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  • New Heritage Video: Cap & Tax Won't Save the Earth


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    92 Responses to New Heritage Video: Cap & Tax Won't Save the Earth

    1. Alfred Mester, Flori says:

      House Speaker, Pelosi's ownership of the Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (CLNE) valued at between $15,000 and $50,000, stands to make a nice chunk of change.

    2. Byron M Hunt, Farmla says:

      There is much disagreement about global warming. The tax on fuels would make a hardship on every American family. It seems that if we are going to place such a tax on our people that those who are profiting from clean energy fuels should be taxed double till the tax burden eases on people in general. Can man control climate. The last I knew only God can do that!

    3. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      When we can schedule Weather on Command,I'll order

      Tornados for D.C. while Congress is in!

    4. Randy Williams, Fall says:

      I hope Americans will wake up to harm Cap & Trade will bring to all of us and call their Senators and Representatives to vote NO for HR 2454, the Cap & Trade bill.

    5. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The truth is , it should be called the "Tax and Tax", that is its sole and only purpose. There is no feasible other. There is no other reason for this program than revenue, because the explainations themselves not only will not work, but are based on hypothesis, found false in 2005!


    6. Barbara M. Wysocki-F says:

      Call your reps and senators. I will remember and will contribute to and vote against anyone who votes for this bill.

      I would rather vote for a murderer than the reps and senators that want to seize more money in taxes from every family in the USA!

      There will be no mercy!

    7. Barbara M. Wysocki-F says:

      correction on above comment: contribute to their rivals!

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    9. Barry Mix, New Milfo says:

      VOTE NO on the nnational energy tax bill, H.R. 2454 "CAP & TRADE".

      This bill will increase our household energy costs by as much as $ 1,500. and will significantly increase the cost of goods to American consumers as businesses pass down their new taxes in the price of goods.

      The bill will even push middle class Americans who are barely able to pay their bills now, into bankrupsy! And when we are all bankrupt, on wellfare, then where will our government get the revenue to operate?

      Can't our leaders see? It is making Americans financially healthy so they consume products and services that make the companies and banks healthy, and in turn, bring in more tax revenue for our Government.

      Ronald Reagan knew this and George Bush proved it as well.

      I for one, am fed up with this new administration and everyone I speak with is outraged as well. They no longer represent the people, instead you seem to be abliged to Obama!

      If our elected officials don't start listening to the American people for whom they have been elected to represent, then we will not re-elect them to office!

      This new Obama Socialism may just start another revolution in America.

    10. Draco, California says:

      How much will Cap and Tax put directly in Al Gore's pocket and those of his cronies? Follow the money… the real reason he is so desperate to perpetuate this fraud on us.

    11. Chuck , Cumming , Ge says:

      To everyone who adds their thoughts to these blogs and commentarys, God bless you, but UNTIL we show them in VISUAL numbers, this is all retoric.

      They, "our representatives" will continue on, as their future financial and health care just rolls along and the Pelosis, Reids, Rangles, Boxers,and last but not least,the Fiensteins of the corruptness are so proud that they did so much good for us…..it makes me want to vomit !!!!!!

      Our only hope is that GOD will help us with the path to salvation and liberty.

      I want them to know, I am an AMERICAN and will organize in the streets, coffee shops, churches and WE will send them back to their families, who are also very proud of what they have accomplished.

      I want to clarify the expression, "street organizer" as one who would never drop charges against the "black panthers", Acorn or fellow congressmen who keep CASH in their freezer, don't pay taxes and get contracts for a family members company that should not have access to said information….on and on and on…..


    12. David Brethen, Dayto says:

      A yes vote for The Cap and Trade bill will identify the politicians that will be targeted by the US citizens to be voted out of office.

    13. Charles-Odessa, Texa says:

      Cap and Trade is here. Our vote has results. Prepare and train for the results of Cap & Trade.

      Find the Electical box to where you are. Turn it to OFF for 24 hours, then we have it. No jobs, no freedom, no comfort, and a lobbyist asking us for money to turn it on or tax it to the ceiling(what's a ceiling).

      This bill is pure dee government control of our lives and way of living. It is not for me.

    14. Randy Mississippi says:

      This bill will really hurt people who live in the rural areas of this country where there is no mass transit systems and people depend on fossil fuels to get around and work their farms and land. I will identify the congressmen who vote for this and will contribute to the rivals campaign to get these idiots out of office.

    15. Sheila Meyers, Ellis says:

      We always seem to overlook what impact cap & trade would do to seniors that live in their own homes. How can we live on our own when we have to pay so much more for our utilities. Don't forget Obama put a freeze on our social security benefits.

    16. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Of course it can't save the World! America is the only Nation to reduce its pollution yearly without cap and trade. The rest of the Industrial World keeps increasing its pollution, some by annual double didgits. America, we have been lied to, led like sheep to the slaughter and now we are all waiting around for the hammer to fall, like a bunch of dumb animals. Maybe we deserve it! Maybe you do, I don't! I didn't vote for the bastard! I don't vote for anyone who believes in a free lunch!


    17. J.Cusack says:

      Please Stop the Cap and Trade bill

    18. Miles Rhinehart Lake says:

      I will vote against anyone who votes for this bill.

