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  • Krauthammer: Obama is Wrong


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    65 Responses to Krauthammer: Obama is Wrong

    1. Lynn Limano says:

      Yes, I agree. Obama IS wrong.

    2. Monica, east coast says:

      Does Obama do anything right? (It's a rhetorical question).

    3. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Mr. Obama will continue to make decisions out of step with mainstream America. By inclination and education, Mr. Obama is a socialist. Yes, he is enjoying personal popularity at the moment, but this will soon change.

      Obama supporters are currently willing to overlook his broken campaign promises (i.e. lies)to post proposed legislation on the internet for 5 days prior to signing it into law; exercising line item veto authority to remove earmarks and pork barrel projects from proposed legislation; and to refrain from hiring lobbyists into his administration. They can forgive him for signing an $800 billion "Stimulous" bill, within 24 hours of receipt, complete with 8,500 earmarks, without having read it. They can forgive his faux pas of criticizing AIG executives unbridled greed for taking the bonuses that he himself unknowingly approved and signed into law. They can forgive him for apologizing to all of Europe for American arrogance, dismissiveness and derisiveness; you know,the kind that kept England and France from speaking German and the kind that kept Germany from having to speak Russian — and incidentially cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. They can forgive his closure of Guantanamo, because those who were released and got back into the fight against our troops haven't killed any of their relatives, yet.

      Mr. Obama's supporters can foregive him all these things for two very important reasons:

      1. Mr. Obama is not George Bush and

      2. They still have jobs and haven't yet felt the impact of Mr. Obama's taxes.

      Unemployment continues to grow. Consumer confidence continues to decline. 401K plans continue be be half of what they were a year ago. The current budget is more than three times greater than what it was six months ago. Gasoline is back up to near $3.00 a gallon.

      At some point Mr. Obama's supporters will begin to feel that not being George Bush is no longer enough.

    4. Leticia Wallace Tenn says:

      This man/Obama is an admirer and sympathizer of Castro and Chavez. Surely this is all that need be said. Barack (Barry) Hussein Obama (Soetoro) Who are you REALLY for?, because if you're for them you are most definitely not for America. You know, the COUNTRY YOU SERVE!?

    5. Nan Cunningham, Col says:

      Mr K. is absolutely right. Mr. Obama is wrong again.

    6. ozzy6900 says:

      President Obama welcomes dictators and tells us to "give back". He illegally appoints czars who have more power than his cabinet. He has fired a private company's CEO which is not in his power to do so. He oversaw the Government takeover of a private business and then over saw the control placed in the hands of a Union. He has promised to post bills to the public for 5 days but not one has been posted for us to see.

      President Obama is already worse than President Carter ever was. President Obama is leading this Country down the path of Socialism and no one is trying to stop him. No one challenges him, no one gets in his way.

    7. Grace, Florida says:

      Obama has been wrong in the past

      Obama is wrong now

      Obama will continue to make the wrong decisions.

      Impeach him!

    8. Pam from New Jersey says:

      For the first time in my 60 year old life, I am truly concerned that this country is in very deep trouble. How did we become so passive that we as a nation allowed a smooth talker with nothing but promises to reach this kind of authority? Obama scares me. He is worst than a socialist.

    9. John Roane Sarasota says:

      The wrong decision was knowingly made by the voters, now let them live with it until 2010 and 2012. I doubt they will have the courage or wisdom at either election to correct thier mistake.

      The citizens always get the leadership they deserve.

    10. Michelle says:

      Charles is correct as usual. Obama hasn't done anything right since the day he took office. I think it's time for a "Million Citizen" march on Washington. It's time for us to stand up for our freedom and the Constitution!!! If we don't do something now I'm afraid America will become a socialist country.

    11. StepIntoTheLight, Mi says:

      President Obama has already proven in less than six months what destructive leadership means.

      Time and again, he has shown weakness and lack of understanding regarding America's standing in the world, global economics, domestic energy production, foreign relations, climate change, and is taking America down a road towards absolute dictatorship, similar to Chavez, Castro, Putin, etc.

