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  • Is Obama Siding with Chavez and Castro in Honduras? You Decide

    Liberals are disputing the Conservative view that President Obama is siding with Chávez and Castro in the Honduras crisis. They are mistaken.

    On June 28, the Congress and Supreme Court of Honduras ,with the assistance of the Honduran Armed Forces, physically removed President Manuel Zelaya from his residence and expelled him from the country. The new Honduran government states President Zelaya’s removal from office was the result of legal orders issued by its supreme court. In a matter of hours, a new government was sworn in. It promises, unlike Zelaya, to abide by the Constitution, move ahead with national elections, and respect basic rights and liberties. Civilian, not military, leaders have taken charge.

    The Obama Administration has reacted harshly to the turn of events. It supports the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Both have issued resolutions condemning the removal of Zelaya. An OAS resolution of June 30 demands Zelaya’s returns and states the OAS will only recognize Zelaya’s selected officials. It gives the interim government 72 hours to comply or face expulsion. No discussions, no investigation, no hearing of counter arguments, no cooling-off period!

    The sad reality is that the Obama Administration has allowed the situation in Honduras to spin out of control. Driven by external backers – Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega, Fidel & Raul Castro – ex-President Zelaya deliberately pushed his country to the brink of institutional civil war. On the way to the train wreck which the Administration surely saw coming, no voices were raised in protest, no public statements of concern issued. At the end of the day, even U.S. friends in Honduras ceased to listen and did what they felt was necessary for their country.

    Unless a miracle compromise is found in the next 72 hours, the Administration will have successfully maneuvered into a perfect lose-lose situation. If Zelaya is returned, he will hail Chávez, Castro, etc. as the true saviors of his regime, with a grudging recognition to the U.S. Zelaya will be granted a six month opportunity to foster polarization, pillory the democratic opposition, and destroy as much of the independent institutions of his country as possible. If the new government resists the OAS resolution, Chávez and company will undoubtedly act, saying their interventions (whether diplomatic, economic, or even military) in Honduras are being done to uphold an OAS mandate and defend democracy. Actions the U.S. clearly supports.

    Sadly, in an effort to play by the rules of the Inter-American Democratic charter, to appear not to meddle in Latin America, and to blindly follow rather than lead multilateral diplomacy,.the Administration is making Latin American much safer for Chavista subversion, for destabilization, and for the slow strangulation of individual freedoms and liberty, all in the name of defending democracy.

    The Obama Administration and others in the “international community” may not be siding with Chávez, Castro, etc, but it sure looks as if they are playing into their hands. Either way, the results are the same!

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    45 Responses to Is Obama Siding with Chavez and Castro in Honduras? You Decide

    1. Matt / Ft. Myers, FL says:

      The OAS loss what little credibility they had when they allowed Cuba back in. I'm sure Chavez is laughing like a fool.

    2. Jerry Pittsto says:

      It is time to stand against this president, He is clearly supporting the ousted power grabber. Because he is trying to do the same thing and we have already seen him buddy up to chavez on stage and thank him for his diatribe on American Imperialism,

      He is purposely overwhelming and overburdenning us all

    3. Larry- in the REPUBL says:

      Sounds like Honduras has done what WE in the United States should have done when we ALL saw the wolves guarding the sheep. Take back OUR economy, and legislative spending responsiblities! There's little advantage in allowing this Congress to stay in office ANY longer, when they obviously realize that their time is limited and push even harder to cram down bad legislature! On the contrary, Honduras has spoken softly, yet soundly, and insisted that the persons who cause the demise of the economy, and attempt to "socialize" goods and services provided by independent businesses, and that doing so would warrant Marshal law, must be excomunicated!!

    4. Larry- in the REPUBL says:

      On the same note: Chavez will refuse to support any enterprise in Honduras that doesn't use HIS countries' petroleum assets, ie. "hand made" products that do not require power OR oil based derivatives. As well, the Castro boys will refuse to allow Honduras to continue "hand rolling" cigars, that directly compete with HIS countries' prime export! Can you see the simularities to Government owned Automotive companies and "lending institutions" here in the U.S.? There is no wonder why Obama will undoubtedly side with the Castros and Chavez on this issue, since HE too shares similar monopolistic ventures here in the "North American" leg of the OAS, communistic society!!

