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  • The "Latest" Final Deadline For Iran?

    Since 2003, when negotiations began over Iran’s nuclear program, there has been no shortage of warnings, reports and punitive sanctions voiced, written or imposed by the international community. (A quick count shows at least three punitive European Union sanctions, four US sanctions, five U.N. resolutions, 20 IAEA reports, and an untold number of informal warnings.)

    Unfortunately, none have succeeded in slowing–much less stopping–Iran’s atomic ambitions, which many increasingly believe has a military dimension. But despite this track record, President Nicholas Sarkozy of France issued yet another ultimatum, stating: “Group of Eight powers will give Iran until September to accept negotiations over its nuclear ambitions or face tougher sanctions.”

    But wasn’t it just a year ago that G8 leaders released a nearly identical statement on the Iranian nuclear program? Talk about déjà vu.

    Iran likely sees the latest promise of big power firmness for what it is: More toothless rhetoric.

    In fact, a top advisor to Iran’s Grand Ayatollah, Ali Akbar Velayti, said in a defiant response to the G8 statement that Iran, “will not retreat even one step from its peaceful nuclear activity.”

    The notion Iran that is willing to negotiate its nuclear program away without more determined measures is no longer credible after six years of unsuccessful talks.

    But time is on Iran’s side as they move unhindered toward a nuclear (weapon) breakout capability, which many believe is already here.

    Unfortunately, that is exactly what the G8, led by the Obama administration, is doing—giving Iran more time to join the once-exclusive nuclear weapons club.

    It is clear: More unenforced deadlines and unexecuted ultimatums are not the answer. Immediate, tough action is.

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    One Response to The "Latest" Final Deadline For Iran?

    1. Bob, Dayton Ohio says:

      The title to this article says it all;"The Latest Final Deadline For Iran." If we are going to straighten out this economic mess we are in, and regain our place as a respected Super Power, we have to begin by stopping the hollow threats. In my opinion we have lost our credibility as a leader among nations, and that is a direct result of our elected leadership. When our President sends a message to our enemies that he is willing to sit down and negotiate anything with them, he sends a clear message that they interpret as his being weak; and, that in turn is interpreted as the American people whom elected him have become weak. We need to retake our place as the lead nation (Super Power) on this planet by setting an agenda in stone, and then following through with what we threaten and/or promise to do if the guidelines are not met in a timely manner (in concert with the U.N. if possible, but without them if necessary). Simultaneously we need to begin renewing and mending our position with our old political allies, while reasserting our dominance on the world stage. If we do not reverse the course we have set for ourselves in recent years, we are going to sit on the side-lines and watch China pass us by as the world's newest Super Power. And if Mr. Obama does not stop acting like he is afraid to upset our enemies, while coming very close to alienating our aliies (e.g. Britain) in the way he treats their heads of state, we are not going to get the cooperation we deserve or demand from our allies or enemies. Right now this country appears to be lost at sea, drifting in circles, and the Captain has fallen off the ship. I am afraid nominating this judge to the Supreme Court may be yet one more sign of this President's leadership shortcomings; and, I hope I am incorrect because our once great nation is fading rapidly on all fronts: ridiculous spending, tax-promises that will have to be broken, unrealistic "Green" policies, the appearance of weak leadership, etcetera, etcetera. I cannot add anything more that is not all ready apparent.

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