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  • Obama’s Immigration Meeting: Amnesty is the Wrong Agenda


    Yesterday, the Obama Administration held a closed-door immigration conference, bringing together key members of Congress. It has been reported that this meeting focused on finding a way to push for comprehensive immigration reform in Congress this year. During the 2008 Presidential elections, then-candidate Barack Obama made a promise to take up immigration reform within his first year in office. He reiterated this pledge when he spoke to the Hispanic Congressional Caucus shortly after he was elected.

    But all too often, comprehensive immigration reform has been another name for amnesty. Amnesty is not the right approach and is not likely to pass muster with the American public–they recognize that giving amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants is much too costly and would encourage more people to break the law. The country learned this lesson in 1986 when 2.7 million people were granted amnesty. The program was wrought with fraud and it did nothing to stem illegal immigration– instead, even more people attemped to enter the U.S.

    A more appropriate agenda would focus on efforts to stop illegal immigration and secure the border, reform the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and open up more legal avenues by which to allow individuals to come into the United States. Recent reports indicate that this approach works. The Bush Administration ramped up internal enforcement and took steps to secure the border in recent years, and the number of illegals dropped from 12 to 11 million.

    The Heritage Foundation delineates this plan for immigration in its Backgrounder, “Next Steps for Immigration Reform and Workplace Enforcement.” Amnesty isn’t part of the plan, and it shouldn’t be for Congress.

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    22 Responses to Obama’s Immigration Meeting: Amnesty is the Wrong Agenda

    1. Donna Mariano New Yo says:

      I am entirely for securing our borders and returning all Illegal immigrants back to Mexico. Also in reforming our immigration laws make it no longer adviseable for illigal immigrants to smuggle into the United States to have their babies so they are born citizens. Reform should include if they are not a citizen of the U.S. before their baby is born their baby is NOT either. That would eliminate a hugh incentive to smuggle into the U.S.

    2. Lou Oregon says:

      I have a great way to get prompt service if you are in the emergency room———–where a border patrol hat.

    3. barbara miller says:

      illegals should have no services from the us government, no welfare, no medical, no schooling for children, no payments to help them get used to the us, nothing at all, then they would go home and come to the states in the way that all of the immigrents have done, by following the rules and laws of the us.

    4. Andrew Chalfant, Mic says:

      I am to far away from Mexico to realize first hand the extent of this problem. If the Dems want to open the door to illegal immigration (I presume for the unions and future votes) and the GOP wants to properly enforce immigration with walls etc… and Mexico's citizens want to be included in America. Why can't the U.S.A invite and/or purchase Merxico and add it to the current union of our states. This is a peaceful solution with additional natural resources, tax revenues etc… United States law could be instituted to deal w the durg cartels. There could be many bonuses with this idea.

    5. Brandon Montagninni says:

      Donna, You're wrong and this article is incomplete.

      You better read the whole thing.

    6. VivaLaMigra, Boston, says:

      Enforcement? Absolutely! "More legal avenues" for foreign workers and their dependents to enter the US? Absolutely NOT! The current system is far too generous – 140,000 to 160,000 Green Cards are issued to Mexican nationals annually already, out of a total of around 1 MILLION! Want "more" avenues? OK, there's H1-B, H2-A, TN [NAFTA!] and a whole alphabet soup list of visa programs created as payoffs to the Cheap Labor Lobby that keeps our corrupt Congress in power. This recession/depression is a LONG way from being over and when it does the job rebound – if there is one! – must benefit US workers.

    7. June, Texas says:

      Deportation, not amnesty!

    8. Brian, San Diego says:

      I agree with your comments on the Democrats and their amnesty plans. Unfortunately, the Republicans want to flood this country with more guest workers at a time when 15 million people are unemployed.

      You also prevaricate when you state that G.W. Bush ramped up enforcement. The fact is, that for the first 6+ years of his administration, enforcement was ZERO ! A tiny increase from that counts for nothing.

      We need a moratorium on all immigration for several years while we clean up this mess with ENFORCEMENT ONLY!

    9. Carson , Fremont, Ca says:

      Did you ever wonder where the money for things like the subversion of the world's immigration laws may come from?

      It seems to me as long as we allow people to print up fiat money there will be no place in the world where freedom can flourish.

