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  • Morning Bell: President Obama's Job Killing Health Care Tax

    On June 15th, the Congressional Budget Office issued a crushing blow to President Barack Obama’s health care plan, placing a $1 trillion price tag on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee’s draft legislation. And what did Americans get for their $1 trillion in new debt? A measly16 million net decrease in the number of people uninsured. Liberals in Washington decried the CBO’s findings, complaining that they had scored an incomplete version of the bill.

    So this past Friday, the CBO released a fuller scoring of HELP’s legislation, and indeed, the overall impact on our nation’s debt is lower: a mere $597 billion would be added to federal budget deficits over the 2010-2019 period.

    How did HELP lower the bill’s budget busting total? Did they “bend the curve” on health care costs? Did they weed out administrative costs? Eliminate waste? Nope. The Washington Post reports:

    Committee staffers reworked the bill — and added a new provision requiring most employers to contribute to the cost of health insurance — to arrive at the lower estimate. Under the new proposal, any business with more than 25 workers would be required to offer coverage or pay a $750 penalty per employee.

    In other words, the HELP committee wants to pay for their health care plan in classic “tax-and-spend” liberal fashion: by instituting a crippling new tax on our nation’s businesses. And not just any new tax. A tax directed like a heat-seeking missile at job creation: an employer mandate. But don’t take our word for it. President Obama’s White House National Economic Council Director Larry Summers wrote in 1989:

    Mandated benefits are like public programs financed by benefit taxes… There is no sense in which benefits become ‘free’ just because the government mandates that employers offer them to workers. … [Minimum] wages cannot fall to offset employers’ cost of providing a mandated benefit, so it is likely to create unemployment.

    And the HELP committee bill is still incomplete. Even its most current incarnation still would cover just 39% of uninsured Americans. So the Obama administration is also pushing for a further expansion of Medicaid. Add those costs into the mix, and the final price tag shoots back up to $1.3 trillion. Wonder who the administration plans to tax to make up for that final trillion?

    Defending his administration’s economic performance on ABC’s This Week, Vice President Joe Biden told George Stephanopolos: “There was a misreading of just how bad an economy we inherited.” The Obama administration can not blame President Bush forever. They can’t run around threatening to enact a $400 billion tax on employment and then blame others for double-digit unemployment rates. There is an alternative to government-run budget-busting health care, some of which the Obama Administration even supports. Example: removing the tax benefit of employer-sponsored health care coverage, which will untie Americans’ health care coverage from their employers and help move the country towards a truly market-based, consumer-driven health care model. Health care coverage can be expanded in a cost-efficient manner, but only by empowering Americans to make health care decisions with their doctors.

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    57 Responses to Morning Bell: President Obama's Job Killing Health Care Tax

    1. Publius75 Minnesota says:

      "Committee staffers reworked the bill — and added a new provision requiring most employers to contribute to the cost of health insurance — to arrive at the lower estimate. Under the new proposal, any business with more than 25 workers would be required to offer coverage or pay a $750 penalty per employee."

      I see a lot of micro-businesses created out of this. If your a business owner, instead of paying your employees I see them paying another company, maybe several companies, to supply employees.

      Then of course the entrepreneurs will be demonized as greedy and heartless, and then they'll pass another bill to kill the newly created businesses.

    2. Tom in Grand Rapids, says:

      It would be no more expensive to just pay the premiums for these 16 million Americans. Use the same insurers we have now, or expand Medicaid.

      Why is nobody talking about the millions of jobs that will be lost in the insurance industry by creating this National Health Care Plan? As well as the additional layoffs by suppliers & vendors to these companies.

      Why is Government competing with private industry when the Constitution explicitly states this is unacceptable? We won't go into how the Government can "own" private companies (GM, AIG).

      I am tired of our Government thinking they can run things better than the American people and a Free Enterprise market. What have they ever run, that actually works and stayed within a budget? …nothing.

    3. PatR Virginia Beach says:

      I truly believe that Obamas goal is to destroy America and our traditional American values. There can be no mistake on the amount of deficit spending by our Democrat Congress and president. This debt will incur interest for so long that our grandchildrens grandchildren will still be paying it. This is no mistake!! He is undermining the American dollar! A democrat president with a democrat congress is a recipe for disaster. Look back and you will find the last democrat president was JFK who knew how to stimulate the economy. Unfortunately Johnson undid what Kennedy wanted and took OUR money out of the Social Security Trust Fund and put it into his operating budget. Forever bankrupting Social Security. Then the incompetent Carter came along and decided to give OUR Social Security Money to illegals who never contributed a cent. Please…look at Government run programs..Social Security…Medicare and Medicaid…The US Postal Service…Amtrak….Public Education….Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac….Welfare….The War on Poverty….ALL BANKRUPT GOVERNMENT RUN PROGRAMS!!! Now the Government is running the Banking Industry, the Automobile Industry and soon our Health Care. Is there any doubt that Obama doesn't know what he is doing or is he doing just what he wants? None dare call this a conspiracy but I have serious doubts that Obamas intentions are honorable.

