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  • LA Times: SEIU Wants It Both Ways On Workers' Rights

    Critics of the Employee Free Choice Act have called it a misnomer – a law that would, in fact, restrict workers’ free choice. EFCA would effectively eliminate secret ballots in union elections and replace them with “card check,” in which workers publicly sign petitions to join unions. Analysts warn that depriving workers of the privacy of the voting booth would lead to widespread intimidation and that card-check does not reflect workers’ true desires.

    Leading unions, such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), dismiss these fears and argue that publicly-signed petitions are the best way for workers to express their views about belonging to a union.

    Or, at least, that is what the SEIU said before tens of thousands of its dues-paying members signed petitions, asking to be represented by a different union, the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW). The Los Angeles Times reports that:

    For years, the powerful Service Employees International Union has played a lead role in the campaign for a landmark federal law that would allow workers to join a labor organization simply by signing petitions.

    Now, as part of a high-stakes battle in California, the union is urging federal officials to throw out petitions signed by tens of thousands of its own members who have asked to be represented by a rival upstart group.”

    The SEIU seems to believe that publicly-signed petitions only express workers’ “free choice” when they are petitions to pay SEIU dues. But when they are petitions to join another union, the SEIU agrees that publicly signed union cards are unreliable. At least they have it half right.

    In rejecting the cards collected by NUHW organizers, the SEIU silently concedes that card-check would not benefit American workers. Workers know this, which is why they overwhelmingly oppose the bill. This is just one more reason Congress should think twice before taking away the privacy of the voting booth.

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    5 Responses to LA Times: SEIU Wants It Both Ways On Workers' Rights

    1. Andrew Chalfant, Mic says:

      The unions & their secret ballot concept is flawed but they will make significant attempts to ram this through the multiple venues for passage. They have newly discovered resources from the feds with the auto bailouts. The irony here is that the unions have become that which they despise (large corporations with ownership of GM & Chrysler) and this shall create a rift between the typical union member and the fat cats of the union. This model will crumble as is and will need significant change to survive. I believe it is idellic for conservatives to ally with union members on real soulutions for America!

    2. Spiritof76 says:

      If we want to survive as a thriving country, we must outlaw monopolistic labor unions. They are a form of cancer that we can not live with.

    3. Jeff, Cincinnati says:

      The need for labor unions has gone the way of the dinosaur. There are only two purposes for unions now: 1) is to protect lazy, grossly overpaided, unproductive workers. 2) keep the dues coming in for the union reps. Wow, sounds similar to politicians. They are lazy, grossly overpaided and unproductive and their sole purpose is to get re-elected… the state of the union be damned.

    4. Jeff, Hawaii says:

      In a state crippled by unions and nepotism (another form of a union) it is amazing that selfishness still blinds the people. No country, state or living creature can survive when a fraction makes it non-viable and non-competitive. We live in a fluid world economic environment. The lack of competitiveness based on the cost to assemble cars via the demands of unions has crushed the US car industry. It is only a government that can sustain unions, but inevitably it too will fail because of their demands and contracts (just look at California). Now look at the Federal Government where the average salary for a worker is $78,000 while the average US citizen only makes $63,000. It's well past the time of starting – we are circling the drain. Unions – you best wake up – you will be the demise of our once great country.

    5. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      We have gone beyond the need for Unions!

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