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  • House of Representatives Puts Politics and Special Interests before American Consumers

    The Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade bill passed by a narrow margin tonight, 219 to 212, with 8 Republicans supporting and 44 Democrats voting against– hardly overwhelming support. So, one of the largest tax revenue-generating bills in history passed the House of Representatives on a 7 point margin in a 435-seat chamber. A 1,200 page bill that policymakers rushed through the House (how many Members do you think read the entire bill?) that will drive up energy prices for years to come passed by just seven votes. And it took a lot of meetings and promises behind closed doors to get that seven-vote cushion.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis found that by 2035, gasoline prices would increase 58 percent, natural gas prices would increase 55 percent, home heating oil would increase 56 percent, and worst of all, electricity prices would jump 90 percent.

    But the direct tax on household energy use is just the beginning. The energy tax also hits producers. As the higher production costs ripple through the economy, the household pocketbooks get hit again and again. When all the tax impacts have been added up, the average per-family-of-four costs rise by $2,979 per year. In the year 2035 alone, the cost is $4,609. And the costs per family for the whole energy tax aggregated from 2012 to 2035 are $71,493.

    Keep in mind, this is all for a change in the global temperature we most likely won’t even notice.

    So, it’s off to the Senate we go. The good news is this extremely close margin will add extra pressure on the Senate should they decide to take up the bill.

    Addendum: Vote breakdown is here.

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    104 Responses to House of Representatives Puts Politics and Special Interests before American Consumers

    1. Vast Variety, Iowa says:

      You might want to fact check your costs.


    2. joe, MA says:

      I can't beleive we had 8 Republicans saying yaye not Nay. I do not think they will be back in their seats the next time. I hope Kennedy and Kerry have enough common sense to say Naye. I doubt it though. Lets go people time to put extra pressure on them. I do not see why Rep. Markey doesn't beleive the Heritage.org numbers you go by the CBO. I got blasted saying it was false corps would go over seas and gas,electricity go up. His office kept calling it a Job Bill jobs jobs jobs jobs.

    3. Sherry IL says:

      Who are the 8 Republicans that voted for the cap & trade?

    4. Emily says:

      It didn't really pass at a narrow margin. The democratic party decides who is weakest in their area and "Let them off the hook" so when the people are outraged they can say "I didn't vote for it" Those Dem. who have most support of their peolple vote for it. So the "people" are not even considered. The party votes for it.

    5. Jim, Massapequa, NY says:

      The dems are really doing everything in their power to pass what they want, and will ultimately cost every tax payer dearly in coming years ! This is the biggest crime in the history of this young country.

      What a shame !

      The average person doesn't see it, but its coming !

    6. John, Georgia says:

      Cap and Trade is just the next domino to fall in the demise of this great Republic. It is a sad, sad day for America. Unfortunately, we will see many sad days ahead as this out of control Congress and President continue to drag this country into European style socialism. God save America!

    7. Sandra Barr, Elko NV says:

      Here is the list of 11 Republicans who voted for this masive tax increase: Mary Bono Mack (Calif.)

      Mike Castle (Ill.)

      Mark Steven Kirk (Ill.)

      Leonard Lance (NJ)

      Frank LoBiondo (NJ)

      John McHugh (NY)

      Dave Reichert (Wash)

      Chris Smith (NJ)

      I think they should be removed from office when their term is up.

    8. Scott V, Florida says:

      These people are looneys.

    9. Scott Campbell, Omah says:

      These proponents of the global warming hysteria are shameless — capping productivity and prosperity and trading on fear and lies.

      The big question Americans should be asking is this: if the science is settled and the benefits so clear, why was a 1,200 page bill rushed through for a quick vote without even a day for review or for the American people to digest what was being considered.

      Global Climate Crisis proponents: if truth is on your side, of what are you so afraid?

    10. Matt S says:

      Obama, you really need to stop thinking of yourself as the greatest person around and you have to think about the american people for a "change we believe in."

    11. Ken Cody says:

      …so, 8 Republicans defected on Cap and Trade. I have had enough. Steele is ineffective and the party should be come together? On Monday, my party affiliation changes to Independent. I have donated and supported the Republican party for years – NO MORE. All of them need to go!

