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  • President Obama, You Forgot a Word in Your Cap and Trade Speech

    When pressing the House of Representatives on the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill, President Obama remarked,

    Make no mistake: This is a jobs bill.

    Insert “killing” between “jobs” and “bill,” and you have yourself an accurate statement. Cap and trade is a jobs-killing bill.

    According to The Heritage Foundation analysis of the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill, over the 2012-2035 timeline, job losses average over 1.1 million. By 2035, a projected 2.5 million jobs are lost below the baseline – without a cap and trade bill.

    Particularly hard-hit industries are agriculture, transportation, chemicals, wood products, machinery, paper, plastics & rubber, electrical equipment & appliances,construction and, of course, manufacturing.

    For more information, check out The Heritage Foundation’s Rapid Response Page on Cap and Trade.

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    45 Responses to President Obama, You Forgot a Word in Your Cap and Trade Speech

    1. Les Horn Atlanta, says:

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) is not about emissions. It's all about creating a hugh slush fund of BILLIONS to be divvied up for more government expansion.

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) puts the entire U.S. economy on the shoulders of the Chicago Climate Exchange(CCX)

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) is ENRON forced onto everyone.

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) would lower the standard of living and increase local, and state taxes on the (MIDDLE CLASS)

      The illegals and the poor have no worries.

      There will be free health, food, and grants for electric and

      natural gas bills, so that the empty suits in Washington can buy votes to keep power and control the people.

    2. Spiritof76 says:

      I sent an e-mail to my Congressional Rep. telling her to vote against it. I get a response back telling me how wonderful it would be to pass the bill. It was a standard form letter.

      I was irate about the sheer arrogance of it. So, I called her number in Washington and told the voice at the other end that if she voted for that bill, I would personally do everything in my power to campaign against her re-election. These people must be removed from office.

    3. paul h. collegesta,t says:

      I have tried to call my congressman,for 2days now.Ive sent e-mails saying to vote against this bill.to anyone of importance,its like know one listening.Iam so mad that the goverment is slowly taking over everything.And spending our hard work money like theres no tomorrow. paul h.

    4. eyvonne c. says:

      Who can I contact to protest the Trade & Cap bill, also The Government Healthcare Plan.

      Its time for all of us who has been silent in the past to stand up and be heard. Obama is selling out america to further his on agenda and if we the people that opose him. don't stand up for what we believe in America as we have always known it will be lost forever.

      eyvonne c.

    5. Charles, Alabama says:

      Just another socialists move by Obama. I have tried and can not get trhouth to Washington.

      We just have to stop this.


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    7. AntonioSosa says:

      We'll make sure to remember who is voting in favor of the abomination that is cap and trade. They'll have to answer to us for killing our businesses, taking away our jobs, and helping Obama enslave us with his Ponzy scheme.

    8. Joseph Glass says:

      I have been calling for 2 day's from 8AM to 1AM and the phone is busy. I think they took it off the hook and don't want to answer. So Last night I sent the SOB an email.

      Joe G.

    9. rich weirton, wv says:

      I have phoned, faxed, emailed my congressmen..all to no avail. They have their minds made up, and are not going tp listen to those of us who voted for them.

      Looks like the best answer is to seceed from the union and tell these crooks to take a hike.

      Then let"s replace them all with those who will listen to we the people.

      I think that this is the ONLY way we can get their attention: fire them all

    10. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I'll beg and plead for the Foundry to publish the names of every congressman that votes for this

      disastrous bill. Otherwise we will never know

      who to blame when we all begin to suffer the

      socialist consequences.

    11. Tricia, Arizona says:

      I have called my representatives in Washington, e-mailed them until my fingers have blisters…I don't think they're listening. I believe that they are deliberately destroying our economy. They haven't yet begun…There is a lot more to come. It's a sad day when our president tells us the most blatant lies. Now when he says something, I know that the opposite is true. Sad,huh?

    12. Grace, Florida says:

      Our Congressmen and Representatives who vote for this will be removed from office. Voters who stay informed are outraged over this. If you vote Yea – you can pretty much count on signing your own pink slip next election.

