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  • How Did Waxman-Markey Pass the House? Bribes Like This

    From today’s Washington Times:

    When House Democratic leaders were rounding up votes Friday for the massive climate-change bill, they paid special attention to their colleagues from Ohio who remained stubbornly undecided.

    They finally secured the vote of one Ohioan, veteran Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Toledo, the old-fashioned way. They gave her what she wanted – a new federal power authority, similar to Washington state’s Bonneville Power Administration, stocked with up to $3.5 billion in taxpayer money available for lending to renewable energy and economic development projects in Ohio and other Midwestern states.

    House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry A. Waxman, California Democrat, included the Kaptur project in a 310-page amendment to the legislation unveiled at 3 a.m. Friday, just hours before the bill was to be debated on the House floor. The amendment was packed with other vote-getting provisions, both large and small, that had been sought by dozens of wavering Democrats.

    The wheeling and dealing proved successful. Mr. Waxman and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, backed by the personal lobbying of President Obama, won over enough lawmakers to pass the bill narrowly Friday evening, 219-212.

    Miss Kaptur trumpeted her handiwork on her congressional Web site. She said the new federal authority would bring new economic development to Ohio and the struggling Great Lakes region and would also ensure “regional equity” with other parts of the country that already have such programs.

    “The federal government has been subsidizing infrastructure and economic development in other parts of the country since the New Deal. Now, it’s our turn,” she said. “With the Midwest taking the brunt of the economic crisis, my priority was to bring our region additional tools to create jobs and promote energy independence.”

    Her spokesman, Steve Fought, said Miss Kaptur modeled the fund after Mr. Obama’s economic stimulus package, which gave similar-sized pots of money to the Western Area Power Administration and the Bonneville Power Administration. Those two Department of Energy administrations serve the Far West and the Western Plains states by issuing similar kinds ofloans.

    The provision empowers the Energy and Commerce departments to recommend to Congress the final structure of the new federal lending authority. In the meantime, the provision authorized $25 million in startup money in 2010.

    Miss Kaptur saw the struggling climate-change bill as a vehicle that was strong enough to carry the project into law.

    “When she saw this coming down the pike, she saw an opportunity to attach something she’s kicked around for a long time,” Mr. Fought said. The inclusion of the program in the legislation, he added, “made it possible for her to entertain voting for the bill.”

    In the end, Miss Kaptur, a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee and the House Budget Committee, was among a minority of Midwestern and Southern Democrats to vote for the bill. “It was not the factor, but a factor, in her decision to vote for the bill,” Mr. Fought said.

    Although the program would benefit his home state, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, also of Ohio, criticized the provision during a more-than-hourlong speech Friday evening. He said an Ohio-based power authority was unneeded because electricity already flows well through Ohio without a new federal power authority.

    “We do it today,” he said. “We are doing it already.”

    Whether the plan becomes law now depends on the Senate, which has yet to adopt the provision. No companion proposal was included in the energy bill that passed the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee recently, and the full chamber has yet to begin writing climate-change legislation.

    Many of the details of the authority would be determined by the Energy Department. It would be the first new federal power administration created since 1977, when the Western regional power authority began operating.

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    48 Responses to How Did Waxman-Markey Pass the House? Bribes Like This

    1. Kim, Dallas says:

      Of *course* it was last minute bribery. It goes right along with Pelosi's, okay-kids-let's-do-a-pretend-vote-first-so-I-can-see-who-needs-more-convincing.

      I'm ready to march when the rest of you are.

    2. Don Blair, Tulsa Okl says:

      - Just another irresponsible piece of legislation our Royal Representatives are contributing without any thought or investigation as to whether or not it will work, or, how the average American will cope! Some day, our representatives will actually use common sense and not their greedy little minds to make law for our foundering country. One of these days!