    5. Spiritof76 says:

      In the past few days, my posts were not permitted by Heritage as it was probably deemed politically not correct. I merely used the known facts about Obama in making those forbidden statements. Imagined intimidation by the government clearly works.

      Let me try again. Why do we keep thinking Mr. Obama is somehow either naive or just wants to to side with OAS? Mr. Obama clarly sides with Chavez and Ortega as his own beliefs are (through his past speeches, writings and dutiful attendance of Jeremiah Wright's invctive-filled church)that US has been imperialistic and that his mission is to reverse it so that the "oppressed" people can find justice. Mr. Obama is anti-American in his foreign policies. Look at his handling of Iran, Israel, Hamaas, Palestinians and Arab world and Latin American dictators. Whose side is MR. Obama on? You tell me.

    6. Sam, North Carolina says:

      I voted for Obama and consider myself to be fairly liberal (keyword: “fairly,” as in trying to look at each issue in a way that is “fair”). I am concerned that, just as in the days of the Bush administration people who opposed the war in Iraq (or at least the way it was being fought) were labeled as unpatriotic or un-American, so, in the case of Honduras, people who oppose the “liberal” President Zelaya are seen as taking a stand against the poor and the marginalized and standing with big business and American interests, as well as being anti-Honduran. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Mr. Zelaya and others are once again using the poor for their own selfish purposes.

      While I would love for America to have the opportunity to undo some of the bad decisions of the past, this is not the time, or rather, the path we seem to be ready to go down is not the way. Zelaya may have reflected the will and desire of the Honduran people at one time, but he has sold out to other interests and has lost the respect and support of his own Congress, his party and, most importantly, the majority of Honduran citizens.

    7. Sam, North Carolina says:

      Just wondering what might have been wrong with my attempted post (unclean? off topic? personal attack?) — just curious. Thanks.

    8. Sam, North Carolina says:

      oops, sorry! (impatient)

    9. John Allison III says:

      I now consider Obama, Castro, and Chavez the Axis of American Marxists.


    11. Eugene, New York says:

      It seems the whole world doesn't understand the danger existing in leftist and socialist leaders. The don't care that much about changing life of the neediest (poors). Ironocally, they are free-lancers, soft-spoken leaders. they don't believe in democracy, liberty for all they promote. Unfortunately after their failing movement in Haiti for years, the OAS should understand the authority of the local institutions and Supreme Court Justice fo Honduras. The Army only executed an order. The entire OAS's body encourage this kind of behaviors of leaders like Chavez, Zalaya, CAstro, Aristide, Amedinajad who have the skills and abilities to keep their people under the poverty line. Don't expect that much with the current situation because Chavez, Castro are in control. The OAS belong to them and our UNITED States Administration govern only to please individual. Do they they take diplomatic course in college?

    12. Andrew Chalfant, Mic says:

      Following Constitutional order, we cannot have that now can we! Obama may be on the wrong side of this one from our perspective meaning there is but a hidden agenda in the air. I wish nothing but the best for the Hondurans and their efforts for a true democracy. Another example of americans surrendering that which others so badly strive for, the values of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

    13. Grace, Florida says:

      People need to wake up. Honestly isn't anyone thinking that O wants to be our Dictator? I think he does and that is why he is siding with these goofs. I have a friend whose wife is from Honduras, she was there during the faux coup – and the people are elated to get this guy out of office. The absolutely see the writing on the wall with this guy. The President of Honduras broke the law of the Constitution. I also think the reason why O is stressing that this guy was elected Democratically is b/c he's afraid we might try to do the same thing to him. We probably should – I'm sure he's broken our Constitution. Wake up America.

