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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Choreographed Town Hall

    Yesterday, President Obama held a town hall event in order to “sell his health care message to the public” during Congress’s July 4th recess. However, worried that the President cannot answer tough questions about his plan for health care reform, White House officials carefully screened each member of the audience in attendance and each question asked.

    This time, the mainstream media took note, even grilling White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs on the choreographed spectacle.  In fact, veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas, not known as a conservative sympathizer, even lamented: “I’m not saying there has never been managed news before, but this is carried to fare-thee-well–for the town halls, for the press conferences. It’s blatant. They don’t give a d–n if you know it or not. They ought to be hanging their heads in shame.” She added: “What the h-ll do they think we are, puppets?”

    The AP reported: “Some of Obama’s questioners Wednesday were from friendly sources, including a member of the Service Employees International Union and a member of Health Care for America Now, which organized a Capitol Hill rally last week calling for an overhaul. White House aides selected other questions submitted by people on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.”

    With the elaborate choreography, President Obama managed to talk a good talk, despite his rhetoric not matching his plans. For example he said: “We need a permanent solution that when you lose your job, or change jobs, you can still keep your health insurance.”  Absolutely. Do you lose your car or life insurance when you change your job? Of course not. The same should be true for your most important coverage: health insurance.

    Heritage’s Bob Moffit, at a recent Congressional hearing, testified that “Americans need portability. If we had portability in health insurance that was tied to the person and not where they worked, the numbers of the uninsured would drop dramatically.“  Unfortunately, the President’s plan doesn’t offer this portability.  Obama went on to deliver another one of his prized pieces of health care rhetoric: “If [private insurance] is such a great deal, why are [insurers] so concerned about government competing with private plans?”

    The President has been searching for the logic on this one, and luckily it’s easy to explain. There’s no real competition when the Referee making the rules is also playing the game; it’s a fixed competition. Congress’ ability to pay doctors and other providers less will hide the true cost of the public plan. Undercutting private insurance will drive enrollment to the public plan. That’s not competition on a level playing field.

    While bemoaning that Congress moves slowly on legislation, he offered this analysis of our Constitutional government three days before the 4th of July, saying: “Part of that is the way the Constitution is designed. We don’t have coups [d'etat] or governments collapsing. The disadvantage is it’s hard for us to make great, big, bold steps.”

    At Heritage, we tend to think that one of the more important aspects of the Constitution is the very fact that it is so difficult to take “great, big, bold steps.” Perhaps, on America’s upcoming 233rd birthday, this is a quaint idea. Some still tend to agree with us, however. The point is, health care reform doesn’t need to be so radical that the Constitution holds it back. There are other ways to fix health care that won’t intrude into our daily lives or our personal choices.

    Nevertheless, the President is going to ask you to hold his hand and jump off the cliff with him, saying: “We’re in one of those rare moments where everybody is ready to move into the future. We just can’t be scared.”  Frankly, when a plan is so big, so intrusive, and so expensive to every American’s life that the President feels the Constitution might hinder its approval, you should be scared.

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    42 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Choreographed Town Hall

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Pardon me if I offend readers, but President Obama is beginning to stink like an overtaxed sewer plant on a hot August afternoon!

      How long is it going to take these "followers" to realize that President Obama is lying through his teeth!

    2. Shawn, Ind. says:

      it's easy to answer a question when you have time to review it. it's like having the answers to a final exam before the test. in the end it's cheating…now way around it. and cheaters are always caught!

    3. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Hollywood Obama is on record saying that the Constitution is outdated it limits what the President and Congress can do. He swore to uphold and protect and defend the Constitution and he has broken that oath ever since being sworn in. He has never been truthful ever since coming on the scene. He is an abomination trying to install an Obama-Nation. Small wonder why he is always on the EU or UN side of things not to mention the Latin-American dictators.

      I am convinced he does not want to "fix" anything in America. Everything he wants to impose on us all is geared to control all of us. He is a sham and has nothing in common with his rhetorical hero: President Lincoln. He is a dishonest man.

      Perhaps the only thing he shares in common with Lincoln is the fear of a Civil War!

    4. Charles, Texas says:

      Once again Hussein shows his disdain for the Constitution. It also appears that no one has a clear idea of what Socialized healthcare will cost this nation. It's not just the financial cost, it's also unimaginable amounts of government regulation/paperwork & bureacrats who are only interested in making their "8", physicians that will leave their practices or the country because the government has decided what they can charge. How many will die while waiting for treatment or will be denied treatment because it's not cost effective. But, then again Liberal Democrats think that the population is too large anyway. I just hope that I'm around to see those "who live by the crisis are consumed by a crisis".

