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  • What Would You Ask President Obama?

    On Wednesday night, ABC News will air a special program entitled: “Questions for the President: Prescription for America,” in which Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, and audience members will ask the President a series of questions on his health care reform ideas. In fact, ABC News is soliciting questions from the public on their Politics Page, here.

    What question would YOU ask the President if given the opportunity? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to let ABC know as well. Given the right questions, America might have the opportunity to hear exactly how the President’s plan is wrong for families, wrong for the economy, and wrong for health care.

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    90 Responses to What Would You Ask President Obama?

    1. Brett Rogers says:

      You stated recently in Parade magazine that you aspire to be a good father. How do you rate a father who leaves the children of our nation with trillions in debt?

    2. Jeremiah, Belfair, W says:

      Mr. President, where in our constitution is authority granted to the federal government the authority to create a national or universal health care program? Wouldn't this concept be better suited for each individual state to create and run their own health care program if one is determined to be needed?

    3. Heather Gibson says:

      What assurances do we have that a public healthcare plan will not become a fiscal disaster such as the USPS, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Also will my private healthcare premiums skyrocket and will I lose my HSA with the introduction of a public healthcare plan?

    4. Blake Gabel, Euless, says:

      Doctors are forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars every year for malpractice protection and much of these costs are passed along to patients. Doctors are so afraid of missing something in a diagnosis and getting sued that they put patients through a battery of unnecessary tests and procedures, adding even more to the cost of healthcare. This problem could easily be addressed with national tort reform. If cost savings are an objective of the plan, why isn't tort reform a major part?

    5. Deryck, DC says:

      Given that a large percent of the uninsured are that way because of their personal choice, why should the current free-market health care options be changed? How are you justifying the limits you will put on the majority by spending another trillion+ dollars for a very small minority of people who more often than not choose to not be insured? Why do you think the Gov't should be responsible for health care policy?

    6. Dwayne E. Camacho says:

      I'd like to ask the president whether Bill Ayers helped him write "Dreams From My Father" … or did Mr. Ayers write the whole book by himself.

    7. humorix France says:

      There are those who listen to 31478 scientists who say NOT in the Kyoto protocol, and there are those who listen to Al Gore/Madoff/Perez Hilton.

      Il y a ceux qui écoutent les 31478 scientifiques qui disent NON au Protocole de Kyoto, et il y a ceux qui écoutent Al Gore/Madoff/Perez Hilton


    8. Kevin Babcock says:

      Mr President, you have successfully utilized euphamistic manipulation thruought your campaign for the presidency and now as president. This skill will likely prove significant when jousting with Iran because it's a skill they also utilize to help maintain control over their population. Having leveled the playing field with Iran and successfully elevating to the presidency, do you now plan to stop using euphamistic manipulation to control opinions of disengaged U.S. citizens?

    9. J C Hinson Cash, Tex says:

      Mr. President is there another country that has a government sponsored health care program like you have proposed which you would hold up as an example for the American people and why do you consider it a success?

    10. Barb Faulkner-Davis, says:

      I would have to simply ask Mr. Obama why he dislikes his own country so much owing to do all the damage he is currently doing and proposes to do. If he tries to argue that he doesn't dislike his country, I could then counter with all of the money he is spending, the socialist agenda he is following and the lack of transparency he is showing!

    11. GARZA,SUE EMERSON G says:

      Mr. President I would like for you tell me how medicaid works for the disable on social security?

      How can I live and keep my home? There is this spend down program that makes it extremely hard to live. I have to $1411.00 a MONTH before medicaid will help me. I bring in $1737.00 a month and after you take out $1411.00 that leaves me with $326.00 to pay my mortagage, utilities,food, and medicine(medicine alone is $500.00) And people wonder why some us go with out their medicines. Explain how we let our people go without help but help aliens?