    12. neal mallett/stratfo says:

      where are the republicans on this issue,they should be one voice,one conviction and stand up for this country,not constantly putting America at a disadvantage by joining the liberal left on crucial votes.

    13. Keith Hasbrouck says:

      It seems to me that there are 219 members of the house that need to be replaced, I hope that the people who are represented by these folks take notice and vote them out in their next bid for reelection.

      I myself am going to volunteer to help any candidate, both financially and as a volunteer, in my state who runs against any of our representatives wthat voted for this bill

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    15. Roberta Nataloni,MD says:

      This bill is a disgrace. The most upsetting part is that with this administration everything is rushed trough without an honest and open debate. Is this the "Change" Obama was promising us? What can we do to take our Country back? Shame on the 8 republicans who voted yes!!!

    16. Larry Duluth,Mn. says:

      Does anyone have the list of how the Reps. voted;who for and who against?

    17. denise, maine says:

      I live in maine, we had a very cold,lots of snow winter, so far the month of june is record low for temps, last august was the same. I have not been able to use my pool. I wonder what world our politicans live in, why on earth would they vote for something that will put us in a depression. I am middle class, but if i have to pay triple for my electic and oil than I will be living poor.

    18. don from pa. says:

      we tjhe people better rise up and tell the congress and pres. obama no this biggest tax in history . the people who voted for this idot how do you like your change now.weneeed tovote these democrats out of office when we can before it is to late God help our country.

    19. John Leonard North says:

      Who were the eight (8)Republicans voting for cap and trade?

    20. Forrest Powers says:

      How can I find out the names of the idiots that voted for this. We need to make sure that they are not re-elected.

    21. Fred Habenicht says:

      I cannot believe we have become so passive as to let our 'elected officials' to no longer vote for us but, for their own political agenda and special interests!

      Remember, a new voting day is coming. I urge all Americans to vote against ANY incumbent. None of this electorate accurately represents us or will stand up against the Democratic party who now only represents right wing extremists, special interests and their political future(s).

      Vote no to every and any incumbent. We can do better !

    22. Scott, Florida says:

      More Tea Parties need to be organized. We need a force out there organizing these things like the left does.

      I contacted my congress lady down here in Oviedo, FL and she voted for it and she is a Democrat. I will be making fliers to put in peoples mailboxes.

    23. Derrall Kinard says:

      Would like a list of how the House voted

    24. Derrall Kinard says:

      I would like to knoe how the house voted. Like the name of the Republicans who voter for the bill and the democrats that voted against the bill. The bill is Cap and Trade.

    25. Jenny Hill Newport N says:

      Can we find out the names of who voted for it? At least the 8 republicans?

    26. Robbie Inman, German says:

      God help my two sons.

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    28. Martin, Alabama says:

      I suggest that everyone copy the blog above and send it to everyone in their email address book! Put the link to the Senate.gov website to find their Senator. Then press them to vote no. This is not a political issue. It is an American Welfare issue. This can be equated to adding another mouth to feed in every family in America; financially speaking. Wake Up America!


    29. Mike says:

      How long can we stand up with politicians that ignore us. First Obama signed an executive order banning drilling despite public opinion then shutting down the congressional switchboard didn's stop cap & trade bill from passing. I believe the oly hope we have is to never vote for an incumbant again.

    30. Audrey Stratemann, N says:

      Did Lamar Smith vote for this?

    31. Dennis, Galveston says:

      How can I find the names and states of the Republicans that voted for cap and tax?

    32. SUSANM says:


    33. Dave in Georgetown T says:

      I would like to know who were the 8 Representatives who voted for the bill

    34. Raphael S Gonzalez, says:

      One more time we are clearly reminded, that the politicians we send to Washington to represent our interests,get a big change of hearts once they get there. They promise to legislate in our best interest if we elect them, but once there, they realize that the name of the game is "constituents don't count to belong to the Washington elite". We need very stringent term limits and clear monitoring of Washington politicians actions. We The People need to get involved.

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    36. karen Taylor, Delawa says:

      If the cap and trade bill does pass in the senate how can we find out who oted yes to this bill so we can try and vote them out in 2010?