    5. Christopher Popham S says:

      From reading commentary on many news agency sites and even some of the more responsibe blogging sites, it is hard not to see and feel the negative

      sentiment being expressed by so many concerned

      Americans. My friends and colleagues here in Boston, as well as across the nation (Dem.&Rep),

      are constantly sending me messages filled with

      dismay, disappointment and sometimes downright

      fear as to the dangerous path on which this

      great nation is being guided. We are not sure as

      to what form the next American Revolution will take, but there is a limit to just how far the

      wallets and patience of taxpayers can be stretched. Between the innacurate spin of federal government officials and the complicity of the MSM, in my humble opinion, the American people are beginning to see the light. We must wake up from our denial and somnambulence before it's too late. But will it take, my fellow Americans? More taxes, another corporate bailout, more hope and promise, a 1930's type depression or perhaps another major war?

      The current edition of Rolling Stone Magazine

      contains an article that everyone should read.

      It's all about a certain Wall St. investment banking firm, the members of which have homes on

      Martha's Vineyard, which is, where they and the

      White House, will be vacationing this summer.

      We can and must at this critical time in history

      join forces as one family of 300 plus million

      Americans and show the world, that we are indeed

      the greatest nation on earth.

      Respectfully submitted by

      Christopher Popham Smith

      2008 3rd Party Candidate for President of the

      United States.

    6. Randy Desch says:

      Why don't we take a look at other Countries plans and see what works. Canada, for one has a plan that seems to be working very well. The way are Government is making rules today is not working for the People, it's lining pockets of the rich and making a burden on the public. I, personally am peeved, and think we should get all the bad governmant out of the BIG BUSINESS.

    7. Rich, San Diego says:

      Poor President Know-it-all. He has discovered that the Constitution limits the power of government.

      Sometimes a Big and Bold guy just can't get a break.

    8. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      What seems to be left out of the debate is that most hopsitals are 501c3 tax exempt organizations. In this context they are immune from some taxes and can receive tax deductible donations. The price paid is provding care for those who cannot pay. Initially the system worked well and the indigent were covered. Third party payment help accelerate medical care by "sharing the expense" and consumer demand has driven our health care to incredibile heights. The dark side is that now the "poor" are overwhelming the system and the tax exempt status appears to be a liablity for hospitals. To me the solution is the market place. Let hospitals pay taxes as any other business and let the hospital systems that are most efficient survive and prosper. Get rid of the "free loaders" by requiring everyone to pay their bills. Impliment tort reform so that "loser payes." If Obama feels the need to be a sugar daddy have the feds offer low or no interest loans for medical care for those that can't/won't pay. This way the medical community gets paid, the feds are involved, the public continues to receive the best medical care on the planet.

      But then, I can't read teleprompters very well.

    9. Pamela Colorado says:

      well well

      some of the press FINALLY WOKE up WOW

      What are they, puppets?—-A BIG YES you idiots. What did they think was happening? When you are SOOOOO in love with a candidate and can't see pass their flaws and the people around them that are giving you all the info and you have someone infront of you with teleprompters etc and your questions to ask are handed to you—–DA.

      I pray everyday that main stream media will wake up.

      This guy is NOT GOOD for this country. He's listened to too many marx's tapes and "Bill Ayres" too long and he's Pelosi's puppet and all the other democrat's that said—hey, this guy can really sling the b.s -let's get him in because everyone will just swoon over him………and all of the main stream media DID……….and look where we are headed NOW—in the toilet.

    10. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      To Christopher Popham Smith and all other thinking Americans,

      Mr Smiths comments are spot on the pulse of what normal Americans are thinking; but perhaps not quite sure what to do. I cannot-for the life of me-understand how easy it seems for this pretend president to dupe the "typical" American citizen.

      Is this "typical" democrat progressive American citizen so empty minded that they take what Obamama says-lock, stock and barrel? It seems as though the mind of the "typical" progressive person cannot comprehend a long term outcome beyond the 30 second sound bite. The 30 second sound bite doesn't show how Obamama's actions reveal his disgust for this country and for our future freedom. I question this president's patriotism!

      This is indeed a critical time in history, and a "family" of conservative minded adults need to join and be heard first-above and beyond all the chatter from the state run media.

      We must all vote, and vote incumbent congressmen and senators out; new politcians who work for us are wanted and needed. The days of bargaining and trading away our future in the US Congress need to be over!

