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  • An Inconvenient Voice: Dr. Alan Carlin

    Ever hear of Alan Carlin? Probably not, and that is the way the Obama Administration wants to keep it. Dr. Carlin is an Environmental Protection Agency veteran who recently wrote a damaging report, warning that the science behind climate change was questionable at best, and that we shouldn’t pass laws that will hurt American families and hobble the nation’s economy based on incomplete information.

    Despite its promise to put science above politics, the Administration has suppressed Carlin’s report, banned him from writing or speaking about climate change, told him to forget about attending any meetings that addressed his main job function—climate change—and gave him a new assignment: updating a grants database. One supposes that, by dedicating its distinguished scientists to data-entry tasks, Obama’s EPA is able to free up true-believing interns to do its research.

    Until recently, Dr. Carlin’s assignment was to research climate change issues for the agency. As part of this responsibility, he prepared a 98-page report earlier this year questioning the need for the agency to regulate CO2. His main argument—buttressed by citation after citation of peer-reviewed science—was that the agency’s earlier argument for regulating was based on incomplete science that ignored much more recent (and contrary) studies.

    EPA responded by burying the report. As for Dr. Carlin himself, he was put under a strict gag order by superiors. They forbade him from writing, speaking or e-mailing about global warming to anyone outside his group at EPA. Now that his comment has been leaked (available here), the truth can come out.

    We spoke to an embattled Dr. Carlin on the phone today, and, though he does fear losing his job because of his opinion, he has the strength of his beliefs. He told us that in 40 years of working for the government, he can’t remember any other time such pressure has been put on him. But you can hear in his voice that Dr. Carlin, who got his undergraduate degree in physics from CalTech and his PhD in economics from MIT, is not easily silenced.

    “I’ve been involved in public policy since 1966 or 1967,” he said. “There’s never been anything exactly like this. I am now under a gag order.”

    As for travel, “it’s been made abundantly clear that I was not to attend anything to do with climate change.” When he did attend a conference in Washington that was open to the public, he was reprimanded by a superior who told Dr. Carlin that he had “shown poor judgment” in daring to ask a question.

    He does maintain a good sense of humor. He told us he had just been interviewed on radio and that the reporter had said “we hear you’ve been fired” to which he responded, “I haven’t heard that myself, but your information may be better than mine.”

    That Dr. Carlin’s fate should befall any civil servant is frightening. It is doubly frightening when the person is a respected scientist who is simply trying to do his job when it is needed most. At the same time EPA is looking to regulate CO2 as a health hazard, Congress is considering an even more intrusive climate change bill based on many of the same erroneous and out-dated assumptions identified in Carlin’s report.

    House leadership ramrodded the Waxman-Markey bill through on Friday, with virtually no meaningful debate allowed. The Heritage Foundation estimates the legislation will inflict massive damage to a U.S. economy already on the ropes. It passed with only a seven vote margin. One wonders if it would have survived, if countervailing voices like Dr. Carlin had been allowed to be heard.

    The EPA gag order—made clear in the emails between Dr. Carlin and his superior (available here), also demonstrates that President Obama’s promise to put truth above politics has now been forgotten.

    You can read the comment that your government did not want you to see, all 98 pages of it, here.  In the executive summary, on page V, he clearly refers to the supposed relationship between carbon dioxide and “greenhouse gases.”

    As of the best information I currently have, the GHG/CO2 hypothesis as to the cause of global warming, which this Draft TSD supports, is currently an invalid hypothesis from a scientific viewpoint because it fails a number of critical comparisons with available observable data. Any one of these failings should be enough to invalidate the hypothesis; the breadth of these failings leaves no other possible conclusion based on current data.

    If this comment was proven to be suppressed, it could force the EPA to dismiss the entire comment review period and start over.

    Dr. Carlin’s problems are far from unique. He is one of many who pay the price of Al Gore’s insistence that “the science is settled” on climate change, that we should no longer debate the issue. The media has happily gone along with this suppression. News reports present the questionable relationship between carbon dioxide and climate change as absolute fact. Skeptics are derided as “deniers” and are treated in the same way Galileo was by the Inquisition for suggesting the Earth revolved around the Sun. Today in President Obama’s America, a modern-day Galileo has been told to shut up and go away.

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    81 Responses to An Inconvenient Voice: Dr. Alan Carlin

    1. Concerned, Raleigh says:

      =(…So much for "transparency".

    2. Solomon, Coarsegold, says:

      Actually, the Obama Administration is being VERY TRANSPARENT – we can "see right through them" to their overall Statist agenda: the (desperately quick) Socialization of America. They are trying to pass as much harmful legislation as they can, as fast as they can, because Americans are starting to become more and more concerned about the direction Obama is taking the country. Like many other "crisis" we are informed about by the state run media, Global Warming is simply another hoax, meant to line the coffers of those who have now invested in it: Gore, Pelosi, Waxman…et al.