      More and more Americans are beginning to realize that Obama was another smooth-talking politician whose campaign promises were mostly lies and now as President has the ability to take over every aspect of our daily lives and make taxpayers (the little guy) pay for his outrageous spending proposals with no serious debate of the issues.

    12. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      I agree, he is a triator and should be impeached an imprisoned.

    13. Gary, soon to be fro says:

      We are all safe now, with Al Franken as a Senator. Just when you imagine that things couldn't possibly get any worse, they do.

    14. Ron, Saint Clair, MI says:

      Jerry from Chicago said it all…and very well. However, I am not very optimistic that the left will stop blaming George Bush. In our state, Michigan, the left is still wrongfully blaming our woes on the republican governor who left office almost 8 years ago. Obama, basically, does not share in the beliefs of our founding fathers, but relishes in our struggles. The types like Chavez, Castro's,..and Obama have jumped on the fashionable bashing American bandwagon to push their agenda. With the help of intellects like Charles Krauthammer to reinforce common sense to the masses on issues of importance, things will turn around…fairly quickly.

    15. Wayne, Port Orange says:

      Mr K is right and so is Grace. This progressive must me impeach. 1st, we must turn the congrss around in 2010. This includes my congress woman who is in lock step with obama.

    16. Jane Mulik. TX says:

      WAKE UP AMERICA! Educate your family and neighbors. Obama and most Democrats, along with some gutless Republicans in Congress, are undermining the very freedoms our forefathers worked to create and died to protect. Join your local Tea Party Groups. There is power in numbers and we must pull together to reverse these destructive decisions coming down from the current administration and the current Congress.Work hard to vote any representative out of office, who is pushing this destructive agenda down the throats of legal, hard working, free enterprise driven, America loving citizens.

    17. Don H, Willis TX says:

      12 respond with positive thoughts. 455 in Washington ruling like a dictator over 300,000,000 and we sit back and do nothing but complain. The problems are not going to be solved with political or economic solutions. The real solution is a spiritual one. If ever you prayed, do so now more than ever!

    18. Frank E. Mehler Jr says:

      “Change”. The American voter wanted change. Last November, our country elected a new president who ran on a campaign of “change” There was never an explanation of “change” yet the voters decided it was a good idea. The voters forgot that the democrat party had lost its way and had become a party of need and crisis. The democrats demagogue, spin the truth and outright mislead American voters. With the world’s nations of evil moving towards nuclear proliferation, bent on our destruction and the end of all western ideals our president admonishes our one regional ally, Israel. Is this your idea of “change”? When the people of Iran rise up to protest the staged election of the Mullah’s puppet, the president and his party cower in fear. Is this the “change” those who voted for our new president wanted? Is this your definition of leadership and courage?

      Did you voters for this “change” want the nationalization of our banks, auto industry, insurance companies and the best healthcare system in the world? Did your concept of “change" include giving the UAW ownership of the auto industry? Was your idea of “change” having the president force the firing of business executives? Where does the constitution list that as an executive power? Did the “change” you want include massive spending and debt accumulation at imperceptible levels? Was the idea of massive tax increases and punishment for accomplishment your desire? Were you looking to have the economy destroyed from within by those sworn to protect and defend? Did you want your freedoms to fade away? Did you want doctors aborting late term infants who would have been perfectly viable had they not been slaughtered on the operating table? Was the dumbing down of our educational system your goal? Was rewriting history your goal? Was your idea of “change” to be cared for like a dependent child? Did you want to belong to a political machine that would ignore the constitution, the declaration of independence and all the values so many fought and died to protect. Did you want to become statist who worship government and ignore others rights and beliefs? If this is your vision of America? If so, welcome to the People’s Republic of Northern States. Individuality and The United States of America no longer exist.

