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  • Where Will Americans Go If We Adopt Government-Run Health Care?

    University of Michigan Flint economics and finance professor Mark Perry flags the following story in the Windsor Star:

    Between April 2007 and April of this year, 55 Ontario patients have been referred to Roswell Park in Buffalo, NY to receive IL-2 treatments for stage IV melanoma, and four patients were sent to the Harper University Hospital and the Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit, Michigan.

    Dr. Perry comments:

    The story is about a 30-year old Canadian man with melanoma who lives in Windsor, Ontario and has been approved for IL-2 treatments in the U.S. by Canadian authorities, but is being forced to drive four hours to Buffalo instead of across the Detroit River for treatment in Detroit. Reason? Cost savings.

    Is this really the kind of government-run health care system we want in the U.S.? Where will we send cancer patients if we adopt a Canadian-style health care system?

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    23 Responses to Where Will Americans Go If We Adopt Government-Run Health Care?

    1. Ken St Louis says:

      It is my belief that our elected officials know that our Medicare/Medicaid programs or unsustainable. Therefor they believe nationalized healthcare will allow them to then do away with medicaid and medicare, walk away form the promises of " National health care, and escape from the foolish promises they have made in the past. Any one who believes that you'll keep your same Doctor and all this other crap can only be described a a village idiot!

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    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      If our Health Care System is so bad, why does the World come to us when THEIR health care systems can't help them? Why does the World turn to us when they can't figure out what disease is infecting a child?

      The fact is the United States has the best Health Care System in the World. What needs to be fixed are the Tort Laws, the ridiculous and unnecessary testing (so a doctor doesn't get sued), and unnecessary billing of fees that never happened. Insurance Companies need to learn to listen to clients when they say, " I never received any treatment from a doctor in the ER. I was seen by a PA and sent home."

      Remember, we the insured are paying for the "free" medical care of the uninsured! So if anything needs to be done, the uninsured AMERICAN CITIZENS need to be addressed. Illegals fend for themselves or go back to their country for medical help.

    4. annabelle, IN says:

      The law should address problems that already exist, such as doctors and hospitals who form their own health insurance groups, then force the insureds — who had no choice in the matter — to use only the hospitals & doctors who are shareholders in the new company. The other problem with this is that in this case, the same hospital running this plan also is the highest-priced one in the area.

    5. Ben Franklin says:

      MEXICO will become the place to go for quality Health Care. I can picture "Cancun Cancer Care Center" … and Medical Cruise Ships…

    6. Lyn Maloney, Fountai says:

      The government body we have in place today, the President and the Congress, is the government from "hell". As Conservatives,we can't stop them from ruining the best country the world has ever known. Not only are they helping themselves for free Medical but they are voting in our elections. They are voting for the government that will give them free welfare and make the tax payers pay for their lively hood.

      We just can't out vote these invadors, and believe me John McCaine hasn't been any help in trying to rectify this situation.

      I feel it might be to late.

    7. Fayetteville Ga says:

      Its all about Government CONTROL.

    8. Grace, Florida says:

      Yes, our healthcare is the very best! No, it's not perfect – but nothing is. Things that I thought were imperfect before are looking very good to me now. This is a very big issue for this administration and I don't trust them to look out for me for anything. I think they are inept and have proved that.

      If the government would address the REAL issue with healthcare it would be fine. There is no way we should be paying healthcare for illegals. I'm sorry but we cannot sustain that kind of bill. Medicade needs to be addressed and so does Medicare. Both out of control spending. It's ridiculous to think anything else is causing the problems with our healthcare system.

    9. Mrs. Rosemarie Harri says:

      I have always believed that state run health care is a legalized form of euthanasia, for the elderly, infirm, and imperfect. This decision is made after speaking to those that live in countries that have state run health care. I am a cancer survivor and I often wonder because I am considered a Senior Citizen now, if the cancer reoccurred what would my chances be for treatment under a government run health care system. I truly believe they would be zero. This is a frightening thought. It makes one wonder if this is such a great idea why are politicians exempt from this plan???????????????? Just as they are exempt from paying into Social Security!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many questions but Washington isn't answering…

    10. Greg Mackey, Minneap says:

      Please, do not be fooled. Health care reform is nothing more than a plan for drastic population reduction organized by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), in Basle, Switzerland.

      The BIS is the instrument that controls all the other central banks (federal reserve, bank of England, etc).

      Population reduction will occur via mass genocide through the withholding of medical care to the elderly and chronically ill, eradication of the mentally ill and retarded, and most importantly the genocide of the white, Christian baby-boomer group.Them, and their memories of what this great country was like in the past must be obliterated. Who controls the past controls the future.

      The last group(myself included)will be destroyed.They have been useful since 1968 in destroying our culture. Now their work is done and the "New World Order" requires there death before they claim their righteous contributions to medicare and social security as well as the continued spread of their perversions.

      Please do not be fooled. If a little innocent baby can have its brain sucked out while in the womb, why should you, or I, be safe. I know that I am a dead man.

