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  • Last Day to Help Stop the EPA From Hijacking the Economy

    Sign your name at stopepa.com and join the 20,000 other people who have voiced their opposition to the EPA’s April 17th endangerment finding, which grants them regulatory powers to one day regulate anything that emits carbon dioxide.

    Hurry. The petition ends midnight on Tuesday, June 23rd.

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    36 Responses to Last Day to Help Stop the EPA From Hijacking the Economy

    1. Loretta , Colorado says:

      Could you PLEASE take care of the basic fundamental government job :

      FREE PRIVATE Enterprise

      Preserve individual freedoms

      Stick to the constitution

      Build a strong National Defense

      Limit your costly and disasterous meddling

      You have done more than too much already. BACK OFF!

    2. Melissa Willoughby D says:

      Do not pass cap & trade.

    3. Erick Lange, Riversi says:

      Government control is destroying the economy, my life, and the lives of all Americans as it is. What sense does it make to add more? Leave the EPA out of this. Keep the government away from MY products, that I bought with MY own money. It's paid for. I shouldn't have to pay extra for them, with the money I'm working for, which the government is already stealing enough of, for things I WILL NEVER benefit from. I think it's time we reversed this change that has been so ill-received by Republicans and Democrats both. Reverse it through 2 administrations worth of failures.

    4. Jim O'Brien / G says:

      The EPA has been a self perpetuating (Run Away Train)and this is another out of touch attempt to regulate or restrict our every day activities. As I see it, there may be a fund raising scheme hidden in this venue.

    5. Thomas A. Mormino, S says:

      When one thinks of the tens of thousands of Global Cargo ships, Ocean Liners, Trucks, Ferries, Buses, Trains, Construction Equipment etc., all emitting CO2–then industrial emmissions from China and India, one realizes the stupidity of Cap & Trade. C&T is nothing more than the Federal Govt. seeking an enormous revenue stream (indirect tax) from already overtaxed Americans.

      Further, Obama's National Health Care program is just an incidious gimick to redirect revenue from private health providers to the U.S. treasury.

    6. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      My e-mail to friends and family:

      The following link is to a petition opposing the EPA’s April 17th endangerment finding, which grants them regulatory powers to one day regulate anything that emits carbon dioxide.

      As seen, with nearly every other effort of Congress, they are harvesting control of the economy and the future of this Nation. Those who would slaughter innocents and morn George Tiller as a martyr, cannot be trusted with more power than they already have taken. If human LIFE is not important to them, your LIBERTY and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS are not either. The US Constitution has become a tool for them; used to prevent us from being a self-governing nation. As soon as the Constitution is no longer a useful tool, they'll recycle it on the compost heap.

      "Climate change" is the invention of those who hate capitalism and would eliminate 90% of the world's population, to protect their 'mother earth'. For that to work, they have to be in control, with absolute authority over the earth. The are Godless, though not godless. They wish to answer to no-one.

      Every little step they take, intruding farther into your rights, opens the door for a bigger step the next time.

      Please tell them NO!


      Feel free to research this as you see fit. Here is one resource: http://www.radioliberty.com/stones.htm

      Please note that the door for comments closes Tuesday June 23, 2009. To say nothing, is a vote of affirmation.



      P.S. My opinion: The US economy can crash completely to the ground, requiring a full rebuild from scratch, if it meant the liberals would move to 'greener pastures' (i.e. the EU, or Antarctica., etc..)

    7. James Brodhead says:

      Before the EPA should regulate Carbon-dioxide they need to regulate the major poluters. Volcano's, forrest fires, Tornados, hurricanes, and rainstorms that polute air, land and water. Please remember that People emit CO2 and I think that politicians propably emit more than anyone.

    8. dale rizzolo,St.Char says:

      We are not in favor of this bill at all. It would hinder the economy. Business, farms and job losses along with the red tape and compliance tax impact the current financial stress and uncertain economy. We do not need to impose the EPA regulations and put a greater stress on the American people. We do not feel that the carbon dioxide issue is problem.

    9. Tyler, Spokane, WA says:

      No regulation for the EPA!

    10. John Gayara, New Je says:

      Carbon dioxide is part of the normal life cycle. Plants absorb it and give off oxygen in return. There is little verifiable evidence that mankinds attempts to reduce carbon dioxide levels will have any significant effect in reducing the temperature of the planet. Stop spending money on agencies to police things that don't need policing.

    11. Mrs. Rosemarie Harri says:

      Enough is enough stop the insanity of spending in Washington. Stop trying to help the American people, every time Washington helps the citizens, ending up paying more and more. This EPA debacle that is being considered is not for the good of the American people. It is just another way to payback the environmentalists that help get this present administration in office. Why doesn't Washington start practicing fiscal restraint as the American people are. If you have no idea on how to begin the practice of fiscal restraint. Just ask the American people since they have been doing it for a long, long time. This administration is looking more like a they are creating a police state, in stead of the United States.

    12. Sonja California says:

      They are completely out of control!

      Please see: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/8/an-open-letter-to-our-n...

    13. Craig Price, Ohio says:

      No to Cap and Trade! It is no more than a badly cloaked attempt at extreme taxation and government control. Staying in business is hard enough in this "man made disaster" environment. Passing this would certainly be a job killer of epic proportions.

    14. Tyer, Houston, TX says:

      You can run, but you can't hide. And you should probably not "run" again!