      Tea Party today in Jacksonville, Florida

    14. Robert T. Davis says:

      Obama is proving to be as incompentent at foreign affairs as he is on the economy. He has surrounded himself with incompentents showing his total lack of leadership. I just hope we have an economy left after he gets thrown out of office. GOP will take control of congress next year and that will help. They can just stop funding Acorn and all the other corruption programs he has put in place.

    15. Lebo, florida says:

      I keep laughing at the people who are still wondering; "Is Obama a Socialist?"

      You must be kidding and/or really stupid to be wondering about that "old news" question. I am way past the Socialist question and now I wonder how far left of Karl Marx Obama is going to be in the end.

      Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians need to wake up and smell the Coffee with regard to Komrade Obama.

      Come on folks, get a clue here. It's all out there in front of you.

    16. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      Ofcourse he sides with dictators he is one also, I have said many times on many posts besides this forum that he is a traitor and should be removed from

      public office and exiled from this country or imprisioned.I will shout it from the highest hill even if they put me in jail, my country, my children and my grand children are worth paying the price.

    17. Ricardo Escudero, Li says:

      La situaciòn a la que se ha llegado en Honduras responde a un orden legal perfectamente establecido. El ex Presidente "Mel" Zelaya transgrediò el orden constitucional y colocò progresivamente a Honduras al borde de un conflicto interno de proporciones incalculables.

      La respuesta de las principales fuerzas polìticas con respaldo y representaciòn en el Congreso de Honduras, junto a los voceros autorizados de la Sociedad Civil, las Fuerzas Armadas y por fin, una emergente y decidida Clase Media que cada vez màs, se anima aparticipar en los temas pùblicos, ha logrado reponer el camino de la legalidad que Zelaya abandonaba, acercàndose còmodamente a los dictadores como Chàvez y sus aliados como Correa y Morales de Ecuador y Bolivia respectivamente.

      El Presidente Obama, no puede desconocer la voluntad del pueblo de Honduras y estar siguiendo lo que estratègicamente maniobran los gobiernos del "Alba", una suerte de sindicato de extremistas dispuestos al escàndalo, al financiamiento de crisis en paìses estables, a la destrucciòn de las libertades y la paz que la regiòn necesitan.

      Obama deberìa liderar un esfuerzo institucional con Colombia, Chile, Perù y Brasil para formar una Mesa de Evaluaciòn de la Crisis y proponer un camino de normalizaciòn en Honduras.

      Our best effort at translation:

      The situation at which we’ve arrived in Honduras corresponds to a perfectly-established legal order. Ex-president “Mel” Zelaya broke constitutional order and progressively pushed Honduras to the brink of an internal conflict of incalculable proportions.

      The response of the principal political forces with support and representation in the Honduran Congress, alongside authorized spokespeople in civil society, the Armed Forces, and finally, an emerging and decided middle class, which more and more is rousing itself to participate on public issues, has instituted a reinvigoration of the path of legality that Zelaya abandoned by cozying up to dictators like Chávez and his allies, such as Correa and Morales, of Ecuador and Bolivia, respectively.

      President Obama can’t not know the will of the Honduran people and be following the government’s strategic maneuvering of the “Alba,” a kind of extremists’ union disposed to scandal, to financing crisis in stable countries, and to destruction of liberties and peace that the region needs.

      Obama needs to lead an institutional force with Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Brazil to form an evaluation panel of the crisis and propose a road to normalcy in Honduras.

    18. gp,nj says:

      We're the fools for allowing this Marxist to be elected. We all need to do more to get us back on the right path. Those of us on the right knew what we were getting; now it's time to win back the hearts and minds of the independents and middle of the road people. The left is doing everything they can to insure that 51% of the American people are sucking off the government tit and beholden to them, and that will get them elected every time. We need to start by sending the eight Republicans that voted for "Cap and Tax" packing and send a clear message to our supposed representatives that they work for us and that they need to look out for our interest and not special interest that give them large contributions. Leonard Lance your days are numbered………………………………Where have all the Patriots gone????????????????????