    19. Tim AZ says:

      Legislaion has already been introduced to remove term limits for presidents. I can't remember who the demoncat is that introduced it or the bill number but it may have been part of the ammendments added friday morning to the cap and trade bill that passed in the house. If not I expect thats how it will get passed soon. what am I saying they haven't listened to their constituates since Mao-Bama was elected. How's that hope and change working out for you?

    20. Gayle, Frisco, TX. says:

      I agree with Charles and every one of you. We have to stop this craziness. We have to stand up. We have to pray!

    21. Tom Beveridge, Michi says:

      Charles Krauthammer has once again hit it right on. It appears that Obama's actions are specifically geared to make our country appear culpable and even gullible to the rest of the world.

      We all should bombard each of our representatives over and over with messages pounding the idea into their minds that Obama and his cronies are the country's worst nightmare come alive and we are not pleased and plan to do something about it. Maybe some of it will sink in. Add the eight Republicans who voted for the "Energy" bill to your mailing list also, just to let them know we are watching.

      Find a Tea Party in your area and attend on the 4th of July.

    22. Solomon, Coarsegold, says:

      Hugo said it best: Obama is now to the left of even Castro and Chavez! Hugo has some catching up to do – but now Hugo doesn't have his buddy in Honduras to validate him or Castro. And our U.S. President is UNHAPPY that a Democratic Honduras wants to STAY a Democratic Honduras, and NOT retreat into a dictatorship as Venezuela has. Am I missing something? The U.S. President won't support freedom efforts in Iran, but will support tyranny efforts in Honduras? Can somebody please tell me I'm dreaming….because for a minute there, I couldn't tell which country I'm in anymore!

    23. Judy /Newport Beach, says:

      In 2010, I hope we can all still say "God Bless You" when someone sneezes. Obama's dictatorship is becoming more and more evident.

      I think the conservatives need to get a national t.v. ad campaign going immediately. Clever use of puppets or "muppets" could get the message across with enlightening humor. Make ads informative and entertaining so that kids and adults will turn their heads to watch it. In 30 seconds, a new seed of truth can be planted.

    24. Deborah Buchanan, Pa says:

      I have never been more afraid for our country. If you go to the website ourcountrypac.org they have tea Parties planned and a March on Washington. Also listed our representatives addresses and phone, fax and e-mail so you can contact to try and stop Cap and Trade before it is voted for in the Senate.

    25. Elizabeth McAleer says:

      We need a vehicle to express our displeasure with Obama and the actions he is taking. Maybe a "Million Citizen" march on Washington would galvanize the country to stand up to what is going on.

    26. Garry, Phoenix says:

      The lady says we get what we deserve in our elected officials. How true. it is a sad fact that the build up to this siuation has been obvious for a long time and only now is the alarm being sounded more widely. I pray that we will be able to muster the support to avoid the coming catastrophe in time. God save us. Obama cannot!

    27. Chuck , Cumming , Ge says:

      If all this wasn't SO FRIGHTENING, it would make a great sitcom in Russia….and all of Europe…I can see it now…Farcical franken, perpetually stupid pulosi, rambling reid, Braggadocio boxer and last but not least, of course, Oblivious obama..all sitting around counting their fingers and all coming up with a different number…

      I never imagined that MY COUNTRY would ever be infiltrated with this level of STUPIDITY since I never imagined it existed at all !!!

      I want to propose a request of the Party, if it be Republican, Independant, or whatever , that each person running for office to represent US, sign a document stating that they do not have any kind of relationship with ANYONE other than their Wife, Husband or "significent other" and if found to be unfaithful to be removed from said job..imprisioned and all benefits forfieted.



      Old Destroyer Gunnersmate

    28. Chuck in Virginia says:

      When I was going to the polls to vote last November, a woman stopped me and said “Mister please don’t vote for McCain. He will ruin the country”. I was both shocked and livid by the gull of this complete stranger to influence my vote as I was walking in to vote. I must say that my reply was not very calm or gentlemanly.