    4. David Barth, CFA, Ju says:

      BHO's and Congress' policies continue to destroy our competitive economic position in the world. Put cap and trade, health taxes, higher corporate and personal taxes, regulatory controls, etc. upon our producers can only lead to the work being exported either by domestic owners or foreign owners.

      A country's economic prowess is measured by it productive competitive position. As our comparative costs increases so inversely will our ability to compete decrease.

      Politicians, with their lack of economic and business sense, are consumer oriented as that is where the votes are. Thia Congress' current policies are not only hurting the producers but, also, the consumer. We are digging our economic grave.

      Outside of our Health Care, which BHO and Congress are out to kill, I know of nothing that is made in the U.S. that cannot be produced in another country cheaper. Can a society survive that is destined to live on a Government dole that is financed by those who don't like us? This is how to win a war without shooting a shot.

      Furthermore, daily we are reminded that Congress makes the laws and that those in Congress the longest are the biggest enemies of the Free Enterprise System as they are in the pockets of special interests who finance their re-elections and keep competition out. Elections are not free. That is why Congressional Term Limits are necessary now. It is bi-partisan.

    5. Linwood Boudreaux says:

      We need to impeach Obama and the rest of the Democratic Socialist Machine befire they distroy this great country

    6. Nelia, AZ says:

      PatR from Virginia Beach has nailed it! This is precisely the state of affairs and reasons for it.

      Now, how do we undo the mess? Too many people still believe Obama walks on water.

    7. HSR0601 says:

      The independently-funded healthcare policy research organization, The Commonwealth Fund, compared possible savings 'a health insurance exchange' could bring under three different scenarios. One would include a Medicare-like plan along with private insurance. Another would instead offer only a government-run plan with rates somewhat higher than Medicare. The final one would be private insurance with no government plan at all.

      Commonwealth's study found cumulative health system savings between 2010 and 2020, compared with projected trends for that period, would range from $3.0 trillion under a Medicare-like plan along with private insurance paying providers at Medicare rates in competition with private plans, to $2.0 trillion for a public plan paying providers at rates between Medicare and private plan rates, to $1.2 trillion in the private plan-only scenario. All three options would help insure nearly all Americans, it said, with the number of uninsured dropping to about 4 million people by 2012. 'Such an exchange' would offer a central point for consumers to shop for and compare health plans.

      Under the Medicare-like plan along with private insurance, all U.S. residents would be required to obtain health coverage. The plan would establish a new government-sponsored health program for people younger than age 65 who are not eligible for Medicare. More than 40 million people would be expected to enroll in the program, according to Cathy Schoen of the Commonwealth Fund.

      The government-operated insurance exchange would be similar to an existing program in Massachusetts and would allow people to compare coverage offered by private insurers and the new public program. In addition, the plan supports wide adoption of health information technology, better disease prevention efforts and 'changes to the insurance payment system' that promote efficiency. Health spending would continue to increase under the plan, but at a slower rate than current projections over the next 10 years. The Commonwealth Fund said the plan would reduce annual health care spending growth from a projected 6.7% to 5.5% and save a cumulative total of about '$3 trillion' by 2020, adding a national health insurance exchange program that includes a federally managed health insurance option could potentially save $1.8 trillion more than a plan consisting only of private plans.

      The group's analysis assumed other changes would also be made to the U.S. healthcare market. These include an expansion of existing government coverage and new regulations that would require insurers to cover a wider range of consumers. Hospitals and doctors would also see their revenues grow with any of the three exchanges but at a slower rate, the report said.

      The proposal's advocates have argued that a government-sponsored insurance plan would offer the 46 million uninsured Americans an affordable alternative to costly private insurance, adding that It would provide a strong incentive for private plans to strealine, innovate and compete.

      Thank You !

    8. Robert T. Davis says:


    9. Ron, Derry NH says:

      The government by the government for the government has arrived completely.

      Government Housing has destroyed the inner cities, government run health care is burdening Medicaid and Medicare, government intervention into the housing market and poor government financial responsibility has caused economic world instability and yet they want more of the PIE.

      They will take over our economy with the health care bill and passage to further destroy what is left of "self destiny" by those who have made themselves valuable to our society.

      I am convinced the Ivy League's inception of Socialism and servitude to an elitist government is upon us and both sides want the same thing only with a slightly different sales pitch.

      This is pretty much France of the 1700's with money printing in an attempt to create wealth and control and social engineering from a fascist dictatorship like 20th century Europe.

      Carl Marx's hellish ideas can't be proved wrong often enough because they insure elitist rule and profit for any government willing to dupe and enslave its people to it.

      This is the destruction of freedom when our government sides with communism to impose a systematic destruction of free enterprise.

      Car it Marxism, socialism or Communism, it makes no difference. The end of choice has arrived with the Democrats joyfully consuming our economy for their gain witha phony sales pitch that they can make it right with one more stimulus or debt package.