    12. Madelyn Reuter, Glen says:

      With what generation of Illegal Aliens does your Health

      Plan begin covering? All their services, requirements, crime,

      schooling, drug and gang activity at 10 to 13 BILLION $$$$

      PER Year have Bankrupted My State of California; and how

      long do you think your plan will take to bankrupt the U.S.A.?

    13. Rita Symington says:

      Mr.President: Why are you imposing your Healthcare Plan on us Americans?. We are happy with the Healthcare we have. Your job is to have your subordinates find funding it efficiently, and to cover only the uninsureds. All of us Seniors do not want our medicare touched. We are comfortable, and if necessary, you wish to increase the co-payments I am sure any reasonable amount would be acceptable providing only, that you leave our medicare in tact. Your plan does not cover the same plan as the HMO.HMO's covers, vision,(lenses and small portion of the frame expense)Hearing Impairment and specialist in different fields of medicine. We have immediate appointments if necessary, we don't have to wait for any long period of time to see a specialist. Contact any Canadian and they will tell you, about nationalize healthcare.WAIT UNTIL OUR ECONOMY RECOVERS, THEN COME UP WITH A GOOD HEALTH PLAN. ACTUALLY, OTHER THAN A LITTLE IMPROVEMENT YOU CAN'T BEAT WHAT WE HAVE. IF ITS NOT BROKE DON"T FIX IT.

    14. ozzy6900 says:

      "Mr. President, do you have any concept of what America is supposed to be about?"

    15. J Mikol says:

      Mr. President,

      Will all federal employees (Congress etc.) be moved from their current health care plan and move to the NEW government health care plan? I would assume so, since both are being paid for by the American taxpayers.

    16. Alan, phoenix says:

      Mr President, why do you think the goverment can do better than the private sector in health care.The goverment has screw up social security,medicare,can't even balance the budget.thru the private sector is where we need to reform health care

    17. Claude J. Cox says:

      1. Is your Federal Health Care Plan going to be the same plan for everyone who is under it?

      2. I would request that every member of the Executive also be under the very same plan if this is to be done, let those who want it done also experience the same results as the citizens.

    18. Pat Johnson, Florida says:

      From what I have read about the president's Healthcare plan, it is similar to what the military, and other government employees, have called TriCare. Most medical facilities will not accept TriCare because they take so long in paying. Why, then, would anyone want to be on any government healthcare plan that drags out payments while the patient gets hasselled by the medical facility?

      If I'm wrong about the similarity with TriCare, please explain exactly, and DON'T be politically correct, how you differ.

    19. Marc, Cincinnati says:

      Mr. President, how can you advocate nationalizing 17% of the economy without first repairing the entitlement programs that are already trillions in debt, thanks to Congressional rape-and-pillage of their "trust funds"?

    20. Peter Mcl. , Margate says:

      If health care is such an important issue, why was the health care bill hidden within the first stimulus package and why was that package forced to be voted upon in less than 24 hours? Also, if health care is in such poor health, why is the dialog by the conservative party viewed by you as a burden rather than a healthy dialog of ideas to accomplish a common goal?

    21. Jim, Evensville Tenn says:

      STOP the spending, stop the unborn genocide, get a new spine. You should have left the Chicago way of doing things in Chicago. Fund the missile program

    22. Marianne, Boston says:

      Our current healthcare system, while flawed, serves about 80% of Americans well. Why are you remaking our healthcare system to better serve less than 20% of uninsured (of whom half choose not to be insured and a substantial number of the remaining are illegal immigrants)? Aren't you again taking away our personal freedom to choose and in its place creating a codependency on the government?

    23. Larry, Wyoming says:

      Why are you so bent on destroying the greatest nation on earth with your socialist policies and complete control of everything from pocket knives to our Constitutional rights?

    24. Wayne Harper,Spirit says:

      Obama explain to me and the Nation why you don't LOVE AMERICA? Why you are doing everything you can to take away our individual freedom of choice?

