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  • Monthly Archives: June 2009

    CBO Grossly Underestimates Costs of Cap and Trade

    Last week, the Congressional Budget Office released their analysis of the Waxman-Markey climate change bill that had proponents of the bill claiming we could save the planet for just $175 per household. That was the figure CBO estimated cap and trade would cost households in 2020, which “includes the cost … More

    DC Voters: Let Us Vote on Marriage

    Last Wednesday, several DC voters filed a lawsuit (PDF) asking the DC Superior Court to allow DC residents to vote on whether same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions should be recognized in the District. The lawsuit followed a ruling from the DC Board of Elections and Ethics that DC residents should … More

    Stimulus Health Mandates Already Killing Jobs

    All three Democrat health care plans (the House, Kennedy-Dodd, and Baucus bills) feature an employer mandate which will make it more expensive for employers to add employees. But as the New York Times reported last week, health care provisions in the stimulus are already making it harder for employers to … More

    Obama's Medicare Cuts: Arbitrary Caps and Price Controls

    Even before the Congressional Budget Office put $1 to $1.6 trillion price tags on the latest Senate health care plans, President Barack Obama proposed to cut Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates for various health care providers by an additional $313 billion over 10 years. Those cuts came on top of … More

    Where Will Americans Go If We Adopt Government-Run Health Care?

    University of Michigan Flint economics and finance professor Mark Perry flags the following story in the Windsor Star: Between April 2007 and April of this year, 55 Ontario patients have been referred to Roswell Park in Buffalo, NY to receive IL-2 treatments for stage IV melanoma, and four patients were … More

    PRI: Government-Run Health Care Costs Rise Faster Than Private Sector Care

    Pacific Research Institute Senior Fellow Jeffrey Anderson reports: The centerpiece of President Obama’s plan is a “public option,” described by Tom Daschle as “a government-run insurance program, modeled after Medicare.” The president asserts that this new Medicare-like program would cut costs. But there are nearly 40 years of experience to … More

    Can Farmers Rely on Efficiency Gains to Meet Cap and Trade Demands?

    The House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Select Committee on Global Warming met last week to discuss the impacts of global warming on agriculture and forestry bill. Some of the more interesting testimony came from Ford B. West, President of The Fertilizer Institute, who elaborated on the challenges cap-and-trade legislation presents … More

    Carbon Offset Program Won’t Offset Farmers’ Lost Income from Cap and Trade

    I will go along with this, even though I am somewhat skeptical, if I can be convinced that this is going to work, that it’s practical, that it makes sense. That’s where I am coming from. I am not carrying water for anybody, I’m just trying to make sense out … More

    Morning Bell: You Can't Trust Obama on Health Care

    This past Monday, while selling his health care plan, President Barack Obama told the American Medical Association: “No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like … More

    Tension Building in Tehran

    Demonstrations and violent police actions on the streets of Tehran continued late into Saturday night and state television reported at least 10 people were killed and more than 100 wounded when police clashed with “terrorists.” Witnesses reported that the police used live ammunition, batons, tear gas and water cannons to … More