      The grand lie Marxism is here. A President who belives the rhetoric and a Congress that excepts the defeat of Americanism at its own hand.

    10. Steve D - NH says:

      I concur that Obama has an agenda to destroy the foundation of the USA that he developed while growing up (fatherless) and being persuaded (mentored) by Frank Marshall Davis. Follow this link to an account of his "education" in socialism (http://www.aim.org/aim-column/obamas-communist-mentor/) The fox is now the keeper of our hen house. I wonder if he still hides when he's smoking?

    11. Mary N. Lodi, WI says:

      Will the liberals EVER stop blaming Bush for the mess we're in. Granted the recession began during his term but if the current administration doesn't quit imposing taxes on busineses companies will move overseas….but then isn't it Obama's goal to destroy this country. I'm not sure there are grounds for impeachment, yet. But if Americans don't keep hounding their elected officials to let them know how angry AMerican people are about all these ridiculous programs we all might be wearing little gray "leisure suits" and answering to the government for every little thing we do.

    12. Mary N. Lodi, WI says:

      Forgot to mention that on July 4th our horse club rode in a rural parade. We all carried larger American flags and wore red, white and blue outfits. Surprisingly, in front of us was, of all things, "Obama campaigners" handing out WI state road maps and candy for kids. I can tell you that not too many folks would even make eye contact with these "Obamakins". Of course rural areas aren't liberal supporters but the puzzlement is WHY these people felt compelled to campaign for Obama…he won. Maybe they're scared his popularity is most definitely waning.

    13. Steve, Michigan says:

      Amen. What the country needs right now is a major tax cut to spur both enterprise creation and resulting employment. Both conservatives and liberals seem to fall all too often for the notion that the purpose of enterprises is to provide employment. To the contrary, the purpose of enterprises is to provide people with products and services they need. Employment is the happy result. Neither one can happen if governmental "friction" is too high, in the form of taxes, mandates and regulatory burdens.

    14. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      Well, Ted Kennedy obviously doesn’t want to be under the same government-run health care system which the democraps want to force onto the rest of us. He will insist that all of Congress be exempt from national health care. This should tell anyone, even drones, that government health care is a raw deal and horrible mistake. Rush Limbaugh was recently criticized for suggesting naming it the Ted Kennedy Memorial Bill. Although I sympathize with cancer victims, I have another idea. Since New York recently renamed the Tri-Borough Bridge after RFK, would it be cruel to suggest that other bridges (i.e., Chappaquiddick) be named after his brother Ted?

    15. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:



    16. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      What many are missing is this: The Obama administration's outcry to nationalize our current health care system is a fallacy because it's not about improving health care, it's about expanding WELFARE!

    17. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      Re: Mr. Dasis' comment and the Vice Pesident's statement that the Administration "Misread" how bad the economy is. It is hard to stifle the reaction to burst out in laughter at Biden's choice of words. "Misread?" $800 billion dollars in a stimulus package that has not and will not do anything except expand the size and reach of the federal government seems a bit greater a matter than a "misreading." This seems more like "missed by 800 billion light years!" And worst of all the left has a whole lot more on its list of things to "misread." Do any of them know HOW to read?

    18. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:


    19. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      R. Davis is absolutely right. Regardless of political parties, we need to take congress by storm by backing pro-free market and states' rights candidates in the 2010 elections. As a non-GOP Texas Republican, I'm a strong anti-federalist in the spirit of many of our nation's founders who feared such governmental abuses of power. Any and all talk of past, present and future social welfare and/or entitlement programs never belonged at the federal level. Such issues were always an individual state matter. Forming a more perfect union was for the purpose of a common defense, foreign policy and a common currency promoting the general welfare of individual states and free markets. That's it! Nothing more. It's time for another "CHANGE!" We need to turn the federal boat around returning it to the safe harbor of our founders' intent.

    20. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      PS: a common currency does help with economic stability. The problem is the potential abuse by the generator of such currency. For this reason, strict limitations must be enacted upon those entrusted with management of a common monetary supply.

    21. Pamela Colorado says:

      I have to wonder if this administration is threatening people to go along with all that they want. It's about power for the democrates. Sad thing is when all of this fails and the country falls into the toilet –where it's going already—what then? Do they think people will vote for them because of their henchmen–aka-Acorn? Job's will be elimated again–it's easier.

      Medicare has been a MESS forever. I have listened to my mother complain about it and the donut hole thing. When the drug part was revised it became an even bigger mess. It didn't help anyone. They were better off when the drug company's gave them card to get their prescriptions cheaper and with NO DONUT HOLE. The GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO STOP. STOP NOW—–WE DON'T NEED THEM IN OUR BUSINESS. WE NEED THEM TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY., SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND ALL THE MILITARY…… Liberals seem to be nothing but dreamers that live in neverneverland and don't seem to live in the real world that all the working class lives … We struggle but we keep going but not if GOVERNMENT takes over as they seem to be trying to do.