    25. LT, Wyoming says:

      Would you be interested in ruining some other country and leaving the USA alone? I am sure we can find another socialist country for you to run into the ground so the USA can later come in and give you foreign aid.

    26. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Is Rory Cooper nuts. Does anyone think that ABC would allow any question be asked of Obama that would provide an honest? Does he think that ABC will pick question from the general public? Does he, or any other person with half a brain (no liberals), really beleive that this Obamarama farce will be fair?

    27. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Does anyone expect ABC to air anything but softball questions from shills ? This guy has not faced a tough question in 18 months of campaigning and driving the US Economy into the rocks. Why start now ?

    28. SmilingJ Spring, TX says:

      Why do you want the government to take over health care? If you don't who would be in charge of the public option(single payer system)? Why not just buy insurance for those who needed it, seems it would be less costly to us tax payers.

    29. Tom L., NJ says:

      With all we know about the European and Canadian health care system, why would you want your children as well as all other American children suffer the consequence of debt beyond repair?

    30. J- New York says:

      Mr. President, Since you feel that stockholders of public companies are entitled to vote on executive pay then you must feel the same way about government executives. When will you propose a law to allow citizens to vote on any changes in compensation for Congress, President or the Supreme Court?

    31. more tea parties pla says:

      would like to know if hearing loss/ear treatments/aids are included in plan?also if alternative whole food supplements/magnets/infrared,muscle activation will be included?thank you

    32. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      Mr. President,

      Will your family be covered by your National Health Care program, will you and congress also have to rely on this form of coverage? You are lying if you say our insurance companies won't go out of business. Arn't things bad enough already? Why do you want us to have the same crummy system as Europe and Canada? They have said over and over that they hate it. Is it that you hate the US and want to bring it to it's knees ? With all that's going on it seems to be that way. God Help America !

    33. Stacia Lemon, MI says:

      Can you PLEASE tell me why you are rushing all this through so fast??? I don't see how it gives you all the info you need to make good decisions, and why doesn't the Americans have a say in any of this? Don't you work for us?? Let US Decide!!

    34. Sally Vose, Bath, Ma says:

      How can you justify national health care at a time when America is out of money and so deeply in debt it will take forever to get out of debt? When do you plan to give the American people an honest answer on the true cost of this program? When do you plan to provide a true picture of other countries' health care programs? Why don't you tell the public that this plan will not cover one-third of the people who currently do not have any health care coverage?

    35. Grace, Florida says:

      I would ask him why he is so insistent on pushing these reforms through so quickly? There are so many other issues to deal with. Why are you moving so fast? Is it because you know once the American people will finally catch on to the power grab you and the other Liberals want. I would also ask you why do you want to take our freedoms away? We were created by God to be free men and women – you don't have the right to alter that freedom.

    36. Bob, Ridgefield, CT says:

      Mr. President,

      In the private sector we often run "pilot programs" to test market and work out the bugs before before we launch a new products or programs. Even Hollywood airs pilot programs prior to a new season before locking in their prime time schedule. Given the size and scope of your health care proposal, wouldn't you agree that a pilot program would be a prudent approach? If so, would you be willing run a pilot program whereby members of congress replace their health care program with your proposed plan? If not, why?

    37. Glen, Prescott Valle says:

      When will you stop, take a breath, and look at all of the problems that you are creating for this country?

    38. Clark Crumrine , Whe says:

      How can you and our legislature continue to steal from the working class while supporting those who do not produce anything? Your policies leave no incentive for anyone to advance themselves beyond the common. You and your leadership are unwilling to live under the rules and regulations that you are mandating to your constituents. Why? Could it be you are indeed only another self-serving, silver tongued dictator; producing a class system that allows you to propagate your plan on destroying our country and its’ values. The change we needed is neither the change you promised nor the change you ever intended to give us. You sir are illegitimate! God willing the rest of our country will awaken to that fact before it is too late.