    19. Rob Garland, Texas says:

      For the first time in my life, I am truly afraid for my country. I am a disabled veteran who fought in Vietnam and believe in my country. There have been Presidents I agreed with and ones I didn’t, but never have I seen such blatant socialist and Marxist activities being pushed. Obama is a Socialist and is trying to kill the America I know. The question is when will the press realize this and fairly report? The vast majority of the press is “In the Tank” for Obama. We now have “open tome hall meetings” that are fully controlled and all people and questions are screened so no tough questions come out. Even the decidedly left wing Helen Thomas is seeing this. Isn’t this what Chevez does every day or the Imams’ in Iran or the Taliban.

      Of course Obama is supporting dictators…He is one.

      God Bless America and the Great State of Texas!

    20. C. Byrd, Chesapeake, says:

      If anyone cannot see who this man really is and what his intentions are to do with this country their blind! He was born in Kenya and has no business being president.He is spending thousands of dollars (Acorn?) to hush this and keep it out of the public view. He wants to be president for as long as he wishes. (wants Amendment 22 abolished or changed to allow a president to serve as long as the people want him in office. He will legalize the immigrants so they'll vote for him! If he isn't removed this country as we know it won't exist in 4 years! Is there anyone in congress alert to what he's doing? Are all of them in on his agenda?

    21. Denise - Florida says:

      Grace is right. I do not think that O has plans on giving up his current position. This is why he sides with tyrants. Birds of a feather.

    22. Jerry from Chicago says:

      If he walks like a socialist, talks like a socialist and acts like a socialist, chances are he is a socialist. How wrong was Chavez when he jokingly told Fidel Castro to "watchout or Obama will be to the left of both of us".

      Of course Mr. Obama is supporting the ousted Honduran leader and condemning the Honduran legislature and Supreme Court, who are acting within the scope of the Honduran Constitution.

      Why? Because Mr. Obama himself is acting outside his constitutional authority, is bringing this country to the edge of financial ruin and is fearful that the American people will soon want to do to him what Honduras has done to President Zelaya.

      How long are we going to tolerate this grinning incompetent socialist?

    23. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Again, we all knew what Obama was, and is, before the news media distorted his true nature, thus his election through fraud. So why is anyone surprised at his actions and policies. He, and the Demorats have one agenda, to turn this country into a socialist state. That's it! nothing less. One of the most important things we can do is apply as much pressure we can on all aspects of the media and their sponsors. They will crack if the pressure continues.

    24. Richard Richard&#039 says:

      As usual the Democrats fail to defend, or even speak up for, democracy, freedom, the rule of law, civil liberties, peoples rights and everything else that is good.

      Just goes to show that George Bush was better in the dimension of foreign policy than President Obama.

    25. Genie, Maine says:

      Honduras is fighting for its Constitution, something we have little understanding for here in the US. Our own Constitution is under constant attack from those who consider it 'living' and/or 'outofdate.' Our President is one of those, and he is making all kinds of power grabs outside his legitimately given jurisdiction.

      When the former President of Honduras attempted the Chavez-style usurpation of his Constitution, the Congress and the Court stood up and removed him. He would have been gone in November, because he is term-limited. He wanted to remove that term-limit.

      When Chavez was term-limited out, he rescinded that rule. He took over all functions, and is now a dictator. There is only one way to remove a dictator.

      Obama also will face a term-limit if he survives an election in 2012. A 'precedent' of overthrowing that annoying election process might seem very appealing.

      Pray for Honduras…and us.

    26. Genie, Maine says:

      What does 'moderation' mean? In terms of my 'email is currently undergoing moderation'?