      Here's another thing. Get rid of Welfare unless someone is truly imobilized or mentally can't make it . But stop giving out free everything. It is what is taking this country into the toilet. Give help to women who have no husband–like an education BUT then they have to go to work. Have companies provide daycare at their places of business. Lordy, lordy, we provide daycare at highschools for these young girls that get pregnant BUT WE CAN'T DO IT AT BUSINESSES AROUND THE COUNTRY. You just might see things change for the good if someone didn't have to worry about their children every minute of the day. And go out and see if the retired would like to work there because their are a lot of people that have no one and need people. And what is more joyful than a baby, a toddler, a child…..

    22. Paul Rinderle says:

      Life does not guarantee perfect satisfaction for all, even in the department of meeting elementary needs. But before we conclude that our society is in desperate straits because 40 million lack health insurance, let’s look at the figure in full context and consider what it may or may not mean. It may well be that those 40 million people are not the same ones from month to month, year to year, but switch places all of the time. (This is true about poverty, for example, where on average people remain poor for only about five years.) So, very possibly, the many of the 40 million uninsured are, in fact, uninsured for good reasons­-they fail to work hard enough to afford it or they really don’t need it for significant stretches of their lives. -Tibor Machan Jan 26 2004

    23. Larry- in the REPUBL says:

      Steve of Michigan you are correct.The government "hoops" and friction you mention will undermine the the American spirit of fervant growth and production, causing diminished work force and pay scales. Add to the reduction in work force size the fact that employers will graduate to a Walmart style of employment. They'll cut jobs that pay "salaries" and refigure employees' status as "part time" in order to duck paying Federal healthcare taxes levied on them for permanent "full time" employees. Either way, true proprietary thinking will evade any cost incurrment "MANDATED" by big brother at the cost of us all, just to prove a point! Don't screw with American business, by proxy, when trying to FORCE healthcare reform on folks who refuse to be covered by what is offered to them now! BY the way, $750 per year-per employee-is WAY LOW when figured on a yearly basis! That's not even 2 months premiums out of "our" pockets, not to mention the employer paid premiums on a houehold of 5! Who came up with THAT number?

    24. Jim Aldrich, Alta CA says:

      I despise the Ted Kennedy Memorial Plan as much as anyone for the simple reason that it moves the accountability away from the individual to a smoke-filled room out of the publics view. The real solution is indeed personal accountability.

      However, I can't see that the alternate solution here proposed (removing tax-exemptions for employer provided health care) accomplishes anything differant then the Ted Kennedy Plan. It simply forces more people into needing the TK/BHO plan.

      How does increasing employer taxes avoid the very tax increases Obama is proposing condemened for its tax and spend ideology earlier in this article?

      How does it help the employee afford health coverage?

      Even if the employer avoides these tax increases by spending those dollars on pay increases, the employer taxes and personal income taxes on those increased wages will simply accrue to Washington's benefit. Either way, once the money is taxed, there is less of it to spend on coverage by the individual.

      Furthermore, large employers have often provided much better coverage at far less cost by simply absorbing the risk themselves and then creating a work environment that incentivises healthy behavior. (See recent story on Safeway's experience in WSJ – 06/12/09.)

      This approach is not witout risks. The lesson to be learned on from GM is to never give the union bosses the keys to your shop. Don't abandon the management of your employee health plan to the UAW and expect to contain costs.

      Completely removing the employer from the equation of itself provides no improvement to the TK/BHO plan.

      Any solution that allows the government to share off the top only reduces the resources available to work with and exagerates the problem to be fixed.

      Jim Aldrich

    25. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Just look at africa, Every time an ingnorant person gets in the position of top executive of a country, he completly destroys the country, the economy, and steals as much as possible, eventually the country is totally destroyed. This will happen to us If we do not put a stop to this insanity at once, and repeal everything done including tarp one, done against the will of the people, by a run away bunch of thieves, led by paulson. And If Obama wants to control nukes, let him get those away from pakistan before they fall into the hands of the terrorist that are about to take over the entire region.

    26. Steve, Michigan says:

      J.C. Hughes, you and I are on the same wavelength. The Constitution is a finely balanced compromise between the needs of national unity on mostly external matters and the rights of the states and individuals. This balance has been tilted in favor of an imperial federal government, starting largely in the Great Depression, but continued under Johnson (a Texan!)and Nixon (a Republican!), besides the other Democrats. Even W fell prey to the federal power cabal, seemingly unable to separate national security issues, which are by Constitution placed in the hands of the federal government, and social/economic issues (such as schools, energy, medical prescriptions, etc), which ought to remain at the state level. We need a Supreme Court that will put some teeth into the Tenth Amendment.

    27. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      One thing I notice reading these comments. To many people still believe the old Democrat vs republican lie. ALL these W@#$%s are for their power, and against the people. Unless people wake up and realize the truth, and "NEVER RE_ELECT AN INCUMBENT" not only in 2010, but for as long as we manage to survive, we will all be slaves, puppets, and cash cows for the eletist class we have created by being stupid and apathetic.The American voter is the dumbest animal on the planet, and, as all dumb animals, have been consumed by predators.