      Please visit http://www.conservativevolcano.com and suggest how our conservative family can build a permanent home.



    11. Jake, LHC says:

      obama heathcare propaganda smells like the basement of an out house in 100 degree temperatures with no air conditioners. Or like the waterless toilets they are putting in isolated rest areas. It is better just to pee outside by a bush in the doggy area. With obamas healthcare we will have to just stand in line at the cementary cause the lines at the Heathcare Facility will smell the same way from people having to camp in line to get an appointment not healthcare.

    12. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "The AP reported: “Some of Obama’s questioners Wednesday were from friendly sources,"


      The GOP could care less about the – Have-Nots.

    13. Michael, Tampa Bay a says:

      I see other countries' plans that "work" (such as Canada's that Randy mentions, or Germany) and note several key things:

      1) Tax rates are much higher than presently exist in the U.S., partly to pay for the actual coverage but also for the expanded bureaucracy;

      2) The covered population is far less than that of the U.S., which is over 300 million (including illegal aliens);

      3) Delays for even simple treatments are largely rampant, with surgeries being delayed months or years due to bureaucratic quota systems, i.e. rationing.

      4) Those who want treatment before their government-run health care can provide it — and who can afford it — tend to come to the U.S. for its advanced, free-market, PRIVATE system.

      Is America's current health care situation stellar? Not by a long shot. Many concerns exist, but are we willing to allow our elected "leaders" and government bureaucracy to dictate such drastic changes that threaten the stability of the entire system and everyone's health?

    14. Michael, Tampa Bay a says:

      Perhaps President Obama would care to elaborate on the antiquated views of the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution he is supposedly upholding?

    15. John Cunningham Lafa says:

      "It seems as though Obama doesn't care if the public knows he is deceiving them or not. His News Conferences, and town hall meetings being staged, doesn't seem to bother the President.

      Does he no something we don't? Is he certain that we will not turn on him, and demand answers? I hope the American people are paying attention. this man, I believe, is very dangerous.

    16. David Sayers, NC says:

      This empty suit has been a fraud from the get go.

      What did you think an Obama town meeting would be?

      There is no way this inept marxist moron would be able to handle hard tough questions from real Americans. Without pre-planned questions and pre-planned answers, this guy would fall apart. It's all an act,a stage show taken from the Alinsky script. Let's get him impeached now because we can't afford a full term of this crap.

    17. Gary, soon to be fro says:

      Every single move Obama makes is just a smoke screen to hide what has been his objective from the very start, the total destruction of the American economy and the complete negation of the U.S. Constitution. He is well on his way.

    18. David Sayers, NC says:

      To Komrade Ken,

      Instead of the have-nots expecting government to take care of them,maybe they should take responsibility for their own lives and start building something rather then waiting for someone else to do it for them. In addition komrade, you might want to ponder why these folks are have-nots to begin with.

    19. Nelia, AZ says:

      Hurrah for Helen Thomas! One would hope the media in general has a modicum of self respect remaining and the intestinal fortitude to expose the truth in all things. And smart enough to realize abusing the freedom of the media is a means to control the people.

    20. Worldbfree4me says:

      Blah, blah, I want a reformed health care system with a public option period! Oh yeah, so do most of my fellow country men all 200 million of us…

    21. Brenda Cregor, Centr says:

      A free press IS equivalent to a free people. Thank goodness not all news agencies/reporters have been "set up" or "embedded" within the walls of the White House.

      At the time I heard Helen Thomas, I was in my kitchen. I cheered aloud and explained to my children what a glorious moment they were witnessing.

      Let's read it again, just to remember that the First Amendment indeed reins supreme:

      “I’m not saying there has never been managed news before, but this is carried to fare-thee-well–for the town halls, for the press conferences. It’s blatant. They don’t give a d–n if you know it or not. They ought to be hanging their heads in shame.” She added: “What the h-ll do they think we are, puppets?”

      Ms. Thomas, we are NOT puppets! Right on! Write on!

    22. dennis florida says:

      in reguard to christopher smith. history showes that when a third party runs in an election, the republician party usually splits. resulting in a major win for the democrat canadate. democrat voters will usually stay with their own party.for this reason, i do not support third parties.

    23. Wendy, St. Joseph says:

      Mr. Obama – The reason I do not loose my car, life or home insurance when my job changes is because I PURCHASE those policies with my own hard earned dollars. "I" decide who my insurance agent is going to be in each instance and "I" decide on the perameters of the policy and what my deductible will be, then "I" write the check. I do not want 'you' to decide what I need or do not need.

