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  • Obama Just Made Us More Vulnerable

    Cutting through the White House spin coming out of Moscow, Congressional Strategic Posture Commission member and Missouri State University professor Keith Payne writes in today’s Wall Street Journal:

    Beyond the bad negotiating principle of giving up something for nothing, there will be serious downsides if the U.S. actually reduces its strategic launchers as much as Moscow wishes. The bipartisan Congressional Strategic Posture Commission — headed by former secretaries of defense William J. Perry and James R. Schlesinger — concluded that the U.S. could make reductions “if this were done while also preserving the resilience and survivability of U.S. forces.” Having very low numbers of launchers would make the U.S. more vulnerable to destabilizing first-strike dangers, and would reduce or eliminate the U.S. ability to adapt its nuclear deterrent to an increasingly diverse set of post-Cold War nuclear and biological weapons threats.

    Read his whole op-ed here.

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    41 Responses to Obama Just Made Us More Vulnerable

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Why do I feel like I'm on the end of a Yo-yo with the Obama administration? With a string that's about to break! I offer zero apology for calling the folks that voted for this guy complete fools. Thanks for nothing.

    2. Gary, soon to be fro says:

      People still have hope that Obama is something other than what he states, and what he is in fact doing, and that he actually has a positive plan for the future of this nation, when just the opposite is the obvious reality. This man is a radical jihadist, the "Messiah" to the Islamic world, setting up to murdering and destroying America as fast as he can, all the while being aided by the useful idiots of the left, who now have a Super Majority. WAKE UP YOU FOOLS!

    3. Spiritof76 says:

      Russians are playing Obama like a fiddle. There can be two plausibe explanations and they may not have to be mutually exclusive.

      One, Obama is an idiot. A Chicago thug is playing with the KGB masters.

      Second, Obama probably beleives that he is remaking America. He believes that America is evil and must be changed. He is playing directly into the Russian's hand.

      Whatever the reason, America is losing her security and sovereignty.

    4. Andy NY says:

      We need to get rid of a president that doesnt know how to protect his country. If this fool for a president continues with his destruction of America, he will make history as America's worst president of all time!!!! We need to let this fool know we are not interested in his ideas! Healthcare? O is wrong! Defense? O is wrong! Stimulus? O is wrong! Economy? OOOO is wrong! O is a great liar! Lets impeach this fool before he destroys this great country!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Katy, Delaware says:

      Is Texas going to be one of those "sovereign" states?

      Maybe i'll move there, too.

    6. John Roane Sarasota says:

      On the up side the quicker he brings the country down the sooner we get to rebuild it. It's time for postive action.

    7. Jill Hetherington says:

      Watching obama is like watching Bible prophesy coming true in living color. He is more than an idiot. He is dangerous and the bidggest threat to America that we now face.

    8. rich weirton, wv says:

      God help us all……

    9. Tricia, Maryland says:

      We are the fools for just talking about this demon who is our president. We need to step up to the plate and actually doing something about this travisty. We are in the midst of a coup and just giving away the country without a fight.

    10. Norma Mendoza (Mex says:

      I hope you can translate this article so you can read about Obama's mistakes towards Honduras :


    11. TJS, Leesburg, FL says:

      Daniel Patrick Moynihan, no conservative, said of Jimmy Carter "Unable to distinguish between our friends and our enemies, he has adopted our enemies' view of the world."

      Moynihan would have to say the same about Obama.

    12. Buck from Greenville says:

      Based on Obama's mentors such as Frank Marshall Davis and many others plus comments made in the Soviet Union two decades ago, why should anyone be surprised at Obama's quest to bring America and all it stood for, down to a level of the poorest socialist county on the face of the earth.

    13. Ken St Louis says:

      All of the above are right on target! However, I see no way out of this mess except for the States that or still responsible to SECEDE from the union! Think about it! Id there any benefit for any of the staes like Texas or Missouri, or any of the other ( flyover states) to remain joined at the hip with the morons from California, New York, Massachusetts, etc. It can be done! Its in the constitution!!! If government becomes so intrusive as to become unbearable its our duty to SECEDE!!!

    14. MaryAnn, USA says:

      This move, in addition to Obama's overall defunding of our military, his economic strategy and his kissing up to despots and dictators, will put America exactly where he wants it- on her knees. The man is contemptible.

    15. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      Obama is simply acting, on a global scale, like the egalitarian he is. He and his leftist cohorts have, since the end of the 19th Century, sought to force every American down to the same size–leveling, I believe, was Edmund Burke's term for this "philosophical" position. As Obama proceeds with his pogrom in the domestic economy, he has turned similar attention to America's place in the world.