    28. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Morning Bell should read as follows: (every day)

      Presdent Obama's Job Killing Programs (not just health care but all his stupid and ignorant ones that are geared to destroy America).

      Time for us to stand up and tell the idiot Obama to take a long walk of a short pier before we are all underwater.

    29. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The HF is on CSpan more and more

      that is NOT Good

      Becasue the HF is one of those that wants Obama to fail.

    30. NYstatehome says:

      I'll accept this health plan but only if Obama, his family and all of Congress agree to participate. If it's good enough for us, then it's good enough for them.

    31. jacksmith says:


      It’s official. America and the World are now in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. A World EPIDEMIC with potential catastrophic consequences for ALL of the American people. The first PANDEMIC in 41 years. And WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES will have to face this PANDEMIC with the 37th worst quality of healthcare in the developed World.


      We spend over twice as much of our GDP on healthcare as any other country in the World. And Individual American spend about ten times as much out of pocket on healthcare as any other people in the World. All because of GREED! And the PRIVATE FOR PROFIT healthcare system in America.

      And while all this is going on, some members of congress seem mostly concern about how to protect the corporate PROFITS! of our GREED DRIVEN, PRIVATE FOR PROFIT NATIONAL DISGRACE. A PRIVATE FOR PROFIT DISGRACE that is in fact, totally valueless to the public health. And a detriment to national security, public safety, and the public health.

      Progressive democrats the Tri-Caucus and others should stand firm in their demand for a robust public option for all Americans, with all of the minimum requirements progressive democrats demanded. If congress can not pass a robust public option with at least 51 votes and all robust minimum requirements, congress should immediately move to scrap healthcare reform and request that President Obama declare a state of NATIONAL HEALTHCARE EMERGENCY! Seizing and replacing all PRIVATE FOR PROFIT health insurance plans with the immediate implementation of National Healthcare for all Americans under the provisions of HR676 (A Single-payer National Healthcare Plan For All).

      Coverage can begin immediately through our current medicare system. With immediate expansion through recruitment of displaced workers from the canceled private sector insurance industry. Funding can also begin immediately by substitution of payroll deductions for private insurance plans with payroll deductions for the national healthcare plan. This is what the vast majority of the American people want. And this is what all objective experts unanimously agree would be the best, and most cost effective for the American people and our economy.

      In Mexico on average people who received medical care for A-H1N1 (Swine Flu) with in 3 days survived. People who did not receive medical care until 7 days or more died. This has been the same results in the US. But 50 million Americans don’t even have any healthcare coverage. And at least 200 million of you with insurance could not get in to see your private insurance plans doctors in 2 or 3 days, even if your life depended on it. WHICH IT DOES!

      If President Obama has to declare a NATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY to rescue the American people from our healthcare crisis, he will need all the sustained support you can give him. STICK WITH HIM! He’s doing a brilliant job.



      Join the fight.

      Contact congress and your representatives NOW! AND SPREAD THE WORD!

      God Bless You

      Jacksmith – WORKING CLASS

    32. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      A couple of thoughts:

      1) Where in these cost estimates is the cost of adding a very large number of doctors and associated medical personnel. We already have a shortage of doctors,particularly as GPs. Also, note the number of foreign born doctors practicing in the US. This is driven by two primary factors, a) The US's "free" medical market pays doctors very well. b) Medical practice under "socialist" systems is 'stifling" to say the least. "a" and "b)" would disappear as an incentives to practice in the US.

      2) Medical practitioners are at this time not terribly burdened by Political Correctness (PC) and its handmaiden Affirmative Action (AA). However,should this "Socialized" Medicine become law this will change dramatically. The government interference in the practice of medicine can not long ignore medical education and selection.

      I really do not want my doctor to be 1) exhausted due to overwork, 2) a result of AA.

      PC is Thought Control


    33. Wm. J. &Mary E. says:

      We believe these people and the "organizer"

      have no idear what their doing!!! These leftist thugs will destroy this country and everyone in it.

    34. Steve, Michigan says:

      Jacksmith: It is tempting to think that we can outlaw GREED, isn't it? Show me any country that has attempted it on a large scale and I'll show you a country that either failed right away or failed following either fascist or communist totalitarianism and millions of deaths. Nice idea, but it doesn't work! I think the basic problem is that GREED is a condition of the soul and cannot be eliminated by decree. Do you know that there is no difference between profit and non-profit enterprises in the potential for GREED? The only question is where the GREED is located. In a non-profit, the GREED is located with the employees and managers. In a profit enterprise the GREED group is expanded to include shareholders or other investors. Ask an accountant what the non-profit equivalent of profit is; you will be surprised. If you are looking to expand the pool of people who benefit from an enterprise, the goal of socialism, one would think you would support profit enterprises over non-profit enterprises. Typical of the socialist mentality: benefit the few over the many, while pretending to help the many over the few.

