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  • Guest Blogger: Congressman Michael Turner (R-OH) on Missile Defense Budget Cuts

    Representative Mike  Turner

    Missile Defense Budget Cuts Are a Dangerous Gamble

    Given the battle going on in Washington over the future of a critical homeland defensive system, it’s unfortunate that much of the American public isn’t aware of what they have and what they stand to lose with the stroke of a pen.

    Today, while we face increasing threats from ballistic missiles, many Americans don’t know that their government has been deploying a system to protect our country against ballistic missile attack. Unfortunately, they also have no idea that the Obama Administration is pushing significant cuts in the construction of this protective shield– cuts that place its effectiveness in jeopardy.

    On May 25, the secretive North Korean regime tested a powerful nuclear bomb– the second such test in three years. This was followed by at least six test missile launches. Media reports indicate that the isolated communist nation is now preparing for the possible launch of a long-range ballistic missile. This class of ballistic missile is believed to be capable of reaching the western United States.

    North Korea is not the only emerging threat. Also, last month Iran test-fired a long-range ballistic missile with a range as far as Israel and parts of Europe. Iran also appears to be following North Korea’s path of pursuing a nuclear program.

    America currently has a growing network of ground-based interceptors in Alaska and California and sensors capable of detecting, tracking and shooting down ballistic missiles. It has taken years to mature the technology and build these complex facilities, and the completed system would protect our population in the event of a ballistic missile attack. However, just as real progress is being made in constructing our homeland missile defense, the Obama Administration is calling for a 35 percent cut in the planned Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system, reducing its growth.

    As threats to the U.S. and are our allies are increasing, it’s puzzling that the Administration would slash funding necessary to complete work on a defensive system to protect our homeland. While the Administration is increasing funding for theatre missile defense to protect our forward-deployed troops, it does so at the expense of homeland defense. Both should be fully funded.

    As Ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, I offered an amendment in committee mark-up to restore funding to missile defense systems that protect our homeland. I also supported efforts to shore up missile defense funding as the House debated passage of the 2010 Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) last week. Although the NDAA does a lot to support our troops, unfortunately, it does not do enough to protect the integrity of our missile defense system.

    Cutting key missile defense capabilities at any time is a dangerous gamble. With our current threats increasing, the timing of these funding cuts simply challenges common sense.

    The views expressed by guest bloggers on the Foundry do not necessarily reflect the views of the Heritage Foundation.

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    14 Responses to Guest Blogger: Congressman Michael Turner (R-OH) on Missile Defense Budget Cuts

    1. Pingback: » Financial News Update - 06/29/09 NoisyRoom.net: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the face of tyranny is no virtue.” Barry Goldwater

    2. Barb mn says:

      Could someone please ask the president "where is the government doing ANY good? where are ANY intelligent decision for the better good of all? For safety of all, for security…

      Then have him rightfully removed for deliberately ignoring the safety of the people. Putting the people in the direct line of fire!

      We want to see the faces of the people who voted for this "change."

      …thank you, Mr. Turner.

    3. James Weldin Newark, says:

      I completely agree with the Congressman. This is the wrong time to slash missle defense when rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea are building their nuclear capabilities and have threatened to use them. I would urge that readers should examine the book "One Second After" written by William Forstchen dealing with a fictional account of the detonation of one nuclear warhead over Kansas resulting in devastation across the country due to Electric Magnetic Pulse. A very real scenario that could cripple this nation with just one nuclear warhead. Then you should contact your congressman and demand that the funding should be restored. I contacted my RINO Congressman Castle, and of course received no response from my e-mail but maybe your congressman will care.

    4. Tricia, Arizona says:

      I don't believe he's on our side. He has as much as told us that. His actions are screaming at us. His words are designed to mislead. Pay attention America. We are rapidly losing what freedom we have left. It's been slipping away, slowly, for some time, but now it's moving along quite rapidly. I hope it can be stopped.

    5. Mike L. Alpharetta, says:

      Obama is openly destroying our capabilities to defend our nation. Many citizens in American seem to be in a deep sleep of apathy thinking that this administration has our best interests at heart…or the 'laissez faire' attitude… let things take their course or… someone else stand up and speak out against this. Just look at what he is doing or has plans to do:

      + Unilateral nuclear disarmament for America

      + Stopped the F-22 Raptor program virtually assuring the end of America's worldwide air superiority

      + As mentioned in this article… cut the funding for our missile defense system

      + Has begun treating the war on terror as law enforcement activity

      + Has instructed the FBI to begin mirandizing terrorists captured on the battlefield as if these people are US Citizens.