      Limit your costly and disastrous meddling in our private lives; we know (obviously, you CHOOSE, not to acknowledge) that government control discounts and ultimately destroys individual rights, freedom, and liberty. You can't even control yourselves and your insatiable addiction to power and control. We have been so disappointed and so deceived by our congress and this administration that we will be forced to re-invent the composition of these "service" jobs; perhaps, you should consider who you represent and your responsibility of upholding our Constitution. You are accountable to us!

      Back off; cap & trade is ridiculous, as are many other items under consideration by you; the deception, the thievery, and the absolute lack of ethics associated with most of your ideas and behaviors defines you! I fear that our elected officials are either just "not too bright" or criminals in disguise. Your behavior is so abhorrent that no mask you put on can hide the facts!

    15. Don Fisk, Rolla MO says:

      There always have been producers in this world as well as users. The users are not about what they claim, the so called "protection of natural resources" for if they were they would realize the stupidity of their ways, but they are not dumb, for what they are really about is money and power, controlling people, for they believe they are superior to the ordinary people, the producers who really make this world a better place. Combine their movement with those who do not believe in a living God and have substituted "Mother Earth" to worship and you have the mess we are in.

    16. Roberta Guagliardo, says:

      Does this mean I can no longer exhale?

    17. Patricia L. West and says:

      We have been following the Cap and Trade Bill, (the name of the bill itself is misleading), with great dismay. We are firm believers that the entire bill is designed to put more burden on farmers and industry, not to mention taxpayers. We do not agree with the Obama "scientists", on any part of the global warming issue. The media and all this green nonsensense is exhausting. Our children are being totally indoctrinated with these beliefs. This is frightening. Wake up people and stand up for what you believe!!

    18. gentile- Philadelphi says:

      The EPA has no business regulating any more than it already does. Anything else beyond that can only be translated into a blatant attempt at controlling more industry and in turn citizens by introducing more taxation.

      I'm still having trouble understanding how paying higher taxes for utilities and/or energy is going to produce lower carbon dioxide. Perhaps this is a magical side effect of paper money?

    19. Fred Opper, San Anto says:

      Stop the EPA from grabbing power to control our freedom to use our property as we see fit. Keep the government from gaining one more control over American liberty.

    20. JD, New Mexico says:

      Lifelong environmental scientist who has worked closely with the EPA:

      Cap and Trade is ridiculous, counter-productive, politically motivated, and an anti-american like the party that pushes it…

    21. Al H. FL says:

      This is not your power to act as GOD, it is the peoples wish, and wants. This is not a few power hungry rule the world types that hide behind titles. How far do you feel you and your type can push before We The People push back and take back?

    22. SmilingJ Spring, TX says:

      The Global Warning freaks are pushing a claim that cannot be proven. Claiming that a hundred years from now the climate will change with terrible storms, seas wiping out countries. Weather now cannot be predicted right within 2 weeks let alone 100 years. We do not need the EPA putting limits on carbon dioxide! It has been natural thing that happens when we breathe and then the plants absorb it and give of oxygen. Send the EPA to any school science class, and let them learn how the planet operates.

    23. John W Ross, PE---Su says:

      Ask heritage.com and all the scientists who agree with them. These number 10 times at least then the ones who don't.

      The answer is that there is no such thing as "human caused global warming"

      Signed John W Ross

    24. Richard Wheeler, Sac says:

      I was a Professional Forester in 5 States.

      Production of Forest Products has been reduced by 80% here in California by the Regulations Imposed by the EPA Act and expanded by the CEQA Act of California.

      Nobody seems to notice or care.

      They don't seem to know that here in California almost 48% of the State is classified as Forest Land and the Environmentalists think it should just be left to Nature.

      Well, there is no evidence or records of "Over Cutting" or of

      "Significant Erosion" caused by the utilizing of Forest Resources here in California but they without any education or license are eliminating Healthy Forests and Intelligent Forest Protection from Disease, Insects and Fire.

      The fires burn bigger and longer and the cost of this incompetent Fire Protection just keeps rising day by day as full time employees are involved year around in a Seasonal Activity.

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    26. Audrey, Oregon says:

      This is not about the environment — it is a grab for POWER. The increase in the cost of living will be horrendous and the American people will think about this when they go to the polls.

    27. David Manning, louis says:

      Stop this insan, unneeded, special interest laden cap & trade scheme. This is nothing but a hijacking of my hard earn dollars. This cap & trade is nothing but a Ponzi (Madoff) scheme that will benefit Al Gore and his cronies.

    28. Judson Vickery, Trux says:

      Stop this insane action it will wreck our economy and make us weak in defense and make even more families homeless, OBAMA has done enough damage, Cut the size of Government.

    29. John Harris, Fort Wo says:

      Please restrict your governing to the powers granted to the federal government by the US Constitution.

      I do not support this bill.

    30. Sherry Ray says:

      When will someone finally stop the EPA, who are they anyway?

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    32. Dale Wankel -Woodsto says:

      Vote against cap and trade.

    33. LeRoy, Ft. Lauderdal says:

      The government will use the EPA to control America, no more private property.

    34. Dan, Va says:

      Cap and Trade is just another tax by a fancy name sold by used pencil salesmen named Al Gore and Obama.

      Maybe the gocernment should ding plants for using CO2 and fine the sun for not putting out enough sunspots at the right time.

      Ms Chloe couldn't write a better script.

    35. Roger Sheehy says:

      I vote against cap and trade. The EPA backed by "junk science" is just part of a massive government POWER GRAB.

      Let the people decide not our politicians.

    36. Paula Lindberg says:

      Cap and Trade is a horrible idea. Global warming has not been proven. Please, if any of our elected officicals are reading this blog DO NOT VOTE YES to Cap and Trade. The majority of your constituents do not want this passed. You do work for us.

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