      I feel if this continues we are headed for some type of revolution by the people.

    37. chris walsh, Illino says:


    38. Bill Mason, Norfolk says:

      I was hoping there would be enough representatives with guts to off set the Obama lackey in my area. Loaded with straight line dems who don't think.

    39. Joan O'Grady, says:

      Where can I get a copy of the vote count with names? I want to make sure I know who to support and who to throw out. Thanks. Joan O'Grady

    40. mark elder Texarkana says:

      It still is not over as the old saying goes its always darkest before the dawn…We can beat this thing back. Not only call or email but also write using snail mail start now and swap the offices of our senators and let them know we dont want waxman markey!

    41. Carole Egler, Founta says:

      I have a comment to make: Everyone who can should bring their comments to ALL our representatives in both the Senate and the House (In both Parties) telling them to quit the "dealing" and, by the way the selling out of the people who 'trust' them to act on OUR behalf!

      I am utterly sick to think of the damage this bill will cause to our already weak economy?! as well as the other

      Obama-trocities that we are being inflicted with!

      I say let them hear from us. I am one of the potential 'rationees' of health care anyway so I won't live to see 2035, but my children and grandchildren will! I hope they won't have to take to our streets to protest and be shot down by our 'new, changed' government! God save us all!

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    43. david luti says:

      how much more taxes can we the citizens take? pretty soon 2 jobs isnt going to be enough to survive.if cap & tade passes along with universal health care how will we survive?

    44. Harry Snyder Michiga says:

      I am going to find out which 'Republicans" voted for this atrocity, and call their offices in D.C. promising to do all I can in 2010 to get them voted out of office. Their votes for this thing will begin a process of rationing and regulation which will ruin my children and grandchilder economically in the future.

    45. Homdel New Jersey says:

      I am extremely dissapointed in the passing of this bill and I cannot understand how any responsible legislator can auctually vote on a bill that they havent even read.

      To think that a person can read through 1200 pages in three hours and then make a conscious decision on behalf of 3 million Americans is absolutely incomprehensible.

      It is as clear as day that todays present politicans are merely out for what they stand to benefit by both politically and finanically, by being on the "popular" side (not the right side) of the fence.

      Most of the people of this Country dont even know that they have just been blindsided once again by this administration and will soon dearly pay for these decisions made by their own representatives.

      This administration cannot give one dam about the hard working people of this Country. Those people who are just trying to sustain an economic crisis while trying to live a normal life raising their family. Providing for them the basic necessities of life like food, education, health care, and putting a decent roof over their head through hard work which was once called the "American Dream" which now it will be referred to as the "American Scream".

      This bill wil have a devestating impact on todays workforce and will jepordize millions of "established" jobs all in this Country, and all in the near future if this bill is approved in the senate.

      It us absolutely disturbing that our "so called" representatives of today and of this Great Nation, are willing to destroy what took over 200 years to build and with so much sacrificed for one groups own agenda…

    46. Jim in Wisconsin says:

      The costs of the Waxman-Markey Bill will be paid by:

      a. The Government

      b. Big Oil

      c. Utility Companies

      d. The Consumer

      Give up? It's a trick question.

      All the answers are the same — and in the end, it is ALWAYS d.

    47. Rudy Valdez, Santa F says:

      What is happening to my country? Why is there so much apathy. If it were not for the Tea Party activism by conservatives, conservatism would not have the "common face", or the common touch. I feel alone in my thoughts about the country and the Constitution I would die for.I feel that the USA is becoming a Godless nation.I see the hypocrisy on capitol hill and am reminded of Jesus chastising the Elders at the Temple. And still they had him crucified. I see this country being crucified by the spineless Congress, and what is more shocking, by the spineless Republican Party as a co-conspirator. Are they all politically inbred invertebrates?

      Thank you for giving me this forum. Heritage Foundation, keep the trumpets blowing so the walls of liberalism will fall.

      Yours Faithfully,,Rudy Valdez

    48. Ronnie B Albuquerque says:

      It sure would be nice to have a list of republicans that voted for The Cap and trade bill. With this we as Americans can make sure their political careers never see sunlight again.Don't worry Dems won't have them either it's just policy.