    35. Barb -mn says:

      Intelligent? Maybe for second graders! The president lacks the ability, respect, decency regarding the constitution. He refuses to do his job as defined and insists on interfering with everyone elses. VIOLATING the constitution daily, VIOLATING freedom daily, VIOLATING OUR LIBERTIES DAILY! Oppressing MANY for the benefit of SOME. On these grounds, this man STANDS to be removed! He's not qualified and shows NO ASSURANCE he will ever be.

      Heritage Foundation has aided the president, as they point out issues Obama refuses to consider. Opens up the whole picture while Obama keeps his eyes shut. Gives advice Obama refuses to take. Obama, his own victim of his own self inflictions. Bringing nothing but burdens and danger to us.

      "Feel sorry for me, people. Look what everybody else is doing. Letting the truth out! They know I am better then TRUTH! Poor poor pitiful me! sniff, sniff. Who needs truth when you have me?"

    36. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Ken, you're darned right we want Obama to fail, just like we'd want any self-involved power grabbing socialist to fail. Jacksmith, there's nothing wrong with today's healthcare industry in America. Affordable access yes. This is best fixed by a free market. Don't fall for the demagogues' smoke and mirror lies. You've placed too much blind faith in government greed over that of corporate. Believe me, the latter is far more desirous and fixable. Steve, your comment is well received and appreciated. Just for the record, I don't belong to any political party to include the GOP. My use of the title Texas Republican is an identifier of my basic principles in anti-federalism.

    37. Jake, LHC says:

      Reid the crybaby from Nevada was whining after he introduced Pant On Fire Franken(google it and u get obama life story)that he had to deal with the party of NO. Well Reid we will stop your party of NO-NO-ACCOUNTIBILITY OF OBAMA, ACORN, SCHUMMMMMMMMMMMMER, DODD(ya he a real doser) REID, PELOSKI, RANGEL, MURRAY, KENNEDY, KERRY. BRING THEM ON HARRY WE ARE READY FOR YOUR FONEY FRAUDULENT MAFIA TACTICS THAT SMELL LIKE THE BASEMENT OF AN OUTHOUSE ON THE 4TH OF JULY.

    38. Howard Peters says:

      My god, your readers are in a state of terror. I think this is a legacy of the Bush adminsitration. Taht adminsitration somehow managed to blame Clinton for 9 11 during his entire term in office. You all need to calm down and simply disagree.

    39. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      (Quote): "the Obama administration is also pushing for a further expansion of Medicaid. Add those costs into the mix and the final price tag shoots back up to $1.3 trillion. Wonder who the administration plans to tax to make up for that final trillion?"

      Who? Us, the people, as usual, including “the poor”, in tangible, intangible, and altogether notoriously so-called “Progressive” government elitist and statist ways.

      Also, "that final trillion" (the added costs of a further expansion of Medicaid, etc), is not "that final trillion", but is, in fact, yet another trillion, considering the quadrupling in trillions in debt and deficit spending, etc, and other additional masses of so-called "Progressive" government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing taxing, spending, and regulation by such as Obama and his Comrades.

      So, although (quote) "Health care coverage can be expanded in a cost efficient manner, but only by empowering Americans to make health care decisions with their doctors", (as in keeping a most individual private and personal matter between patients and doctors, thus helping thwart the efforts of government power and money-grabbing politicians and their bureaucrats to get in-between and take over), Borg-like so-called "Progressive" government elitists and statists such as Obama and his gang are making it increasingly evident how determined they are to, in effect, declare and make it so that any such and other resistance to the incomparable deadliness and destructiveness of their "collective" is futile.

    40. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Can citizens call for impeachment?

    41. Young Atheart says:

      Let's be clear. In October 2008, the national debt was not 11 trillion, it was 56 trillion.

      It is the sum of unfunded liabilities through 2040, largely due to baby boomers retiring and tapping Medicare for health insurance. Yet this is the same system that the heritage foundation and others say will kill private insurance if expanded. Well you don't have to. Just sit tight and YOU will expand in to it.

      Kind of makes this whole article irrelevant, doesn't it?

    42. David Sayers, NC says:

      Call your congressman and ask for a yes or no,"Are you trading your plan for the one you are going to stick us with"?. Of course they will say no,then tell them you don't want it either. Then tell them if they vote for it you will do everything possible to have them thrown out of office. Remind them that they work for you not the other way around. This was Rush's idea and it's worth a shot. Oh,Komrade Ken please go back to reading your issue of Pravda, and yes, we want your Chairman and the entire Politburo to fail,big time.

    43. Jake, LHC says:

      Hey obama; you, obiden, reid and peloski have killed 2,000,000 jobs so far and with your foney programs you will kill another 3,000,000 taxpaying jobs by the end of the Year.




    44. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      Interesting this whole misreading business. Is this a confession of stupidity? One can hardly suppose that the left, with its self-appointed prophets in academia would ever consider its ideas stupid. But what I fear most is that if Obama misread the economic crisis whatelse has he misread. There are lots of opportunities to misread, everything from global warming (well they have obviously misread, or "missed," or deliberately ignored the plethora of science establishing that this impending climate crisis does not exist).