    13. JD, Hays KS says:

      My Rep is Jerry Moran. He is against this bill and I still called him. Get after these Representatives and voice your opinion. Do not re-elect these pro Waxman Markey bill polititions.

    14. Grace, Florida says:

      Eyvonne – you can go to a website called Conservatives for Patients rights and get plenty of information about Healthcare and who to contact – that's the next fight – today it's cap and trade. Contact your representatives in DC by fax, phone or e-mail and let them know of your outrage.

    15. Jen, CT says:

      The National Tea Party patriots wil be putting up their "Weasel Watch" shortly.

      Everyone who votes for HR 2454 will be listed on the TPP website and the list willstay there until the 2010 election.

      The Dems are voting for the sake of their party, not for the sqake of the citizens they represent…stand up for Lindependence and libberty…find a Tea Party near you and attend!


    16. Dennis Idaho says:

      I repeat it is "TAXMAN/MALARKEY"

      It is all about raising hidden taxes to control the votes to remain in power.

      Global warming is so much malarkey (BS). The world goes through climate cycles which man has only been keeping world wide records for a relative short period. How do we know what point in the cycle we are in?

    17. Vanessa, Sacramento says:

      All the politicians that vote for the healthcare, cap & trade, and anything else that the Obama administration has up their sleeves, need to be impeached. They are being irresponsible and arrogant. What they need to do is work on building up our defense. Everything they are doing is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!

    18. Olathe, KS says:

      Mr. Obama has an incorrect view of his position, he is PRESIDENT, NOT RULER….He works for us, not the other way around.

      With this energy bill, each of us will spend twice the 'energy' working second and third jobs to pay the increased household demands.



    19. DANNY, MISSOURI says:

      Speak up Americans…. Call, yell, scream, unite and vote the crooks out. What our government is doing to our country is treasonous. The guilty must be removed from office. Looks like we are going to have to replace the majority of our government in the next elections because the majority are crooks

    20. Ron, North Dakota says:

      Inform your that if they vote for "cap & trade" a recall petition will be initiated.

    21. Dana, Sargent Texas says:

      I will not vote for anyone who voted yea to this bill. And as Spriritof76 said "I would personally do everything in my power to campaign against her/him re-election. These people must be removed from office"

    22. richard--florida says:

      people of america wake up and see what is going on in this country of ours. if we do not rebel as the people of iran we will have our rights, welfare, privacy, taken from us. we will be taxed out of our homes and business. write call e-mail your reps in washington and let them know in no uncertain terms we are p—– with their direction they are allowing this nation to be taken.

    23. Sharp, General Deliv says:

      The politicians are unresponsive to the voters because they no longer feel they need to be, it's now a full blown dictatorship. In six months American's are now no more than chattel of the Emperor in Obamaland. Better start learning to bow and scrape before the mighty king, and pay your respects with the proper attitude. Very soon dissenters will recieve harsh retribution from the ruling class and their "civilian" force, the one that's as "well armed and equipped as the military."

    24. OPAS says:

      A Headline says, "Obama, You Forgot a Word in Your Cap and Trade Speech."

      Another "excuse". Instead of saying "Obama, you LEFT OUT a word" you water it down, you furnish them an EXCUSE, just like "mis-spoke?". It is no wonder they call you "WEAK" and make fun of you. THAT is one time they are telling the truth, you ARE weak and you earned their scorn. NO!!!, they DID NOT "FORGET" a word. Please add Two words to your vocabulary, "DELIBERATE" like "on purpose" and "ELIMINATED", like "left out", and "did not tell us". Delete "FORGET" when you speak of what Obama and the leftist henchmen say. YOU keep voting THEM back into office. You and our Country would NOT BE in this predicament if YOU had VOTED THOSE people OUT. Forget party lines, many of us have. You know Californians' will never vote Pelosi out, so YOU have to vote the others out and she will be removed from her throne.

    25. OPAS says:

      You say it over and over and over but YOU NEVER DO IT.