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    20. Ramon Desautels; Cro says:

      America needs statesmen who will keep our country free. The federal government is out of control. We do not need, nor want the Cap and Trade Bill. Stop it. Vote NO.

    21. Vernon Krueger Mod says:

      We need to stop drinking the cool aid and stop this insanity. This cap and tax will drive the final nail into the coffin of what once was the United States.

    22. Mary Ann Barrick, We says:

      please give links to congressman and senators according to zip code, that way I don"t have to figure out how to do it. I am a member of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) and they are fighting reduction of reimbursement for DXA scans they send emails to their members with letters created and links to reps and senators.

      We would get a larger vote if working people could get intouch quickly. For example I have been in meetings all day and I am very concerned about this vote, but do not have time to figure it out ( I guess shame on me).

      thank you,

      Mary Ann


    23. P. Rozanek says:

      I dare any promoter of this 1200 page bill to speak in concise terms of it's content and then to eloaborate on the 300 page ammendment submitted at 3:30am this morning. These so-called leaders are either so incompitent as to be led blindly by their idiology or teir just down right liars!

    24. Scott, Oklahoma says:

      I am sick and tired of all of the lies that come out of Washington and this administration.The people that voted this joke for a president in and this administration better get ready to pay!My BIBLE still says all liars SHALL have their part in the lake of fire.I guess the leaders of this country figure they do not need GOD at all or he might get in the way of there personal agenda.For what is a man profited,if he gain the whole world,and lose his own soul? or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? This cap and trade is a bold face lie to the people and we will pay for it! What happened to we the people not we the government?

    25. Ted ,Cairo,NY says:

      don't pass the bill It is just a stepping stone to total government control. IE. Government Motor Company.

    26. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Pelosi is only the tip of the Iceberg!

    27. David Whiteaker, Dun says:

      Every Congressman/Congresswoman who voted for HR. 2454 should be thought of as a Domestic Terrorist/Tyrant by the American People.

    28. Bryan Butts, Nashvil says:

      These draconian feel good measuress will have the effect of lowering the standard of living for all of our children into the future and will have negligible effect on the planet. When I see what my fellow baby boomers have done with this country I am deeply saddened. I apologize to all the children of the future here in the US for my ignorant, naive, misguided, ill informed peers…

    29. Edward Skinner says:

      The time has now passed for writing and contacting Congress. Now is the time for action. Now is the time to begin to work for the defeat for every congressional representative who voted for Cap and Trade. Either commit to run or find a candidate for whom you can work. This is our country and the constitution was written to allow the common citizen to represent themselves.

    30. Derrall Kinard says:

      We are paing to much tax now why are we asking for more. I think is just another way for our goverment take more control of our life.

    31. Derrall Kinard says:

      We are paying to much tax now why are they asking for more. I think this is just another way for our goverment take more control of our life by passing this Cap and Trade bill. In passing this bill they will get more money to wasted on pork things that will help keep them in office. We need to push for term limit so we can get these people out of office.

    32. Alyce Abbatello, HI says:

      The members of Congress are making a very big mistake… in voting for the Cap and Trade Bill. I will as a citizen most certainly vote against re-electing any the members of The House or Senate who voted for the Bill from my State of Hawaii. Unfortunately, I realized all FOUR of them will…. Lets hope others are not so Party affiliated and vote for the right thing for their constituantes.

    33. Alyce Abbatello, HI says:

      Correction: I mean if they are voting "Yes" for the Cap and Trade Bill.

    34. martin joel says:

      Dear Mr. President,

      I would like to see where our middle class tax cut went. We never recieved that "checks in the mail yet" president Obama. It looks like everything you told us Americans so far, is just words. We are getting fed up with your change. At least you could of been honest up front when you were campaigning on "change" and letting everyone know what your real intentions are. It's beginning to look like its just about the POWER to alot of my friends and myself. And big pay backs to all your supporters. I wonder how many billionairs will be made with this administration. Al Gore, Pelosi,etc…just being honest. Martin P.S. Just to let you people in Washington know that Cap and Trade is a scam. And this report on global warming is being held until this scam is passed! Shame on you! Alot of Scienctists are backing away from this. Can you explain that one to the American people? Whats the big rush in getting this past. BIG RED FLAGS popping up everywhere in this administration. The pantic button must have been pushed. Thank you kindly, Martin

    35. buzzh70, Mississippi says:

      I may be a hilbilly, but even I understand the law of supply and demand. This law will screw up that law to no end. Beware Congress, the American People are watching you.

    36. Patrick Henry, Wisco says:

      God help us.

    37. James , Southern Uta says:

      It is just unbelievable how brazen and stupid the people we elected to the House of Representative are. The only thing they are concerned with is thier pay check and their party connections. Maybe it is time to come up with another party that works for the people. Pres Obama and his whole cabinet are determined to ruin America. They are self-centered and only care about what they can do to improve their own selves. The Socilist programs belong in another country, not America. Every american needs to watch carefully what they do and express our concerns continually to them. Wake up you dumb idiots who voted for the cap and trade, and do what you are supossed to do for the people who elected you. Either that or resign and gain some respect. This is still America, you fools. If you continue on the way you have been, you will eventually see an uprising of the people and they will get rid of all you foolish ones who voted the wrong way. Try and remember you are still Americans and you are supposed to build up our country, not tear it down.