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    25. Jake, LHC says:

      Now you know why obama backed out on having townhall debates with McCain. obama wanted a set up like he got with gibson, mathews and the rest of the media and the other propaganda debates.

    26. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      All those who appologise for Obama say that he is not a Socialist but a Secular Progressive.

      I have a question for all of these, what is the difference between a Secular Progressive, a Socialist and a Communist?

      They all want the Government to control every aspect of your life.

    27. NYstatehome says:

      The Rules for Obama Engagement. You know it’s got to be really bad when the Wicked Witch of the East complains about the same Administration she helped to get elected. The Obama Administration is trying very hard to try to convince Americans that his Stimulus Plan is working when it’s clearly not. They are playing games with the unemployment numbers and now the predetermined or manufactured questions that Obama already had the scripted answers too. Let’s add up the shams perpetrated by the Obama Administration and the message being sent to the taxpayers.

      The first thing that stands out for me recently is he doesn't want to help the people of Iran to gain their freedom from a repressed and corrupt government. He doesn’t want to stick his nose or meddle into Iran’s government affairs. Even though the citizens were seeking help. Who else were the signs in English really for? He stepped back and allowed to what happened, happen. But when Honduras President Manuel Zelaya was ceremonies forcibly removed Obama stated that Zelaya should remain the president of Honduras.” Is this more of the “meddling” that he didn’t want to get involved with last week with Iran? Seems to have evaporated in Honduras. Obama’s opinions in matters pertaining to Honduras are irrelevant. Zelaya is a well-known socialist dictator who ruled with a sledgehammer. He was trying to make sure he kept his seat for life and the judiciary felt a little different about that move.

      Our Secretary of State cannot formally call it a “coup” because by doing so, all of the money being sent to Honduras will have to be stopped by US laws (unless Obama plans to change that). The State Department has requested that Honduras receives $68.2 million dollars for that country’s fiscal year of 2010. It would be nice to know what this 68 million will be getting us. But if they decide to call it a coup then we will hear that Obama has saved 68.2 million dollars. Does anyone else question why we are “borrowing” from China so we can pay Honduras? Isn’t it only more of the same borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Isn’t that the same thing that put Bernie Madoff behind those prison walls? Borrowing new investors to pay off the old ones?

    28. Jake, LHC says:

      Is Hillary Resigning and Joe obiden the New Secretary of State????????

      Just a simple question

    29. chyatt, albuquerque says:

      Not just Obama who can't answer questions. Try getting a straight answer out of your State Representatives. It's like pulling teeth. Either they can't or don't want to answer any questions. Can you say "taxation with out representation?" Most of our politicians are trying to operate like the days of old. Sorry boys and girls. Those days are over, we are going to hold you to new standards and will no longer accept the lying. If you can't stand the heat try another occupation.

    30. Spiritof76 says:

      This guy Komrade Ken must be a Gen.Sect. Obama plant. Everytime I see his comments, it is like reading Pravda in the 1970's.

      Remember, Komrade your great society, Soviet Union had free healthcare for all the workers. But then, in The Soviet Union everyone other than the Politburo members and their families were have-nots. The surprising thing about that is that none of those have-nots wanted to go into a Soviet Hospital. Keep watching for Obama clinic opening in Las Vegas with guranteed medical care. Everyone will recieve two aspirins and a glass of water and there will be absolute equality. The only thing is it will only be open during the day time when the solar enery is available.

    31. Sherri Huntsville, says:

      The Canadian health care system does not work well. People there are waiting months for routine surgery, and some cancer patients are being treated too late or are being refused treatment altogether. All it takes is just a little research to find this out.

      I have an abnormal cyst in my breast, which I will be able to have removed promptly here in the United States. Maybe in Canada they would just let me die, leaving my young children motherless.

    32. Roger S., MA. says:

      Let's see: Bernie Madoff got 150 years for 50B; 1T=20x50B; =3000ys; 23 "Czars" in the White House +Obama=24; 3000 years/24 =125ys each: serious jail-time, I mean; 1st parole hearing in 25. That should do it! Better still, each further misspent and wasted 1T adds another 125/25. At the rate they're spending, we could keep the whole democratic party in jail for the next 25 years. Wouldn't that be cool?!

      Actually, Madoff should be released, because he provided people who were dumb enough to believe in 20pct annual free-market ROI with at least some value in the form of the (temporary) illusion of wealth, and they were free to recognize their error in time and put their money elsewhere. The government's one and only legal Ponzi scheme doesn't even do that.

