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  • Obama Attempts Immigration Street Cred

    The Obama Administration has begun a series of investigations aimed at hitting employers who hire illegal immigrants, notifying businesses of plans to audit their I-9 forms. I-9 forms are forms that every worker needs to fill out in order to be employed legally. This is a great first step in terms of getting the Obama Administration on track in terms of immigration reform- illegal immigrants largely come here for economic reasons, so it makes since to enforce the law from the workplace. The danger, however, is that the Obama Administration will use clamping down on employers as a means of sneaking an amnesty through the door this fall. If Obama’s campaign rhetoric and his immigration meeting with lawmakers last week is any indicator, this is a very likely scenario.

    The U.S. does need to ensure that employers are following immigration laws. That is why we have great programs like E-Verify, which makes screening employees easier at little cost to the employer. But this isn’t the end of the road for immigration enforcement. The border needs to be secured, and we need to keep up workplace raids and other measures which identifying those individuals here in the U.S. illegally.

    Looking tough on immigration law isn’t the same as being tough, and Obama has yet to clearly lay out an immigration plan. The right approach to immigration is one that enforces the law, protects Americans, brings in new legal immigrants, and keeps everyone safer. Obama’s strategy should include all of the above.

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    4 Responses to Obama Attempts Immigration Street Cred

    1. Brittancus, Indianap says:

      With Al Franklin being sworn the oath of office, which for a majority in either party means absolutely nothing? Be assured the Democratic Libertarian leadership has a perfect storm and with a 60 member majority the other side cannot filibuster any new laws to being enacted. My major concern is an illegal immigrant the–OVERPOPULATION–invasion. Unless–THE AMERICAN PEOPLE–don't exert pressure on their Senators, Representatives, they are–SURE–to pass another AMNESTY. With no restraints it means 13 to 20 million plus, foreign workers and their large families will get a path to citizenship, even though they broke our laws. In stark addition to this, millions more will appear in America after sweeping across our border, after being advised that AMNESTY is going to be enacted.

      OVERPOPULATION–will over the next 40 years propel the amount of people, living, working here to around 430 million? That's federal government statistics?

      Our country is already being swamped by foreign nations who cannot speak or write English and unable to comprehend road warning signs. Amongst the impoverished, the sick and others carry contagious diseases, comes the gang members, rapists, murders and other criminal elements. Those caught have already compromised our overcrowded penal system. Each day there is carnage on the highways to American family members. The Heritage foundation has already stated that the costs could reach $2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS, just in retirement benefits. I don't think their are any words to describe the financial impact on taxpayers, as these poor, unschooled and large extended families cannot find work, in a near 11.0 percent jobless rate for AMERICANS. There is huge unknown financial amount of money to support the illegal worker, followed by a wife and then–CHAIN MIGRATION–of sisters, brothers who are sure to come?

      There is a danger to our economy so unbelievable, it cannot be emphasized enough–THAT THE PUBLIC MUST PRESSURE THEIR RELUCTANT PUBLIC SERVANTS IN WASHINGTON–NOT TO ALLOW ANY KIND OF AMNESTY? The full weight of this massive expenditure will fall on the U.S. TAXPAYER–NOT THE PARASITE EMPLOYER WHO DOES THE HIRING? A prime example at this time is payments of illegal alien households around the country. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation calculated the average low-skilled immigrant household received $30,160 in direct benefits, education, medical care and other services from all levels of government in 2004. Those same low-skilled immigrant households paid only $10,573 in taxes that year, meaning the average low-skill household had a fiscal deficit of $19,588.

      The ultimate question is can Americans afford to support all these low income nationals, while the nations economy is stagnant? With millions of the US population searching for a job, with a slender possibility of passing Universal health care? We must have a uniform immigration enforcement program, that our politicians have cowardly moved away from, except for a brave few.

      We need immediate transformation of E-Verification to a permanent, none voluntary for–ALL–workers, within the United States. Whether you have five employees or 50.000 everybody must be verified as legal. IT SHOULD START WITH EVERY GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION? THEN EVERY US FEDERAL WORKER SHOULD BE VETTED, OR HAVE THE US GOVERNMENT GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE? BEING THAT FORMER PRESIDENT BUSH, IMPLEMENTED THE PILOT PROGRAM, THE GOVERNMENT MUST SET AN EXAMPLE INSTEAD OF ALL THE DELAYS?

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    3. OPAS says:

      The time has come for you to choose. It is priority time, you have only two choices. Will you choose your COUNTRY or will you continue to choose the DEMOCRAT PARTY? You have filled your Congress and Senate with Democrats and Democrat imposters that pose as Republicans. You have been indoctrinated with buzz words like BiPartisan, and no one questions why that does not apply to the Democrat Party.

      Divide the voters and you will conquer and the biased news media are now planting the seed that a third party may be started. Wake up and see there is only one "PARTY", the "AMERICAN PARTY".

    4. Alan smith says:

      Thank you for sharing this article, this is nice one…. I like it a lot and Hope others might like it as well.

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