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  • Morning Bell: Providing for the Common Defense Uncommon in White House

    Though the President made a big deal about Father’s Day, on national security issues the White House continues to look like an absent father. What can we expect from the White House on Independence Day? On issue after issue, Obama appears ambivalent or just flat wrong.

    Last week, President Obama continued his efforts at “spin control,” after being criticized for not speaking out more forcefully on events in Iran. Initially, the President sought to restrain his support for protesters to avoid the charge that the unrest was U.S.-inspired, rather than reflecting a genuine Iranian grassroots movements. He failed. Despite subdued rhetoric from the White House, the administration found itself pummeled by claims of interference, including a charge that an innocent bystander had been shot by the CIA to foment a riot.

    The White House is not tracking defense too closely either. The Senate Armed Services Committee recently voted to add funding for the F-22 fighter program (a similar provision recently passed in the House). The original proposed administration defense budget would terminate the program with about 60 less aircraft than what the Air Force really needs. Obstinately, Obama immediately declared he would veto the defense authorization bill. Then Defense Secretary Gates said he wasn’t sure he would recommend a veto. Are our leaders talking to each other?

    Congress is worse. Without a firm hand from the President, under the guise of homeland security they are introducing all kinds of bogus bills, compiled here into a short list of some of Congressional “dumb and dumber ideas,” including the PASS ID Act, Homeowners Defense Act, and the Travel Promotion Act.  All bills with great names and terrible results.

    Not coincidentally, all of this silliness is going on during the middle of “Protect America Month,” a series of special publications and events by the Heritage Foundation showcasing why we must commit to protecting America in an increasingly dangerous world. Events started with a speech at the Navy Memorial by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Romney did something no Democratic or Republican leader has done convincingly in recent memory: make a rationale, compelling case that now is not the time to be cutting back on defense spending.

    Other events included a screening of the missile defense documentary 33 Minutes and a panel on the threat of weapons of mass destruction with Jim Talent, Former Member of the United States Senate (R-MO) and Vice-Chairman of the Commission for the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism. Talent and Commission Chairman Bob Graham discussed their study “World at Risk.”  Heritage scholars including Kim Holmes, Peter Brookes, and Jim Carafano also authored a series of special reports on key defense issues.

    Protect America Month concludes with a closing address by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on July 20.

    Quick Hits:

    • The United States formally transferred authority of Iraqi cities and towns to a democratically-elected Iraqi government yesterday.
    • A “showdown looms” in Honduras as ousted President Manuel Zelaya vowed to return amid threats of arrest. Current President Roberto Micheletti begged the U.S. not to act so quickly, to stand on the side of rule of law and humanitarianism, instead of immediately siding with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.
    • California’s state government failed to agree to any measures that would keep the state paying its bills. The policies that led California to this incredible economic collapse are similar to what is being proposed nationally by the Obama White House.
    • President Obama’s EPA yesterday allowed California to impose the toughest emission standards on vehicles in the nation, which will form the basis of new nationwide rules.
    • The Minnesota Supreme Court declared Al Franken the winner of the state’s U.S. Senate race yesterday. He is expected to serve on the Judiciary and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committees.
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    28 Responses to Morning Bell: Providing for the Common Defense Uncommon in White House

    1. Mary Schmidt, Minnes says:

      My comment regards what's really going on in America and the World. If you haven't already, please read the book "Behold A Pale Horse" by Milton William Cooper. It describes exactly what the elite of Harvard are doing (The President) and how they want to have a One-World Government. Very scary stuff.

    2. Allan Jerome says:

      Whwew and when is the tea party in Midland MI this weekend?


    3. Roy Reed, Las Vegas says:

      This president and all the Democrats and Republicans who are voting to change our United States. I doubt very much if people had thought and read about obams's CHANGE they might not have voted him in . It is OBVIOUS obama and the government only want big government. We are heading for a dictatorship. We must vote all of them out. I know I won't vote them back in. Why should we give up everything so they can live high on the hog??????

    4. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      As a retired Psychiatrist, I have time to "analyze from my couch".

      When trying to understand the why's of what is happening, think of an "arrow". Don't be looking only at where it's headed; look from whence it is coming!

      Obama's "arrows" point to the destruction of everything that has made America the greatest country on earth and the destruction the very foundation of it all—-The Constitution

      My only conclusion to date is that Obama hates America consciously or unconsciously. Why else destroy it? Don't be lulled by his charm; he is destroying America!

    5. jim smith says:

      Nobama's ideology serves as his intellect. The one thing that he has in common with GOD is they both don't have birth certificates. Well, actually, there are two things they have in common. The other is that neither needs one. Next, Nobama is going to the Middle East, specifically to Cana, to do the "wine thing", except, with only one hand wave, he'll create several world class, award winning vintages, in both red and white.