    49. AntonioSosa says:

      Subjected to Obama's lies, manipulation, intimidation and bribes, the House passed Obama’s jobs killing, economy killing bill! With Obama in charge, corruption and coercion have reached levels previously seen only in Marxist dictatorships like those of Cuba or Venezuela.

      Obama’s Cap and trade is another giant step towards Marxism — and the corruption, poverty, enslavement, destruction and despair that Marxism entails.

      Obama is working much faster than Hugo Chavez at destroying the economy and imposing Marxism. No wonder the Russians are gloating:

      From Pravda: “…the American descent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people…” http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/10745

      We are NOT hapless sheeple! We must do whatever is necessary to defend ourselves and our children from the Marxist dictatorship that’s being set up in Washington.

    50. Rabbett - Kailua, Ha says:

      Once again our run-away Congress just does not get it. There are a lot of us conservatives who live in States like my own, Hawai'i, where we really have zero representation. Our two Senators, both Democrats, are in their 80's and will not let go. Every time I write them or call I end up getting their latest press release which tells me why they will support whatever it is that I have issues with. It's like, and probably is, that they never even cared to read my comments. The never enter into debate nor follow up beyond the release. Same on our House end. Two Democrats who always respond with their talking point press releases also. A call made to my Congressional Rep, took two hours to even make connection and then her office was closed and only took messages and of course so far my email remains unanswered as well.

      Anyhow, even thought I feel it is a total waste of time, I do always try to make myself heard when there is a big issue and more spending in their sights. But it is very very frustrating.

      Who were the 8 Republicans who voted for the Cap and BS tax increase bill?

    51. Patti, Florida says:

      I feel this cap and trade issue is being forced on the American people who don't have any clue whatsoever of what it contains, and we the people understand this as socialism, and cronyism at its worst!

      They (the house) could not have read that whole bill unless they were the fastest speed readers on the planet!

      This is very, very bad for our economy, especially when we are trying to recover from this downturn!

      When the regular joe, and jane finally get that, it is we, the little people who will in the long term carry the greatest burden of cost they will send these idiots packing!

      I pray that the dems get voted to the curb and sent packing in 2010, and I will be voting against every democrat I can!

      I was, key word was, a democrat who cannot believe how far left the dems. have gone!

      But it is the reason why I left the party and now vote straight conservative politicians!

      Lalawood, and environmental wacko's are running the country now, and calling themselves democrats, along with the tryannical soros, who I see as the real power behind Obama, Pelosi, and Reed and whom I believe answer to him as his proxy reps.!

      He (soros) could never be president so what better way to rule us but thru his puppets!

      Not one person I speak with is happy with any of the nonsense this administration is implementing and are very fearful of the future! Even the dems I speak with are scared and nervous!

    52. Curtis K. Boles, Gut says:

      Is there any way that you folks could make the public aware of the identities of the eight highly irresponsible republicans who caved in to pressure and greed to vote for this dangerously insane piece of legislation? It would help to know this so that a joint effort could be made to try to unseat them before they can do further damage to what's left of our once great republic.

    53. st.augustine fl. says:

      i am very dissapointed in the 8 republicans that decided to stab the american people in the back. with people loosing their jobs, loosing their homes, husbands leaving their wife and kids trying to find work. maybe out of state. why put more sorrow upon sorrow.i cant figure out what kind of people would do horrible things like this. i appreciate the 44 democrats who demonstrated some patriotic backbone.

    54. Bob in St. Louis, MO says:

      A pure outrage..and you can be sure that Rep.s Carnahan, Clay, Skelton and the other bums in Missouri that voted for this piece of garbage will be held accountable when they come up for re-election! Believe it! The problem is, is that the citzens of this country don't get involved in government legislation and most don't have a clue as to what is going up there in Wash. D.C.. It's just shameful, because it's those individuals that will be the first ones to start whining and complaining about the high price of gasoline, utilities, life style changes because they can't pay their bills, and on and on because we're going to be taxed to death under the Obama administration! Obama and his socialist/democratic party have to be stopped before they run our great country into the ground! He's a fraud and he hates America and what she stands for!! I love my country, and I'll be in the streets to defend her against the radicals that seek to destroy her, our freedon and our liberty!! I urge all patriotic americans to unite and fight the Obama tyranny. Call your Senators and tell them they work for you! Tell them to defeat the "Cap and Trade (TAX)"! Tell them you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore! I'm getting involved, and so should you!