    38. Steve, Kansas says:

      I would like to see a list printed , that shows , which Congress and Senate members are invested in clean energy and what companies, there has to be more than just Polosi and Gore.

      I think its just a way to scam the american people out of there hard earned money.

    39. joseph addonizio,mis says:

      Members of Congress are asked "How would you like a huge increase in your power over the people of this country,and billions of dollars to hand out as you please?" Guess what.

    40. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Is there any way for the Heritage Foundation to find and disclose how much stock members of the House and Senate have in these various "green energy" companies? Pelosi and Gore can't be the only ones who own such stock. Further, is there any way to determine how much money/campaign contributions Congressmen and Senators have received from lobbying groups hired by these "green energy" companies?

      During a Rush Limbaugh radio program aired on Monday, June 29th, the host mentioned a report written and submitted by a senior EPA official urging caution on rushing into the Cap and Trade bill. The alleged report cited a lack of empirical evidence regarding the possible negative affects of carbon dioxide on the environment. The report was allegedly quashed and its author reprimanded by his superiors at EPA because it contradicted positions taken by the Obama administration.

      There are billions of dollars to be made by the investors in "green energy" companies, especially if those in political power can mandate its use and force the American public to pay for it. Of course they will say they are doing it to save the planet. There are literally thousands of scientists that have signed an open letter to President Obama contending that carbon dioxide in the air is not causing global warming.

      That apparently doesn't matter. Mr. Obama and his lap dogs in the media, have decided that carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming. That's it! OK, let's for a minute accept that premise. It would seem then that anything and everything causing carbon dioxide emissions be legislated out of existence that would include most anything powered by fossil fuels like gasoline, oil, diesel fuel or natural gas. (We will exempt from these carbon dioxide emitters human beings that exhale carbon dioxide.)

      But wait, does the Cap and Trade bill legislate and end to these CO2 polluters? Why no, what it does is say that continued CO2 pollution is ok as long as you are willing to purchase 'carbon credits' from non-polluters. If you have enough money, go ahead and pollute away, just make sure you are paying off the right people by buying these 'carbon credits'. See how easy the problem is to fix, if you just pay enough money to the right people there is no more problem and global warming goes away.

      Think how happy those 'carbon credit' salemen are going to be! They just might be happy enough to share some of their new found wealth with the people responsible for sending all that business their way, the 'Honorable' Senator So & So and the 'Distinguished Gentleman' So & So from the Congress.

      Back in the old days, the Church had another name for this. It was called the "selling of indulgences" whereunder if you coughed up a big enough contribution, there was no sin too big to be forgiven. If you didn't have enough money, it was "to hell with with you pal". There was a guy named Martin Luther who said this was wrong. Had NBC, CNN, the N.Y. Times and the Washington Post been around then, they would have labeled him a right-wing conspirator or worse, a talk show host.

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    42. Mark Thurston says:

      Numbers don't lie…. A great point made in this video is that the USA is only 4.6% of the planets population. The crap and trade legislation will have zero impact on global emissions, but will be a heavy tax on every American. The “value proposition” of this legislation is very poor, lots of costs no value.

      As of February 2009, the United States has a total resident population of 306 million. As of 1 July 2009 (UTC), the Earth's population is estimated by the United States Census Bureau to be 6.7682 billion. (Source Wikipedia)

    43. Lew Richards , Palm says:

      Tax & Trade aka "tax and capture" is a cruel hoax on every American citizen as well as others who pay taxes to U.S. I.R.S. –

      This is just another radical left program that will destroy our economy and capture our freedoms . If a foreign enemy wanted to design a program that would destroy America this so called ENERGY BILL would be their perfect program. America has suffered greatly in just the past six months due largely to the strange policies of President Obama . His appointment of CZARS is very strange to America and is more in line with a DICTATORSHIP like government . Our CONSTITUTION has been destroyed in many ways . If this "cap & trade bill becomes law America will suffer misery that we have never known .We have many errors to correct dating back to 11-4-2008, when our Nation made a grave error of judgement on election day . It is time , past time , to admit our mistakes and work to remove President Obama and his entire gang form office . We need to do this using methods set forth in our Constitution .DEFEATING Obama's secret tool for complete destruction of Capitalism and or Free Market Economy , his "cap & trade " bill, is a FIRST STEP but only a first step.WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    44. Karl, Ft Myers says:

      Let's see, a major oil/gas/coal power plant is about 2500 MW's. With the majority of the proven technology wind turbines at about 2 MW's, that means 1250 turbines installed to replace that average facility. Placement would need to be where wind blows suficiantly 24 hours a day. Where is that? Not many places, so we would need to have a least 3 locations with these 1250 turbines installed. There are about 2000 of these power plants sites around the country. That would be about 7.5 million Wind Turbines sticking out of the ground around our neighborhoods. Again the wind would need to be blowing at least at one third of the sites most of the time.