      The truth can never come out, because the Statist's "emotional" arguments will never stand up to the truth, and it's time the American People woke up and stopped this administration before they do irreversible harm to our great country.

    3. Josh, Springfield, I says:

      Al Gore should be prosecuted for fraud. He made hundreds of millions by selling global warming. When it comes out that global warming is nothing more then good marketing, we should throw him in jail. He got rich marketing a fradulent product, global warming. Unreal.

    4. E, Maine says:

      Alan Carlin is NOT a climate scientist. He works in economics. He is not qualified to issue scientific opinions on climate change, because he is in no way qualified to do so! If a janitor at EPA wrote a report about climate change and the administration ignored it, would you have a problem with that, also? It is the same scenario!

    5. Susie W, Virginia says:

      To E in Maine, Dr. Carlin's job is to estimate the cost effectiveness of policies. He has found that, with climate change being simply a hypothesis at this time, with no clear consensus, the policies (among them "Cap and Trade") proposed to "fix" this "problem" is an economic disaster waiting to happen. I thought this was the country where we have free speech. Why is Dr. Carlin under gag order then? Ask yourself who REALLY benefits here!

    6. McAlpine, D NE says:

      Alan Carlin may not be a scientist, that I cannot confirm, but more concerning is the "scientists" at the EPA are not behaving as scientists. Science is a matter of statements of fact derived from observed results; anything other than this is theory. EPA scientists are using their positions to push political agendas unsupported by scientific fact, or even good statistics. A government willing to go to such extreme measures to hoodwink the populous is capable of almost anything. Be afraid my friends, be very afraid…

    7. Leslie, NH says:

      What Mr. Carlin does know is how to analyze the statistics – and use the correct ones, not twisting them to make the results conform to the "correct" political message. There are many people in the EPA who are not scientists, yet their data is used as long as it agrees with the pre-ordained message. Mr. Carlin is an honest and courageous man. We need more like him.

    8. TroyJMorris says:

      No, sorry, he's not qualified to pass judegement on the scientific validity of climate change. Which in the post here was claiming flew in the face of Obama's push for science.

      Would you listen to the CFO of a hospital on whether or not to get that surgery? No, because he'll be looking at the numbers and decide that you can't really afford it. The surgery will grant you an extra 15 years, and you're already 55 years-old. What's the cost-benefit analysis on that? You'll live for 15 more years without the surgery, so why bother paying all that money to get another 15? You'll be in debt the whole time.

      Because he's not qualified to speak on matters pertaining outside his field of expertise.

      The argument about Climate Change being a hypothesis, thus not warranting action is absolutely stupid. The hypothesis that N. Korea or even Iraq has WMDs is being called to action before proof. You were probably fine with that decision years ago.

      Grow up. Stop finding Straw Men to attack the Obama Administration or Progressive Policies on and do some research and get to some real meat.

      Look, I'm a progressive. But even I know that there is room for argument with my beliefs. But I want to hold an educated and strong discussion, not following Red Herrings. AND YES, this goes for all sides.

    9. Andrew Daviel, Canad says:

      One of Carlin's earlier papers was interesting – in that, he did not deny climate change or the contribution from human activty, but argued that fixing the problem by reducing greenhouse gas emissions was politically and econmically impossible in the timescale required. He suggested instead controlling the amount of sunlight absorbed by injecting particles in the upper atmosphere (volcanic eruptions such as Krakatoa cool the Earth). There may be something in that; I find it hard to believe the current political efforts will achieve anything significant.

      As to whether average global temperatures are really going up or down, I don't know. But something is melting the Arctic sea ice.

      Regardless of whether global warming is real, kindergarten physics will tell you we can't keep exponentially adding more people, cars and computers to a finite planet. Something will break.


    10. Kenny Vaughan, Texas says:

      I think a degree in physics gives one some credibility in evaluating the veracity of the "science" behind an issue – especially this one – and if you want to line up some people who are profoundly unqualified to issue scientific opinions about climatology; you could start with Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Barack Obama etc. etc. In fact, I suspect that most of the U.S. congress couldn't even understand the physics behind an academic paper about climate change. It is simply a lie to assert that human-induced climate change is unchallenged by a significant number of scientists who are at least as qualified as the scientists who authored it.

    11. Spiritof76 says:

      To E in Maine, If a janitor writes a report that makes scientific sense why not. What makes you think only the great climate bullcrap scientists ahve all the answers? If it was so bogus, why is such a Soviet style suppression. I am an engineer and have researched the claims. It can not make any scientific sense. The models used will not even pass muster as a simple thermodynamic model. It ignores the effct of sun. Hello! The whole thing about man made global warming is the biggest hoax. I would like to see Al Gore, Hansen of NASA who fudged the data and the rest of the EPA put in jail for fraud. Bernie Madoff went to jail for 150 years. The global warming fraud is bigger.