    55. James Carter, San An says:

      It's beyond my comprehension that we have so many people in the House of Representatives that are so out of touch with reality that they would even consider voting for this assault on American prosperity. You could put this bill in any U.S. high school senior class and come out with a better understanding of the reality of the consequences than these people have come up with.

      It's really disturbing to think that these people are in charge of our future.

      Do they not have children and grandchildren?

      Obviously, they don't have mirrors at home, because they could certainly not look at themselves without revulsion. May God have mercy on their soles.

    56. Mark Mitchell Florid says:

      We do not need Republicans who vote for this kind of taxing.

    57. dennis florida says:

      i am very dissapointed in the 8 republicans that decided to stab the american people in the back. with people loosing their jobs, husbans leaving home to find work elsewhere,some out of state.some loosing there homes in foreclosing. what kind of people would add sorrow upon sorrow. i would like to thank the 44 democrats that showed some patriotic backbone.

    58. Dan Tyburc says:

      I'm so pissed and disgusted with this House and our representatives. We have kicked this Bill around and around and it is nothing more then a scam to screw the taxpayer to pay for Obama's stupid and reckless spending not to mention the damage he is doing to this Nation. It will NOT due a damn thing for the ridiculous notion of global warming.

      I expect out of control idiotic reckless spending and dumb legislation from democrats but I am totally and completely disgusted with the republican that rolled over and went cowardly marching in step with the socialist party in control right now. Thanks for absolutely nothing from all of you clowns.

    59. John Hauschild says:

      If we increase energy taxes in the US , won't that increase production costs in the US? Won't companies in China or India then have a cost advantage over US based companies? What will that do to US employment? If more energy is being used in China won't that increase CO2 emissions from China? Maybe China is more efficient in the use of coal fired power plants than we could ever be. That's it. So you see, increased energy taxes on Americans isn't such a bad idea after all.

    60. Linda, Las Vegas, NV says:

      I have been following these events with great interest and some dismay, wondering "what is their hurry?" The left acts like a kid who have just been given a candy store, and they can't wait to ingest the contents. I am truly afraid for America, and wish there was more I could do. I've been trying for three days to call congress and have only gotten a busy signal, so I know I'm not the only one.

      The fact is, the politicians have forgotten that they work for us! Somehow, they must be reminded. I personally will be involved in voting Harry Reid out of office. That's a start!

      Linda Todd

      Las Vegas, NV

    61. dennis florida says:

      thanks to john boehner for explaining what they were voting on. i found him on cspan around page 35

    62. Diana Coffman Middl says:

      The people need a list of names of those so called Republicans who voted for this bill. Please publish a list of names and how they voted. Thanks

    63. Dutch Kelderman, Lex says:

      We have no leaders in this country…anymore.

      No one will stand up and fight for what's right.

      They want to be led by a street-thug in an empty suit.

      Same as when I retired from the Navy in 1977.People have no idea what's going on in the world, country, city, or on their on block.

      Would a million man march on D.C. work? NO. Congress is out of control with POWER…not the citizens needs.

      I recomend voting out everyone in city, county, state, and federal government….start over with common sense. I'm fed-up with a nation that doesn't care anymore.

      People – GET SOME GUTS!

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    65. Marsh, Wisconsin says:

      If you can't convince people to change their actions through logic, then possibly a large group of self serving narcissists can legislate it into being. Legislation which will likely put our country on the road to rapid decline. There is a lot of ego built into this proposal. It stems from assuming we are and would remain the largest generator of greenhouse gasses. One only needs to look to China and India to discover they are increasing their output and well on their way to surpassing us by a wide margin. Another reason to move manufacturing out of the country. Will we impose sanctions? I say no! We are now dependent upon them for most of our manufactured goods. They already have most of our jobs and we are now working to send them the rest of them!!