    27. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      I am comfused. I have now read two comments about repealing term limits for a President but is it Obama or Zelaya? If Obama has been pushing for repealling term limits then I could imagine a huge civil uproar in the US if it is true. My guess is that it is about Zelaya. For those who are informed please clarify this for me. Thanks

    28. Gary, soon to be fro says:

      The day before the election, Obama said, he wanted a "civilian peace keeping force as well equipped and funded as our military!" He knew then that the election was well in hand, ACORN was well funded, they had mastered our simplistic voting system, he was unbeatable. Now, six months down the road we see that Obama tells any bald faced lie he wants, knowing that Americans are so complacent, so unwilling to take a stance, we are becomeing willing slaves of a dictatorship that will be more brutal, more vicious than anything seen since the Dark Ages. People say, all we can do is vote them out starting in 2010? Oh yeah, sure. Just like Al Franken prevailing over Colman in Mn, it only matters who counts the votes friends. Our American Republic is in real trouble folks.

    29. dennis florida says:

      does anyone know what the requirements for impeachment are?…….just curious.

    30. Pacoofamerica, Michi says:

      Mr. Obama appears to be a COWARD. He won't stand up to anyone or to any country. He just hides and let's the other guy do his dirty work. He is intelligent, but certainly a COWARD.


    31. Howard Rampy says:

      The American people need to stand up now and put their politicians on notice that they "can and will be recalled" unless they exhibit patriotism for Our Country and stand AGAINST the thugs who have hijacked the democratic party, and congress.

      Fear of loss is stronger than fear of gain…. Bring the slime balls home and send reputable and fighters to congress to get the Country back on a conservative base…. Waiting will be too late…..

    32. Judy Reyher, Colorad says:

      I believe that Obama follows the dictator model of Chavez and Castro. Totalitarian governments fall right in with what he would like to do himself right here in our country. I believe this man hates everything we are and I am amazed more people don't realize that.

    33. jr., Michigan says:

      NOW can we please have this tyrant impeached??? imprisoned for treason???? something?????

    34. Lin-Dai Yu-Shan,Virg says:

      I've never felt more proud of Honduras than today. I'm a naturalized citizen originally from Honduras, and although I'm loyal to the death to the USA I can't quiet the commotion in my chest as I follow the events. I just returned last Friday June 26th and was able to see the birth of the movement to oust this man who thought himself above the law and sought to do a dictatorial takeover and powergrab a la Hugo Chavez. He was constitutionally and legally removed. The military were merely executing the orders of the Supreme Court. Let me repeat, he was ousted upholding the constitutional order, WOW!! Can we do that here? The leftist incompetent community organizer that we have as President continues to trample the Constitution w/out any one stopping him or calling him on it.

      What is more apalling is that the OAS who knows who Chavez is and what he did to Venezuela, supports Zelaya. They have lost any credibility before the people of Honduras and before all the wise Americans that stand in support of a genuine fight for democracy! VIva Honduras!!

    35. J. Robert, Aurora, I says:


    36. Carol, Massachusetts says:

      The first day it was being reported as a coup, but WSJ quickly corrected it and it is a democracy that Chavez and Castro want. Obama fits in with those two, which is unfortunate for the US.

      Something has to happen to the people in this country that voted for him, they have to see that he's leading this great country into a huge, one man made disaster. It will take a long time to undo what he's trying to do.

      They are all distracted now, Michael Jackson died. That was on Fox News all last weekend. I sent an email telling them I was more interested in Cap & Tax than that, but had to watch CSPAN to see what the final vote was. Sorry times when the death of an entertainer is 93% of the news.

    37. Pingback: Is Obama Siding with Chavez and Castro in Honduras? Sure He Is… | Democrat = Socialist

    38. john morris/lakewood says:

      Its blatantly obvious that they are on the same page regarding Honduras. I don't believe they are on the same bowling league but i do believe there is concern in the back of their mind that if the Hondurian government had the courage to oust their president for attempting to change their constitution, may…be it could happen to us(Chavez & Obama).