      Among my biggest fears is that ObamaBiden have misread the situation in Afghanistan. Now, let me make clear that the United Staes Marine Corps is the most efficient, fearless, dedicated fighting force to ever exist. I admit my prejudice in favor of the Corps as my family, beginning with my Dad, is Marine Corps to the core. But here still is my concern.

      My Dad, May He Rest in Peace, served with the 4th Division in WWII and went ashore in many horrific battles including Iwo Jima. Much like Iwo, Afghanistan is trecherous terrain where the enemy can hide and ambush on its own time table. I am abundantly confident in the ability of the arines now engaged that they are ready to respond decisively to the Taliban, Al Quaeda, and every other enemy force in the region. Still, the invasion of Iwo Jima involed 3 Divisions, the 3rd, 4th and 5th for a total force of 60,000 troops. But Iwo was little more than a 4mile-by-3 mile rock where the Japanese had dug deep. Pre-invasion shelling by the Navy and repeated bombings by both the Navy and Army Air Corps, however, killed only a handfull of Japanese troops.

      My Dad had enormous respect for Japanese soldiers. Although he talked little of his experiences as he got older he would occasionally drop short comments about his time in the Pacific and his respect for the Japanese warriors was considerable. Moreover, I never heard hi utter a single disparaging remark about the Japanese people.

      But the point is that on this tiny rock guarded by 23,000 Japanese troops it was an inch by inch process of rooting out the enemy–an arduous task that, although prediting to take 3 days and to have few American casualties, the battle lasted over a month with appalling U.S. losses and, with hari kari in their hearts, an enemy unwilling to surrender. Fewer than 1000 Japanese troops lived to see the battles end.

      Although historical projections are risky, the enemy the Corps now faces bears striking similarities to the Fapanese troops on Iwo. I fear that Obama has misread the situation again. Although I am not a trained tactician I am anxious, moreso knowing that two nephews, both Marine officers, will be heading to Afghanistan in the future. I wonder but that 21000 fighting men is too few. I also hear rumors of Vietnamesque rules of engagement–this is terrifying and a misreading of this situation costs far more tha money. If soldiers die because politicians misread the situation there should be a wet, cold place for our leaders in hell.

    45. Ben Powell, South Ca says:

      Mr. Obama,

      Your health plan stinks like the VA plan. We have sorry doctors who can't earn a living as civilians. Most cannot speak english.

      We want good affordable health care with rate that the poor can afford without goverment ownership.

      It can be done if you (the government will Butt out.

    46. Spiritof76 says:


      No matter how you spin it, a piece of excrement is not a piece of baloney. The Obama debt and unfunded liability exceeds $100T. This year deficit alone is over $1.8T. It is money that we don't have. What part of it you don't understand. Stop constantly harping on what Bush did. He spent like a drunken sailor too. Obama won and he and his socialists have the power. Obama is Bush on steroid. Our kids and grand kids are being saddled with the mountain of debt without their permission. I call it Obama-and-their socialist-buddies-in-Congress imposed financial child abuse.

      Medicare is going bankrupt! What do you think is going to happen? Obama is already cancelling the COLA for Soc. Sec. receipients. They will all be rationed. If you are too old according to the Commies in the Congress, you will be denied treatment, just like the Nazis did except with a smile.

    47. Roger S., MA. says:

      "There was a misreading of just how bad an economy we inherited…" ? Say again ? LOL

      Makes you wonder what else he/they "misread". Makes you wonder how they substantiate their perpetual claim to socioeconomic geniality. LOL

      Just 9 months ago some people I know were all over me for supporting McCain, and when Sarah Palin was announced as his running-mate, they couldn't stop laughing. That fixed it for them. I was at least an idiot, or worse, a proto-Fascist.

      LOL, "pregnancies" do take 9 months to full-term!

      Joe Biden, the great Democrat administrative genius just happened to "misread …" Gimme a break! How about: Geithner didn't read his IRS returns? Or, BO is an expert on the Constitution? Or, Rezko was never his close pal? Or, Sotomayor's "empathetic Latina soul" makes her the greatest jurist of memory? Or, "global cooling" is in fact "global warming"? Or, eating less will reduce my carbon footprint? Or, we can talk Iran out of nukes? Or, if we're nice to Kim Yong Il, he'll be nice to us? Or, Osama will turn himself in as soon as the reward's high enough? Or, GM will pay back its debt. Or, when it does I'll get a tax-refund. Or, if fairytales were true, I could make my cat like my dog? All I wanna know: "Is my check in the mail yet?" LOL

    48. Steve Dill, Anthem, says:

      In addition to the one trillion dollars in costs, Obama's health care package will cost the nation over 100,000 jobs!

      I already see the effects on my web site, http://www.gorillamedicalsales.com , a job board for medical device sales representatives to find new sales jobs. We have seen vacant sales jobs left unfilled by medical device companies as the await the effects on their business that Obama's reform will bring. It will only get worse!

