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  • Monthly Archives: June 2009

    Ed Meese Remembers Ronald Reagan

    This week, five years after his passing (4 June 2004), Ronald Reagan is still in the news as a nostalgic series of events was held in connection with the unveiling of his statue in the nation’s Capitol. In a bi-partisan ceremony, leaders of Congress, veterans of the Reagan Administration, and … More

    “Not Our First Choice”: How Sotomayor Landed on the Bench

    A constant refrain among defenders of Judge Sonia Sotomayor is that she is actually moderate. Ignore her insensitive statements suggesting that there could be physiological differences between ethnicities which contribute to “differences in logic and reasoning.” Ignore her lightly mocking the idea that judges don’t “make law.” Ignore her dismissing … More

    Join Rep. Ryan's Health Care Tele-Townhall

    We have long warned about the dangers of a public health care plan, but now, the fight is heating up in Washington. Obama took part in a conference call rallying supporters for a June 6th campaign kickoff. In a dream world, Obama would want a single payer health care plan, … More

    Feds To Fire Another CEO? FDIC Plans Citi Beheading

    Here we go again. Barely two months after President Obama sacked the CEO of General Motors — and less than a week after the outright nationalization of that firm was announced — the head of yet another U.S. corporation is in Washington’s sights. According to the Wall Street Journal, the … More

    Obama Appointee on Health Care Mandates

    President Obama, who had previously opposed an individual mandate for health insurance, has now opened the door to including such a legal requirement as a central feature of health care reform. An excellent explanation of the difficulties involved in the implementation of such a mandate was recently outlined in a … More

    Obama Jobs Deficit Now at 6.4 Million, and Climbing

    The economy shed 345,000 jobs in May and the unemployment has jumped to 9.4 percent, its highest level since 1983, and this is regarded as good news? Yes. In a way, it is good news, as it agrees with other evidence that the rate of decline in the economy is … More

    What About June 5th?

    On the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, everyone is talking about human rights in China. The question is, why isn’t there more talk at other times? The answer is the same for human rights as it is for many other issues involving China: because we overemphasize economic matters … More

    Ten Tips for Dealing with Iran

    The Heritage Foundation recently published an in-depth study of the Iranian nuclear threat and what the United States should do the “Day After” Iran goes nuclear. Iran currently has the “largest ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East,” and they have the capability of reaching US bases, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, … More

    Leavitt and Daschle Debate Health Care

    On Tuesday, former HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt debated former Senator (and former Obama nominee for the top HHS post) Tom Daschle on health care reform at The National Press Club (articles summarizing the event here and here, video of portions of the event here , and an interesting blog post … More

    Britain Polls, Brown Sinks

    LONDON – Britain is going to the polls today in a double-barreled election: for local councils, and to send representatives to the European Parliament. It’s hard to take either of these organizations very seriously: local councils may be responsible for delivering services, but since they raise so little of their … More