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  • Indiana Scores School Choice Victory

    Yesterday, state lawmakers in Indiana passed a scholarship tax credit program—making the Hoosier state the latest to offer private school choice. Under the plan, people or corporations who make donations to non-profits that award tuition scholarships will be eligible for a 50-percent tax credit off their state bill. A total of $2.5 million in tax credits will be awarded.

    The program has the potential to help hundreds of families choose the best school for their children. A recent analysis by the Friedman Foundation found that this program also has the potential to yield significant savings for taxpayers.

    Indiana’s new scholarship program is designed to start off small. But there is reason to hope that the program will grow and many more students will become eligible to participate in the future. States like Arizona, Florida, Iowa, and Pennsylvania that have similar school choice tax credit programs have increased their scope with bipartisan support after the program has been in place for a few years. Now tens of thousands of children are benefiting from these programs.

    Indiana’s school choice victory is another encouraging sign that policymakers across the country are recognizing the need to give more families the ability to choose the best learning environment for their children.

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    14 Responses to Indiana Scores School Choice Victory

    1. Jan - Michigan says:

      How I wish Michigan would follow suit. Our government–Union controlled schools are in deplorable shape—and the students even worse off. But alas, MI is a socialist run State–and it'v very evident that it is. The Governor has taken totally down hill, to the bottom of every good list and to the top of every bad list…which, of course, is the result of any

      State or Country going Socialist/Communist–liewise California, now. Look at these two Socialist states education wise and see the future of our entire Nation under Socialism's Liberal dictates. Thank you.

    2. stephen barnes ashla says:

      we must decide to educate our inner city & other poor children,this is a valuable resorce for our nation,that has been wasted for generations,while we experiment with all types of feel good programs.we need to do things that work everywhere,such as:uniforms,separate schools for boys and girls,and vouchers for 80% of the per child allowance with the remaining 20% retained by the school or district they came from.get rid of teachers that can not teach.pay extra to get good teachers in to the inner cities.this will give create competion,aleiviate class sizes and allow all of the children the same opportunity people with money now have.we need to start thinking about smaller neighborhood junior high & high schools.parents & teachers will get to know most of the students and can spot a problem child early on so they can intervene and save them before they get out of hand.walk into any large high school and you will see discipline is impossible,the students are bullied and ridiculed.its time to change,what are we waiting for? once we educate these children they will have the same opportunity as anyone else,and we can enjoy their contributions to our country.

    3. rcourt, Vermont says:

      Excellent News!

      One more small step towards putting parents back in the driver's seat.

      By the way, wouldn't it be great if, as Senators debate Mr. Obama's "public option" for health care, they insist on a "private option" for public education?

      Now that Mr. Obama has explicitly acknowledged the value of competition, let Republican and common-sense Senators adopt this mantra: "NO PUBLIC OPTION FOR HEALTH CARE WITHOUT A PRIVATE OPTION FOR EDUCATION."

    4. John Clancy, MI says:

      Congratulations to the officials of Indiana. Tax credits to free parents in their primary responsibility is significant for the future of education in America. Government schools, because of the funding structure, tend to be monopolistic, which reduces competition and choice.

      Let's keep education in the hands of the parents working with the state, NOT the federal government. Again, bravo for Indiana.

    5. Bob McKenna, Florida says:

      The folks in Indiana should be very grateful that Senator Durbin (with the acquiescence of the Democrat administration) cannot do to their new program what he did to the Washington D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

    6. Glen, FL says:

      If you think the future of education falls in the hands of private, for-profit corporations, you are seriously out of your mind. Education is the last thing you want for-profit.

      Unless of course, you believe that children of the poor should remain uneducated.

    7. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      A perfect example of State's Rights! Each and every State needs to do this, and more, like deducting one hundred percent of the cost, and not having to pay, through your property taxes and State income taxes for Public-union education/indoctrination.

      I'm really not sure about Fedeal Senators debating the President on anything. It seems to me like mixing chocolate and vinnella pudding, still comes out puding!


    8. Marshall Hill MI. says:


    9. Dr. Sam Barfell, Ill says:

      I am so grateful for those in Indiana who championed this effort. Indiana is now the seventh state to provide real help for families and children who desire and need a nonpublic school education! State tax credit legislation, I believe, will be the next wave of school choice to sweep our couutry! Great job Indiana!

    10. donald manka lamar says:

      the only way to stop the demorcrates as president and in the whole congress is to take about 10 millon

      people to washington d.c. and clean house with a old fashion impeachment party and and sart over fresh. or other wise you will see this country die, yes die no more america just a run down country ruled by another country, but maybe that is what god has planned for us. obama the dictator and the congress is about all with him and he hates israel. but loves iran. go with god

    11. donald manka lamar says:

      our country is going down the drain i am 66 years old and never in my life would our country let this happen, scared to death to say the truth well i am not they can kill my body but my sould belongs to god. and this country is going to lose the freedom of speach very soon. i will not turn my back on israel or on God, Jesus & the holy ghost. yes i am a christian and will not say it any different. obama can like it or lump it but GOD, GOD, GOD, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS my savior and yours to if you want it. just don't give in to satin, and that my freinds not far off. when i don't know the day but soon. God 2 Jesus 2 US

    12. donald manka lamar says:

      medical will be for the young not for the old. you reach 50 they don't want you around anymore we are just a problem for them, the rich will be ok but the poor won't, i know i drove truck in canada and talked to the people they will tell you the truth. and you won't like what your are told either. but there is no way to stop the goverment they have taken us all over and sending more of out troops over seas so this country will not have any protection from the govenment. they rule. and we wait. what i say is not treason but the truth. so help me god. donald keith manka

    13. donald manka lamar says:

      i did not vote for mcain i voted for palin, i am proud to say i never voted for mcain or obama. this country is done lost unless you want to fight it is lost. to the big shots and the greedy goverment. palin i going to run against obama next time and she won't have to keep her mouth shut. but mcain would not let her take obama or biddin on so he lost and she will be our only hope to save this country only if there is another election. how do you fill obout the contry

      everyone of you out there. you are going to whatch this country fall. donald keith manka lamar mo. 64759 i am a red neck from missouri indiana is a good state to.

    14. donald manka lamar says:

      one nation under God is good, one nation under control by the government is no good, some say tea parties against our government but they just laugh at you. the government is not afraid of us any more they know that the people will not stand up for what is right. if this country last another 3 years being free i will be surprised. any one else out there not afraid to say how they believe if they are some there won't be very many.

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