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  • Monthly Archives: June 2009

    Morning Bell: Better Ideas to Avoid Our Health Care Nightmare

    The White House Council of of Economic Advisors is set to release a report this morning showing that slowing the growth of health care spending from 6% a year to 4.5% a year could create 500,000 jobs a year and increase the income of the typical American family of four … More

    We Didn't Know Krugman's Nobel was for Fiction

    New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has truly outdone himself this time. He has managed to identify a single piece of legislation passed by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 that single handily brought down the entire world economy a mere 25 years plus later. AEI’s Peter Wallison sets the record … More

    CNN's Wingnut of the Week

    This week the House is set to debate the “Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act of 2009” which would provide 4 weeks of PAID leave to federal government workers. At a time when public sector employees are already seeing their wages rise while private sector workers deal with the recession, … More

    What’s Wrong with GM and What is the Government Going to do to Fix It?

    In three words: Everything and nothing. Megan McCardle has more: GM’s main problem is not that the market is unreasonably unwilling to finance a potentially profitable company. Nor that it can’t produce an awesome small car that shockingly few people want to buy. (Believe me, as the owner of a … More

    The Government and GM: How Reluctant a Shareholder?

    Will the new majority owner of General Motors — the United States Government — take an active role in managing the firm as it struggles for viability? In a statement earlier today, President Obama insisted that the government wouldn’t impose it’s own political agenda on GM. “What we are not … More

    Video: Gas Prices Up, Oil Still Down in the Ground

    It’s summer and that means gas prices are creeping up and although projections indicate we’re not headed toward $4-a-gallon gas; last summer was a fresh reminder of just how quickly gas prices can skyrocket. Despite America’s overwhelming public support for more drilling, the White House has put many drilling projects … More

    Harvard Economist: Cap and Trade is All Pain for No Gain

    Last month when the House Energy and Commerce Committee marked up the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill we detailed how the legislation would inflict heavy costs on Ameircan consumers for absolutely zero environmental gain. Harvard University professor of economics Martin Feldstein has analyzed the bill and reached the exact same … More

    Text of Romney's Speech: The Care of Freedom

    The following is the prepared text of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s June 1, 2009 speech at the United States Navy Memorial: Thank you, Senator Talent, for your very kind introduction. Ed, it is always a pleasure to be with my many friends at the Heritage Foundation, and it’s an … More

    Obama's Health Reform Savings Myth

    Last week we detailed the absurdity of the Obama administration’s claims that they could control health care costs by ADDING millions of America into government run health care. This Sunday, the New America Foundation’s Maya MacGuineas also attacked Obama’s Health Reform’s Savings Myth: “Health-care reform is entitlement reform” has become … More

    Morning Bell: Government Motors is Not the Answer

    At midday today, President Barack Obama will announce details of his administration’s $30.1 billion plan to restructure General Motors. Despite claiming that the administration “will not interfere with or exert control over day-to-day company operations” it is instructive that this announcement is being made by the President, from the White … More