    66. Robert Truslow Clare says:

      Threatening ( especially junior) congressmen with not financially supporting their next campaign in order to get their vote should be illegal…..illegal or not, it is certainly unethical….I'm sure most districts did not want this fraudulent bill passed….they were not elected to represent pelosi( The capital P on her name was omitted out of disrespect)They were elected to represent the PEOPLE….pelosi lied to congress over the CIA stuff….why has no one charged her….where is the Juditial Dept to protect us against the crimes of Obama( Csars to circumvent congress, bankruptsy laws broken to protect unions, non secret ballots in unions that threaten to get members killed, not taxing union members the same as the rest of us…I know the last 2 aren't passed yet, but doesn't this tell the Juditial system that we have a president and leaders of house and senate that have no respect for LAW ( oops, I lost the capitals in that last sentence again) WE Have To Press Charges against these people….there has to be a way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    67. douglas icenhower al says:

      It would be interesting to see which Republicans joined the majority and crossed over to get this passed. Could Heritage print a list, and I'm hoping that Rep. Dingle was one of the 44 Dems that turned it down. If not, I'm sure that he received many a call expressing concern that it not be sent forward. Thank you.

    68. Harold Essegian, Sal says:

      please name the 8 republicans who voted for the Cap & Trade bill in the House of Representatives. Please name the 44 democrates who voted against the Cap & Trade bill in the House Thank you. Harold Essegian, Salem, N.H.

    69. joseph addonizio,mis says:

      Politicians are asked to vote yes or no "would you like a massive increase in the power you have over the citizens?" Does their answer surprise anyone;given their built in job security? A sad and hopefully revealing vote.

    70. St. Louis Missouri says:

      What is the current thought on the support in the Senate ?

      How close will the vote be and who will be it's main supporters and who are considered the swing votes?

      What is the prospect of this being passed in the Senate ?

      Is their organized efforts to defeat this bill and how can one

      best get involved.

    71. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      It may be stnd op procedure to vote on bills without reading them but it's no excuse for voting on ignorance – in this case everyone knows it is a bad bill for the avg citizen. The repubs that voted for it claim it will help the environment, take us off dependence on foreign oil and the extra cost won't be much – if it does cost too much, they will mitigate the pain with rebates. What a bunch of nonesense, you would think they would have some rationale that is, at least, credible.

    72. Ron, Los Angeles, Ca says:

      This is another spending bill, to do away with the middle class ,and make 99 % of the people poor, if Obama is so much in favor of not havong global warming ,then he should stand up to governments like China and Mexico, after all its global warming, not american warming.

    73. jack brown balti says:

      how do we stop the senate from doing the same to


    74. maryanne - californi says:

      do these people ever listen to the voters, taxpayers and citizens who elected them to office. I am so disgusted with both the democrats and republicans, that I say they ALL SHOULD BE FIRED. Thank God for the teaparties next weekend, maybe if the American people can take the time to do the right thing for the country that has given us every opportunity in the book, they can demonstrate and let these "elected officials" know that this might be their last public job.

    75. tom,texas says:

      Socialism has been a failure around the world since the 1920's. The liberal wing is attempting and succeeding in pushing our country to the left. Almost all other nations are pushing the opposite way towards democracy. Cap and trade has been a failure in japan and australia. Most countries that have excessive governmental control,are having upheaval. We are about to have our own. It is high time to clean house in washington. Wake up America and start cleaning with the 2010 elections.

    76. richard felker/reno says:

      I understand what the Waxman Markey cap&trade bill will cost by the year 2035,now I would like to know what the cost of live would be under normal living conditions without the introduction of the cap&trade bill. My other concern is what are all the other parts to this bill that seem to be a infringement on my personal rights as a citizen of the UNITED STATES/IN THE CITY OF RENO/IN THE COUNTY OF WASHOE IN THE STATE OF NEVADA! Thank you for reading my concerns about this proposed bill.

    77. Dorthy Kneisel, Gran says:

      I want to know the names of our republican congress that vote "yes" th the bill in congress now that will put the power of America in the Government.



      I also will start to call myself a Conservative and not a Rupublican. The officials we have now dont represent me.

