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  • Outside the Beltway: Cheboygan Drain Commissioner Fires Himself

    In today’s edition of “Outside the Beltway,” where we semi-regularly post state and local stories of either conservatism at its best, or liberalism at its worst, we find conservatism at its best.

    Dennis Lennox recently ran and was elected as the Cheboygan, Michigan, Drain Commissioner. His platform? Eliminating the job altogether. See, it turns out that Michigan law mandates that counties, such as Cheboygan, that have over 12,000 people must have a drain commissioner. The problem? Cheboygan doesn’t have any drains to regulate. So Dennis Lennox, realizing the absurdity of this situation, ran for the position so he could fire himself. He has chronicled his path towards smart government reform on his blog firedennis.com.

    Dennis recently got halfway towards his stated goal. The Cheboygan Board of Commissioners voted in February to abolish the office. Now Commissioner Lennox is lobbying the Michigan legislature to amend the state law to only include counties with over 35,000 residents in the mandate, and would empower smaller counties to make the decision for themselves. As the Jackson City Patriot put it: “For all of this, Lennox gets our praise for displaying common sense. No wonder he is about to get booted from political office.” We concur.


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    10 Responses to Outside the Beltway: Cheboygan Drain Commissioner Fires Himself

    1. Nathan Inks, Lincoln says:

      On the surface, this looks like a great idea, but when you look deeper into the issue, Mr. Lennox's pleas to be fired don't look so genuine. On his campaign for State Representative blog, he claims that he was unable to update the blog for 5-6 weeks because he was "busy with my duties as drain commissioner." He has also been in the news quite a lot concerning a propsed Lake Huron pipeline.

      And he's even set up a system for residents to report clogged drains and ditches.

      Now, him being active as a drain commissioner is a good thing, but it shows that asking to be fired may have not been such a great idea.

      Either way, I think all of this is just a way for him to get some media attention so that he has a better chance of winning his campaign for State House.

    2. Sharon says:

      I live in Traverse City area and have heard Mr. Lennox interviewed on our local WTCM AM station and he sounds like a genuine good guy. I am happy with his stance and what he is doing, and so what if a guy who does good things wants to run for State Representive? We need more good guys out there!

    3. Ronnie B Albuquerque says:

      Nathan now I know why the rest of the country is laughing at Michigan with Libs like you who can only vote for dishonest people, Like Michigan has done for 40 years.You don't have to belive this.If you read try askheritage.org.

    4. Marshall Hill MI. says:


    5. Student at Central M says:

      I know Dennis, and he is a huge media fanatic. He does things only for himself and not the cause or ideals. He should never hold a public office because he is dishonest, and lacks integrity! He maybe right about the drain commissioner office no longer needed, but the only reason he wants to get rid of it is for political gain!

    6. Nathan Inks, Lincoln says:

      Ronnie, I have never voted for a liberal in my life. You have no clue the things that Dennis Lennox has done to get media attention, or the people that he has just pushed under the bus to get to where he is. On the outside he may look like an outstanding conservative, but he is doing little good for the conservative cause when people see the lengths that he goes to to promote that conservative cause.

    7. NoGo ForDennis says:

      Dennis is a self-serving lunatic. Interestingly enough, despite the fact that Lennox wants to "eliminate" his job, he is now asking the county commissioners to PAY HIM MORE MONEY! A little disengenuous at best…………don't trust this little weasel.

    8. Mary Stevens says:

      It looks like certain people don't have anything nice to say and are political opponents. No wonder people don't get involved in politics; you can't do anything without being attacked and criticized.

    9. A. Campbell says:

      liberal trolls took over this post. he's doing a good job.

    10. Heritage Foundation says:

      SHAME on the people criticizing him for trying to limit an ever growing government. No wonder MICHIGAN is in the condition it is when one of the few good guys in politics tries to do something good.

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