      Now Obama seeks to destroy our position as the world's only superpower, a power traditionally used solely to protect the weak abroad and ensure our national security. Obama is giving away the Nation's strength believing it best that the U.S. be "equal" to every other Nation.

      Too bad for the dream kid; the Russians, Chinese, Muslim States, North Koreans (the list is long) will be happy to rise to the top, leaving the U.S., and every other nation he would mimick, at the mercy of the friendly folks who brought the world the Gulag and its various other manifastations. It is nauseating to see the President of the United States willingly humiliated by the Russians, while at the same time remaining more than willing, even fawning over, Iran, China, etc. as the leaders of those nations OPENLY declare war on their own people.

      Question: please name a single President, even Jimy Carter, so lacking in courage that these regimes would announce–without any attempt to obfuscate–their murderous intentions and actions? But is it because Obama is a coward or is it because he does not care given his desire to destroy the Nation he has sworn to defend in furtherance of egalitarianism?

    16. libertybel, Rye, NY says:

      Incidentally, I read the article in Spanish to which Ms Mendoza refers. Apparently the ousting of Zelaya was in response to his intention to dissolve Parliament and have himself "voted" in as President-for-Life. The situation there was much more complex than reported by our media(surprise!) and Chavez and his allies were actively behind the Marxist Zelaya. As noted, Obama of course is siding with Zelaya.

    17. Rob, NC says:

      The sad thing is that this idiot is going to have monuments all over Washington, no matter how things turn out.

      It's sickening. We need a HUGE turnout in 2010 & 2012.

    18. FireInsideTheMan, MI says:

      While the liberal-leaning media continues to play into the hands of the Obama Administration, more and more Americans are beginning to realize our newly appointed "savior" is nothing but a snake oil salesman with no proof to show for all his claims of hope and change.

      Americans continue to turn away from these media organizations — ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN — and are increasingly turning their attention to FOX News, who are the real voices of the American Public.

      Obama has already proven himself to be wrong on so many fronts in less than six months time. Hard to imagine what will happen if this path continues for another 3.5 years! Impeach him now!

    19. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      One more thing, however, that haunts me as I see this "One Nation under God" race down the cliff of decadence. Does a Nation that not only allows, but in some quarters encourages, mothers to kill their own children and has created a marketplace for doctors paid to do the killing; a Nation fast approaching forced murder of the old and infirm; A Nation embracing eugenics with the enthusiasm of Dr. Mengele; a Nation of distractions so ubiquitous as to anesthetize the citizenry so it cannot see what is happening, deserve to survive?

    20. Tom Iowa says:

      It is the States that form the Union not the other way around. Think about it people. We can rise up in our own State and take authority of the local/state government and secede from our partnership to other states. It was done in the USSR and can be done here. What do you say America? Who will follow? We know we do'nt have any leaders..

    21. sherry burdette - says:

      We need our patriot missiles reinstated and the technology updated to defend ourselves from incoming attacks, duh…

    22. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      Certainly one of the major reasons a president is elected is to DEFEND our country. Indications are getting clearer and clearer that this president is DESTROYING our country from within–especially through taxation–and from without by honoring tyrants and cutting our defense.

      How myopic can we be about what is happening? When will those who took an oath to honor and defend this country have an awakening? The time to take some serious action is now.

    23. John, Colorado says:

      Want some more negative news? Imagine a weapon system released from a large suitcase, containing a 'hive' of robotic 'dragon flies'. Released by spies near missile silo complexes, the robots fly to individual silos and hide in the grass. Near a bomber base, they do the same. No missile can launch or bomber take off, or else the robots quickly fly into the booster at launch and explode, or fly into an engine intake. Don't forget Russian commandos with sniper rifles or heat seeking missiles in the grass, either. If a bat can hide in the space shuttle and not be noticed, then a small flying robot can do the same in a nuclear submarine, or on the outside of it. Add a deep human mole into a few places on the American side, and on the Russian or Chinese side a secret electromagnetic ABM system, and the triad is neutered. All that's left is nuclear weapons hidden in space or already within Russian or Chinese cities, and catastrophic pandemic multiple agent chimeric biological weapons. Of course, maybe the US has flying hive robots and an electromagnetic ABM weapons system. This does not even consider the accuracy of gps-guided conventional weapons, particularly cruise missiles.

    24. libertybel, Rye, NY says:

      To the administrator:

      About an hour ago I submitted an entry to this space. It was sane, sober, relevant and grammatical. It was not scurrilous, it was not obscene, it was not personal or abusive. Yet you chose not to publish it.