      I would like to see the Republican leadership bring him out and parade him in front of Congress and go after criminla prosecution of the EPA.

    12. E, Maine says:

      Susie, I appreciate your comment, but Carlin wasn't only judging the economic perspective of fixing the problem: he decided the problem does not even exist, and he is not qualified to do so. That is not within the scope of his abilities. His report is being used as "proof" that climate change isn't real and that the government is hiding it, when the truth is his report was not based in reality, and he does not have the ability to even craft a report on the matter of the reality of climate change!

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    14. Barb mn says:

      Where did that come from. E? Dr. Carlin is as qualified as the EPA themselves. And as the EPA is out to destroy civilization, Dr. Carlin is rational and goes by Factual studies.

      You're clearly, a spinner! Try listening and observing the FACTS. That'll tell you where the EPA, government administration wants us to go.

    15. Tim, Australia says:

      Do you think that the alramists have a good case ? This is the answer you get when you ask them for the evidence:

      1) "Your not a scientist, therefore you have no right to ask the question",

      2) "There is something morally wrong with you to even to ask the question. Your putting us all at risk".

      3) "The time for debate is over".

      There never was a debate. The real problem here is poor thinking in the western world. We simply don't tollerate any debate anymore. Instead governments attempt to outlaw disenting voices or at least condem them. That's what happens when the media becomes the defacto policy makers. It's really very simple;

      1) Media scares public with doomsday stories

      2) Political parties assess public mood by focus groups and polls

      3) Political parties make policy based on results

      I hoped Obama would be a leader but it seems like he just looks like one. Where's the substance ?

    16. Tim, Australia says:

      Message for E Maine, if a janitor at the EPA wrote a piece supporting doomsday global warming scenario he would be held up as expert of some repute. No doubt he could be sighted for his/her historical sudies of the increasing water levels in the toilet bowl.

    17. Christine, San Diego says:

      This is more than just a few elitists (Pelosi, Gore, Waxman, etc.) making money on this legislation. This is another slice of the power pie for Obama and his statist comrades. Wake up people…we're on a fast track to European socialism (and probably much worse). Modern neo-fascist liberalism is a cancer on America.

      If you're concerned as I am, write your congressman or senator, talk to your friends and family, join a Tea Party(there's one in every large city). Our voices will never be heard if we don't speak up.

    18. Mike, DC says:

      There is nothing "suppressed" about Dr. Carlin's report. He submitted comments during the notice and comment stage of regulatory rule-making. There is nothing that requires EPA to publish his report as an official agency document, and Dr. Carlin's "free speech" is in no way undercut by the Agency's decision not to publish the report. Free speech does not equate to government publication of your opinions.

      I respect a healthy debate on these things, but I can't make a serious argument that an economist is qualified to challenge scientists on this topic. To argue otherwise is simply irrational. Then again, the science behind climate change is pretty clear, and arguing that it's a "fraud" is pretty irrational too. The only people that deride the science behind it are starting to look a lot like the authorities that put Galileo on trial.

    19. Adam, Texas says:

      First off, I certainly disagree with the censorship of information. Debate/argument are what make a democracy, therefore the other side of a debate is always welcome.

      With that said, I would like to point out that this man is certainly not uneducated, as he has a bachelors in physics and PhD in Economics. Of course, as E in Maine was saying, neither of the above degrees are climatology, geology, or anything even closely related. However, as Susie points out, the focus of his article seems to be economical.

      I would certainly NOT trust his information about the effects of CO2 on the environment, as he is not qualified enough in that field to trust his evaluation of the matter. I believe in this department he needs to respond to the 97%(according to recent survey conducted by Peter Doran and Maggie Zimmerman)of active climatologists who believe humans have an effect on the environmental temperature.

      of course, one could argue that it's just a conspiracy, cover up, censory issue, or anything else; but alas, they contain the burden of proof for such a matter.

    20. Scott, Florida says:

      Also to E: What exactly is a "climate scientist?" I do not believe Dr. Carlin ever claimed to be an expert in the field, though he has a degree in physics, which makes him more qualified than Al Gore. Nonetheless, if you would bother to read the report, it contains numerous references to peer-reviewed research in the field.

    21. Barbara C, Green Val says:

      Actually, we have nothing to worry about when it comes to suppression of information. Since it would appear that our representatives had virtually no time to read the bill presented, how could it have influenced their vote? This is a complete disgrace and we do have much to fear in the future.

    22. Lebo, florida says:

      It appears this is just one of many issues between Statists & Conservatives.

      Why don't we move all those who want big government, higher taxes, Cap & Tax, Obama Health Care, etc

      (Basically, the Obama Zombies) into about half the states, and move the rest of us Conservatives who basically wouldn't trust our Federal Government to mow our lawn into other states. Then those who want Big Government can have it and those of us who want to actually follow the Constitution can do that. Then we can see who is better off say, 5-10 years from now. We can really see how that "Change" worked out for the Obama half.