    6. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      The Main Character's lack of experience regarding National Defense and his lukewarm support of soldiering are two of the reasons I cite for not voting for him in 2008. Other reason's include his Chicago address and his socialism. Hailing from one of the two most politically corrupt states in the union and reading his comments on the American way of life, showed me that he was not fit to be President of the United States. Last year, too many smart voters sat out the election because the candidate pool was shallow. The shallower candidate won.

    7. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Whoever writes the "Morning Bell" for the

      Heritage Foundation

      has the easiest job in the world.

      ALL they have to do it



      Instead of point to ALL of the GOOD the GOP

      in congress are doing.


      They want America to LOSE.

    8. Lydia Schultz, Picay says:

      I see not one iota of good that comes from o in the oval office. The GOP is doing nothing because they are outnumbered by Dems so you cannot blame ANYTHING on the GOP this time, Mr. Jarvis. You and yours will own this destruction OUTRIGHT without any ability to defend yourselves.

      Thank you, Heritage, for giving us facts and something to hang onto through all of this power grab by this administration. I can take no solice in the fact that I SAW through him. I only wish other Americans had. He is not a good person.

    9. Joe White, Quinton T says:

      To Mr. Jarvis- wake up, fellow- unless of course yoiu are fond ot totalitarian governments which appears to be the Empty Suit's aims…

      Please understand- arrogance of which he has plenty is presumed superiority, it is the first cousin to greed- for power in his case, and stupidity is also related- in that one has to be incredibly stupid to think even for a moment that the Empty Suit loves this nation AND its Constitution–

      Please read it on Saturday and try to understand why, next to the Bible, it is the most precious document ever created by man…it is an actual dream become reality..but it can be ruined by fools…like judges who make decisions based on "empathy"??? Puh-leeeze.

      But, the ultimate reality is the very serious need to protect it from too much government. I blame the two generations just after WW2- who gave their children too much that was not earned…and now, somehow in their twisteed "reasoning", they "think" that they are OWED A LIFE FREE FROM WORKING??

      They can never understand the price of the freedoms they enjoy…until, when this would-be king- takes all of them away…Think not? – now, as it turns out, he wants to tax everybody??? The carbon tax insanity is just the start…

      Time for some more tea parties of more substance,time to deomonstrate for real???Makes one wonder.

    10. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The federals only reason for being is to provide for a common defense. Unfortunately, this constitutional mandate has been over shadowed by elected social engineers enjoying the trappings of power.

    11. Kent Tarver Fallon, says:

      How can Obama make the people think he is for the protesters in Iran when he is all for the dictator government in Iran. If he gets too strong on the side of the protesters he risks the anger of the government. If he gets too strong for the government in Iran then he runs the risk of ticking off our people.

      Conclusion: Obama is seeking the same position over the people in America as is the government in Iran. So, he is against us and for the government of Iran.

      Isn't that obvious?

    12. Brenda Cregor, Centr says:

      "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, INSURE DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY, PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."


      In the world in which we live, the blessings of liberty can be more readily assured & secured through a strong military, supported both fiscally and politically.

      Truly, it upsets me to be taxed to sustain failing private businesses and, in the future, nationalized healthcare. But ask me to open my wallet to aid our excellent military, and I give freely, with gladness and gratitude.

    13. Vallejo, Ca. says:

      Mr. Jarvis,

      I can only wonder two things about you! Where were you in the past 30 to 50 years ? And how did you get so ignorant ?

      To The Hertitage Foundation. Didn't you mean to say,"Providing for the COMMON SENSE,Uncommon in the White House ? Was it a TYPO ?

    14. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      I can't wait to see people in LaLa land driving Barrymobiles getting 35 mpg. The golf carts will look cute against the back drop of the Hummers and SUV's of the leftist elites who think they are exempt from their ideology.

    15. SOOTHSAYER ONE says:


      Difficult to ascertain if Obambam is practising madness or there are methods to his madness. The swatting of the fly scene in the Oval Office was enigmatic of this presidency. He keeps buzzing around being a pest and when he sits poised escapes unhurt when the rolled up newspaper comes swatting down. Biologists attest a housefly has a natural short life.

      It is orchastrated confusion trying to determine the game being played. I cannot tell if it is three-level chess for Mensa Intelligence or a bunch of Harvard Grande Ole Ivy types spinning the twirler playing Shoots and Ladders. There is a Chaos Squared strategy that design is to make such a complete mess of things that only the one closest to the mess can manage the mess. His allegience to dictators makes it conceivable he wants dictatorial control of government power beyond 8 years and one way to accomplish that goal would be to screw up every established framework of government, economy, and society.

      The only Citizen solution short of revolution is impeachment.

    16. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      The four words in the Constitution that will destroy it are "Promote the general welfare".

      If these four words were not in the Constitution 90% of the laws on the books would be Unconstitutional.