      The wind blows the most just off of the plains down the center of the country. So most of the turbines would be there. How do we get the energy to the rest of the country? Large transmissions syetems, very expensive, would need to be built.

      The technology of the wind turbine is not complete, ask Vestas, GE, Seimens, Gamasa, etc. The gearboxes are not good enough, the generators are not good enough, the controllers are not good enough. I now this because I have worked in the technology department of one of the largest wind turbine produces in the world.

      We could put up enough wind turbines to actually stop the wind from blowing at ground level, try that for an Al Gore type scare. It is just as valid as Global Warming.

      WAKE UP America, take a look around at all this crap that is being dished out and swallowed like Kool-Aid.

      Listen to the real scientists, the people who know, not the hipocrites, like Big Al, Obama, and their uneducated spokespeople.

    45. Deborah, Marion, Ohi says:

      I love this country and fear that it is moving so far left that we may never get it back. The Leaders in Washington including the president have an agenda and it is not in the best interest of the U.S., and for those of future generations. They know what they're doing and they don't care. "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" Do they care, certainly not. It's about them and how quickly they can obtain their power over us. Enough is enough. I hope people will begin to wake up. Remember, the politicians and the president work for us. We have the power (start thinking about the next elections)

    46. Joe, NY, NY says:

      Listen to real scientist not these politicians who only read what the lobbyist put at their noses. I recommend a book called "Physics for Future Presidents". Do you know that coal can be made into a substitute for gasoline? Germany used this type of fuel to feed the Nazi war efforts.

      We have enough coal in the US to supply our transportation needs for hundreds of years (at least long enough to come up with a better alternative). The problem with using coal is that petroleum is cheaper–seems like price isn't the issue since we'll be paying a green guilt tax anyway.

    47. James Connealy Bayto says:

      Being a recent retiree from chemical/oil company I have seen first hand the problems with riding the profit roller coaster in the chemical side of business and am certain that the cap and tax plan will lead to layoffs as well as sending more of our jobs overseas. I spent 42 years working for the same company and they did everything they could in the earlier years to not lay off employees but as the years went by and government restrictions became more stringent the philosophy changed and the company became more business oriented to just stay afloat when times became tight.

      Now that we are being led by someone who has never had to make a profit and has never had a real job, he and his band of idiots are proposing legislation that will further cripple our weakened economy. I have never been so frightened of politicians as I am now with our current legislature and the disregard for the working class and the love affair with the illegals and those that will not try to better themselves.

    48. Laurie Okuley, Sylva says:

      I didn't vote for Obama. I believed in Joe the Plumber. He was real. Down to earth, hard working like me. I live payck to payck and I will go under and be living on the street. I only make $10/hr and have 3 kids still in school. Where will they be? Does Obama care what he's doing to us? No he knew it from the start. Why doesn't he take money from all the people who work for him and his money also and pay for this stuff. Where's the justice? Where's our freedom?

    49. Jennifer Parfenovics says:

      Great video. Well done. It reminded me of John Zieglers' video asking Obama voters questions on their political knowledge. Well worth watching ! It is frightening just how uninformed the ' people in the street ' are !

      Dear Mr Liberman and Dr Kreutzer I wish you had made it clear that the whole thing is a hoax tax scam based on pseudo science and further driven by human hating eugenic cultist hatred and false guilt that we live in developed industrialised countries. The only way to help the poor countries of the world is to assist them to use their coal, oil, gas ,hydro etc. to produce lots of cheap energy to lift themselves out of poverty. Impoverishing the developed countries of the world will just compound all the problems. The Marxist Obamabots would have us all equally poor !

      CO2 is NOT a problem ! It needs to be said loud and clear that CO2 is NOT a pollutant gas. It is a trace amount 0.03 in the atmosphere. 400 parts per 1,000,000 parts ! It is plant FOOD and necessary for LIFE. It is not significant as a greenhouse gas as water vapour is 98 %. There is great benefit in the greenhouse effect , otherwise we would all freeze to death ! God has made wonderful cycles of water, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide etc. Even in this cursed post Flood world ( the blessings of billions of fossil sea creatures, land animals and rapidly buried plants in vast graveyards all over the earth ) that is amazingly robust with feedbacks and redundancies in design. He is in control and sustaining His Creation. Why are people in a ' state of fear ' and so prone to believe this Obamageddon scenario promoted by the power and control freaks in Washington ?

    50. Shane, Beaumont, Tex says:

      Cap and Trade the House, Senate, and President!

    51. Shane, Beaumont, Tex says:

      Global warming and cooling is a natural cyclical process. The Earth has undergone periods of heating and cooling since way before man was ever around. And will continue after we are gone. This is nothing but a get rich quick scam and power grab by the left, scaring us with dooms day tales that are truly insignificant. But the Dems declare it a “crisis” to scare people into buying in, just like health care.