      I often think of that poor confused and misguided person and wish that somehow I would run into her now. I would ask her if she got all that she asked for in Obama’s presidency. I often wonder if any of his voters will omit they had made a huge mistake

    29. Denise in SE PA says:

      I believe the American people are waking up. I believe in this country and the great people who make it just that. In the meantime, I will pray like the dickens and vote these poor excuses of politicians out of office every chance I get. Mr Obama is the scariest thing I have seen in the White House in my lifetime.

    30. Cyberflyrg says:

      What I dont understand is why are the news media sources not taking up the fight here. There are no mainstream media news stations reporting on any of these issues. The lies and deception that this moron has portrayed on the US citizens is unbelievable. While the news media worries about Madoff and Jocko Jackson, Yobama is selling the US into financial slavery for the rest of our years. He should be impeached and every senator and congressman that follows his lead should be voted out of office. Then he should be put in jail with Madoff, as they both deceived a lot of people. Thank God for Rush, Shawn, and the Heritage Foundation, etc.

      thanks ron

    31. Bettye Jo Georgia says:

      All of these comments are right on target–unfortunately the voters who need to read them will never visit this web site.

    32. BEN Adams says:

      Obama is extremely great president and will deliver. Do not rush into false conclusions.


    33. marie, nyc says:

      Ayers must be very happy…

    34. Dave Hiltbrand, Wath says:

      It's no surprise that Obama refused to support the protestors for a free election in Iran and then supports a supposedly democratically elected President who sides with Socialists/Commmunists/Marxists leaders around the world. Obama is a Socialist, a Communist, and a Marixt who doesn't want free elections or popular rule. He wants an elite government t control our lives with him at the helm.

    35. Andres Torres- Houst says:

      The revolution started with the tea parties ,but it is time to start thinking about marching in to the capitol so congress can see first hand how much out of touch they are with the American people. This administration is only acting on their behalf and don't care how we feel. It is really sick to listen to their lies after lies everyday and it is hard to know that we can not change the direction of this country today.

    36. livefreeordienh says:

      One has to ponder the action taken in the Honduras-military takeover for an elected president who basically has tried to "shred" the constitution.

      Wonder if that happened here if Chavez and Castro would come to BHO's defense?

    37. Glojean, Illinois says:

      We all agree but just blog as we shake our heads in disgust. We have witnessed threats to our Constitution, massive voter fraud via ACORN, strong-armed tactics of labor unions, outright extortion of public companies and we believe we can right it all in 2012? Are you serious?? At the speed of change, term limits on the presidency may have been eliminated. Unless our not-for-profits,(the American Center for Law and Justice, Focus on the Family, Heritage Foundation, Christian Seniors Assn., and American Solutions among others)step up and help organize us to redirect this Administration, America, as we know it, will be forever an oppressed nation totally dependent upon the government. Obama has more ink (clout) than we individuals.

    38. JWThinkwright says:

      Please Google: "Chavez is a perfect Latin American Idiot," and look for the Free Republi post, or maybe the following link might work:

    39. Gary, soon to be fro says:

      The ACORN corruption, which is totally protected by this administration, will guarantee that "free" elections will never again happen again in this once the "Home of the Free" nation called America. In an election, it only matters who counts the votes.(I think Stalin said that) Whether or not this nation is still the "home of the brave," remains to be seen.

    40. Sheepdog#1, Titusvil says:

      After reading the comments given here, and many other fairly typical ones on the numerous conservative websites and blogs I frequent, I'm convinced there is an awakening on the horizon. The clueless fool that now sits in the White House is little more than a puppet whose position was bought and paid for by the socialist element in this country. Their 'One World' agenda will truly destroy everything America stands for. They don't believe in personal responsibility, nor the right of the individual – their stated goal is for the distribution of wealth and an equal status for all, regardless of ones ability or desire to contribute. But lets see, didn't Brother Marx believe in the same type of grand 'utopia'? Look how 'caring and sharing' Mother Russia turned out to be, and what a wonderful lifestyle her peasants enjoyed. In addition, there are similarities with what's going on in our country today and what took place in 1939 in Germany, but the 65 million sheep who voted for this pied piper aren't smart enough to recognize the path they're being led down. Of course it's quite possible many of them are still suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome. In short, the old saying that goes something like,"Keep your Powder dry and your Guns handy" is beginning to make a lot of sense. Take heart patriots, better times are a'coming…

    41. Jeff, Vancouver, WA says:

      Why is it so difficult for the president to read the Honduran constitution (or one of his aides could do it for him) and realize that the "deposed" Honduran president has served all the terms that he is entitled to under their law.

