medigap insurance and I paid for the Rx plan as well, what Obama wants is to control us , that means you and me, he wants to tell you what HE THINKS is good for you, it’s time we all stand up and tell Pelosi, Reid and the Obama admis. that we won freedom from tyrany with the rev. war and WE CAN DO IT AGAIN.

    14. B & T, Flyover C says:

      My question remains: What right do these elected bureaucrats have to take from me the health care coverage that I earned as part of my retirement package and force me into a government run program which will give me a lesser quality of care because it will ration what procedures/medications I might need in the years to come?

      What right?

      The unmitigated arrogance of these socialists is appalling, to say the least.

      Who ARE they to play God and decide who will get the best treatments and who will be rationed out?

      I cannot see where we,the American people will stand for this.

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    16. Sundowner04, TN says:

      Sharpen the swords and prepare for the coming revolution!

      Sic sempre tyrannis…

    17. Alice Hobbs, Rossmoo says:

      Obama's arrogance and hubris is appalling in his belief that the American people are incapable of seeing beyond his promises and manipulative power grab to turn our democracy into a socialistic regime and forcing government mandated health care as his crowning achievement.

      Tea parties are only the beginning to a national revolt, which hopefully will come sooner than later. This devious administration must be held accountable for the potential impending catastrophy facing our nation. Our voices must be heard in unison to protect our liberties that were fought for so valiantly.

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