    3. Chris Davis, Laurel, says:

      Of course this happened…These "legal bribes" happen every day, much to the chagrin of all true Patriots…Add to this the fact that 300 extra pages of legislation were added to the bill a little after 3 A.M. the morning of the vote and you have nothing more than high class "trickery" and corruption…How many representatives do you believe actually read the bill?…The House of Representatives' actions are a mockery to everything our Founding Fathers worked so hard to achieve…The representatives who voted for cap-and-trade and pushed it through are shameful and should all be replaced…They've made our system of legislation a joke…

    4. McAlpine, NE says:

      This simply adds insult to injury and is corrupt to the core. The lack of transparency and corruption of Pelosi's tenure must be thoroughly vetted in the public eye…. now where can I find an independent press?

    5. Matt, Louisiana says:

      How many morons politicians do they have in Ca.

      Maybe we should force Ca to leave the unions or better yet sell Ca to Mexico.

    6. E. Kinney, Novato, C says:

      Regarding Representative Kaptur's vote on Waxman/Markey Bill, how does her actions regarding bribery, differ from the Gov. of Illinois who alledgedly took money for the senate seat of Obama? The Governor of Illinois is under investigation for his action??

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    10. kathrynf, NC says:

      I grew up in Jacksonville, FL. I was well aware of the Johnson & Johnson family aires. My husband and I did photography for them, their Vistakon Division. Very lucrative for us at the time. We have a great deal of respect for this corporation. My husband having visited the plant numerous times to photograph it, observed the cleanest and most ambitious attempt to stay ahead of contamination and still to this day comments about that. It must have been a rigorous entry. The company, Johnson & Johnson is on the USCAP list. I don't understand why. Did they succumb to government pressure? Why in the world would they trade the people's ability to prosper as a stockholder – free trade and an unencumbered presence ie: ancillary unintended consequences like higher costs for EVERYTHING if this silly Cap and Trade bill goes through? Did the government pressure you the board to say ok to this?? Did they threaten your ability to trade overseas? Why are you agreeing with something that hurts individuals in America?

    11. concerned, Raleigh, says:

      There should be a law that states 'any ammendment to a bill must be added no later than 48 hours before such bill is brought to the floor.' Also, add an additional 24 hours for every 200 pages.

    12. Jimi, Carlsbad, CA says:

      They passed it without reading it. Who knows what's in this monster bill. Congress used to hold hearings and discuss legislation. Obama promissed a 5 day waiting period. So much for change, guess that meant he'd change what he said he'd do?

      Now it's laws by drive through, with all the errors that experience offers.

      2010, throw all the bums out! Otherwise, civil war will take them out.

    13. Bobby, The Socialist says:

      Henry Waxman is a traitor to Californians and to the U.S. He has advocated, just like his Democratic buddies for massive unrelenting illegal immigration into California, until it has reached its present state. BROKE!! What's this got to do with the above article, that speaks of Democrats trying to get the Federal Government to help citizens? Simple. They're lying. They don't care about citizens, because illegal immigration in the tens of millions screws citizens. Clear enough?

    14. GET INVOLVED ! says:

      CALL -YOUR- ELECTED? OFFICIALS senate/house @

      800-828-0498 or 866-338-1015 -send free faxes or

      e-mails through numbersusa.com or capsweb.org .

      Call b.boxer of ca. & any other -senators- up for re-election in 2010 & let them know that a -yes- vote on this or any of the other -nightmares- they have coming for -US- this year -healthcare , amnesty etc. will cause -YOU- to -WORK HARD- TO MAKE SURE -THEY- ARE -NOT- RE-ELECTED. visit; americanpatrol.com – theterryandersonshow.com – outragedpatriots.com -to learn all about illegal immigration & the crime & -CAP & TRADE- pollution

      that comes with it.


      GOD BLESS THE U.S.!!!

    15. Fred - United States says:

      It is unfortunate that we have a government that does not represent the interest of the American people. Miss Kaptur got what she wanted, but what will be the final cost to the taxpayers under the climate-change bill for the American people?