    39. Beth Butler, Jax FL says:

      1. Nationalizing health care is unnecessary and fiscally irresponsible.

      2. Fix the bankrupt Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid systems before plunging into another unwanted, unneeded, unfunded disasterous federal program.

      3. Immediately implement either the flat tax or fair tax; which would help stimulate the economy and reduce the onerous tax system your own cabinet can't follow.

    40. Sharp, General Deliv says:

      Mr. President, what are you advocating in your speeches, and policies, for my county America, what is it you are doing that is in any way different than what a radical jihadist, who dreams and prays for the total annihilation of my country, would do if given the opportunity?

    41. Proud American, Nort says:

      Mr. President,

      HOw does your federal program minmize the national healthcare costs, that directly impacts me, a non-smoking and healthy conscious TAXPAYER, thousands of dollars to take care of the most unhealthy people in the world?

    42. Buffy, Flyover Count says:

      Dear President Obama: With all due respect, since you are my president — where do you get the right and where do our elected officials get the right to be making decisions concerning who will live and who will die under the proposed single-payer-one-size-fits-all socialized (which will eventually be come rationed) health care?

    43. KEVIN WALL says:


    44. Geoff Riddle, Las Ve says:

      Mr. Owebama, (not misspelled) are you nuts?

    45. Richard T, Walnut Cr says:

      Mr. Obama:

      Clearly, there is a tremendous amount of discontent with, and a tremendous number of shortcomings in, the Universal Health coverage plans in most of the Socialist Countries that have them.

      What assurances do we, as Americans, have, that your plan will not leave us with Healthcare that is substandard to that which we currently enjoy?

    46. Ed Powers, NY says:

      Mr. President,

      May I make a suggestion, I generally follow a rule tied to Pareto's Law. It's the 80/20rule. Lets apply it to the health care challenges this country is facing. Lets not pull 100% of our citizens into a massive overhaul when 80% are reasonably satisfied with their coverage. Work on the 20% and chip away at the problem incrementally.

      Thank you.

    47. Pat D. S.L.C., Ut says:

      Mr. Obama..Why is it that you are in such a hurry to get this health care mess passed? I DO NOT WANT MY INSURANCE TOUCHED BY YOUR HEALTH CARE. I could fix better health care then you do. America is for FREEDOM to choice what they want. People do not choose to get health care, the rest of us 60+ millions do. If people would get off their duffs they could get health care. I did so other people can, because I couldn't get it for a few years as I was insurable. I didn't have very much money or family help. Also, YOU are taking more and more of our freedoms away. Clinton and you are the same, wanting to open up the borders so you can have their votes. I have paid taxes for a since I was 15 year old and when I needed help I couldn't even get it because I wasn't from south of the border. You wanted change, but you are ruining our country and you put alot of Clintons cabinet people in. Then they didn't even abide the laws. When all of the people in the USA loose their jobs, then what are you and Congress going to do? You were going to help people get jobs as a priority, but you have made sure that they don't have jobs. Government needs to stay out of peoples lives and they aren't to provide everything for every one. You are making a lazy country. People are saying that I don't have to provide anything for me, because the government will do it. Who do you think the government is? It's ME AND MILLIONS OF AMERICANS. The above message I have said to a group of people, men and women of high caliber. Have a good day.

    48. K. Heartland says:

      I'm wondering, Mr.Obama, if you think this Health Plan is so great if you and your family would be on it. And the Congress, too.

    49. Herbert Rowlett, Tx says:

      When your name popped up as a Presidential candidate I did some research on exactly what and where you came from. The results of my investigation scared me to death. You never held a job, sat in a church that hated America for 20 years, a community orginizer who was on the take from the US Government, a friend of Bill Ayers, and lied throught your campaign. My question is why did people vote for you?

