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  • No Surprise: Global Warming Bill Delayed in Senate

    Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has abandoned her plans to draft and mark-up a comprehensive national energy tax modeled after the House-passed Waxman-Markey bill before Congress’s August recess. According to Reuters, Boxer promised, “we’ll do it as soon as we get back” from our month-long vacation.

    This should not come as surprise, as problems with the bill were beginning to mount. Senators Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) have engaged in a very public debate over “carbon tariffs” with Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and President Barack Obama. Several other Senators, including the powerful Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin (D-IA) have suggested that much more needs to be done on the agricultural offset side, and the bill could slip into next year. Further complicating matters is the struggle over who gets the tax revenue generated from auctioning off allowances. Close sources suggest Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) is fighting with Boxer on how that revenue is spent.

    The internal politics are ugly, but those who are doubtful of a cap-and-trade regime should not be celebrating yet. While this may give cap-and-tax supporters time to work out their dramatic differences, the process will ultimately be bad for Americans. Transparency will be a causality for this decision. Had Boxer completed her work when she promised, citizens, the media, and even Senators would have had time to read the legislation before being forced to debate and vote on one of the most consequential pieces of legislation in our country’s history.

    Boxer and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) are trying to recreate the dynamics that ruled the day in the House – draft a bill that no one has time to read, bring it to the floor with a lot of pork, and ram it through. Those antics may work in the House (especially when a $3.5 billion sweetener to secure the vote of one Democratic Congresswoman from Ohio, Marcy Kaptur), they will not work in the Senate, in part because Senators are not typically bound by the draconian rules of the House.

    The bottom line is simple – most Americans and most Members of Congress understand cap-and-tax is bad. The only way the minority runs roughshod over the majority is through deceit, a lack of transparency, and disgraceful horse-trading. Americans should seize on this delay by educating themselves on the follies of Waxman-Markey and sharing with anyone who will listen.

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    12 Responses to No Surprise: Global Warming Bill Delayed in Senate

    1. Delite Gaddie, Mesa, says:

      Increasing taxes on energy is a tax on the poor.

      Everyone has to buy gasoline and heat and/or cool there homes.

      Who started this ridiculous idea anyway?

    2. Mike Avery, E. Strou says:

      Now is not the time to let up on Senate on your opposition to Cap & Trade. Keep the calls and E-mails and letters and postcards going to your senators. Remember, they count on you forgetting about it over the summer, then count again on you not paying attention to what they are doing in the still of night (or day) to pass it through when they return from recess. This is one we must unite on to defeat, or suffer the consequences forever.

    3. G.McGee says:

      Every American needs to get involved in lobbying their own government representatives and speak out against this run-away regime before it is too late. Ignorance is not Bliss!

    4. TonyfromOz Coomera, says:

      Consider this.

      Currently 50% of all electrical power consumed in the U.S. comes from coal fired power plants.

      To produce this, 1.1 Billion tons of coal needs to be burned. This emits just on 3 Billion tone of CO2.

      No one has yet stated the unit price they want to put on this CO2, but President Obama himself stated during the campaign that $50 per ton would be his starting point.

      You do the math.

      Coal fired power is 30% of all emissions.

      You do the math.

      All passed down to consumers.

      Incidentally, currently World leaders are trying to commit to an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions.

      If coal fired power is 30% of those emissions, and this alone provides half of all U.S. electrical power, then you do the math.

      What, just what are they even hoping to replace that electrical power with if solar and wind are so enormously expensive, and cannot provide that power on an 8 hour basis, let alone a 24 hour basis.

      Let the Senate ask for a unit price on CO2 and see if they can do the math.

      I hear the distant rumblings of a very loud thump.

      Mainly of jaws hitting the ground.

      Both Senators and also the people in general.

      Meanwhile, if they are considering replacing those coal fired plants, isn't it funny that the Government wants to make as much money from them as is possible, and THAT was the first thing they considered.

      Source. Energy Information Administration database, the Government's own resource.

    5. Richard in Michigan says:

      The best suggestion on cap and trade: Cap the taxes and Trade the Congress in.

    6. Tim in Kentucky says:

      Funny, I thought this bill was all about fixing the supposed global warming issue. But here we have Baucaus and Boxer fighting over revenue??? This shows what this horrible bill is really about.

      Cap and Tax what a joke.

    7. Jim , Ohio says:



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    11. Mark, Long Island says:

      The truth seems to get lost in the sauce… Why isn't there a strong scientific debate? There is no evidence that CO2 from emissions causes ANY global warming. The whole cap and trade debate is about government control over energy. This is the largest tax increase in the history of the world and the basis for it is a lie. When will Republicans stand up and fight the real fight. Science is on their side, why don't they use it? It baffles me…

      We need energy independence through making use of the resources within our own boarders.

    12. Rick Craig rt6 box 2 says:

      we all know the global warming issue is a myth. We are much more likely to be in a global cooldown period right now. Global warming terrorism is a way for some well positioned folks to generate a huge amount of money for themselves.

      All Americans contact your Senators asap. Cover them up with e-mail, faxes, snail mail whatever.

      Congress needs to be reminded that they do not rule they govern.

      Americans; Congressional elections in 2010 presidential elections in 2012. Get out and vote, Acorn will be doing its best to steal the elections, if our country is going to survive we have to stop them!

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