      That's a fair test, if there ever was one.

    23. John H., Rochester N says:

      Well, as for "Transparancy…" there is so much of it going on… the "PDF" refereed to of Dr. Carlin's Report is being "Blocked" from being downloaded… Hum, makes one wonder just how far Pelosi is willing to go to keep this "Out" of the Clean Air Act debate… I don't see a limit to her conniving and arm breaking to get this Act passed… With the Senate Vote upcoming, I suspect these "dissenters" will be completely sidelined and/or slienced… as the "Gag Order" already in place would indicate… Oh, Al… your "Inconvenient Truth" is showing… better get it back in the bag…

    24. JP, MI says:

      Is it 2012 yet???!!!

    25. Bill, Virginia says:

      To E in Maine,

      Hi, I am the janitor; only finished eighth grade. In science we studied something called the "scientific method". You make a hypothesis and test it against observations; one failure and your hypothesis is incorrect. The hypothesis of global warming is increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide cause increases in global temperature. Between 1945-1975, and since 2001, atmospheric carbon dioxide increased but global temperatures were stable or decreased. I may only be a janitor but that means the hypothesis is wrong.

    26. J Jensen/Sealcwo4, M says:

      Dr Carlin and a gag order. Well the only Cap than trade is for Obama,Gore Pelosi and Biden. They cannot handle the truth. We Americans are waking up like a sleeping giant. We want truth and a honest governent that is real change. So we need to know where obama was born and what his wife did at the Ill. hospital.

      Keep fighting Dr Carlin you have more backing than you think. God Bless.

    27. dave suttle ohio says:

      I'm with lebo they can have california and the northeast coast and we can have the rest. A ten year test seems reasonable

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    29. RCB, NH says:

      I am fed up with self-appointed experts, speaking from political positions they cannot parse.

      Pat Moynihan said it best – "Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but not his/her version of the facts".

      Early in my engineering career, I was told

      "Don't bother me with your opinion until you can present the opposing side with equal logic and reason. For until you can, you do not know what you are talking about."

      Unfortunately, our educational system does not permit the teaching of common sense, just the current party line.

      God help us all!

    30. Mikezu812 says:

      E, Maine wrote that Dr. Alan Carlin is not a scientist, but an economist. What that person failed to mention was his field is in "Environmental Economics". So it seems their further comment about a janitor writing a paper having somewhat the same validity is also wrong. The left just won't listen to facts. The “the science is settled” argument is indisputable to some people, regardless of truth.

    31. Ross, Bradenton, Flo says:

      I saw Dr. Carlin's interview on 'Fox and Friends' this morning. I was not surprised at what the EPA and the Obama administration did to him. All of this global warming is a hoax, start to finish.

      Only four major factors can effect global atmospheric conditions; the lands, oceans, primarily the SUN, and maybe an astroid or comet slamming into the planet. Just wait until a significant solar storm wipes out the earth's electrical grid system and fries the orbiting satellites; or an unseen astroid the size of a bus slams into the earth.

      Not long ago, I saw a program on the weakening of the earth's magnetic field. This inturns weakens the earth's outer protection against the sun rays. Thus warming the oceans which make up 2/3's of the earths surface. Could this be an indicator of the earth's poles starting to shift or reverse? Scientist say that the earth has switched polarity thousands of times in its 4 billion year lifetime. I forget how many thousands of years it takes to change polarity. Could this be only the start of the end of the earth as WE know it?

      Again global warming scare is nothing more than an attack on our liberties, our constitution, and playing on the emotions of the ignorant and foolish pseuo-intellectuals by politians. Politics is nothing more than a game self-appointed elitist play to conquer and rule the masses using fear, taxes, and removing their liberty and personal power.

    32. Jay, Texas says:

      Lots of comments here, some people support Dr. Carlin, others write him off as a nobody. Well folks, the bottom line in all of this, IS this:

      It doesn't matter if climate change/global warming or whatever you choose to call it "IS" actually happening. "WE, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CANNOT FIX IT ALL BY OURSELVES". The many other industrialized nations on the planet will have do the same thing that is being FORCED on US Citizens, if a difference could possibly be made. Since China, Japan, India, Europe and the rest of the industrialized nations are NOT PARTICIPATING, then this "US Cap & Trade CRAP" WILL NOT MAKE ONE BIT OF SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE IN CLIMATE CHANGE!!! DID YOU HERE ME? WE CAN'T DO IT ALONE!! So either get the rest of the world to participate…or…just shut up and get ready to pay an enormous increase in energy costs & personal taxes. If it passes the Senate, then we are screwed. All of you "Liberal/Obama koolaid drinking Idiots" need to wake up and look at what is happening to our country. This man & his cronies must be put out of office!!!

