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  • The Press Revolts Against Obama


    During yesterday’s White House press briefing, reporters grilled spokesman Robert Gibbs on the growing trend of staged theatrics used by President Obama.  Last week, when a Huffington Post columnist was hand-selected by the White House to ask a specific question of the President at a press briefing, the media was understandably upset.  But when the White House unveiled its new reality TV show, “Health Care Town Halls,” with Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett acting as the host, the press had enough.  Staged questions, hand-picked audiences, and still no answers.  It appears the honeymoon between Obama and the fourth estate appears to be over.

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    43 Responses to The Press Revolts Against Obama

    1. Greg, Texas says:

      "It appears the honeymoon between Obama and the fourth estate appears to be over."

      Unfortunately, that is probably just wishful thinking. It would be nice, though.

    2. Steven Allen Adams says:

      Hey, it couldn't last forever. At least Helen Thomas is a equal-opportunity journalist.

    3. Linda Brodeur says:

      Good for the reporters!!! I am happy to see that they have the courage to speak up and explain the 'town hall' process. Apparently Robert Gibbs doesn't get it or is acting like he doesn't get it. If we want to see something staged we go to a play or movie. A great example of how we have been duped by our 'leadership!' Sad to think that most Americans continue to believe that this administration is doing good things for America…

    4. suecola says:

      I am not holding my breath for this revolt to continue. The press is not only in the tank for Obama, I think they are fearful of him, and for their jobs.

    5. Raylene Smith, Merce says:

      Oh my, is the media finally starting to catch on to the wonderful transparency of the Obummer White House? Is the slobbering love affair finally over? Are they starting to see that this man and his administration are a bunch of socialist idiots, one can only hope (and pray) that they will see the truth.

    6. Tom Nally says:

      "It appears the honeymoon between Obama and the fourth estate appears to be over."

      Frankly, Rory, I'm doubtful that the honeymoon is over. Lovers have occasional spats. And this appears to be a marriage that will last until "death do they part".

      Verily, even after Obama leaves that corporeal shell of his, the love for him will be apparent in the writings of the press as they compare some future Republican President against the One who brought Hope and Change to all mankind.

      I, too, would like a press that isn't married to the President…but it ain't happenin'. Wives need not testify against their husbands, and the press need not testify against Barack Obama.

    7. Baxter, N.C. says:

      Do I detect a faint heartbeat? Could it possibly be that there is a tiny,feeble, speck of life left in our White House press corps?

    8. Gary, soon to be fro says:

      It may last "forever" as far as our once free country America is concerned. Obama and all his minions are acting with complete confidence, so well ensconced in power are they, that nothing can be done to stop thier march to absolute authority.

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    10. Barb mn says:

      Do you ever notice Obama and anyone speaking on his behalf, case and point here, all they say is "I think" "I think" "I think."

      Tells me there is definite ADMITTANCE OF THEIR LACK of KNOWLEDGE anywhere. I know.

      Chip and Helen you are awesome! Keep them on the spot! They can only THINK with NO REAL KNOWLEDGE. No real answer. I know.

    11. Thomas, Anchorage, A says:

      "Have you emailed your question today?"

      "I don't have to email it! I can tell you right now what I want to say."

      Priceless. She's right, he doesn't have any answers. Could he be any more imbecilic?

    12. Spiritof76 says:

      I don't take any comfort in that little spat between CBS and Obama minion.

      Common people, why do you always look for crumbs. The press enabled the election of the radical to the White House. Unemployment and economy are going down the tubes. You say, the press is waking up, finally? When NY Times is going bankrupt and even when no body watches CNN, and when they don't change their tired socialist tunes to get out of their morass, you think the press is suddenly starting to question its own wisdom of electing this guy.

    13. Bill B says:

      The press is far to enamored with Barry for this to be more than a display of minor irritation from the press. If this were a sustainable new trend, then why did we not hear about follow-up questions from Reid and Thomas on the day after the town hall meeting. They both accused the white house of staging this event by pre-selecting questions and attendees. So when the news broke after the event that three of the questions came from members of groups with close ties to his administration (the Service Employees International Union, Health Care for America Now, and Organizing for America, which is a part of the Democratic National Committee), why did Reid and Thomas not hold Gibbs accountable for his dismissive and evasive answers from the day before. Why did the press not question Gibbs about the woman with cancer who Barry made a big show of hugging during the event? She was from a political organization from within the DNC. No need to get excited here. I am certain by now that Reid and Thomas have been scolded by their bosses for their huge lapse in judgement, and they have rejoined the ranks of the press corp in bed with this administration.