    52. Rich, Fargo ND says:

      Cap & Trade legislation is something that an enemy of the US would sponsor in order to bring our country to its knees economically. It will make it even more difficult for US producers of goods and services to operate profitably. We already have seen that states (or cities) with too many anti-growth and anti-business rules drive business out — to other locations. If Cap & Trade is enacted, the entire country will become hostile to economic growth and prosperity. This will serve to drive US firms to locate in friendlier business places — such as India, China, and Eastern Europe. Can the United States afford to lose more jobs? Moreover, if economic growth is "out-sourced" to other countries with little or no environmental restrictions, isn't that going to increase the Earth's carbon emissions even more? So what if the US reduces its carbon footprint, but it results in a disproportionate increase elsewhere!

      Which brings me back to my opening remarks regarding Cap & Trade looking like an enemy-driven initiative. Is it possible that our new President's name is Osama Obama?

    53. lydia d peoria az says:

      I just became a us cit last year very proud of this country but now I am very afraid from ours leaders. we need to stand up for our rights

    54. John, Port Neches Tx says:

      The report I remember was that Mt. St. Helens dumped more pollution into the air in one week than man has sense the garden of eden.

      I want to know how to stop congress from spending/passing anything that cost money. I keep hearing the question, "when is Ameria going to wake up?" Well Maybe we have. How can anyone tell. We right our reps. and tell them what we think, but how do we know how many others are doing the same. How do we know if our reps. are listening to the majority of people, maybe they are. I wish someone w can trust would stand up and say the American people have spoke and this is what they have said regardless of whether they agree or not.

      If there are 380 milion people in the USA, and 38 million don't have health insurance, 10% don't have health insurance. On the other hand, 90% do. I'm sorry, what is the problem again? 10% of the 10% don't want health insurance. They are young and healthy. 5% of the 10% are between jobs (thak u Obama). How many illegal immagrants are there? Maybe that is the targeted group for the health care plan.

    55. Christopher W Petty says:

      I agree with Shane from Beaumont, think of all the Co2 emmisions that can be stopped if the Libs would just hold thier breath!

    56. Kevin Houston TX says:

      cap and trade is cap & tax another horrible idea (absoloutly terrible) and will not cure what it is intended to cure it has no application

    57. Bonnie, Pasadena, Tx says:

      The cap and trade is just another excuse by the democrats to control our business community and increase taxes for the people of this country.

    58. John Roberts, Miami says:

      YES .. The enviroment is important and things need to be done about it. However, this is the wrong way to do it.

      The world is laughing at the United States. Our ecomony is in shambles. We are practically the only nation on EARTH who is participating. This bill is suicide to our ECONOMY. I will vote against any SENATOR who votes for the bill !

      QUESTION: It almost seems like the US GOVERNMENT wants the ecomony to CRASH. Tell me why I feel this way?

    59. Ardell Nagle, Rexbur says:

      Where I live it blows a lot, but to produce enough energy to make a difference you would have to utilize on the farm ground in my county plus more. Where is Al Gore getting all of his information, oh I forgot he's smart he invented the internet. Why have people become so gullible, they believe everything Gore says, and Obama. Not only Nancy Peloci be rewarded for this what about Westinghouse. As for those florescent light bulbs, they contain mercury, which is poisonous, and they all need special handling. Do you think Westinghouse can afford a lot of law suits if these light bulbs start harming people. The government complains about China shipping products with too much lead but yet it's safe to put mercury in our house now.These people are not using any common sense.

    60. Rick Wohltmann, Pott says:

      All this cap & trade nonsense is built on gross misinformation over decades. Now we have public hysteria or ignorance and both are being used to perpetuate the biggest fraud in history. A few influential individuals and corporations (Al Gore, GE, etc, etc) stand to make huge piles of money off the backs of taxpayers and consumers. The biggest winner, though is the federal government so that it can "re-distibute the wealth" into the pockets of those that supported this scheme. Our Senators must be made aware that if they vote for this, all effort will be given to get them out of office on their next re-election attempt. It's the only chance we have.

    61. Maretta, Idaho says:

      It's the money, and with money comes power, and with power comes control. America is awake, and yankee ingenuity isn't dead. We need to rely more on the brilliant men and women that this country has always produced and which have made this country a better place to live. Stop fearing. We can stop this runaway federal government from getting any bigger This nation shall endure, but it needs our help. Those in Washington aren't idiots , they know what they are doing, it's the money. Where big money is to be gained there will be plenty of schemes to get ahold of it. We need to replace those in Washington and relace them with Americans. We the people will turn this picture around.

    62. Dan, Ohio says:

      They found out that people were not buying,"global warming", so they changed the name to,"climate change", this way, they will always have an answer to any rebuttal. We have had our coldest July since records were kept. Truth is,we are headed for another ice age, a naterual cycle of the sun . I suppoes this figures in with their clomate change. Right or wrong, they will appear to be right. How stupid do they think we are?

    63. Robert, Orangeburg, says:

      Sky high energy prices for Americans with no appreciable difference in the environment (the rest of the world, i.e., India, China, etc. are not going to change their emmissions standards). In additon, prominent Democratic politicians, i.e. Speaker Pelosi have gamed the system(through investment) to reap benefits from this legislation. The parent company (GE) of the corrupt media outlet NBC (MSNBC)is positioned to make massive profits in the "green" sector. This explains the free pass the President received and continues to receive from them.