    42. Glojean, Illinois says:

      OK bloggers. Let's engage our feet as well as our fingers! The PAC, Our Country Deserves Better, (www.ourcountrypac.org) has organized a FREEDOM WORKS march on Washington Sept. 12, 09. Simply talking with each other is not going to change the direction of this Administration's agenda. Fly, drive or get groups of folks to share the cost of a bus (an Obama & company carbon footprint issue). We know our freedom is worth fighting for—our military has done it forever for us.

    43. Mary-Buckhannon,WV says:

      This is horrible that Obama sides with all the cruel dictators .

      His indifference to the Iranian peoples plight is truly despicable!

      But if anyone cares to read the following, we may all be able

      to comprehend his future intentions ,ie he wants to do away

      with so much of our constitution .Look up these items below

      on our 22nd Amendment: govtrack.us/congress/billtextH.J.Res5

      also : opencongress.org/bill/111-hj5/s.WE ALL NEED TO BE



      this country.

    44. Marshall Hill MI. says:



    46. John Cunningham Lafa says:

      "The real Barack Obama is coming out of hiding. He know longer cares who know his real feelings on what his plan is for America. He will probably openly court leftest agenda's in the Latin American Countries. He is sending a message that he is going to change the face of the America we are used to.

      He thinks he now has the power to get it done. We have got to show him that he has it wrong. This isn't Obama's America, it is our America.

    47. Tom, WI says:

      He is right and Obama is wrong. It may be that the media is just begining to realize what a real threat this administration is to America.

    48. Rich, San Diego says:

      Charles Krauthammer is right, but what to do?

      We have a Congressional election in 2010. In my district, the left wing Democrat candidate is already campaigning and fundraising.

      It is time to channel the rising frustration and anger with the Congress and President into action.

      No one can change the outcome of the last election. But everyone can make a campaign contribution, volunteer, sign a petition, send a letter, or talk to their friends…

      and we can do these things today and every day until November 2010.

    49. Keith somewhere in t says:

      We must praise the President–for his consistency

    50. Normca says:

      Obama seems to be failing; just like Rush Limbaugh predicted. Krauthammer is the only reason to watch Special Report; I agree with him. I am glad to see Obama and his policies seemingly fail and watch what I hope is just the beginning of the media disaffection. The problem though – many of us are in a big hurt. And is Obama really failing or is he getting what he wants ?

    51. Ed Fresquez says:

      I believe taht the man obama will continue to make bad decisions for the American people. It is obvious that he has his own agenda in mind. And the democrates that follow his leading are just as bad as he is. We,as republicans should begin to build our forces for the 2012 elections. There is nothing we can do but hope that obama will continues in the same direction he has been on. His administration are a bunch of puppets that are afraid to speak up for what I sure some them know is wrong. Move on republicans while the obama people continue to fail.

    52. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      I agree with StepIntoTheLight, Michigan of two days ago. Present Obama is so dangerous to this nation.

    53. R. Victor Tn Tonawa says:

      Charles Krauthammer is absolutely correct. My feeling is that our current occupant of the whitehouse, elected by idiotic voters who tend to vote as instructed, are getting exactly what they deserve. socialism will fail and the cost to recover is frightening and scary.