      If this is the way decisions are going to be made just like under previous administrations, wheel and deal, then the whole concept of change that President Obama talked about is an illusion.

      The financial meltdown will continue and the American people are going to pay the financial price for the irresponsible approach to making government decisions.

    16. Ted, Avon Ohio says:

      Miss Kaptur gets her wish through bribes from Pelosi. Now Sen. Brown, D-13, Ohio has attached his own"IMPACT" (Investments for Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology Act)to the House Energy Bill. He wants to keep utility rates affordable. More BS to an already bloated pork bill. Our legislators think we are as dumb as they are. Remember elections have consequences. Let's throw them out in 2010!

    17. Joan, New Jersey says:

      Why is it our representatives are ignoring what we the people to the US want? Why are our representatives going into submission with Pelosi and Obama. Cap and Trade is not good for the United States of America, so why did "our" congressional representatives vote this in? Why are our representatives not afraid of losing their jobs? Do they now have an unconcealed plan of taking over the running of the country without the vote of the American people? Maybe this is the new "Campaign Reform", no campaigns… The people vote the polititians in to do the will of the people.

      As the president, Mr. Obama stated he is the only "one" President right now. That is right, so we the people ask you to work for the people not for yourself.

      Pelosi, a shame, as the first woman, speaker, she puts all of us women to shame. We the PEOPLE beg the press to investigate how she and hers will profit from this legislation if it goes all the way and passes the Senate.

      Call and write your Senator's! Republican, Democrat, Independant or anyone that cares about the freedom and their right to be in control of the money they work for, the residence they live, the light they use. This can not pass, if it does, you and me will no longer be FREE!

    18. dr_donn says:

      We all need to get involved in the 2010 elections starting NOW. We need to do what ACORN does only we need to be honest and keep it legal We need a volunteer force to go out and register people to vote, take them to the voting place if necessary and fire every one that voted for this bill. Republican or Democrat, it does not matter. The liberals won in 2008 because they wanted it more than we did. We can not make the same mistake in 2010. We must replace all of the traitors we can in 2010 and send a loud message to the rest of them that the same will happen to them in 2012.If we do not then we will lose our country to the tyrants. We need to politically cripple Obama so he spends the last two years of his presidency sitting in the oval office watching the paint dry. People, life as we know it is at stake, if you want to live like the european socialists do, then sit back and do nothing. If you want to continue living in a country with freedom, You / WE must act and we need to start NOW. Start campaigning against the tyrants that want to take over every aspect of our lives. Call, write, fax and e mail your represenatives at least once a wee, once a day, even better. Many of us have never been called upon to fight for the freedoms that many have died for. I urge everyone to stand up and fight for these same freedoms that these people died to preserve. We can not sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to protect our way of life. Do it for your children and your grand children. We MUST NOT let the tyrants prevail. WE MUST fight for what is right. We must not give up, we can overcome this tyranny and regain our country and self respect. Do not think there is nothing I can do, there is something everyone can do and if we join together we will be heard and we will prevail.

      God Bless America and deliver us from this EVIL.

    19. John , Virginia says:

      The people of this country have gone blind and deaf. When will the idiots that voted for this president realize what his real intentions are. He is intent on changing America I was born in to a socialist nation .

    20. David MN says:

      Let's see if this gets though the Senate. May be there will be more bums to vote out.

      If it does pass there will be another test to P. BOs promise of line by line review and no earmarks/pork. Can't wait for that one.

    21. ronnor, California says:

      There are approximately 9 million illegals in California who plug into the infrastructure of medical and welfare benefits. It cost just about $10 Billion Dollars per year to take care of the mostly Mexican illegals; welfare, jail expenses etc. We have a $40 Billion Dollar deficit which accumulated over a four year period which finally broke the state. Democrats did this on purpose, now they'll do it to the rest of the country if the electorate allows it through malaise, indifference and the subornation of the truth in media. The "Tea Parties" are the beginning not the end, its where the new revolution must start to clean out the Alinsky 5th Column; you want a police state, do nothing!