    33. Woody Pfister, St. L says:

      To E Maine – Dr. Carlin's qualifications to evaluate the research and data on Climate Change compare quite favorably to members of the UN IPCC and Nobel Laureate, Al Gore.

    34. Rich, California says:

      What qualifications does Al Gore have to make him an expect on global warming, oops I mean climate change? As an MIT graduate, I think that a degree in physics from Cal Tech and a degree in economics from MIT make Alan Carlin a voice at least worth hearing.

    35. Rich, Whistler, BC says:

      For Lebo.

      This experiment has already been tried…. East and West Germany and North and South Korea. We don't need to

      "test" this to predict how it would work out for the US.

    36. Walter, Pennsylvania says:

      Since Galileo's name cropped up several times in the above responses, I looked up what Dinesh D-Souza had to say about Galileo & the Church. "Galileo was neither charged nor convicted of heresy. He was charged with teaching heliocentrism in specific contravention of his own pledge not to do so. This is a charge on which Galileo was guilty. He had assured Cardinal Bellarmine that given the sensitivity of the issue, he would not publicly promote heliocentrism. Yet when a new pope was named, Galileo decided on his own to go back on his word. Asked about this in court, he said his Dialogue on the Two World Systems did not advocate heliocentrism. This is a flat-out untruth as anyone who reads Galileo’s book can plainly see. Even Galileo’s supporters, and there were many, found it difficult to defend him at this point.

      What can we conclude from all this? Galileo was right about heliocentrism, but we know that only in retrospect because of evidence that emerged after Galileo’s death. The Church should not have tried him at all, although Galileo’s reckless conduct contributed to his fate. Even so, his fate was not so terrible. Historian Gary Ferngren concludes that “the traditional picture of Galileo as a martyr to intellectual freedom and as a victim of the church’s opposition to science has been demonstrated to be little more than a caricature.” Remember this the next time you hear some half-educated atheist rambling on about “the war between religion and science.”

    37. DANNY, MISSOURI says:


      Great comment. I have to agree but why bother moving? It has already been proven that a government ruled by our constitution did work. The reason our country is so disfunctional now is because we've had too many years of our government leading us with the socialist agenda that is quickly taking us to our graves. Wake up people before it is too late. Our country is being taken from us before our very eyes.

    38. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      Lebo, Florida: This is already being tried, It is called the state of California. Result? 23 billion in the hole!!

    39. Solomon, Coarsegold, says:

      The EPA is biased towards "stopping the devastating effects" of what was once "global warming", but is now pitched as "climate change." That way, the Statist can always blame Man, whether the climate is warmer or colder, or even in transition between the two! Cap & Trade is not about "saving a planet", it is about control and power. Sure, you can follow the money, and find those who have their "confiscation of powers" agenda further validated by their personal monetary investments. It turns into a win-win for them. But, the most important fact is simple: we loose our freedoms, we hand them over to the Statist. We are now told how much energy we can use. Stop for a minute, and think about how this would affect everything in your life, and you will then understand why it is so important for the Statist's to pass this useless and harmful legislation. Consequently, you will also see why it is even more important for Conservatives to fight it – and others like it. Write your Senators.

    40. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Is anyone surprised that Obama will lie, cheat, or

      deliberately hide or distort any truth that goes against any of his socialist plans to distroy this

      country and our way of life. Oh! Don't forget the

      news media and their assistance to the same end.

    41. Nuclear Physicist says:

      All that Dr. Carlin did was to cite peer-reviewed empirical data that demonstrates that the climate models used by the global warming crowd are wrong. Scientists who prefer computer models rather than empirical data to support their theories are bad scientists. The travesty here is that the EPA is treating this issue as if it were actually settled science, which it is not. When actual observed data shows behavior that does not agree with computer models, reputable scientists pay attention and reassess the models. The fact is that the bases for the global warming climate models have received scant critical evaluation by other scientists. And, when scientists come forward to dispute the models with an evaluation of real data, they tell them to shut up and go away. The global warming cabal doesn't want to be confused by the facts.

    42. McAlpine, D NE says:

      Alan Carlin's comments, if grossly misleading, are easily retorted by an EPA scientist. I submit the EPA should directly address the issue by responding to concerns raised by Mr. Carlin and publishing their response. After all, with such a high impact topic I think we are all better served to ensure no one is misled, lying or otherwise distorting the truth. I personally look forward to seeing a published retort by the EPA on Mr. Carlin's insights (of course I will not hold my breath nor bet a paycheck on this ever happening).

    43. Thomas, Anchorage, A says:


      "The argument about Climate Change being a hypothesis, thus not warranting action is absolutely stupid. The hypothesis that N. Korea or even Iraq has WMDs is being called to action before proof. You were probably fine with that decision years ago.

      Grow up. Stop finding Straw Men to attack the Obama Administration or Progressive Policies on and do some research and get to some real meat."

      These statements do not follow.

