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  • In the Green Room: Rep. Tom Price

    Rep. Tom Price thinks we can do a better job of stimulating the economy without increasing the debt burden of future generations.

    Posted in Economics [slideshow_deploy]

    5 Responses to In the Green Room: Rep. Tom Price

    1. Andrew, Michigan says:

      Stop stimulus with no more allocations, cease further TARP expenditures and recapture the payback of TARP expenditures from banks. Where do I sign up? Awesome common sense conservative approaches that need National PROMOTION! How about getting the government out of the automobile industry?

    2. William B. Clark Jr. says:

      This is a question?

      I listen to conservative talk radio, read conservative literature, belong to the National and State of New Jersey Republican Comittees and belong to your foundation as well; how is it that I never heard that the federal government was going to release coins without the wording, "In Gos We Trust"??? Hoe in the world did the democrats pull this one off??? Please clarify, thank you.

    3. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      In God we trust! In Obama and his followers we do not!


    4. Linda Maddox, Carlsb says:

      President Obama has no intention to stop anything. He wants to overwhelm our economy with all his spending. He has a bigger plan. He wants to take over our economy and make us dependant on govt. Can you imagine, govt cap & tax, govt health care, I will be moving out of the country, when GE and the liberals are running my life. I live in California, they have taxed us to death,a lot of companies have left. This is going to happen to all of the United States.

    5. Ross, Bradenton, Flo says:

      After WW1, the allies destroyed the German economy demanding the it pay ALL of the war debt. The German government tried to print money and spend their way out of an overwhelming debt. In the breach stepped the National Socialist party with the charismatic leader with promised to make Germany great again. He nationalized many large business, suspended certain liberties. He outlawed private gun ownership. He jailed dissendents, then the undesireables, then the innocents, moving them to concentration camps where they were exploited and exterminated. He started rearming the military. But more interesting than having the peoples representives packed with National Socialist, he started building a government within a government with special directors to streamline governments response to him and get things done faster. Final the people had no representatives. The leader of the National Socialist was the undisputed leader of Germany. The rest is history.

      Now the questions; Is this happening in the USA with these "Czars"? Is a government within a government being formed? Will the Democrats find themselves uncerimoniously dismissed as irrelevent and obstructing the progress of Obama's new America after setting the stage by destroying the American economy and personal liberties?

      Obama is a smart, cold-blooded politician. But is there a puppeteer that we don't see? Is more than sophistry being played on the American people? The Islamist have a word that may fit this pattern, taqiyyah- a religious sanctioned form of dissimulation or duplicity. Is this also being cold-bloodly played on the American people in his diplomacy policies?

      I pray that none of this is true, however I fear our repesentatives(and our press) are in denial or complicity in what is happening.

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