    25. Silverpoodle,Calif. says:

      We all march to different drummer. Check out Obama's drummers and you can see the direction he is leading/dragging the US. The CZARS that do not have to answer the the citizens. A media so in love with his agenda they will not release any information about his past.

      How can we believe anything we hear or read !!

    26. Janet, Cape Coral, F says:

      I just cannot comprehend how the media continues to justify backing this presidency, with never a negative comment. They see and hear what so much of the general public does not see or hear, and they continue to support the decisions he is making, and the danger the country is being put in, and, they live here; they and their families will be affected as well. Must be the Chicago politics…..they've had that "knock" on their door………….

    27. Connie Texas says:

      Rob, sez,

      The sad thing is that this idiot is going to have monuments all over Washington, no matter how things turn out.

      You're right Rob, The biggest monument will be the Obama Highway, leading everyone straight to the poor house. Probably built by one of his 'shovel ready' projects.

    28. RW, Arizona says:

      I believe the intent is to destroy this country, only after removing every cent from the pockets of every person in the U.S. Without a strong military, anyone can come in and take over. Reducing the U.S. missile defense while NKorea is launching nucs is INSANE! The only logical answer to what is going on here is bankruptcy and then total destruction!

    29. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      Uh, libertybe, the Foundation, as is it right as a private institution, resrves the right to review and moderate Comments. This policy is announced every time I sign on. I have posted numerous times and my postings have always be delayed while this process takes place. The Foundation has never censored nor editted my postings but I neither object to the review nor would complain if the Foundation DID edit a post it found inappropriate. As noted, the Foundation enjoys this right, the ability to comment is a privilege for me made possible by the Foundation, and I am quite sure that your sane, sober and grammatically correct post will be published if you are patient. I've had postings delayed for several hours. A great many people comment on this site so it is hardly surprising if it takes a while. Indeed I expect to receive notice that this comment is under review.

      One last thing. Your comment, the complaint posted above, seems to have sailed right through. As a legal proposition the Constitution applies only as a restraint on GOVERNMENT. There is no Constitutional limit on private website operators. In fact, you can start your own and moderate away or decline to moderate. That is one component of liberty.

      I, for one, am anxious to read your post as I am always interested in the "sane and sober."

    30. Margaret Mueller, CA says:

      For a lesson in real leadership read Annalise and Martin Anderson's Reagan's Secret War. We have an amateur in the White House.

    31. Larry- in the REPUBL says:

      I've grown tired of pounding this keyboard with my thumbs just to have my post comments deleted. I have covered, in depth at times, the same concerns and issues that Rob, Barb,libertybel,J.C.Hughes-my fellow TEXAN, and Gary soon(?)to be my fellow TEXAN have expressed. Apparently my cuttin' all the fat off the comment and gettin' down to the bone has offended the elite Heritage study group pundits! All I can say is that when I TRY to be politically "correct", and don't trump a spade, my comments turn out lookin' like some exit thesis for 3rd term Lit. class! I'll try harder to trim fat and still pander to the liberals, AND the Heritage Foundations thin skin, that has obviously been torched by Obama as well!! Rub on some lotion next time though.

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    33. John J. Pellegrino says:

      The main problem, in my humble opinion, is our agenda driven liberal media, that always sides with Liberal Democrats and also the Liberal Republicans in Washington, so real conservatives are always vastly outnumbered. Liberals constantly and routinely get away with demonizing Conservatives in their respective medias. Now they want to censor Talk Radio so the true facts never get out about any issue. Citizens are so brainwashed that it was relatively easy for Obama to lie to them and have them believe him. This is basic, but still the most daunting obstacle there is in front of this country. We don't vote in "so called" journalists, so how can we get rid of this "Fourth Branch of Government"? Solve this and our Constitution and Government has a chance, but if we can't, the News Media will be willing partners in the destruction of this once great nation, and it can happen. People are buying ammunition like never before, they are worried, and I don't blame them.

    34. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Will we be socialist or communist in the near future???? This fool in Washington is so full of himself that he is willing to give this country away at the drop of a hat.

    35. Roger S., MA. says:

      J.C.Hughes: 'Why do you feel like a yo-yo?' Well asked! That's what you are (to the proper Chicagoan), as are the rest of us! We're disposable mass on a string, to be cut whenever it suits the great guru or one of his sorcerer's apprentices.

      And, to Gary: I may soon join you. The "Lone Star State" is a great place. And one thing seems certain: the renewal of America won't come from Boston, Concord, or Philadelphia, this time, nor from Washington, Chicago or Sacramento.