      BO's ever more obvious disregard for the Constitution and Worldbfree4me's disregard of my rights are of the same contemptible nature. Get this once and for all: you have NO rights to anything at my expense. I am NOT your slave. The 200 million buddies you claim to have change NONE of this. THAT's what The US Constitution is all about! The US Constitution, that most ingenious document in the field of political philosophy ever produced by human minds means exactly this: neither a King nor a democratic process run amuk should ever again have the power to enslave one individual to the whims of another. If you don't get it now, when will you? Happy 4th!

    33. misa, Phoenix says:

      Geez oh man, it is scary that this President has everything staged.. It is all a show.

    34. sherrill , NY/ NJ says:



    35. LaMoore, Germany says:

      Watching with fascination the hoohah around Michael Jackson–a German friend said, "Michael Jackson paved the way for Obama!" I quipped: "Yes, and Obama learned a political moonwalk from MJ, how to go backward when it looks like you are going forward." Mr. Oblahblahbama is a disaster for the USA, and beyond.

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    37. m. morton says:

      Good for Helen Thomas…Gibbs is either not very smart or is mocking the press. He is so aggravating, I'm surprised ot took this long for someone to confront him.

    38. Dave Schraub, Indian says:

      If you notice, comrade Ken is a plant, because he can't argue his point, he can only show support for the socialist party. He is a kool-aid drinker of the socialist party in power. This is why we have the problems we have in this country, because of the people that refuse to become informed. They would rather sit back and be told what to think. It's less stressful.

    39. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      Perhaps what is most disturbing about the White House Press Corps' "recent" discovery that this President has moved beyond trying to manipulate the Press and into the realm of outright control, content and access to information, is that Mr. Obama has shown himself as a devoted socialist, totalist, and despiser of liberty since he took office–indeed well before. Yet Helena Thomas and company are seeing only now that a man (and a party–the democrats) who seeks absolute control will naturally seek control of the Press.

      Obama continues to praise the likes of Hugo Chavez clone Miguel Zelaya by condemning the coup that drove him from power. Chavez is virtually welded to Castro. Castro has never been a fan of a free press. Why has it taken so long to see that when relying on bribery, political thuggery and chicanery to sell his plans Obama must control the Press or else risk exposure of the truth?

      Helen Thomas is not a fool. Although she is most certainly a liberal she will never willingly surrender her freedom to act like a journalist. The problem, however, is that the very media that quickly became enamored of the transparently statist Obama, is only now discovering there will be a cost to it–lies, trickery, and eventually "legislation," to quell free speech and freedom of the Press. If the left leaning media truly believes itself bullet proof to the government's power to stifle conservative radio then such journalists are blind. At the moment the Press asks questions that, if answered honestly, would endanger Obama's designs the MSM will see how quickly the Pres. and his cronies act to shut everyone else up.

      Oh, and as a parting shot, though somewhat off the subject, the dems in congress have now proven that their years long droning about bi-partisanship was nothing more than sophistical tripe. Suddenly, bipartisanship is gone; worse yet, the language used by the "filibuster proof" dems ought to be clearly understood by the voters. The message is simple: you swallowed our lies hook, line and sinker and now we have a "mandate" to cram our "agenda" down your throats.

      Power–the one and only First Principle of the fascist left.

    40. haskell, South Carol says:

      I respectfully remind you, that to vote this crowd out, someone has to be voted in. The typical Obamavoter runs on pure emotion and is driven by True Belief. She is not responsive to logic, reason, facts, or truth. Obama's campaign was pure marketing and he is a product. We have to identify viable candidates, and then get out the vote. There will be large numbers of taxpayer subsidized Obama voters in the next election, courtesy of ACORN and its cogeners. Our efforts should not focus on persuading these folks, they are out of touch and out of reach. We just have to outnumber then, and this should be our strategy starting now.

    41. Barb -mn says:

      I would just like to say thank you to Dave from Indiana and Spiritof76. Your words are encouraging to those misinformed or indoctrinated to open their minds and eyes to the truth and to accept the truth… thank you.

    42. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama sounds exactly like the Dictators he supports in South America! Once in Office, he does away with the Constitution, writes his own, wants to be President for life, goes agaisnt the Supreme Court Rulings, and believes himself to be God. In Iran there are millions of people who want Democracy! Does Obama support them? No. The reason? Becuase he does not support Democracy, our Republic or anything that our Nation stands for. He is the worst shame and blight our Nation has ever had to bear. Heavan help us, please!


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