    39. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      I don't get it – this is clearly democracy in action in honduras (though it may have been a mistake to give Zelaya the option of leaving). Why would the U.S. do anything other than support the Honduras government that is going by the rules of law in that country? If Obama is not a supporter of dictators/marxists then why would he throw support behind Zelaya? My understanding is the military were involved because they, apparently, are given the responsibility to conduct the referendum when directed by the legislature(not the president). In this case, the supreme court ruled that Zelaya's attempt to call for a referendum was illegal and directed the military not to do so. The General complyed and Zelaya fired him. With the help of Chavez, who provided the ballots, Zelaya defied the court and tried to conduct the referendum – he was arrested per direction by the Attorney General. Next in line took over and elections will take place in Nov as previously planned. Any American would support the actions taken by the Honduras government against Zelaya. Too many news coverage bites of this situation are misleading in their coverage by making it sound like a military coup or illegal arrest.

    40. depresssion babie;co says:

      Not enough news; too many distractions; too little explainations by people from the right; at first I thought the military were pulling a coup; but if they were acting for the supreme court and against becoming the next dictatorship in our hemisphere; that's a whole different action.

      Someone said on Savage nation that what we have in the US is a "soft coup". Our government has changed right before our eyes and ears!

      Even Helen Thomas knows "something is wrong"

      What about the rest of us?

    41. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Has Helen Thomas finally awoken from her slumbers?

    42. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Of course he supports Chavez! They're twins! Neither want open Democracy. Neither believe in their Nations Consitution. Neither believe that Congress should have a say in anything nor should the citizens that they serve. And both believe that they know more than God himself. A blind, deaf man with no arms or legs or sense of smell would know this! Why are you asking? Erveryone needs to re-read our Declaration of Independance, and understand that this tyranny is exactly why we retained the right to lawfully remove and replace them, with individuals who will govern within the Laws set forth in the Constitution of the United States of America.



    43. Ed in Tampa says:

      Their constitutuion seems remarkably like ours on this issue. If it was determined that through a systems of checks and balances the executive office abused it power which required his removal from office and this removal was constitutionally executed, WHO CARES WHAT THE LIBERAL OAS, SOCIALIST CUBANS, AND OUR SOON TO BE FACIST PRESIDENT THINKS? There should be an enormous outcry the sovernty of the Houndouran people acting according to thier constitution. We, americans, should take heed at the willingness of our current adminstration to not support a country whose constitution provides for a peacefull transition of power once abuses have been discovered. I wonder if this is a trial run for our country? Afterall our Constitution provides for the same when abuses have been discovered. Just ask Richard M. Nixon.

    44. Chula, Orlando, Flor says:

      I was encouraged to see so many comments, I believe that many are beginning to see "the light", for those wanting to understand the liberal mindset a great Obama bible is Rules for Radicals, by Sal Alinsky, here you will understand the game plan, put forth by a liberal of the 60's, talk about community organizer-straight out of the book, get educated folks, time is of the essence, know the game and let's turn the tables-IT'S TIME TO FIGHT BACK. America is GREAT!

    45. C Alas / Honduras says:

      It is for me so hard to believe the current response of the Obama Administration to the Crisis in Honduras. I thinh this is the most important foreign crisis that this administration has faced so far, and not doing a good job about it.

      If Mr. Zelaya is allowed to return to Honduras, he will continue the deterioration of the rule of law and continue to stay in power with the support of Chavez, Ortega, Correa and Morales. This will be a major blow to the Honduran people, but it will be a more serious threat to the US.

      Chavez has forged ana alliance with Iran in which Venezuela provide natural uranium to Iran and in turn Iran will "advice" on nuclear technology to Venezuela. Also there is a strong conection between Chavez and the narco-terrorist group FARC and other extreme islamic groups. Since the alliance between Zelaya and Chavez, there has been an increase of Venezuela´s planes carryin cocaine thru Honduras.

      One of the Chavez´s objetives according to some honduran analist is to take control of the US MIlitary Base in Palmerola and neutralize the US projection of power from there, and at the same time get closer to the US.

      So we are not asking for America to send the marines or a Task Force, but the Obama administration to evaluate what is best interest of the country and their citizens.

      The threat to Honduras made by Chavez is just a stepping stone to get to the US and th american people.

      Hondurans are peaceful people, and we have a very long relation with the american people, but we will stand against dictators, ans it is so sad that the US no longer share this principle.

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