      If the Globalist oppose your efforts, paid for with real hard earned money, all they have to do is fire up the presses and shovel the money to any group that will oppose you.

      Not only that but it seems they do it in such a way that the money to achieve THEIR goals is borrowed from them. Then we pay interest to a group outside of our country, like the Federal Reserve, on the creation and borrowing of OUR OWN money.


    10. Bobby says:

      These politcians are concerned about satisfying Wall Street and the Chambers of Commerce. Thus their selling out on illegal immigration and its wage depressing effects. I was moved to post this second comment in case my first one is moderated for some reason. My only observation is that Americans who are too stupid to fight for the freedom to control the course of their lives and nation, neither deserve freedom or the right to decide the course of their nation. Too bad, that's the way it is, others will take you where you don't want to go.

    11. Robin Hvidston Cali says:

      If the 1986 immigration laws were upheld, we would not be in this lawless predicament. The president should read those laws and then enforce them – THAT is his job – as detailed in the law. The 1986 immigration law proclaims – prosecute the employer and repatriate illegal aliens, and this reflects the will of the American people.

    12. Burns@ BurningAtlant says:

      By their presence, illegals aliens have shown a contempt for our laws, our borders and this nation. A nation that allows more legal immigration, by far, than any other.

      The "One Time" amnesty of 1986, the IRCA, was a total failure and is responsible, in large part, for the problem we now face with 12-20 million illegals. And some idiots want to repeat that mistake?

      Ahh, anybody heard anything about ANY government plan to stem visa overstays? They make up about 40-50% of our illegal aliens population. Hence, "securing the border" only addresses about half that problem.

    13. Steve L.A. Calif. says:

      The Heritage Foundation is entirely correct that "comprehensive immigration reform" is a euphemism for mass amnesty. Instead of gutting immigration enforcement (what President Obama is now unfortunately doing), if we consistently enforce existing immigration laws and mandate E-Verify, this will decrease the illegal population over time without the need for mass deporatations. We must keep the pressure on our elected officials to do this.

      I also believe that while we should of course always welcome skilled immigrants who desire to assimilate, we have to look closely and have an honest debate about the number of legal immigrants who are entering our country, now at over 1 million per year — and the effects this has on the environment, infastructure etc. Perhaps it is time to consider reverting to pre-1965 levels of (legal) immigration.

    14. Madelyn Reuter, Glen says:

      The foregoing letter is NOT for publication. It is for your

      edification only.

    15. Joel Wischkaemper, H says:

      I was looking at the numbers and that 12 million simply doesn't make sense to me. I don't believe all the people who have fake I.D.s are included, and suddenly it hit me hard. The Democrats consider the birthright children citizens. I would bet anything those children are not included in Obama's numbers. I would bet anything that if they were, we would be looking at something far, far closer to 30 million illegal aliens between the hard rock I.D.'s and the birthright children.

      Amnesty is totally unacceptable regardless of the number. It has to be stopped.

    16. Derco says:

      Clear the Way to Immigration Reform, without these Illegals America would not be where it is today. Legalise them, we are all Humans who are we to stop them ?

    17. Carol in az says:

      Please be advised ;

      I live in a border state;

      Last year, interdiction resulted in 128 different countries, by illegal entries represented in my State.

      I"m pointing this out, since it is not just a MX problem.

      We are open season for "all others" that know that entry into our counrty is easily done in numerous unsecured areas that consume thousands of miles. on border states.

      Yes,it is true that U.S. policy for decades has had a love affair with MX. Ya know;

      " Don't ask don't tell."

      Too date; over 11,000 of MX's people have been murdered as the five drug cartels continue to commit mass murder over turf control.

      It is clearly understandable to me why the current MX leadership is, according to Wash. "willing to work with us with this growing problem."

      Have you ever questioned the shut-down by the press on ALL reporting in months, on this horrific Border War?

      It has been silenced as a conscious effort of, "Don't ask , don't tell" policy and the lack of support from D.C.

      But if any of you are at all interested in the facts regarding this National Crises while we are pounding third world countries under the notion of "Democracy."

      Think fast.


      When the current administration send the clear message; "NOT" TO put troops on the borders when asked for, and yes begged by, ( TX, AZ, N.MX, CA) That was certainly sending a clear message to the Drug Cartels.

      If you go onto websites for (ATF, DEA & others), FOR ANY, border state you will certainly get the clearer picture.