    11. Roberta Guagliardo, says:

      When the administration throws out numbers of the

      uninsured, does that include illegals? Since we

      are already paying for those people, why doesn't

      congress consider setting up an insurance program

      for them and leave the rest of us alone?

    12. catherine deanni Kea says:

      What the administration is not telling you about who is going to pay for Universal healthcare, it is not the unions who will not have to pay taxes on there health ins. or the poor which included illegals & if the pres. pushes for amnesity for the 22 million or more here, with chain migration we could have a additional 100 million of family members and since most are uneducated and will not make a lot of money they will be covered under this Universal healthcare. It is all the rest of us.

    13. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The constitution is a thing of the past, freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms,freedom of Religion, as well as many more rights are going out the door with the wash water. All this junk obama wants is about more controll of each of us. TALK ABOUT BIG BROTHER, well he is alive and well with obama and the dems in controll.

    14. Barbara C, Green Val says:

      Obama blindsided all of us with his "stimulus" bill that has turned out to be the way to implement his socialist agenda – not wasting one second of the crisis he is supposed to be dealing with to do so. I would also suggest that 80% of the population have absolutely no idea of how these programs will affect their future. The perfect Elmer Gantry is in action. The real crime is the manner in which our representatives are falling into place with such alactrity.

    15. Rich, Whistler, BC says:

      The bigger question is: where will Canadians go?

    16. Greg Perlinski The V says:

      A change in the Tort laws will lower the cost of health care.

    17. Donna-North Carolina says:

      As tired as I become calling and writing to our "LEADERS", I so believe in Our Great Country that I can not give up. The president seems to be hell-bent on rushing everything through our government without PLANNING.

      Health care: Where will we go, Where will Canadians go, Where will the children from the world go??? You think Americans will not be angered if someone dies before they get to the specialist they need NOW! Will you not be ANGERED, when your child can not get help for an illness.

      America takes damn good care of others in this world and with God's help we will continue to do that.

      Fix the health care problem s-l-o-w-l-y. First, take care of the litigation problems our health care industry has.

    18. Ron. San Diego, Ca says:

      First we must commit to taking care of our in our own health plans. I to have seen how terribe wrong it is by watchin my Aunt sitting on the door steps of a hospital hardly breathing because of heart trouble, while her husband pleaded for admitance. Fix it first before we go into a terrible health plan by Obama. People who are behind Obama simply have not read it. Wake up people!

    19. Tom. Park City, UT says:

      The Obama Health Care plan would "ration" medical services to the over-65 crowd under the guise of improving "productivity." Of coures members of Congress would be exempted from this just as Unions would be exempted from paying taxes on healthcare benefits.

      This all calls to mind George Orwell's "Animal Farm" wherein "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

      This is what we are witnessing now.

    20. David James says:

      Google -Medical tourism. Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Thailand and others are already gearing up for US patients. They already have many patients from the NHS of Canada and England and Americans who want a higher standard of care than they can get in the US. Look at the doctors in American hospital, many are from Asia already and are very highly qualified . The same thisg is true in their own countries, they're al ISO 9001 certified, many are affiliated with Harvard- Wockhardt Hospital- India. John Hopkins- Apollo Health- India. These hospitals have state of the art facilities, offer amazing care and communication between patient , doctors, nurses and they have no interest in rationing you're medical care or euthanizing you because you're too old.

      Rates and costs are 1/5th-1/7 of American. Example a hip replacement for $6500 India, Thailand $11000,-US $50000 triple bypass heart surgery- US 120,000-180,000 India-$20,000 includes everything including all tests, surgery equipment, prosthesis, doctors and for a bit more you can take a vacation to boot. Usually recuperation on the Indian Ocean ocean front resort will cost you about $600 a week Plus $1300 in airfare from LA- Mumbai, Bangalore, Channai. India is amazing,the techology is great, remember where MS moved 5o00 programming jobs to last month.Doctors and nurses are terrific and they give you cell and satellite phones to keep in touch with them and you're loved ones at home care.May God help the US if the politicians screw up the heath care busines the way they screwed up the banks and the auto industry,steel, manufacturing . Rememberwhen Briggs & Stratton engines were built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,then chased out to the Carolina's and finally to China by US Gov't and Union work rules and mandates, high labor rates. Wakeup American before its too late.

      This is a great country as evidenced by the fact that most of the World would love to live here. Freedom isn't free and we need to stand up and fight for it.

      Regards, David

    21. Laurie Okuley, Sylva says:

      Why are we paying for immigrants to come and get free healthcare and then go back to their countries. I've been told by a friend that she went for assistance in time of need and was turned down but the form she had to fill out on the back said everything was free to the immigrants welfare, food stamps, healthcare, etc.

    22. Felix Chesterfield says:

      Does anybody have any experience with these North Carolina Lawyers ?

    23. ScottyB says:

      India's Wockhardt hospital (affiliated with Harvard Medical School)has seen an increase of 45% in American patients, over the last few years. They are accredited by the same organizations that check American Hospitals. If you're over-pricing your services (sometimes, by as much as 800%) you will lose your client base. The myth of us having the best of everything in the medical field has officially been dispelled.

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