      The call is not for a cease of action or avoidance of action; it is a call for actual debate, presentation of point and counterpoint, development of a economically realistic approach backed by unequivocal science. You and those like you dimiss the opposition in the manner observed by Tim in Australia. Anyone who argues with you is flatly wrong, ignorant, paid-off, or otherwise morally corrupt.

      Attacking straw men? What do you call comparing this discussion to WMD? Are you saying that North Korea doesn't have WMD? Gosh, they've been testing them… Iraq and WMD? Iraq has been using weapons of mass destruction (biological and chemical) for decades. Former President Bill Clinton launched attacks against them for this reason. Iran, which has been proven to be directly supporting attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq, has been pursuing WMD of its own and it's reasonable to believe they are using Iraqi equipment in that pursuit. There's your meat.

    44. Arlie Prevost, Alpen says:

      It just keeps on,the claims of what Mr Carlin is not qualified to comment on,but, Obama is NOT a scientest, not an economist, no managerial experience, only an organizer of community radicals, and yet, he is the only one to save this country??!! Our elected officials are no longer representatives of the people, they consider themselves rulers!! We must elect people with honesty,integrity,morals if we want this country to survive, something we sorely lack as voters also!

    45. Brian, OK says:

      I know everyone on this site is very concerned about the qualifications of Dr. Carlin. Before I begin, I hold a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Geology as well as an MBA in risk management. I highly recommend anyone who feels stongly about this issue to take a look at Brocker and VanDonk (1970)"Insolation Changes, Ice Volumes, and the O18 Record in Deep Sea Cores." The article discusses summer insolation (the amount of incident solar energy our planet receives) as the primary cause for glacial buildup and retreat. If government officials (Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, etc…) put forth the effort to perform as much research as an undergraduate science major, then they would understand that climate change is dependent on more than CO2. When will we, as humans, learn that we cannot control our planet. The same forces which have operated on the Earth for 4.5 billion years are still operating. We cannot be bold enough to think that we can stop minor climate shifts which have been operating since the beginning of the Earth. As a geologist, I have read hundreds of papers discussing CO2 as the primary contributor to global warming. How is this so, then, if CO2 levels are presently orders of magnitude lower than in the past? For the sake of our generation and the generations after I us, I hope that our current and future administrations rely more on scientific fact rather than EPA scientists seeking to boost their egos and push political agendas.

    46. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Here is what I have done. Today I sent a letter to John Dingell condeming his vote for HR 2998. Below is a separate letter sent to Senators Levin and Stabenow stating my position on this issue and what I will do if they vote for it. If enough of us send this messsage to our Senators perhaps we will at least get their attention so they will understand why we voted them out of office.

      "You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the rich out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply the wealth by dividing it."

      I request that you vote nay when the Senate version of The American Clean Energy and Security Act HR 2998 is presented before you. The hypothesis that humans are adversely affecting the climate has been debunked by NOAA. The facts are that solar cycles have more to do with our climate than CO2. The tax burden placed on our society by HR 2998 leaves me to believe that the bill has less to do with energy or climate and more to do with federal revenue. Therefore, if you vote for this bill I will NOT vote for you in the next election and will support financially and campaign for anyone who runs against you.

    47. depresssion babie;co says:

      I'm so worried that I was born into poverty and will end in the same way,with no car; no heat, no hot water,no medical attention,and in a ghetto of sorts.In spite of long hours of hard work, scrimping and saving for my 2 kids to become educated. and all it took was O'bama to become the president. My days are numbered,we're lookin @$12.gas;50% tax rate; rationed electricity and no

      freedom to get th great O"B out of our lives.Keep safe@cruise around UN

    48. Doc, Okinawa says:

      In Dr. Carlin’s report, he doesn’t not refute the claims made by the global warming supporters but rather brings out that the data being used to support a major shift in American policy is; (1) outdated, (2) there are opposing theories that explain the phenomena, (3) newer empirical peer reviewed studies call the data being used by the EPA into question and (4) the EPA is abandoning it’s policy of conducting its own studies prior to making a recommendation. Lastly, he is qualified to make such an assessment and recommendation. IMHO, this issue has never really been debated. Maybe its time we started!

    49. dennis florida says:

      i thought we breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. if carbon dioxide is a pollutant.do i have to hold my breath.

    50. Jerry from Chicago says:

      This whole thing about carbon dioxide emissions causing global warming is a hoax, being perpetrated on the American public by current and former members of the House and Senate, for purposes of enriching themselves and increasing their chokehold on taxpayers.

      The Directors and Chief Operatives of the EPA should be outed and fired for surpressing the report issued by Dr. Carlin and threatening him with firing for daring to issue a report in opposition to the opinion of Mr. Obama and his Democrat henchmen. I'm surprised that Mr. Obama's administration has not brought charges of Treason against this man. But maybe that's in the works. Disagree with the Obama administration and lose your job. Politics is more important than truth, that's the message being delivered here.