    54. Kerry, Colorado says:

      If not for the poor masses and the crooked organizations like ACORN, ACLU, NAACP, SEIU, UAW AND ON AND ON, BO would never have been elected. BO's admirers will continue to do so because nobody is feeling the pain of his dangerous agenda. Until the dirt finally hits the fan and all of BO's devastating moves will start causing pain to the entire country. Then and only then will people start waking up and realizing that this country is being destroyed from within. Hopefully there will be something to salvage.

    55. Helmetfoot Boston, says:

      Does Obama do anything right?" was a question.

      The answer is "No!" He does everything left! There is no room for right, only left.

      Where is teh eloquence of Thomas Jefferson when we need it?

    56. Dean, Idaho says:

      I agree with all and add "Keep the fire burning until and through 2010". There is a great fire rising in the hearts of Americans and it needs to be fed for the next election. We need to change congress so it can stop the nonsense. THe next vote should not bring out as many t.v. addicted voters who have no idea if the economy is up or down. Yet we need not plan only on this one fact. We need to make sure Obama will not have power in his last two years.

      Also can't we start something now by shutting down the economy now. Can't we stop spending and investing now. It is possible that we are already doing that but here in Idaho it seems everyone is buying new cars like crazy only because the price is great. If the economy dies more at our begging then congress will get even more scared of new laws. I don't know, This could be a stupid idea and it may even get ouselves in a ton of mess. I just want to do more then go to meetings and listen hopes of next year.

    57. Amber, FL says:

      Impeach..Impeach..IMPEACH. Obama is getting just what he wanted. A Socialist country, so he can rule the Socialist world. Our goverment is now a joke. We have only a few good men and women representing the people of our country. The citizens of America must stand up,speak and take action against this Left rule. 2010 will be too late. DO IT NOW. Send a strong message July 4th! Show your true colors for the Red, White and Blue.

      09/12/09 will be the march for American Freedom and the strong message to Obama and the Left.

      God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops.

    58. hiway280z says:


      Our country was over thrown in the last election.

      If we don't take it back, we are finished as a free country. And he wants to change the constitutional ammendment so he can stay longer than eight years, if he gets put back in again. Seems he is priming m.o. maybe for a run if he loses. I wonder if our votes will count next time

    59. Patricia,Hobbs,N.M. says:

      Have you ever wondered why the United States isn't mentioned in end times prophesy in the Bible? I have. I now beleive it's because we are turned into a third world country and Obama is leading the charge. He is literally bankrupting this country and no one is doing anything. We should be screaming for his head in the streets. I don't condone much that Iran does but I do admire their people for standing up for what they beleive in, even at the cost of their very lives. What happened to the bravery that Americans used to have? We need to get busy before it's too late.

    60. Nederland, TX says:

      Can Obama be that ignorant to see what a mistake he made on the Honduras issue? If not, he has a sinister plan for United States

      policy that we must stop before it's too late.

    61. Richard Schuster, Me says:

      It's hard to add anything to the comments I've alreadly read so I'll take another approach. there is no doubt this man is dangerous. Our congress is gutlesss and self-serving so they aren't going to stop him. The only thing that will stop Comrade Obama is Obama himself. He's gone too far too fast and it's going to do him in. People will only tolerate this fool so long. The only question that remains is how much damage will alreadly have been done when it happens. God help us.

    62. Olathe, KS says:

      Obama is self seeking, without regard for America.

      Jude Billings

    63. Glojean, Illinois says:

      We all agree—-time to organize now before presidential term limits have been eliminated. Obama will be like our Supreme Court justices; in office 'til death or retirement! FREEDOM MARCH ON WASHINGTON, 9-12-09, organized by http://www.ourcountrypac.org.

    64. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      His IDOLS are the LOSERS,just like Him!

    65. Linda Nevada says:

      Obama is not ignorant or misguided. He has a well calculated plan that he is enacting as he goes along. He does not care about America, the economy or anything that "we the people" have to say. His only agenda is to grab as much power as he can and pass as much legislation as he can before the rest of the country wakes up out of their stupor. Thus the sky is falling! approach to all of the "problems" he wants to fix.

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