      Mass grivesites discoveried with numberous burned bodies which include, men, weman and children for starters.

      The Only way our Borders will be control is ENFROCEMENT ON ALL LEVELS.

      It you must shut-down the Border with MX To do the job effectively someone in cortrol should make that decision.

      Heck if I know who that would be? Do You?

      "Don't ask , don't tell. "

      On a personal note, I greatly admire all law enforcement, and wish to thank them who are currently on our Borders FOR THE DANGEROUS JOB THEY ARE DOING ,PUTTING THEIR LIVES on- the- line for us.

      On the otherhand I encourage all Americans to send a clear message to D.C. while our Gov't sit's safely, on it's lame duck butts, to resolve this National Security crises. It doesn't matter who you voted for, or how many decades this has been allowed, by "which" administration.

      This issue has to be corrected ASAP, for the National Security Policy for our country.

    18. Louis, Texas says:

      i hve read all the post and im kind of desapointed cuz many of us came to this great country as inmigrants or not problably you, may be your grand parents or a good friend near you, but the truth is that all these "Mexicans" like all you pepole call them,are the ones who made work that all of us wont do in a million of years, the clean up the garbage they keep our gardens in good shape they pick up the vegetables etc, so before you say somthing keep in mind that these people are human beings and want to growth as everybody else want, maybe their country is not giving them the support or resources, im pretty sure that there are people who are as good as me being a doctor, i dont know but im a gree to the fact that by opening more ways to do the thing by the legal via would be a good choice, no matter in wich country you are there will be always good people and bad people, the question is who you are with?……think about it people this country was made of pure inmigrants"

    19. gastonia nc says:

      what u guys dont know is the border patrol kills emmigrants when their jobs are only to stop and detain not kill a whole family of people just trying to look for a better place just like the so called founding fathers did. but the worst of it all was that the whites coming to the new world did not follow any rules or laws they just came and killed the indians who were my ancestors or simply kicked them out of the country that ones bellong to them. stelling land that did not bellong to them. and if u are so illiterate that u dont know what i mean then im so sorry for u.

    20. gastonia nc says:

      im tired of all this people not giving credict to emmigrants any thing. but just wait one second guys what about the roads u guys drive thru every day and the schools your children go to and worst of it all is the grass on your lawn,what all this things have in common is emmigrants helped buld it and also look out side on your lawn u probably see my mam jose mowing your yard because u aint though enough to do it your self but thats ok dont give him credict just because he wasnt born weak like yall, is it really to much to ask to share after all if they dont do it we all know u wont, our ancestors ones were immigrants but some people rafuse to accept and thats ok but america needs to grow up just a little bit wich we all know it wont happen have agood day cause i will.

    21. Rosemarie says:

      I see nothing wrong with making the lives of illegals better. This country was founded on immigrants. So all the derogutory comments ard just bull. people who have no knowledge of this country. Not all illegal came in by boat they came in legally and stayed for a better life. They do all the dirty work in this country that none of the citizens would not dare to attempt. So be realistic and let them have their ha ha moments.They belong here they do contribute to this land of liberty too

    22. Matt, Spokane says:

      Whats sad is that so many of these last comments miss the point entirely.

      Yes, this country is founded upon immigrants, my Great-Grandfather was one of them. Were ALL immigrants accepted? No, many were turned back because they health was considered a danger to society and would have likely brought contagious diseases that our system at the time could not control.

      My cousin in law is an illegal immigrant, she was brought over the border when she was two. She was deported, taken away from her husband and three kids right as she was almost finished becoming an RN. I have absolutely no issue with letting those who contribute stay, otherwise take a look at how many have joined the "entitlement" ideology of America. On average, for every 1 dollar an illegal immigrant pays in taxes, they receive 3 dollars back.

      All Heritage is talking about is that we cannot allow 12 million new immigrants to have Amnesty because like it or not, not all of them have "jobs we don't want to do." In fact, many of them can stay at home and draw welfare benefits because our system is failing. Let the ones who work (low-end jobs, high-end, it doesn't matter what class) as long as they are attempting to be an American citizen in terms of taking responsibility. But, we must deport those who leech off society, and if it were up to me, I would deport some people that are citizens to a remote country because having citizenship is NOT an entitlement, being a citizen is something we must all work to attain.

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