    51. kls, ar says:

      do any of you idiots realize what a physicist does??? Yes, HE IS QUALIFIED to look at data and find trends…Open your eyes!!

      Here from Wikipedia:

      A physicist is a scientist who studies or practices physics. Physicists study a wide range of physical phenomena in many branches of physics spanning all length scales: from sub-atomic particles of which all ordinary matter is made (particle physics) to the behavior of the material Universe as a whole (cosmology).

    52. Tom, Or. says:

      To Brian,Ok,

      Thank you, It’s my belief that it’s nothing short of sheer arrogance to believe humans alone can have such an impact on the planet that’s been here for “billions” of years.

      To E Maine,

      Were you on the edge of your seat while watching Mr. Gore spin and twist his ‘Inconvenient Truth”. Do you use his data to bolster your debate?

      To, Ben C, Ann Arbor,

      I am going to forward a good part of your letter with some of my own thoughts added, to my senator here in Oregon. This is something we should all do. Let them know, We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this ANYMORE!

      “I may not be a smart man Jenny, but I know what a lie is”

    53. Belinda, Marietta, G says:

      Hey, Al Gore is making money off of this.

      It is a disgrace that anyone could be silenced!

      Who is next?

    54. dennis florida says:

      al gore once made the statment that he was paying his carbon credits to a certain company. later on we find out that he owned the company. it seems that in reality he was paying at the front door and going to the back door to take it out.

    55. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      "The debate is over ! I am, in fact, an idiot."

      – Al Gore

    56. Kim Zaburunov, Elgin says:

      Re: Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI and letter to his senators

      Thank you so much. Great idea. Am sending your idea to friends and family.

      I just sent mine out, with minor modification.

      Unfortunately, I do not suppose the fine specimens from Illinois — Dick Durbin or Roland Burris — will even read it.

      I guess that is a trend they picked up from our current President:

      "Never let the facts get in the way of a good stoty."

      Starting to think about Round Two (appropriate for the first week in July):

      When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

      That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —

      That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…

      T. Jefferson, et al., 1776

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    59. HJ Bahry Akron, Ohio says:

      The liberals in this country tried to destroy the credibiliy of George Bush because he relied on (in their opinion) insufficient evidence to make his decision to invade Iraq. Yet they have passed this "Cap and Trade" legislation without even allowing honest debate about a bill they have not even read. How can this be ? Whoops..I nearly forgot .. the end justifies the means ..For a moment I fantasized that I was still a citizen of a democratic republic wherein my congressional representative still listened to the voices of his constituents..I will remember this and campaign to have him removed from office during the next election.

    60. Souther Hospitality says:

      I love it… the Conservative right pushing the view of an economist (Alan Carlin has a PhD in ECONOMICS!) in regards to global warming.

      So, should we listen to climate scientists in regards to the economy?!?!?

      Or how about we take this a few steps further… how about the janitorial staff at your local hospital performing your surgery?

      Or how about your doctor comes over to replace the roof on your house?

      Or how about the chef at your favorite restaurant managing your investment accounts?

    61. SE, KS says:

      Souther-as noted in other posts, Mr. Carlin has a degree in physics from Caltech in addition to his economics degree from MIT. He also has spent 30+ years at EPA evaluating the scientific merits and economic impact of policy. I think his credentials are sufficient to perform the analysis that was suppressed. After all, if he isn’t a credible or influential source, why suppress his work?

      You may want to read the report he prepared for policy makers and then return to this forum with comments that actually address the issues Mr. Carlin raises rather than assume he is a clueless hack like you.

    62. John Rodgers, Youngs says:

      As much as I can remember the two greatest weather related incidents during mankinds short excistence were the great floods of biblical times and the ice age. I don't think the industrial revolution or greenhouse gasses caused either one of those, but then again they were just as big a hoaxes back then. Keep up the good work Dr. Carlin even if King Obama does not give you his endorsement!

    63. Souther Hospitality says:

      SE, KS: First off, thanks for the personal attack. That really adds to the conversation.

      Secondly, I have a degree in physics and a degree in chemistry AND I work for a Govt. agency too, do I get to opine on matters relating to climate change? And will you and your brethren champion my findings as definitive science on the subject?

      To suggest that a desk-sitter (not to disparage the lifestyle, because I'm guilty of that was well… but that is exactly what Mr. Carlin has been doing for 30+ years instead of hard field science relating directly to climate change) whose expertise is in 2 unrelated fields-of-study, would produce a definitive rebuke to the work of thousands of scientists whose work directly in the fields pertinent to climate change would be wholly remarkable on its face… which is what many on the Right are claiming it does.

      That said, I have read the paper. And it is none of the above. It contains no new research, which I think is an important point, while calling for more research on the topics-at-hand. Which I absolutely agree with.