    22. Joyce Orlando Florid says:

      You left out Alan Grayson of Central Florida. He got $50 million for his hurricane center for Orlando. Our representatives should find another name for themselves. They certainly don't represent the majority of Americans.

    23. Gary, Marion, IL says:

      Until I see federal, state and local officials change the pension, retirement laws and health care that they receive to be on the same level as the citizens I for one will not believe a thing they say. How many of them lost anything in the market meltdown of Sept 08?

      The kind of backroom give aways will continue until we standup and say enough is enough. I live in the state that Obama is from yet this bill will kill our coal industry.

      Our hope I believe rests with small businesses, 75 or so employees or less, closing down for one week and making our so called elected officials see who really supports what they are doing. I know many businesses are owned by liberal leaning individuals and will not close, but if you really look at the current situation you must truly realize that you will in the very near future lose your business one way or the other.

      Two little tidbits from the cap & trade bill, I have read 386 pages so far, that should make all sit up and take notice. One, will adopt CA vehicle standards for the country and we all know how successful they have been. Two, if you want to sell your home they will, the government, inspect it and tell you what changes you need to make to the windows, appliances etc before you can sell. Anyone else out there older like me and hoping to sell your home and move closer to family? May not be possible, and since my children live 12 to 16 hours away I figure it will take me 10 to 14 days to get there with one of the new electric cars. Hope it is big enough that we can sleep in it on our trip.

    24. Brian S, Boston, MA says:

      It should be a requirement that all bills must be read in full before an individual can participate in the vote. With some slow readers this should slow down the process enough to get the public better informed. Who knows, it might even wake up some of our political representatives if they actually know what is in the bill they are about to vote on.

    25. Tom Iowa says:

      I sent and e-mail to my congressman ( Bruce Braley of Iowa) and asked him if he had read all of the bill, including the 3 a.m. amendment. If not why, and why did he vote for it?? I also told him that I wanted an answer from him, not one of his interns or story spinners. I have yet to get and answer, but I will keep on him. I also let him know that this will not go by the wayside during the next election period. We all need to start treating our Congressmen and Senators as emploies and not as ( Leaders)…. Call / Write /

      E-mial your People in Washington. Get on them and stay on them. When they lose their job, then they will know who their employer is….

    26. Gary, Northern Alaba says:

      Those political crooks (Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer et al) have made major contributions to trashing the CA economy and have now moved up to destroying the National economy…They are like locusts…spreading their leftist ideology across the country, destroying any constitutionally-based activities in their path..Those who are feeble-minded take it all in like the Pied Pipers vermin. This progressive "Constitution be damned" mentality neeeds to be countered quickly or they will destroy what has taken 235 years to create and nurture.

    27. Tricia, Arizona says:

      The "no vote" of the two Arizona representatives was the same as a "yes" vote. A "no vote" will not save you when you are up for re-election… Both Yea and NV are traitorous. Taking bribes: isn't that a crime…The bill alone is a crime against all Americans. This is all very depressing…That so many Americans believe the lies is even more depressing. We can't let the progressives win, because if they do, all Americans lose.

    28. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Tom from Iowa – I did the same. I sent a letter to Dingell stating my displeasure witgh his vote and I will never vote for him (if he runs again) and will donate to and campaign for his opponent. If enough of us do this Congress might get the message we are angry.

      My suggestion is we campaign for a law requiring any bill before Congress be read prior to the vote and only those present for the reading are allowed to vote. (And voting "present" is not an option).

      I am a small business owner and I will be happy to close for two days as a "protest" against the administration. Pick the days

    29. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      Even though I am not an alarmist by nature, I cannot help but wonder where this is all taking the nation and citizenry. First, a President whose megalomania and lust for power is transparent and frightening. This was true even during the campaign but even transparent danger is unseen by those who will not open their eyes.