      + Barred enhanced interrogation techniques against known terrorists

      + Terms describing the war on Islamic terrorism have been replaced with politically correct words intended to desensitize Americans to terrorist activity

      + Closing GITMO in Cuba at the expense of our security and trying detainees in U.S. civil courts

      + Millions of taxpayer dollars have gone to the Palestinians and Hamas for rebuilding Gaza while ignoring the aggression against Israel

      + Has granted huge loans to the IMF with taxpayer dollars

      + Is focused on destroying capitalism and free market economic activity by controlling banks, auto companies, Wall Street, compensation paid to American workers, and giving unions preferential treatment through vile legislation like Card-Check, which in itself is anti- American, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist. It is free market capitalism that has kept America strong…militarily and economically.

      + He wants to destroy the value of the US Dollar and replace it with a global currency and he is well in his way to doing that!

      How can we defend ourselves if we are systematically taken from the pinnacle of economic and military power with this Obama agenda?

    6. Chuck , Cumming , Ge says:


      It grieves that to ask The Congressman anything as he would have to put on a dunce cap to transform himself into the Land of Duncedom. He and a few others are the last part of the wall of our Republic that hasn't crumbled yet.

      I have taken on a new way of life in the last week. I can no longer watch the news and see what those obamaites are doing to us, I am now watching cartoons..and believe me, I can't stand most of those but I have to do it to preserve my sanity.

    7. Dominick says:

      Please congress, fight for the american people, dont give in to control and you know what i mean.. we NEED missile defense to be our number 1 priority, or america will be no more….. if we dont invest everything into this

    8. Patty, Connecticut says:

      Rather than use the stimulus money to buy new cafeteria equipment in the public school systems across the nation, why don't we shore up some of that defensive strategy in Hawaii? It seems to me that N. Korea was serious to the point of insisting that it was ready to strike at our most beautiful island country of the USA. To give the President the full benefit of the doubt, his strong suit was never international affairs. That's what he banked Biden for, right? But I am scared by sinister forces from around the world taking advantage of the ignorance found in this presidency and destroying lives of our fellow countrymen.

    9. Glenn, Alabama says:

      My thanks to Congressman Michael Turner of Ohio for facing the seriousness of the situation regarding missile defense. It is appaling what is becoming of the United States. I will be 64 years old this summer and I have never in my lifetime seen anything that matches the foolishness of things coming out of Washington DC. I cannot understand our lawmakers playing such dangerous games with our country. We need to support our men and women in Washington who still love and respect our United States of America. We need to vote out the rest!

    10. Barb -mn says:

      Thank you for the smile, Chuck.

      I'm with you on the news. I may listen, but haven't watched from tv in a few years. And, how hypocritical the government would force the people with this digital reception when it uses more energy and doesn't work consistently. Just doing my part to take no part in government hypocrisy and do my part to combat man-made global warming…what a joke!

    11. Pam Miller Howard,Da says:

      With the recent test launches, any reasonable person would have to concur that there is a better than strong probability that North Korea has the capability to strike the United States. Congressman Turner is correct- we need the full capability of our missile defenses and cannot afford cuts to these programs.

      I have seen the missile launch facility in Kodiak, Alaksa. My daughter, who lives there, says the people of Kodiak are informed when they do a test, for their safety, and the last one was successful. But what if funding is cut to this type of facility and North Korea or another rogue nation makes good on their posturing against us? I am from Dayton. We are fortunate to have Mike Turner in Congress fighting for us, locally, and for our country. But we need to get the other Congressman to come to the plate and resist the efforts of the current administration to further weaken our nation and our national defense system.

      —And Mike fron Ga is also correct.

    12. Gerry, Punta Gorda, says:

      Please change the first word to "If"

    13. Frederick North Car says:

      Tricia Arizona….

      I feel the same way you do but……all I hear is what he has done so far to destroy our country.


      Barack Hussien Obama is out to destroy

      our country from within.


    14. Mike, Alabama says:

      This is a great commentary on the need for missle defense. The current world political climate does not lend itself to being soft on homeland defense. We need people like Congressman Turner to continue to step up and speak with reason. Please do not allow the socialists control of our nation without a fight! Thanks Congressman Turner.

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