    50. Jim Guimond Webster says:

      Not ever having to have worked in the public sector what makes you such an authority on how to run businesses successfully? So far you are doing nothing but lying to the world and the American citizen. If public health care in France England and Canada isn't working, what makes you think it will work in the USA?

    51. Alyson, Washington, says:

      You stated in the Saddleback Ridge forum during the campaign that you were surprised welfare reform worked as well as it did. If that is true, why would you undo virtually all that was accomplished under 1996 welfare reform through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009?

    52. W. Hayes, TX says:

      Mr. President, if the healthcare plan you're proposing for everyone is beneficial/cost effective and the best reform option, why aren't you, Congress, and labor unions to be included in the plan? RE cost….why aren't you proposing something to correct the malpractice situation?…how about implementing medical malpractice tort reform?

    53. PM Dooling, Detroit says:

      Mr. Obama, Believe it or not many people do not want nor do we support your version of health care reform. When will you identify the real reasons that health care is the way it is? Feel free to ask any doctor, or paying patient for advise.

    54. Greg Levin, Newport says:

      Mr President,

      If Medicare and Social Security are underfunded by at least $39 Trillion why would we believe that this massive entitlement would be better run?

      Also, are oyu and every member of congress going to go on the new "public option" if enacted?

    55. Mark Ogilvie, Wauwat says:

      I left the following in abc's questions for President Obama:

      I am a medical school student, and my questions to President Obama are the following:

      Isn't Congressman Ryan's Patients' Choice Act a better way to fix health care? Why not give tax credits to the poor and let them choose their own insurance? How could a public insurance plan compete fairly against private insurance when tax dollars fund it?

    56. Penny Flyer, Northbr says:

      I do not want a health care program that the government controls. I believe aspects of our current health care needs to be fixed (such as no or limited insurance for pre-conditions) however, the federal government should not be involved in deciding who lives or dies, gets treatment or not-it would be rationed eventually. I also agree with other bloggers- if congress, the President & his family would not be part of this program-if its not good enough for them-its not good enough for me. We the taxpayers pay their salaries-they should be working for us- we are not stupid and we are not sheep.

    57. Ellen, Houston, TX says:

      The large group of illegal aliens that are utilizing our health care system and burdening the emergency rooms and insurance rates-what considerations are you giving to refuse or make them pay for their care they are receiving at our expense. The exorbitant amount of money that the illegals send back to their countries and yet don’t pay for health care or education should be halted and mandated to pay for the usage. So what is being done about the illegal group that is using the health care system? By excluding them wouldn’t seem to ease the burden off of costs of non-payment and higher insurance rates?

    58. Dan, Holland, MI says:

      Mr. President, one of the things that you have become fond of saying in recent weeks was that those who were happy with their current insurance could keep it. With the acknowledgement that Medicaid reimbursement rates shift costs to the private market, how will those with plans they like actually be able to keep them? (Because of rising premiums with increased public plan coverage)

    59. tom coal valley says:

      mr president i would like you to answer all americans honestly about what is you real plan for america not the smoke and mirrors and spin you put out there. you have not been honest with us since you began your campaign for the presidency and like all democrats you wouldn't know the truth if you stepped on it.you have stated that you would like to see a single payer health plan but you won't tell the american public what the downside is like loss of freedom of choice and putting the whole insurance industry out of business so we americans are at your mercy for health care. i agree if you folks like france and britains health care systems maybe you all should move there and let america be the great country you so despise. i can only imagine the anger that will be out there when the misled that voted for you find out the real cost of your presidency.vote them out in 2010 and 2012 time for real leadership to step forward and take these idiots on.sorry if this is not politicaly correct it is just honest

    60. Dave O, VA says:

      Ditto the question of Alyson from DC. Alyson, you mean you don't agree with the other 99.9% of DC residents? Cheers

    61. George and Connie Kr says:

      When President Obama stood up 4 times in 3 years before the Senate in IL. with his bill for late term abortion and to withhold medical care from babies born alive after a botched abortion, why would he care about the quality of my health care, when he didn't care for those little ones? When he voted to withhold life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from these babies, why would he care if I had those liberties? We have a perfectly normal healthy granddaughter who was born 3 months early. She only needed warmth and sustenance to survive. She could have been left in the trash can had she had been aborted.