    64. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      I believe that Robert, Orangeburg, NY is correct when he said that General Electric (GE) is fully behind the president because they stand to gain the most from his policies, particularly with health care. Look at the way that NBC has virtually swallowed every line from Obama, questioning nothing.

      It's all called Obamanation!

    65. Antonio Sosa, Florid says:

      No patriotic and informed American can support cap and trade, Obama’s huge Ponzy scheme that will kill the U.S. economy.

      Cap and Trade "would be the equivalent of an atomic bomb directed at the U.S. economy—all without any scientific justification," says famed climatologist Dr. S. Fred Singer. It would significantly increase taxes and the cost of energy, forcing many companies to close, thus increasing unemployment, poverty and dependence.

      Cap and trade represents huge taxes and cost increases, which will hurt mostly the poor and the middle class while further empowering and enriching Obama and his fraudulent billionaire friends (Gore, Soros, Goldman Sachs, Obama’s Chicago Climate Exchange friends, GE, the United Nations, etc.)– all at our expense and at the expense of our children and grandchildren.

      More than 700 international scientists dissent over man-made global warming claims. They are now more than 13 times the number of UN scientists (52) who authored the media-hyped IPCC 2007 Summary for Policymakers. http://www.climatechangefraud.com/content/view/35

      Additionally, more than 30,000 American scientists have signed onto a petition that states, "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate." http://www.petitionproject.org

      Those brainwashed to the point of wanting to destroy the economy to "prevent global warming" are behaving like the most primitive human beings who were duped into believing that human sacrifices would ensure them good weather. Human beings don't have the power to control climate! And killing the economy will not help the environment. Poor countries can't protect the environment. Just look at Haiti!

      We pray that honest leaders – both Democrat and Republican – are able to save us from Obama's criminal cap-and-trade scam.

    66. Alex says:

      If one was to assume global warming was a real threat (I do not) and we had to go to a zero growth environment then as our economic and financial systems are based on monetary lending to be paid back at a rate of interest based on assumed steady growth then the correct course of action would be to cancel current debts and only issue new debt to sustain zero growth. But not only are the big money guys not in favor of this (understandable) they want to tax more to create more wealth for themselves at the expense of public tax payers. If this threat was real there are so many things not being done or talked about it is surely a scam. Like passing legislation to burn almost a gallon of fossil fuel to create a gallon of ethanol emits almost 2x CO2 into the air. There should be outrage over it. Why is there not talk about putting several nuclear power plants on line in the next 20 years? Reducing the speed limit again? This is so obvious a political scam and once again the paid for hire commercial/state-run media is on the job deceiving the public getting them to believe nonsense through repeated fear tactics of mis-information.

    67. Jamie Friedland, Chi says:

      What a fair and balanced piece: your "experts" squaring off against random people on the street. Well played, Heritage. It was wonderfully insightful to learn that we safely exhale CO2 all the time and that plants need it for photosynthesis. Obviously since those are facts, no harm can come from increased atmospheric CO2 levels. Thank you for educating me today. About logical fallacies and misleading fact distortion, not cap and trade.

    68. AntonioSosa says:

      It’s hard to believe that there are still people who believe in the global warming/climate change fairy tale! Even Obama and his accomplices obviously don’t believe it. They are ready to let companies emit CO2 as long as they pay!

      When it became evident that the earth was not warming, Obama and his accomplices came out with “climate change,” which made the hoax even more ridiculous! Even the words "climate change" are NONSENSE. By its very nature, climate changes. The climate on earth has ALWAYS CHANGED and will continue to CHANGE, no matter what we do.

      And it’s even more absurd to claim that humans are responsible for climate change! It's like saying "Wet Rain" and then blaming humans for rain being wet! No matter what we do, rain will always be wet!

    69. Tom says:

      Climatic cycles….they happen every 1500 years, give or take. Wonder what name they will give it when the thermometer head the other way, as it will. So the elected pinheads want to shove our economy further down the drain, while gaining power and control, only to maybe change average temperatures about 0.03 deg in ten years. Whoopee! And that's assuming compliance and measurement capability. This meteorologist says no to Cap & Tax, and yes to sending our elected brain children back to school.

    70. Christopher Popham S says:

      Gosh, after reading most of these comments, I do

      believe that America might be waking up from its

      long sleep of denial. The 21st Century American

      Revolution is at hand. Just read the first four

      paragraphs of the Declaration; you will be holding

      the power in your hands. Read the simple words that

      give us the right to alter or abolish a corrupt

      government structure. This is not just about

      Cap & Trade. That and health care reform and then

      amnesty for illegals are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the perilous path upon which we have been placed in 9 short months.

      Vote the incumbents and oligarchs out of office in

      2010?–good idea, but as one person said, it may be

      'taking to the streets' that will be the answer to

      gaining the attention of our elected officials.

      This is good, America. Keep the movement going.

      Talk to your friends, neighbors and family.

      We can and must at this critical time in history join forces as one family of 300+ million Americans

      and show ourselves and the world, that we are indeed the greatest nation on earth.

    71. Geraldine Hannan, Wo says:

      I hope all Congressmen vote NO to the Cap and Trade bill, This bill put money directly in Al Gore's pocket and his cronies. I will identify any Congressmen who vote for this bill and will contribute to their rivals' campaigns.