      DANNY, MISSOURI writes:

      Speak up Americans…. Call, yell, scream, unite and vote the crooks out. What our government is doing to our country is treasonous. The guilty must be removed from office. Looks like we are going to have to replace the majority of our government in the next elections because the majority are crooks. It is PAST TIME to forget your personal petty complaint. Protest votes are wasted votes. The media played those town Hall Undecideds for the gullible PAWNS they were. The Special Interest groups stuck to their own agenda and wasted their votes also. It worked, DIVIDE and CONQUER. Throw in distracting PERSONAL ISSUES and they will WILL NOT VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE.

      fACE WHAT you did, Put the blame where it belongs BLAME THE PERSON YOU SEE IN YOUR MIRROR.

    26. Cathy Amelio, New Je says:

      I have written, called, faxd and signed petitions pleading with my represenative to vote NO, but the moron is still on the fence. So much for representation. Just to note that if this bill goes through Corporations are gone! Poor people do not create jobs! Why pick on the corporations who employ? This bill will destroy our freedom and liberty and will render this country as third world. Obama is giving the Chinese government plans to the Stealth bomber to pay off debt is this insanity? We are opening diplomacy to Venezuela? Are you kidding me? We as true Americans need to rise up and get this airhead in Washington out of office now!

    27. James Carter, San An says:

      I wrote my Congressman, Charles A. Gonzalez, District 20, Texas, and asked him not to support this bill (three times). He wrote back about all the good it will do for Texans and how he has received gaurantees to help Texas businesses.

      I just wrote him back and informed him that if I find his name under the YEA votes, I will campaign endlessly against his re-election.

      We need to make sure our elected represenatatives are thinking of us, not special interests.

    28. Paul Terry Stone says:

      For all intents and purposes, President Obama and most of our current Government are the worst enemies of our country that we have. The rest are external, this enemy is embedded and pervasive.

    29. Jerry / Clearwater, says:

      OK, get serious guys, if you are really interested in we a Americans. DO NOT PASS THIS ENERGY BILL.

      It will cost us a individuals lots of money.

      It will also fill Al Gore's pockets and Bank Account.

      Sorry Al, time you got an honest job.

      God help us

    30. marjorie F. oregon says:

      How in the world do we stop this. These people we have in control of Congress are using this energy 'global warming' idea to fill their pockets. I and others have been trying to enlighten the public on the farce that have been spoon feed to our children and those that think government can solve all problems. How do we get thru to them. I wish I had the power to fire every politican there is. By the time Obama and his elite Democrats and some Republican get thru with us we will not be a major country but we will be bending over to some other country.

    31. marjorie F. oregon says:

      How else would you like me to say. Global Warming, if we really have global warming took 2000 years and someone thinks we can change it in 10-20 years? It's all for more power by government and money in to wind, etc. investments. No one in politics cares about the people of today, there will not be a free country by the time Obama and his elite group are done with us. And why should he care, he has his retirement, his health care (paid by us) and he and his children will probably be long gone by the time if ever the air is cleaned up. It can't be done. He wants to clean it up he can pay the bill out of his own pocket.

    32. Barb in Mississippi says:

      I called Bernie Thompson's office to express my thoughts on Cap and Trade. I asked how he was leaning and was told, "We'll be letting you know." When? After the vote!

    33. Helmetfoot Boston, says:

      These "stiffs" in Washington keep telling us to get involved in issues and let them know how you think.

      No matter what you tell them you get the same exactly worded response, no matter what the issue.

      I even went so far as to call the pol a "Jerk" and the answer was a thank you for showing my concern for an issue that is important to him.

      thomas Jefferson said that a little revolution every now and then is not a bad thing.

      I do like his way with words.

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    35. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      These are the things that have been covered in the

      book Liberty and Tyranny!