      Then a Congress lead by Nancy Pelosi, a moral nihilist who is bullet proof to criticism as, for example, her attempt to challenge Church teachings claiming she was a qualified theologian and in the process making a fool of herself. The average person would at least turn red from the embarassment, but Pelosi just moved on with incredulity and continued her work as leader of a corrupt and dark leftist movement bent on destroying liberty and the nation.

      Jefferson said "The tree of liberty need be watered from tie to time with the blood of patriots…it is its natural manure." I wonder the degree to which this statement is becoming more relevant today. I can only observe that compared to the corrupt, nihilistic, morally dead government of today, the British intrusion on liberty was but a minor bureaucratic inconvenience.

    30. Jamie, Danville Illi says:

      This is just another travesty in a long line of travesties. They have no idea where they are headed but our current politicians are sure in a hurry to get there. This was the last straw for me, I decided after this to either revolt or run for office myself, so here goes.. Looks like I will be running against a seated Democrat.

    31. Pamela, Virginia says:

      If you read nothing else, read Sec. 202–Retrofit– of this bill on the House of Representatives website. It requires that all EXISTING single family and multi-family dwellings be retrofitted with “green” features–read: HVAC systems, windows, hot water heaters, etc.–and inspected by Federal government-trained code enforcers at the local level BEFORE THEY CAN BE SOLD. The massive new bureaucracy of this section alone should send chills up your spine.
      Support Heritage, support the Tea Parties, show up with a protest sign tomorrow when you go to celebrate our independence!

    32. Dave McDuffie, Aliso says:

      Henry "Nostrildamaus" Waxman needs to be dragged out of his office, thrown into the street with the admonition, now go get a real job that does not prey on the American Taxpayer you sorry assh…! And right next to him Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Frank, Dodd, Rangel, and others in the demorat party, and for good measure throw out "the Spector" as well. How in God's name did these crooks get into office and even worse, how do they stay there? The first place we need to march and destroy is the left wing news media in this country,ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN which has covered up all the broken laws by the demorats, all the oughtright stealing from the taxpayers by the demorats, all the crimes against the people completely ignored, and lets not forget their voting on laws AGAINST the American people and FOR illegals!!!! These people were sworn to SERVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, not a bunch of illegals pouring into our country DEMANDING we take care of them! Now this knee-cap and trade farse, which is based on LIES, but money in the pockets for a select few(you are not one of them!), will be like a tidal wave of misery which will sweep over us all and none of us alive now will see it through unscathed. This is going to be a very rough ride unless we band together and begin our march to Washington. PS: Here in California, we are broke and in debt for $25billion, and the moron Arnold says "its not because of the illegals". BS!!! It is PRECISELY because of the illegals! Fact: 40% of the wages paid in LA are in CASH! 40%!!! Almost half and NO TAXES! Guess who the recepients are? DUH! Now throw in welfare, education of illegals to include the buildings they are in, the utilities, the teachers' salaries and benefits, the lunches that WE pay for all over the state for them, emergency rooms left bankrupt by them, hundreds of thousands of illegal births we have to pay for to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars every year, and these people come here and demand even MORE! And now YOUR elected officials will make sure YOU PAY for them all!! Or else you will here from your local IRS agent. Thanks alot folks! Or should I now say "comrads"?

    33. Joyce,Mo says:

      I called and emailed my congressman (a democrat) the day this piece of crap was voted on and asked him to vote no. Guess how he voted? Yes. Our electric cooperative sent out letters two different times with our bill stating it would raise our rates. Our congressman is up for reelection next year, if it passes the senate we are putting a sign in our front yard that says he is responsible for making our rates go up and I will write a letter to the newspaper stating the same thing. We live on a busy highway and the sign will get plenty of exposure. The people of this great country need to make sure that these dopes,whether republican or democrat, get kicked out of office.