      When Welfare becomes more important than Common Defense you will have neither common welfare nor common defense.

    17. David Sayers, NC says:

      Komrade Ken,on what page of pravada do you obtain your information or is it the state run media?

    18. Jack Kyle, Lubbock, says:

      Reason for Obama’s Support for Ousted leader of Honduras

      I think that Obama is hearing footsteps behind him. Obama’s action in overriding our constitution is very similar to those that the president of Honduras was taking and is afraid to give any validly to the actions taken by the military of Honduras. I think that he understands that he has gone far beyond what most of the American people are willing to put up with. The people of the United States must stand up and let their voices be heard in a peaceful protest.

    19. Dennis Social Circle says:

      This country is going down the tubes with obam and the dems. I just read an article about the dems wanting to repeal the the 2 term limit for obama. This whole thing was stated before obam took office, one of his team members stated on national TV that "Obama would began his rule on 1/20/09". There has not been one thing printed nor one mention of this statemen in any of the media. The thought of more than 2 terms was already on his mind. The dems are changing this country in a way that would cause our fore-fathers to roll over. We as voters and citizens must get out and defeat this planned massacre of the UNITE STATES OF AMERICA, in the next and all elections to come. We must stand up for our rights under the Constitution before obam throws that out with the trash.

    20. DANA, NEW MEXICO says:


    21. Mary N. Lodi, WI says:

      Does anyone think we might be heading for some form of revolution? The liberals laugh at the Tea Parties.

      I always thought I'd spend my golden years in a free country. The thought of a socialized government never crossed my mind until BO "fraudulently" became president of this great country. He doesn't even like this country!

    22. John, Arizona says:

      The most troubling thing about what's happening in this country, is that the same people who are guiding our country – i.e. our congressmen and women will be re-elected to continue their plundering ways. People like Mr. Jarvis will continue to vote for people like Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, etc, etc, etc.

      WAKE UP America, and get rid of gthe incompetents before it's too late!!

    23. David W. Crummett, H says:

      Is it possible that Mr. Obama could be ushered out of office by our military in a bloodless coup due to his increasing assaults on our Constitution? The straw that could break the proverbial camel's back could be his eventual executive order to let gays openly serve in our military, if all of his other tragic overreaches haven't been enough. I really don't think we can wait until the 2010 elections, and certainly not the 2012 elections. I wish not for violence, and I pray that Mr. Obama will truly have a Damascus road experience. He, then, would have a choice to make. The best outcome would be for him to have a genuine encounter with the Lord, Who would then lead Mr. Obama 180 degrees in the opposite direction regarding almost everything. If he chooses to resist the Lord, may He be sovereign to removing Mr. Obama from office by whatever means and in whatever time He chooses. Amen.

    24. Carole Nemy says:

      Obama is narcissistic and wants the power of a dictator,allowing no negative reporting; however some of the press are now waking up to that fact and beginning to question the administration. Short of a national revolution, the only solution is impeachment…but how can that come to pass when his Democratic cronies in Congress are still fawning over him like a pack of idiots? Seems to me the only thing to do is wait for the voting public to wake up in 2010 and vote his cronies out whereby changing the majority. By then, tax time will have come and gone..many wallets will be hurting and no jobs have been forthcoming. How many campaign promises would be broken by then?

    25. Christopher Popham S says:

      Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord (Battle Hymn of the Republic) and it's

      definitely not in the White House.

      Most of the comments here are encouraging.

      I'm glad to see that there are a few (?) of us,

      who are very concerned about the treacherous

      path, down which this country is being taken.

      By the way, did you all now that most of the

      bankers from Goldman Sachs will be at their summer homes on Martha's Vineyard–that's right–

      at the same time as the President and family are

      there on vacation. What a coincidence.

      See the current article in Rolling Stone Magazine.

    26. sherrill , NY/ NJ says:


    27. Danny Shields says:

      Hamilton said; "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." These words seem to fit to a tee, the 53% of this country that voted for Mr. Obama. I believe that the people of this country had better wake up an smell the dung heap if we are to survive as a nation. Or we will shrivel up and die and become a third world nation subject to the same kinds of abuses that they suffer. As they say, "Pay backs are Hell."

    28. Mike, Imperial Beach says:

      Heritage loses credibility by automatically supporting Congressional action to add more F-22 fighters to the defense bill. The Air Force has a record of building expensive planes whose utility is questionable vis-a-vis actual threats. These additional aircraft added by Congress are pure pork – the military industrial complex is clever in where they build aircraft to insure significant political clout on the Hill. When I read the Heritage Morning Bell report on the F-22, I expected to hyperlink to some thoughtful analysis justifying the strategic need for additional expensive fighter aircraft, proving DOD analysts wrong. No such luck, just a link to more verbiage. I expect better from my Conservative think tank.

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