      We call waterboarding torture,but I wonder how many of these babies, had they had the option, would they have chosen doctor supervised waterboarding over having their skull crushed and their brains suctioned, or being left alone to die in a cold utility room.

    62. Amanda, Dallas TX says:

      Dear Chosen One,

      Do you really think we are all that stupid?

    63. John (Arlington, VA) says:

      The question I submitted to ABC:

      Thank you for taking my question, Mr. President. In 2003, you said that you were a proponent of a single-payer, universal health care system for America. Many see the "public-option" as trying to get through the backdoor, what you know you cannot through the front – a single-payer health care system. Some even call the public-option a “Trojan Horse,” an argument that you expressly refuted as false.

      However, it would appear that not all proponents of a public-option agree. Jacob S. Hacker is a U.C. Berkeley political science professor and one of the original proponents of the public-option. He helped shaped your health care plan during the campaign, along with the plans of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former presidential candidate, John Edwards. With respect to the Trojan Horse, Mr. Hacker had this to say:

      "Someone once said to me this is a Trojan Horse for single-payer, and I said, 'well its not a Trojan Horse, right? It’s just right there.'"

      After hearing that, can you unequivocally tell the American people tonight that it is not your intent use the public-option to eventually shift this country to a single-payer system that you once publically supported?

    64. Daver Ft. Worth says:

      When's your next book coming out? I'd much rather read your horror stories than have to live them!

      Do you, and the other, "smartest people in the room," have any idea what kind of a country we are going to be left with after this healthcare elimination gets enacted, or your other "great idea," about returning to the stone-age to reduce our carbon footprint are implemented?

    65. Charles, Auburn, AL says:

      Will your health care program be a non-profit or a for-profit business? If non-profit, how is this a level playing feild with the other options?

    66. Debbie Sparks, NV says:

      I do not know how you think that the federal govt can create a health care system, that the individual states can do for themselves. There is nothing in the constutution that allow the president to create health care program, and in doing so it will bankrupt the us. You are not fit to be president of the United State of America.

    67. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Mr President:

      Recent NOAA studies have examined Solar Cycles and found them to have profound effects on earths climate. Given this information are you still convinced the hypothesis of climate change AKA "global warming" is caused by human activites and is valid. If it raises doubts in your mind are you willing to delay "Cap and Trade" taxes until the climate change and CO2 debate is resolved.

    68. Pete, Columbus, Ohio says:

      Health care reform is to cost about one or so trillion dollars over the next ten years but there will be no or negligible numbers of new doctors. Where will the money go?

    69. Richard Sutherland, says:

      Mr President Teleprompter,

      I will believe in your healthcare plan when you and the congress offer your same plan to the general population of our country. All thinking people out here know your plan cannot work, because there is not enough money to pay for it. I think you know this too , but you have your agenda in mind and not the well-being of the folks out here in mind. Please remember that only 20% of the population agrees with your ideology and want to have control over our own lives, including healthcare. Can you possible be so self-centered that you would willingly destroy capitalism and our economic engine to fulfill your childish and socialistic plan, to rebistribute the coutries wealth to people who don't deserve it? All the things your are doing are unconstitutional and you will end up paying for it eventually. I pray God helps you to see the error of your way before you destroy the greatest country the world has ever known. Also I woild like to know where all the open-mindedness is, you professed during the campaign? You don't seem to be listening to anyone but your handlers.

    70. Karl Kline, Gillette says:

      Although Democrats have won majority in congress and the presidency, what has given your party the rights to ignore and violate our Constitutional laws and sacred oaths of office; to the attention of but just a few: the taking power control over many aspects of the private sector, immigration laws, taxation without representation, intentional lying and deception of the public, passing laws that have not had representative oversight and transparency and other infractions that will be a matter of historical fact?