    78. George C of chalfont says:

      Another gigantic fraud disguised as an antidote. I hope it gets killed in the Senate. Keep up the good work Nick.

    79. Michael Melillo. Fai says:

      We are lowering our standard of living while

      India and China increase their living standard and definitely will not damage their economies by following what has become a secular religion not science

    80. Marlin Porter Linc says:

      You would think that rushing a bill through at last minute without reading it or debate is irresponsible on so many levels. Let alone something that scientific research has profoundly discredited as being true just boggles my mind. I truly believe those in favor of cap and trade are attempting to destroy this great country God has blessed us with. How loony toons can you get?

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    82. Douglas - PA says:

      I am sure that we will find out, soon enough, which Republicans voted for this scam of a bill. When we do, we need to send them a message, as we did with Arlen Spector who showed his true colors by voting for the stimulus spend package. There needs to be a massive vote out in the 2010 elections but I am very concerned how much damage will be done to our country, by then. It seems that every single thing that this new administration is doing is heading in the opposite direction of our forefather’s intent for this country. Research Marxism, there seems to be an awful lot of similarities to me, too many for my comfort zone. Let me see – Gov takeover of GM – firing CEO, takeover of top banks, energy, healthcare, Census, catering and promoting unions. What – union’s won’t pay taxes on their company provided health benefits??? What’s up with this??? I know the intent with this but how can they get away with this legally??? And who put the roadblocks on the Acorn voter fraud investigation??? Chicago politics at its best!!! What is very disturbing is that our congress is allowing this to happen and SHAME SHAME SHAME on the major news networks for not remaining neutral and reporting the facts, reporting the way they should be reporting – ensuring the best interests of the general public with respects to the government. No wonder their ratings are tanking, and those informed listeners are now listening to AM talk radio, and the fox news network.

    83. Concerned, Raleigh says:

      The RNC should put an ad out to show how much this will cost "We the People." What about the President's promise to lower taxes for 95% of the people. What people???

      There should be a law that would mandate that any bill with over 1K pages would have to take at least a week of 'honest' reading from all the constituents.

      Maybe FOX News could put out a special on how much this bill would cost the average household.

    84. danny says:

      It is time for the American public to realize that we need to pay attention to all elections on a national level. We can no longer afford to concentrate on just the elections in our own district or state. We need to collectively work against people acroos the country that choose to represent special interest groups instead of the good of the country as a whole. I will invest my time and resources anywhere I can help to keep these people out of office.

    85. Tom Iowa says:

      And why would'nt these republicans vote for it?

      They got their bach door trade offs that they wanted. Look where they are from, NY,NJ,IL,CA. all high welfare and government handout states.

      Livin off the taxpayers teat….

    86. Richard, Spring TX says:

      It's time to start thinking about who we want representing the people in 2010.

    87. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      This is typical of the Obama supporters. None of the Rebublicans that voted "for" Cap and Trade can be contacted by e-mail if you don't live in their districts in their state. They don't want the opinions of other Republicans (perhaps none). This gives them an out. Forget letters. They'll just claim they didn't receive any mail against their vote. Everyone, please contact everyone you know in those states to protest these traders vote.

    88. Pingback: Puts Politics and Special Interests before American Consumers | Republican Party of Door County

    89. Rich, San Diego says:

      It is not too early to start working on the 2010 Congressional elections. Responsible Americans must invest the time and money to turn this Congress out.

    90. Chris, Palm Beach co says:

      So many of the comments here mention the 8 republicans that voted "Aye" on this bill. (And by the way all of the names and voting records can be found easily with a quick Google search I looked it up first thing this morning.)

      But I would expand this and say that ALL of the Aye voters should be held accountable D, I or R, I think this bill is not only disingenuous since it really will not do ANYTHING to change the environment but it is unconstitutional as has been much of the previous legislation passed by this band of theives and possibly treasonous! They should all be tossed out at the next possible moment.

    91. Mikezu812 says:

      Having read the article on the factcheck.org website, the issue on the difference between GOP numbers and POTUS/government numbers in basically the rebate the bill's sponsors promise will be issued to the public to offset the continual rising of energy cost. With a growing deficit that just multiplies yearly and a government health care program that gobbles up more and more of our GDP, who really thinks the rebates will come to fruition? Only the pie-in-the-sky types.