    36. k/Naples Florida says:

      The obvious "shove it down their throats" dictatorship party actually had the incredible nerve to scream and wail in delight that they "won". In the dark of the (friday) night,they had shoved a bill down the throats of Americans who loudly, and forcefully demanded that they did NOT want it(Fax, email and phones). Congressmen were indicating they and their colleagues were receiving calls 20 to 1 AGAINST Cap and Trade, however, that did not matter to them. The elitists dont care what mere "legal" American workers want. No, the valued are only themselves, the elite politicians, and the ILLEGAL immigrant.

    37. danny virginia says:

      Apathy- the apathy of the American public is what allows our Rep's to continue to ignore our wishes and get re-elected

    38. Lea, Huntsville says:

      First, I must tell those of you who have have been emailing your Reps and Senators (on other issues) that those on the left and

      Liberal extremists are stuffing the inboxes of the email

      Accts of Congress and Senate. This makes your emails

      More likely to be overlooked. GO to your Senator's local

      Office or call the DC office and voice your desire that this

      Bill be voted down in the Senate. This bill was passed in

      The house without being read (what's new?).

      Begin your campaign of faxes and calls now. Remind them

      They work for you and if they vote yes, they will be

      Replaced when their time for re-election comes around.

      Voters will not forget these votes and those who ignore

      The American people.

      Fight the fight, we must. We must not lose and we must

      Fight the healthcare legislation as well. We get one

      Chance…stand up and fight.

    39. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      Conservatives, it is time to take off the gloves and face up to the fact that we are losing the ideological battle for the minds and souls of the American people. Starting in October of last year, I have been watching the freedoms of the American people quickly being consumed by the federal government and the cadre of special interest "czars" being created by executive order. If you review the definition of Fascism, you will soon discover that the current direction of the President and Congress is 99% in line with that definition. The only areas that I found to be in potential conflict were the principles of property rights and class distinction.

      However, if I may make an observation on each; property rights are a foundation of our country, but if the government creates policies to increase the home ownership of low income families by guaranteeing (or subsidizing) their mortgages, how better to assure future elections than to make the new homeowners totally dependent upon the government to pay their mortgage and therefore re-elect those individuals who will continue the subsidy.

      Secondly, as to class distinction, the current laws are specifically designed to further the concept of the "haves" and "have nots". Rest assured that loopholes will quickly appear to permit the "rich" to keep a substantial portion of their estate (since they are the main tax contributors) while at the same time, fomenting anger in the poor and middle classes against the rich for having something that they will never achieve.

      It is time to call the Democrats what they are: Fascists and to give a new nickname to Barak Obama, El Duce.

    40. Cliff Carlisle PA says:

      Increase energy bills and people will find alternative sources such as burning wood – tax wood pellets and people will simply use cut wood from their property, purchase it for cash in an "off the books transaction" or poach it from state forest lands. This will cause trees to be cut down for fuel and will cause an INCREASE in pollution because wood is not a clean burning fuel. These IDIOTS are incapable of considering second and third order effects of their idiotic decisions.

    41. Wayne McLain, Sherma says:

      What do we do? Will the Senate Pass it? What do you think? I have talked to many and they say that we have to organize as Americans even stronger than ACORN and win in the next elections of Senators and Representatives.


    42. Barb -mn says:

      More proof, government isn't working for us or with us. Hmmmm…

    43. Greg / Mountain Home says:

      Keep writing those emails, keep on the phones. God promised Lot he would not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah as long as there was one righteous man. He will not abandon us, but he may remove us before the destruction. This country was founded with an understanding in God, each in our own way, or not at all if we chose. As long as there is a Republic called America, we must fight the good fight for the rights, constitution, and independence we have come to love against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!

    44. mike/California says:

      I think things are moving to fast in the wrong direction. Why aren't we trying to impeach. yes I said impeach. While we can still reconize our country.

    45. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I live in Illinois, so I have no representation in the U.S. Senate. I thought I had at least some representation in the House, but then Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL), whom I voted for, betrays the confidence I placed in him by voting with the Democrats for Cap and Trade.

      As I said, I live in Illinois and am used to being lied to and sold out by politicians from both parties, both at the State and Federal levels. I have given up trying to appeal to any politicians from Illinois and am now reduced to begging politicians from other states to represent my point of view.

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