      To libertybel: I read the same article, and although my Spanish is a bit rusty (30 years out from the intensive college summer-term course), your assessment is correct: It's exactly the other way around from our MSM take. This guy Zelaya was actually planning an illegal referendum to obtain a life-time presidency, presumably to obtain a "figleaf" to drape over his own version of a Chavez-style coup. He had already obtained advice and supplies from Venezuela to help him. The military, acting under the legitimate direction by the Honduran supreme court, stopped him. Good, clean job, too.

      My apologies to Ms.Mendoza: I can't very well translate the whole article here, but to give other readers on this blog a chance to know what the Mexican website had to say about the U.S. (BO) response, I'll insert the last paragraph and sentence with their translation:

      Ésta es la hipocresía de los "democráticos": en nombre de la democracia pretenden obligar a un país a someterse a un tirano que quiere abolir las formas civilizadas del Estado de Derecho. Son de un cinismo escandaloso. Entre ellos se encuentra el presidente de EU, que está interviniendo descaradamente en los asuntos internos de Honduras para obligar a su población a someterse al marxismo.

      Obama ha empezado a mostrar quién es en realidad y en qué manos ha caído la gran nación del Norte.

      "This is the hypocracy of the "Democrats": in the name of democracy they make a show of demanding a country submit to a tyrant who would abolish its civilized forms of The Rule of Law. They are being most scandlously cynical. Among them we find (also)the president of the United States, who would interfere in a most uncalled-for manner in Honduran internal affairs in order to oblige its population to submit to Marxism."

      "Obama has managed to show who he really is and in whose hands has fallen the great nation to the North."

    36. Susana, VA says:

      It seems obvious that Obama has some serious sort of power over our representatives. It seems a given that anything he proposes will pass the House & Senate against the will of the majority of Americans. This hijacking and destruction of America is being played out like a chess game. Our moves are being anticipated and blocked in advance. We need some serious strategists on our side, who can truly see Obama for who he is, and help us to outstep him.

      Our means of resistance are very predictable, and slow. He is always one step ahead. While we are busy protesting and trying to counter his moves, our abilities to resist this hijacking of America, and even to speak out are being taken away. I believe we need to get a step ahead somehow. I am frightened that the window of opportunity for us to act is closing.

      I believe it has to begin with realizing that the way we are resisting and trying to counter this is too predictable, easily countered and NOT WORKING-and that our representatives no longer represent us. For all the time and effort spent trying to lobby our politicians to DO THEIR JOBS and represent us, we are seeing very little result. Is there a way to better spend this time and energy?

      We need a 'guerilla resistance movement' for lack of a better term. A resistance that doesn't follow an easily predictable pattern.

      (I am NOT advocating a bloody revolution. This is the thing–like chess, this is a 'game' of strategy, an intellectual 'game'. If we start spilling blood, the only blood that will be spilled is our own, and I don't know how effective that would even be. Each of us only has one life to give, and even for those who are eager to sacrifice it for a just cause-it should not be wasted. It would be no more than a blip in the news with a spin to say the individual(s) was/were some imbalanced, overstressed persons). So for anyone thinking that way-think again.)

      We need to get a step ahead and change the game. We need to take stock of what we still have, in terms of freedoms and means to act that have not been made illegal and do something before we lose the ability. I am frightened that the window of opportunity for us to act is closing.

    37. cfuller Missouri says:

      Who would believe that the very politicians who planted, watered and protected the reckless lending policy, that is the root cause of the demise of our finacial intitutions, and the world economy, are still in the same position of power.

      And they blame the those who should have fought them and did'nt. Will Americans ever wake up?

    38. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Which City gets the first Missle? Chicago,D.C. or


    39. Eduardo, Brazil says:

      Let´s just have a look at history: in 83 the student Barack Obama wrote a paper policy in which he recommended that USA should decrease its forces around the globe and accommodate to Soviet demands, while engaging in reducing its arsennal and the delivery vehicles. He was granted an A-plus from the liberal institution. At the same year, Ronald Reagan annouced the SDI, an escalation of 1,5 trillion dollars in defense spending. It broke the dorsal spine of the Soviet Union and, without a single shot at Soviet territory, America won the Cold War. Now the president Barack Obama, approved by his liberals, repproved by history, wants to make his dream a reality. What will come out of this?

      Let us JUST bare in mind the recent re-risen of the old ways of statehood in Russia, their news ties to China (Shanghai Organisation), and the dependency Germany has to Russia.

      I´m not liking this at all, I feel unsafe as a citizen of an american allie.

    40. RS from AZ says:

      Right president. Wrong country. Ship this anti-war Marxist to another hemisphere. Can you say "Banana Republic"?

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