    14. kristine, NY says:

      Sadly, this was probably just a lovers quarrel. The NY slimes will worship him until the end and the press corp does not have the same widespread influence. If the Times can be brought down, we could have a fighting chance. Or maybe when the press realizes that their children or grandchildren will not be able to have fraction of the life they lead will they wake up and smell the coffee…..

    15. John Cunningham Lafa says:

      Yes, but is this just a love spat? The media now is hurt because Obama is courting new love interests. He is now in bed with the Daily Kos, and other far left News casts.

      The main media is now seeing that they were being used, as means to an end.

      As far as Obama is concerned he doesn't truly need them anymore.

    16. Cathe Graves, San An says:

      More of the same . . . we can ask our questions after the town hall meeting . . . you know, when it's all over.

    17. Barb Faulkner-Davis, says:

      I think that these two reporters should be deluged with emails, and letters, and phone calls, thanking them and encouraging them to continue their assaults upon the idiot Gibbs, plus the rest of Obama's goonies!

    18. Stephen Mapes Florid says:

      The press is the only thing that keeps us free from the aggression of big government. It has continually weakened in its ability to maintain transparency. We can only hope that the press will once again do its job to keep the government in check.

      Unfortunately, I have my doubts as I do think they are afraid of Obama and what he and his minions will do to their careers.

      The King has no cloths but the Press still can't see.

    19. SAMUEL says:



    20. John Walker, Abilene says:

      It's just a little flair up of jealousy, because some of these prima donna reporters have not been asked to submit THEIR question for the TV audience.

    21. Larry , Mississippi says:

      I don't think the honeymoon is over. It'll take more than a staged town hall. Next step will be putting the events on pay per view to help fund the next bailout!


    22. Michael Webb says:

      There now appears to be at least TWO willing souls to break from the norm of the left-leaning media. It's about time. Now with a toe in the door they need to crush this health bill discussion just as during the Clinton administration by Mrs. Clinton who wasn't even an elected official. The people need to rise to the occasion in a tsunami wave of criticism.

    23. Mike Mancuso, San Jo says:

      Robert Gibbs is just put out there to take the heat. It's fun to watch, but I would rather see Obama squirm.

      The President's staff will make some adjustments, Obama will do a little dance and his followers will nod their approval. And we look for the next lie or mistake that will really shake his administration.

    24. Mark Paquette says:

      The honeymoon won't be over until someone can provide an excuse for their coverage or voting without making them look like the scumbags they are. Can't say I blame 'em for not wanting to look like they do, but I do blame them for not using their G-D-given brains while simultaneously proclaiming their intellectual and moral superiority.

    25. Bill, Columbus, OH says:

      Clearly, Obama's handlers know he cannot handle an open forum. Take away the prepared remarks, the teleprompter and the advance knowledge of what questions are coming and the answers to his questions, and he will look like a college freshman in debate class.

    26. Brian, Markleville I says:

      Robert Gibbs definitely appeared to be caught off guard by his press pool. Why wouldn't he expect a question like that? Because he's never been "questioned" by the press before.

      Too bad Obama never has to answer tough, unrehearsed questions. Maybe the public would get an idea of how his mind really works. Obama is not in charge.

      I hope Americans open their eyes before it's too late; if it isn't already.

    27. Dave McDuffie, Aliso says:

      I don't buy it. Our current crap, I mean "crop" of so-called journalists, were selected for how they look on camera, rather than for what is in their heads, which is obviously NOTHING! They are no longer our watchdogs to keep the government fair AND honest, they are LAPDOGS for the crooks in government who steal from us on a daily basis and in fact, these lapdogs have chosen a side, SOCIALISM, and promote only those steeped in it and they besmirch any and every conservative or republican who even hints at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How else can you explain the attempt at total destructuion of Palin, a non-politician type, true American spirit, basically one of us and not to mention a beautiful woman/person, and not a word from these clowns about the ogrelike Politano who says the terrorists are returning service people from Iraq…not a freakin word about this disgusting person who just happens to be typical of Obama's administration…oughtright mean and ugly, just like Emanuel and his Dr.Mengele-like brother. We are presently in a world of hurt, and it is going to get worse! Want to lower health-care costs? Get the damn attorneys out of it. Why is it you now need an attorney for everything from refiing your home loan to claming disability benefits to getting your tax bill lowered(except in the case of our politicians who simply ignore IRS and taxes, after all, they are ABOVE us!)? If you really want to know what is going on get your hands on the July 9-23 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, actually one of the last places I expected THE TRUTH! They and ONLY they have it…read it and be SHOCKED what is goiung on and why!