    72. Geraldine Hannan, Wo says:

      I hope all Congressmen vote NO to the Cap and Trade bill. I hope Americans will find out who voted for the bill and will vote them out of

      office in 2012.

    73. MaryAnn, USA says:

      Americans are beginning to wake up. This administration and congress have no clue as to what they have ignited. The bill will probably be passed in some form, just as the government run health care bill will be. Then all hell will break loose, and it won't be pretty. It's sad that so many American citizens have allowed our government to bring us to this juncture. It takes adults who are ready for the immense responsibility of self-governance to run a republic, and it seems we have almost allowed it to slip away.

    74. R Morini New Hampsh says:
    75. Ted Moore Grand Pra says:

      cap and tax goes along with the other objectives pursued by the obama administration to make Americans more dependant on the govt., by takeing our jobs, our money, our health care, truly on our way to socialism. I am sickened by this and unless we stay at the throats of these radical leftist we will be on our way to scary times ahead.

    76. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      In my wildest dreams I never believed our great country would be imperiled by anything so stupid and useless as Cap & Trade. Pursuing this attack on a vital (necessary for plant growth) tiny component in our atmosphere, carbon dioxide, has been proven

      scientifically to have no significant effect on world climates. This is madness, the product of environmental zealotry. The real reason this terribly flawed Green idea is still endangering us is the prospect of the money to be made by extracting it from the pockets of all of us dependent on energy. In my book, since it is proven unnecessary to sequester CO2, this is to legalize highway robbery. I do not think this will sit well with our citizenry.

    77. Dave B; Stillwater, says:

      Cap and Trade is a bill to fight a myth! All the Climate discussion is based on hearsay with no scientific facts to support the legislation. It reminds me of the recent Balloon Boy episode. A specialist advise Fox informally by phone that after examining the dimensions of the balloon he was of the opinion that the balloon could not support a six year old boy. Few if any, except Shepard Smith of Fox accepted the data, and he jokingly suggested they should look under the bed for the six year old boy. No one wanted the broadcast to stop! Very similar to the way many people are treating the Natural Climate Changes!

    78. Donna - Virginia says:

      All this cap and "tax" bill is is a scheme to line the pockets of special interest groups that back the campaigns of those who want to be re-elected. And, they are using lies and scare tactics to get it, implementing it by brain washing our kids and taking advantage of adults that don't understand the science of plant and human exchange for oxygen and carbon.

      Yes, during the industrial boom era pollution became a problem, but, those days are gone, what with new technology that produced cleaner emissions.

      Yes, we do need alternatives as the sources of fossil fuels decline, but, fuel companies are already doing that by using their profits for research for alternative fuels.

      Those people we have in power now need to be ousted or we will wind up being OWNED by the government and BE transformed into a communist / socialist nation. ALL of this (the stimulus package that bailed out the auto industry, banks, etc., the health care bill, and this cap n "tax" are nothing but a scheme to steal our freedom and to destroy capitalism.

    79. Jeff, AZ says:

      Does anyone else feel that this legislation is just a way to pay for all of the other nonsense that is being rammed down our throats?

      Think about it… How are we gonna pay for all of these JUNK projects and even the ones that are needed? We can't!!!

      They are trying to force this on everyone to exctract more money from your paycheck to pay for their "votes" and their "job." Which will no longer be if they keep forcing issues like this on the American people.

      Where is the actual debate, TELEVISED, that will put fact against fiction, and theory against history? Will that ever happen?

      I fear for my kids future with current path this administration is on. Do you? Unfunded liabilities, excessive spending, devaluation of the dollar, government funded rebates (homes, cars, appliances, etc.) all coming from YOUR tax dollars and the list goes on and on.

      "The problem with Socialism is you end up running out of other people's money!" Then what?

    80. Bev., WA says:

      Tax & Transfer = Tax Amer. citizens & transfer our wealth to some place else. The buying & selling will help lobbyist & wall street. Once again, the taxpaying citizens will get used & abused & told…"You know I only do this to you for your own good…I know what's best for you…it's too complicated to explain." It appears that we are in a role reversal. It looks like WE, the taxpayers, work for the government. But it SHOULD be the government who WORKS FOR US.

    81. Dirk, Ogden UT. says:

      Cap & trade is just another way the government is trying to further gain control over the people through claims of climate change they say is being caused by human activities that use hydrocarbon energy. From what data the activist for less carbon have used, as I have observed, are based on a more recent time line and have not taken into their arguments the long term history of the earth's climate changes and it's causes. A recent article in Scientific American[Aug. 2009;Volume 301 #2] (to paraphrase)around 55,000 yrs ago, climate in Eurasia began to swing wildly from frigid to mild and back in the span of decades. Isotope data revealed a climate that changed abruptly in the life time of one individual. I ask, how many cars and coal plants caused this that many yrs ago Mr Gore, and your followers? I suggest we study all of the evidence before we decide a course of action, if one is really needed. Climate Change is a normal process of our world and its up to us to adapt to the weather as it changes, not try to change the weather. God Bless America.