    71. mike baker Dallas C says:

      What do you dislike most about this country?

    72. Sundowner04, TN says:

      Mr. Obama…why do you refuse to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America? Why do you insist on taking rights away from the States that the Constitution does not allow?

    73. Janis B, Oklahoma Ci says:

      If I could ask a question of Obama, it would be "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!" and other things better not printed. He has done more damage in 8 months than any dozen people since our country was formed. It puts me in mind of the Hugeonot revolution (from which my ancestors fled) and the revolt against various taxes and other unfair judgement prior to the Revolution (in which my ancestors fought).

      The Cap and Trade is a bunch of hooey. There is no reason for it. He's lying again and the "greenies" have it all wrong. We are made up of carbon. Our world needs it to survive. I'm no scientist and I don't have all the right words to explain it, but I know enough to not buy into it in any form or fashion.

      I pray that God does not turn his face away from our Nation, but will drag us back from the bowels of hell.

    74. Jen06 Ohio says:

      You really think any probing questions will be asked? I would be willing to bet that all the questions will be screened and only those that will put this health care fiasco in a good light will be used.

    75. Barb -mn says:


      Since government has authority to mandate, how is it fair, Mr. President, the government can compete with those the government takes the authority to mandate? Of course Government will drive the market out! Instead of GOVERNMENT PUNISHMENT or DISCIPLINE in the MARKET PLACE, How about GOVERNMENT ENFORCING THEIR DUTY IN OVERSIGHT WITHOUT MANIPULATION TO THE BUSINESS AND STAYING OUT OF COMPETITION WITH THE MARKET PLACE?




      PEOPLE WANT TO BE FREE FROM GOVERNMENT, MR. PRESIDENT. INDEPENDENCE! LIMIT THE GOVERNMENT! Take what you have and reduce it. That's what the people want.

    76. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Mr. Obama. Face the facts, even if you push through your plans for mandated Federal Health Care, Greening of America, Removing all Carbon from the Atmoshere, Federal Control of all banking systems, collapse of American Industy, small and large, Iran still won't like you! Just who are you working for, if not the people who pay your salary?


    77. shirlee lane says:


      Ask yourself, do you want the US gouvernment having your medical records. Your DNA!

      What will Obama do with it?

      Denial you medical care

      Demand you stop smoking

      Demand you diet

      Demand what you eat and drink

      Demand where you work

      Demand where you live

      Demand what activities you can participate in

      Demand if you are allow to have childern

      Demand if you will own a gun

      Demand you be terminated at a certain age.

      America is losing its freedom! Educate yourself about what's happening to the Constitution. Our rights of freedom and choice are being taken away. Watch out (They will destory us from within) Read,listen,research and open your mind before it's to late. Help save the United State of America help save your Constitution. It's up to you to help stop whats happening in the White House. The White House is yours, protect it and defend it.

      Obama's health plan is wrong and will destory our beloved USA.

    78. Jane Hughes, San Ant says:

      I am a physician and surgeon, and I am impressed with the comments posted here. The government does not have the answer. There are private sector plans out there that refute the idea that "government care" is the best option. I have started an organization along with others called United with Solutions for American Healthcare (USAHealthalert.org) which outlines a 12 point plan that is a template for private sector solutions. The point I would add is that the ObamaCare discussion by the administration and media acts like physicians are slaves of the State. When the dust settles, one by one we are the best advocates for each of our patients. I will no longer practice when I cannot do what is medically and surgically indicated for my patients. To be involved with the rationing as it happens in Britain and Canada would be soul crushing and heart breaking.