    28. IMS MILTON,DE says:

      Am I dreaming? Do not wake me up.

      This dream is about some of the media being less poltically correct and report real information, wether Obama approves or not. I keep dreaming..

    29. Brad Raffensperger, says:

      At some point people get tired of being lied to and manipulated, even when it is someone from your own team. Perhaps some of the press are getting tired of the charade and being played as fools. Good for them.

      As our economy continues to suffers with little improvement the American people will be ready for real, authentic change. Let's get it right next time. Enough of the snake oil salesman selling us their blarney. Let's choose wisely. Real conservatives, with solid values, integrity, honesty. People who want a smaller, limited government. Limited spending, limited taxation, maximized freedom.

    30. SuzieD, Phoenix says:

      Unfortunately I wish I could believe this article about the press and have no reason to disbelieve The Heritage Foundation, but these "charletons" have been so dishonest. They spent their time on air misrepresenting the facts and expounding on every death we suffered in Iraq, but today seem to have forgotten our troops in Afganhstan and don't like their treatment at the White House. I believe they should lose their jobs and forget the network, whether that be NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN or ABC. Americans elected this President because of the lack of or misrepresentation of the facts and little honesty regarding Ayres or Acorn. We have no HONEST PRESS except FOX, thank heaven. Americans made a wrong vote, no thanks to those now complaining. I feel nothing but DISGUST.

    31. John Tampa, Fl says:

      When Kruchev toured this great land of our's he said that the Communist country of the USSR didn;t have to destroy our way of life. He said our very own children would do it for them. Wake up Americans who is now in congress and the liberal media. I'll soon be 80 and I remember Kruschev's statement.Let's stand up and take our country back now.

    32. Helmetfoot Boston, says:

      Those young, effete boys on the Washington Press Corps got a lesson from an old time pro, Helen Thomas. I very seldom aagree with her but she sure showed those macho-know-everything guys how to stand tall. Thank God, those Press Corps wimps didn't go into the military.

      I can just see them telling Chesty Puller (USMC) that they didn't think he was correct in fighting an enemy and that he should do as they do -talk.

      thank you, Helen. You other guys; stick with it you'll make it to puberty some day.

    33. Dr. Paul Anderson , says:

      Reflecting back on some personal experiences with the Washington Press Corps in the early 80's, I am reminded of a pack of wolves on the prey. With the first sign of blood, it's each member of the pack for itself.

      If this administration thinks it can continue to deceive the press, the remainder of it's term will be quite bloody.

      Once the administrations policies beging to effect their wallet, it should get quite interesting, around the White House.

    34. NEAL says:


    35. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      It is past time that some people woke up and saw what has been happening. The liberal media got us in this mess. They hand picked the "chosen one" for the job, the sheep were easily lead to the slaughter because they believed all that was said and printed.

    36. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The blatant manipulation of truth is going to get worse, B.O. and minions will put down dessention ruthlessly, becoming increasingly violent as time goes on. When opportunity presents, martial law will be declared. It will be like Iran recently, with citizens punished for exercising thier rights.

    37. Marti Sligh Holl says:

      I am thrilled to see the liberal press challenge the controlling tactics of this White House. I truly hope that Robert Gibbs will soon say that he appreciates hearing feedback that supports an open process for the press, as well as the public, when it comes to participating in our democratic process and reporting of current events. Reid and Thomas are correct to speak against a propaganda-oriented press corps.

    38. Olathe, KS says:

      Thank God….Jude Billings

    39. Grace, Florida says:

      I'll believe it when they start hitting him hard everyday.

    40. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The modern day press always supports the Left, because the Left creates the bests selling topics, but when the Left starts messing with the Press, it is a whole different story, isn't it? Gives us all pause to consider the Press' past commentaries doesn't it? Now who do trust, and who do you follow, and who are you going to listen to? Here's a hint, how about all the "Press" people networks and papers, who were not invited? Hmmmm?


    41. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      They have no respect for themselves,so why would


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