    82. Larry Watson, Clevel says:

      Why are all the attempts at climate modification aimed at the people who are powerless to modify the Climate. As recently as last week, the Russian government under Vladimir Putin announced that it was experimenting in weather modification by making it not snow on their parade. And didn't the Chinese government claim to have modified the weather during the summer Olympics of 2008 by firing rockets into the sky encasing explosive zinc pellets?

      And you want to make MY electric bill "necessarily skyrocket"? Why not send the bill for climate change to the governments that are purposefully engaged in climate modification and leave American energy consumers out of the equation until…well forever?

    83. Ardell Nagle, Rexbur says:

      I like the guy who said he wouldn't mind paying more taxes. It doesn't stop there. You are going to pay more for gas, electricity food and clothing, it will be a snowball effect.

      I heard a scientist who was one of the originals who signed the report on Global warming and he stated they changed the numbers after he signed it to make it sound much worse that it is. He also stated some of his colleagues also were disappointed that the numbers were inflated.

      We can't change the weather and I take greater stock in the scientist who state that we go in cycles when it comes to climate change.

      I don't believe a word from Al Gore, he produced a movie that reminded me of War of Worlds where the radio show announced we were being attacked by aliens and sent people into a panic.

      Well he is trying to do the same thing here, getting people worried that the oceans are going to rise, polar bears are dying off, where the last report stated their numbers were increasing.

      Last thought how much money does Pelosi need to make, because she is going to benefit from Cap and Trade.

    84. David, Cincinnati, O says:

      The EPA must be afraid of losing business now that real pollution problems are under control. Every bureaucrat needs a backlog of work so the EPA has a big stake in inventing a new big emergency. How big will the EPA become with CAP & TRADE. Follow the govt money!

    85. John, Albuquerque, N says:

      Wow, I see a lot written on this from both sides. However, I have NEVER seen my views nor the views of those that are like me presented. Of course the left's view IS WRONG, but has some merits. The right's view has some problems and has lots more merits. The answer is not somewhere in the middle either. Can you figure out what it is? If I'm the only one with the answer, then I guess we're doomed to the left's answer. Why can't conservatives be conservative with energy? We have minds to think, but for most folks the thinking is mainly connected to their wallet. So the liberals have some merits in what they are saying. It's on those few merits most(?) people's intuition leads them to support the illogical. Well, I kind of like the simpler life anyway. Too bad it's going to be legislated on us rather than a choice we can have. Get ready for the 16th century.

    86. Bill, Lexington, KY says:

      Someone who knows how better copy this and start distributing it because I just heard on the news that our new "transparent" government is going to force these people to take this down. So much for freedom of the press, freedom of speech, etc. Welcome to the new USSR… (United States Socialist Republic)

    87. R Morini New Hampsh says:

      I would like to make a suggestion: Take the 'trade' out of cap and trade….if no one stands to get rich from the trading lets see how many of these fools will then stand behind it!!! My guess is NOT A SINGLE ONE!!!!

    88. R Morini New Hampsh says:

      I heard an interview with Carl Sagans wife on Alan left wing nutcases show the other day. She spoke of a theory Carl wrote about involving the planet Venus turning into a fireball because of greenhouse gases. OK, that is reasonable. But there were no forms of human life on Venus, and it turned into a fireball even without human intervention. So if the earth is headed to a fireball destiny also, we had nothing to do with it. It was inevitable.

    89. Robert D'Andrea says:

      Everyone talks about only one half of the carbon/CO2 cycle, that of reducing CO2. In the other half, all we have to do is plant more trees, reverse the deforestation that has caused soil erosion and do what the UN wants to do, plant more food to help stem the growing hunger crisis.(no more ethanol) This will decrease the CO2 by letting nature take over. Also clean up the oceans to increase the absorption of CO2. If I am wrong, at least we can sit under the shade of a tree and cool off. Robert D'Andrea

    90. Pingback: Top Ten Foundry Posts of 2009 | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

    91. Cowboy says:

      "Jamie Friedland, Chicago on September 15th, 2009 at 4:55pm said:

      What a fair and balanced piece: your “experts” squaring off against random people on the street. Well played, Heritage. It was wonderfully insightful to learn that we safely exhale CO2 all the time and that plants need it for photosynthesis. Obviously since those are facts, no harm can come from increased atmospheric CO2 levels. Thank you for educating me today. About logical fallacies and misleading fact distortion, not cap and trade."

      In his experience, Jamie Friedland lists:

      Intern, White House Fellows Program August 2009 — December 2009

      Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University April 2009 — August 2009

      Work was presented in an Internet Radicalization Workshop by the Institute for Homeland Security Solutions for the DHS Science and Technology Directorate

    92. holly says:

      with as many socialistic congress and senators and even our president the only way they can get what they want for our their government (they do not want it to be ours any more) is for the vast majority of Americans to be doing as poorly as possible. If we are all standing in line waiting for our handouts because feeding our children is more important than our political beliefs, only then will they have the power to change our government to the system they see fit for us to have, and that is all of us working for them and them spending our money on what they think we need and want fairly. we keep voting for socialist under the guise of the democratic party then are shocked when they want all of our money and our power but we keep voting for them.

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