    79. n. brown, Carrollton says:

      There was no way I was going to watch because I so fundamentally disagree with what this administration is doing to the values for which this country was founded. Secondarily, I would not ask this man any questions because it has been shown over and over that what he says means little, we have to wait for what he does and in the case of health care, I'm expecting the use of "reconciliation". Only by rising up as a united people,immigration reform for example, can we extract a change in direction. But our representatives need to know our beliefs and reasons, and if they don't respect them, we should see that they are replaced.

    80. Haley Jacksonville, says:

      President Obama, this is a yes or no question and needs to be answered with a yes or a no. Would you put yourself and your family under the health care that you are planning to provide for the American people?

    81. Barbara M. Wysocki-F says:

      Mr. President:

      Will you and all the congressmen/women and senators be having the same health plan? Will those in the unions be having the same health plan?

    82. john sealey 449 w pa says:

      How can you say you're an American. When all you do abroad is appoligize for America being an arrogant country?

    83. William Seay Clarkes says:

      Mr. President where does your faith lie. In God Almighty or _________________?

    84. Mike Woodliff, Smyrn says:

      Since you say that pre-existing conditions will be covered without question from day one,why would I even consider buying the insurance until I'm sick?

    85. Z. Johnson says:

      Mr. President, why are we providing entitlements to illegals ? How much money would you save by discontinuing such entitlements? I believe you should stop apologizing for our country and start taking care of her citizens!

    86. S. Pagel, Texas says:

      You promised "CHANGE". Boy, did we get it!!!

      This new health care you are proposing is not good…why would anyone want to wait 4 months (or more) to receive a chemo treatment??? And, if a person is over 59 years old, not receive it at all???

      You cannot play God.

      Further, cut out the 'date nights' to New York and Paris… I can not afford it.

    87. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Mr. Obama, when campaigning you said that you would not hire lobbyists in your administration, then promptly made three exceptions to your own promised rule. You said that yours would be a transparent administration, with all proposed legislation posted on the internet for five days prior to voting on it and signing it into law. You went on to say that you personally would review all proposed legislation and exercise line item veto authority over earmarks and pork barrel projects. You then, without even reading it, signed into law an 1,100 page "Stimulous" bill costing over $800 billion within 24 hours of the time it was given to you that included 8,500 or more earmarks.

      With this track record, how can you expect anyone to believe anything you say?

    88. Rob McCullagh from P says:

      Mr. President, what will your plan do for the millions of Americans who, like me, are paying at least a few thousand dollars a year for the privilege of having a healthcare plan? I think this situation applies to at least half of American taxpayers and it seems to me as though you are not talking about helping us. As you know, we are the ones who are already burdened with paying medical expenses not only for ourselves and our families, but also for the elderly, and the poorest of the poor, as well as the military and members of Congress and their families. I’d like to know what your plan will do for us. Under any single payer health plan, I know our taxes will increase, but, in the long run, will we end up paying less for our own care with your plan? Please assure me and others in the same situation that we will not end up, as in the case of almost every other plan generated by Congress, just stuck with another astronomical tax bill to help everyone else, with no added benefits for us? Just sign me not as selfish, but as “Tired of being bled dry by taxes!”

    89. Cindy Zanesville,OH says:

      President Obama, Please contact me. I have some very sound cost saving ideas for OUR COUNTRY! #1 Let the immigrants go home..# 2 Quit paying for them to stay here when our own taxpayers cannot get the help they need.#3 After politicians are removed from office, let them work at WalMart like everyone else. Let them pay their own health care. Most AMERICANS that want healthcare can't afford it, because they have to pay for the government to have health care. Cut the garbage!!!Give us hard working tax payers a break.

    90. Danny Marks, Rivervi says:

      I believe that our elected officials should have and receive the same health care as the U.S. citizens, who elected them into office and that they live on social security like the rest of us. Maybe than and only than, they will straighten out the problems we have for health care and social security. Also, remind them that one day, they will be old and only receive care based on their age. Also, they should not receive the same pay for the rest of their life, none of us do.

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