    34. Howard Rampy says:

      The leadership, or so it is called in America, is using the bribe money that has been stolen from the taxpayers and bribing those spineless slime balls in the Democratic party as was the case in mention…. I call this what it is–Bribery– should be an act of treason and those selling out America must pay the price for selling their vote and nation out….. I call this mad-dog politicans and we all know what mad dogs do……

    35. IMS MILTON,DE says:

      I hope in Senate still have reasonable honest people. This Congress action again showed us the wicked, corrapt

      Chicago style. Pelosi is an evil selfcentered person, who again has personal gain in her mind, same as Obama. I hope some day down the road we'll find out. This is a dark period in our history. I believe most people now have seen the the tactics and we can vote them out.

    36. Aida, Florida says:

      Am hoping every American open their eyes and ears so they can see what is happening and use their common sense and thow everyone who is destroying our great country OUTof their comfort zone in Congress and the #1 W. H.Position. None of them deserved to be elected again since our country had been converted little by little into a 3rd. world country slum. We the People voices had been completely ignored and people who had NOT being elected are the ones dictating our laws, which are taking away our constitutional Rights. Illegal aliens are more protected with rights they have not earned or are entittled to, while citizens are being oppresed by loosing the earned rights. Americans to wake up and see the danger right in front of our eyes.

    37. michael,Tampa,Fl says:

      The "Change" that was voted for had one big flaw in it….no one bothered to ask what the "change" was about to be. Our celebrity President is so much into himself that he must go out into the minions weekly for the crowds adoration while his THUGS stay in Washington and do all the "crisis" work. Al Gore has come up with the greatest scam in american history and hes going to make millions off our backs along with most of Washingtons finest. There are no better wheeler- dealers than our politicians.We have the best money can buy.

    38. t.e.l. texas says:

      Power breeds coruption in a lot of people. The way

      congressmen get power is to stay in office for many years. They should be allowed only two terms

      and no more. Some of them have grown old and senile while sitting in office wheeling and dealing. They work for us but they are allowed to

      give themselves raises. How in hell did that happen? They should be made to vote an issue up or

      down with out any bribing to get votes. When a bribe is made and excepted both parties should be

      brought up on criminal charges. Any laws or rules

      pertaining to the congress should have to be voted

      on by the public, as long as they are able to make

      and or change the rules they will do so in their

      own favor.It doesn't so any good to complain and

      not be able to make these changes. But how to get it done is the problem. The only way that I can see is to vote them out of office.

    39. Jane Hughes, San Ant says:

      I do not understand why the Republicans in the House and Senate do not stage a Capitol Steps news conference with an alert to the American People. Their plan should be to stand together and make the Democrats, who have the votes if they stand together, own these corrupt bills. They should also flat out refuse to vote on bills that by trickery and deceipt tack on 300 pages at 3:00AM making them virtually impossible to read. When was the last time you signed a contract you haven't read? Merely voting "No" doesn't cut it when the stakes are this high. It is going to take something in real short supply in the spectacle of the government meltdown we are witnessing- on both sides of the aisle- a leader, and one with courage. I dare say that at least a few of the media might show up at an announced State of the Union address from the Republicans…

    40. The Redskin Redneck, says:

      I can tell you folks from other states right now that you are going to help pay for the Democratic Parties criminal mismanagement of California. Oh yes you are. You see, just like the banks that you folks are bailing out with your money, just like the Wall Street firms you have no stock in– California is "too big to fail." Maniacal laughter to follow, the laughter of those who advocate for massive illegal immigration…hahahaha….etc.

    41. David VanNorman Wi says:

      We need to remember who voted for this bill and vote them out. They spend our money just for their power.

    42. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      All that fuss and all she needed to do was vote, "Present."


    43. Ross Bradenton says:

      The House has historically carried on such shannigans from the formation of the nation. However we no long have any representation for the individual states to stop this tragedy.