    92. Tom, Texas says:

      President Obama campaigned heavily on "getting rid of the special interests in Washington DC" didn't he?

      Well he has blown it again!!

      This bill has probably caused one of the greatest transfer of money from industry (lobbyists) to

      politicians in history.

      These lobbyists represent all the major players in America who would stand to lose the most, so they lobbied for (bought) "exemptions" in the bill for themselves.

      Just wait till we see how much the health care "reform" is going to cost us!


    93. Marilyn, Johns Creek says:

      For those who have asked for the Republican names of the individuals who voted for this bill, please see the beginning of this string. Sandra Barr, NV has already posted the following:

      Sandra Barr, Elko NV writes:

      Here is the list of 11 Republicans who voted for this masive tax increase: Mary Bono Mack (Calif.)

      Mike Castle (Ill.)

      Mark Steven Kirk (Ill.)

      Leonard Lance (NJ)

      Frank LoBiondo (NJ)

      John McHugh (NY)

      Dave Reichert (Wash)

      Chris Smith (NJ)

    94. Robert, GA says:

      Whether this atrocity of a bill increases my energy bill by $800, $1,500 or $3,100 – the fact is that in the small town I live in where I am already forced to purchase my power from the city that owns a portion of Plant Vogtle at higher than average rates, I will not be able to absorb any increase and stay profitable. There is a very good liklihood that I will be forced to close my doors before Obama and is Stormtroopers is done with their "change". I'm sorry, but the loss of small businesses and industry is far more damaging to our country than a single molecule of carbon could ever be.

    95. John Clancy says:

      Many who comment wonder why there is this attack on our constitution and Declaration of Independence. 3 forces come to mind:

      1. Our government schools are failing us with a philosophy of relativism that runs through the curricula. Relativism "supports" socialism. 2. Our government media are failing us: This morning our Detroit papers featured Monica Conyers going to jail and TV News features M. Jackson while a bill as monumental as Cap and Trade moves under the radar. 3. As a result of forces 1. and 2. we are unaware of the Machiavellian moves of Obama: "Whence it is to be noted, that in taking a state the conqueror must arrange to commit all his cruelties at once…"

    96. dennis florida says:

      well, we lost by a small margin, but i dont think it will pass the senate.

    97. Barb mn says:

      For government authority to have a bill that effects the LIVELIHOODS of PEOPLE, but CHOOSE NOT TO THOROUGHLY READ to make PRACTICAL REASONABLE decisions to do THEIR DUTY TO PROTECT the PEOPLE of CORRUPTION is a total violation of their representation.

      For the sake of decency and positive ethics, the one obligation the house senate and all government, should ALWAYS BE, thorough investigation and research into ALL BILLS but especially one that holds NO MERIT, YET MUCH CONTROVERSY!

      Under the irresponsible duty of government, whom failed to read a bill that will drastically effect all lives, holding the people hostage to something that fails to exist should be thrown out until all have read and all understand.

    98. j.d. ga says:

      all this means is Nancy Pelosi , Al Gore and a lot of other people who have investments in this will stand to make huge profits of course at the expense of the public . They do not care if they get voted out of office they have more time to count all the money they will make .

    99. joseph illinois says:

      why does congress ignore the publics wishes & when are going 2 start doing something other than bloging about it. I was once a obama supporter but the machine is getting out of control this is only the begining of our ever expanding government under obama administration

    100. joseph illinois says:

      why does congress ignore the publics wishes & when are we going 2 start doing something other than bloging about it. the machine is getting out of control,this is only the begining of our ever expanding government.

    101. Drew San Diego says:

      Who are these loosers who call them selves republicans?

    102. Drew San Diego says:

      When will the american consumer get a break? Why is everything to do with the the enviorment our fault? We need to wake up before we don't even manufacture our own food products anymore.

    103. dennis florida says:

      it seems that a lot of obama supporters have figured out that this administration is a sinking ship. better to jump off and take your chances in the water with the rest of us then go down with the ship. obama is rushing all this stuff through as fast as he can before the 2010 elections.by then a lot of his supporters will have figured him out.

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