    49. Wes Hirschhorn, Hern says:

      An even better approach would be to not eliminate employer-subsidized healthcare but to continue them while allowing the employee to choose from several healthcare provider options. The company would simply contribute the same dollar amount towards whomever is chosen.

      Eliminating the employer subsidy altogether puts those wages back into the employee's taxable salary base and likely would not provide a commensurate tax deduction to make up for the loss of the subsidy.

      On the other end, why are healthcare reform bills steadfast in their avoidance of the real issue which is the cost of healthcare? Not just private doctors who are trying to do the best for their patients but the hospitals with their exorbitant pricing for medications ($5 Tylenols for instance), tests and incidental materials like IV tubing kits and so on? How about the pharmaceutical companies who continue to charge top dollar for name-brand medications long after the research costs are amortized?

    50. Steve, Ohio says:

      To HSR0601.

      You site the Massachusetts plan. You better take a look at the results, not the idea. Failing to cover people, waiting lines, and going bankrupt. Get the facts, before you spew!

    51. Young Atheart says:


      Actually, much of the 56 trillion in debt in place before Reagan but he certainly made things much worse than Bush, adjusted for GDP.

      Medicare is going bankrupt because 75 million baby boomers retiring, being dropped by employers and getting on Medicare will far exceed the tax receipts from our children/grandchildren working at the time. Medicare does have two cost problems:

      1. abuse by private healthcare providers because it re-imburses based on QUANTITY of tests, NOT RESULTS

      See McAllen Texas case

      2. no comparative effectiveness criteria when adding new medical services

      See pp. 10 of 2008 CBO report to Congress

      "The Medicare system has not taken costs in to account in determining what services are added…but if statutory changes permitted it, Medicare could use information about comparative effectiveness to promote higher value care"

      Most GOP senators oppose comparative effectiveness and results-based re-imbursements.

      Taiwan has figured out how to do healthcare right

    52. Young Atheart says:

      By the way, the Massachusetts system is having trouble covering people because it buying healthcare at the same inflated prices as everyone else in the US.

    53. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      I Hope that all remember that the Queen of Hearts Pelosi and the Mad Hatter Ried have already said that this Health bill will never see daylight (ie no 5 day reading period) before being submitted to the floor for passage.

      Just a repeat of the Cap and Trade bill. I wonder if it, the Health bill, will also be an "unwritten" law (bill) when it goes up for passage in the House.

      My God what a farce, it would be funny except it borders on being criminal. This and the potential to effect millions of Americans and their health care negatively at an unfathomable cost, is more than a little disturbing.

      PC is Thought Control


    54. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      I've said this before and I'll say it again:

      The safest and most rational way to control/lessen the cost of Health Care (this is the primary goal in all of this, is it not) in the US is to:

      1) Reduce FRAUD. This would require the cooperation of all of the various parties to the fraud in medical care. Everything from practitioners, their professional societies, the insurance companies and the hospitals and clinics.

      This sounds altruistic but they really don't have much choice, the government cometh. And, if you think there is FRAUD now, wait till Obama care comes into being!

      2) TORT Reform. The strangle hold on congress by the Trial Attorneys simply has to be broken or there is no effective way to reduce a major factor in todays Health Care costs. This is not Rocket Science.

      3) an overhaul of government agencies involved in health care is vitally needed. $1Billion to introduce a new drug is obscene, the FDA needs a lobotomy and serious therapy. They are not alone in WDC ( aka Washington District of Corruption)

      PC is Thought Control


    55. Maura says:

      This is a key issue for American workers right now. Additionally, encouraging a workplace health program is a great way to lower overall health care costs and to improve employee health. Companies of all sizes can incorporate wellness and prevention into the workplace. Find out how and sign a petition at http://www.friendsoftheuschamber.com/issues/index

    56. Mark Gardner , Las Vegas, Nv. says:

      Harry Ried, and Shelly Berley seem to be doing every thing, they can to destroy Vegas, and life in Vegas. If this is passed it would be enough to fire both Harry, and Shelly. Espeicially if who ever ran agaist them told the public the true about Yacca Mountain. the Dem.’s don’t want us to know, promised to reverse health care if passed.

    57. Pat, Occupied Florid says:

      I just caught the last part The Glenn Beck Show today. He said there is an Affirmative Action section of the New Health Plan. The one for ordinary people…not the Federal Plan for Congress, The White House and Federal Employees. He said..or so I thought he said…that doctors from minority groups who can show unequal economic status will be trained by the state..USA State..and then given priority in staffing the the Public Health Reform System. NOT THE FEDERAL SYSTEM..WHICH SENATORS…REPRESENTATIVES..PRESIDENT OBAMA AND HIS STAFF AND OTHER FEDERAL EMPLOYEES WILL STILL USE. I GUESS THEY CAN PICK THEIR DOCTOR..EVEN WHITE..ASIAN..OR GASP..JEWISH DOCTORS.

      Please…….tell me I got that all wrong.

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