      Maybe it's time to separate the state of California from the USA before they break the rest of the country. I would not miss their departure of these wacked and delusional people. To live in California, common-sense or morals are not required.

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    45. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      It's time to March!

    46. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Now, how is it that Monica Conyers – wife of John Conyers (D – House of Rep.) & former Detroit City Council member – is going to get convicted of bribery for accepting $6000 to change her vote on a city contract and Marcy Kraptur is trying to get patted on the back for stealing millions of taxpayer money for her vote on the Taxman-Malarkey bill ? I guess Monica Conyers just wasn't as smart . . .

      Vote them ALL out.

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    48. Blatant Bribes says:

      The 101 Dumbest Moments In Business 2003 EDITION Whiffed pitch No. 6: blatant stereotyping. By Mark Athitakis April 1, 2003 (Business 2.0)– GRAND PRIZE WINNER, DUMBEST MOMENT OF 2002 In September, insurance company AmeriChoice brings trucks to blighted neighborhoods in New York City and gives away coupons for free chickens as an incentive for the underprivileged to switch their Medicare coverage. New York state senator Carl Kruger files a complaint with the state attorney general. The 101 Dumbest Moments In Business 2003 EDITION –

      2009 2010

      Philadelphia PA Mayor Nutter received two years in a row $60,000 in checks to help keep open and operate the city swimming polls. These checks came from AmeriChoice Health and on the surface seems like fine gifts. Yet,they are Bribes non the less, these checks come from a company who receives all its money from the Federal State Governments as a vendor for Medicare Medicaid services is not allowed to offer bribes inducements,kickbacks and money gifts of any kind in order to promote its share of the market place. This is also not allowed as a use of your taxpayers dollars, yes it happens. Americhoice Health has a long history of corruption Yet,it seems to be protected by those who are responsible to over see their actions why is that? Sorry must apologize just received a notice that AmeriChoice Health was under the impression they thought they were suppose to have started their very own stimulus and economic program package and the one they implemented, they had no idea it violated the Stark,Health and Kickbacks laws.

      Among its provisions, the anti-kickback statute penalizes anyone who knowingly and willfully solicits, receives, offers or pays remuneration in cash or in kind to induce, or in return for: A. Referring an individual to a person for the furnishing, or arranging for the furnishing, of any item or service payable under the Medicare or Medicaid program; or B. Purchasing, leasing or ordering , or arranging for or recommending purchasing, leasing or ordering, any goods, facility, service or item payable under the Medicare or Medicaid program. Violators are subject to criminal penalties, or exclusion from participation in the Medicare and Medicaid rograms, or both. A violation of the anti-kickback law is a felony offense that carries criminal fines of up to $25,000 per violation, imprisonment for up to five years and exclusion from government health care programs.The federal anti-kickback statute, 42 U.S.C.§ 1320a-7b(b), prohibits individuals or entities from knowingly and willfully offering, paying, soliciting or receiving remuneration to induce referrals of items or services covered by Medicare, Medicaid or any other federally funded program.

      Since all Ameri-Choice checks come from the United Health’s home office they should be held equally responsible for any bribes, kickbacks, Stark, Fraud and inducements violations that may have occured. Federal and State Governments have developed such a depended position with this company, guess the laws and rules no longer apply for them. Protected vendor status sure, politics sure, limited government budgets sure, Federal and State officals looking the other way sure, and rather then stop these activities a strong desire not to rock the boat exists. The Government created this monster and now they don’t know what to do about it, like shooting yourself in your own foot etc. Tons of money to advance their national growth, its market positions, tons of money for political donations, tons of money to send 75 millon back to its home office from New York state alone, tons of money to suppot National TV shows, tons of money to pay hugh State fines, tons of money to hire the very best law firms, tons of money for hugh salarys and bonuses, all done on the back of the American taxpayor, you see this company receives all its money from the Federal State governments.

      PS In New Jersey Licensed Agents were fired for refusal to deliver bribe checks.

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