      We do need more/better research. And Carlin is right in stating that the EPA needs to base policy and its actions on current peer-reviewed and repeatable research instead of simply moving forward based upon the dated works produced by others. But to suggest that this paper is anything worthy of the holy-grail-see-we-said-climate-change-wasn't-real status that many on the Right are suggesting is folly.

    64. psquare says:

      WRT "If a janitor at EPA wrote a report about climate change…." Hmmmm. Why not? Seems as reasonable to me as a patent clerk proposing a theory of relativity.

    65. psquare, Maryland says:

      WRT “If a janitor at EPA wrote a report about climate change….” Hmmmm. Why not? Seems as reasonable to me as a patent clerk proposing a theory of relativity.

    66. Pingback: This farkin IDIOT is unbelievable - The RadioReference.com Forums

    67. Tony M, Florida says:

      The science is not settled. The science is never settled. The most eminent physicist at the end of the 19th century said that our knowledge of physics was complete and it was only left to pass the knowledge to future generations. My god, they still believed in the "aether" then. Of course, now we have "dark matter" instead. And for how many decades have we been within years of the theory of everything? No, the science is never settled.

      As is continually pointed out by the "global warming skeptics," the forecasts are based on models. These are an abstraction from reality. They are an attempt to include what is important and leave out what is not. But our knowledge of the climate is so limited. Do we know what is or is not important? All the skeptics seem to be doing is pointing out that many natural mechanisms might also account for the changes we see. After all, this has been true for eons.

      A parting thought! If you are not a skeptic, you are not a scientist — at least not a very good one.

    68. Chris Zubyk , Malver says:

      We are trying to get the word out and have wonderful information to show the facts as laid out by Christopher Monckton. We have two wonderful videos that discuss the facts in a very easy to follow way. Lord Monckton's video addresses, point by point, the flaws in Al Gores argument. http://www.greatswindle.com

    69. SE, KS says:

      Souther, my apologies for the personal attack. You are correct, it was inappropriate and doesn't add to the discussion.

      The point of my post is that I see many folks on these boards who make comments without being informed. I had assumed you were part of that group and that you were making a "near"-adhominem attack on Carlin (i.e., noting only his economics background and pointing only to the individual as a basis for refuting the POINTS made in his paper, which adds nothing to the conversation). As you noted, Mr. Carlin was not specifically challenging the science, but mostly inconsistencies between those who are working in the field. And, more importantly, he was expressing his concerns regardig EPA's departure from its traditional policies.

    70. Fred/Greensburg, Pa says:

      Global warming/Global cooling: All due to sun spot activity or lack of…very simple…repeat this three(3)times and take a shot of JD and you'll feel better.

    71. Thomas Gray SC. says:

      Global Warming? catastrophic man made Climate Change? 0 emissions by 2050? The first bunch of politician's that support these "fantasy's" will be out of office come the next election's.

      It won't do anything to help our economic meltdown but I for one will " feeeeel" better when SOMEBODY with a different idea or two gets elected.

      If the only people allowed to speak must have a alphabet resume, how long will it be till they are the only people allowed to VOTE.

      We simply cannot allow gov programs like cap and trade to continue since it's not based on hard proven facts, the sky is gonna fall, the sky is gonna fall, tom.

    72. Ben Couch, Verona, M says:

      Global warming is a fact. So is global cooling. It has been going on for millions of years and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

    73. Pingback: terrylbartholomew.com » Free Dr. Carlin

    74. Alex, Chicago, IL says:

      Global Warming is a hoax. Finally Senator Jim Inhofe and others' long fight is coming to the forefront! There is no scientific consensus and the debate must truly come to a close before drastic action is taken!

    75. Jack,Ct. says:

      Recently contacted Lieberman's DC office to protest global warming/climate change{cap & trade bill}.response was, their is scientific unamimity on the topic,subject closed.above letters gave me great ideas for further contact,strongly believe this is an issue we cannot let up on.Fortunately we have time.

    76. Ann, Ma says:

      To E Maine, why does Al Gore have more standing in this climate change topic than Dr Carlin. Al Gore has no backround in scienced, no degree in Physics no degree in economics, have you questioned what Gore says? Ann, Ma

    77. E in Maine says:

      "why does Al Gore have more standing in this climate change topic than Dr Carlin?" Al Gore is not an expert who has researched the causes of climate change. Al Gore uses the information from the VAST supermajority of scientific experts who have done the research into climate change. I don't believe climate change is real because Al Gore says it is, but because nearly every expert who has researched it say it is. Coaches in sports may not be any good if they were to play their sport, but they sure can improve the players they are coaching.

    78. James ohio says:

      Carlin was not asked for a report as no one thought him qualified. But, he did so anyway and based it on numerous other reports he believed in, none of his own study. Come on you rightys, get a life and education. The earth is not 6000 years old, Noah actually drowned, and man wrote the bible to control the masses.

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